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4.30.17 after 4.30pm

I'm changing laundry day from Sunday to Monday! I just can't seem to get motivated today. I did book my trips for the week though! That too was troubling though. Wednesday I'm going to Applebee's for rec! I know I've taken "the ride" there before but it wasn't in my destinations so I had to use the landline to do this trip! It took 4x as long calling than it took doing two trips online!

4.29.17 around 11pm

Today I scooted to the store 1st thing after I had my shower and coffee :)! Then I got in to watching season five of Jag! That is so fascinating to me! I guess its cause it is all about the truth! I'm always interested in the truth, I'm an honest man I expect the same from people I come in contact with!

4.28.17 around 11am

I'm working on processing all that has gone on the last few days! I'm  finding it very difficult to remember exactly what I did :(! I do know one thing. This survivor has gutta give himself a lot of credit for getting to all the places I've gutta be! I don't drive yet so I'm dependent on "the ride" to provide me transportation! That entails setting up an account with "the ride", making sure my account has enough value in it to be able to pay for all the trips I need week to week and at $3.15 a trip one way it goes fast! I can either call a toll free # or do it online through "the rides" web site! Doing it online I've gutta have the places I'm going stored in my account! This new site seems to be very user friendly! It saves all the places I've been in my destinations! I live by my pocket calendar! If it's not written in my pc chances are I won't book a trip for an appointment!  I've been at this for a long time …

4.27.17 around 9.15pm

I've been to hics and I had the group peer tbi! HH is doing very well running this group! Today we were asked "what do you say when asked what's it like living with brain a injury"? I shared what I say about my balance issues! It's like walking around while an earthquake is happening! It just seems like the ground or floor is constantly moving! I also find it very difficult to be sure of anything! Carmen (my homemaker) also came today!

4.24.17 around 8am

This survivor has gutta get his tail going. I've got heavy chore coming at 11.30am and KJ and I think AZ is gonna come too! I need to go to the store too. I'm gonna attempt to do the store first thing this morning, gets my anxiety running wild!

4.23.17 around 5.30

I've been busy today! I've got heavy chore coming tomorrow to clean my couches so I had to get all the stuffs off and find homes for everything! This was a lot more than I thought! Being on my feet and keeping my balance was very neuro fatiguing! Carrying things to other areas in my apartment also did me in! Here I am focusing on not dropping the things I'm carrying while also focusing on my balance was a very difficult thing for this survivor to get done! I'm pleased to announce NO falls though! I've just got a few things I've still gutta get!

4.22.17 after10.15am

I said "Alexia, good morning" and she replied "today is earth day"! I didn't know there was such a day! This echo is so good for the brain. I don't have to do a Wg's run today cause I've got a peapod order coming btw 4-7pm tonight! My meds are all good too :)! I should spend some time on the battery installation on my bike and scooter! It seems every two weeks now I have to make a peapod order!

4.19.17 around 1.45pm

I've had a lot go on today it's borderline overwhelming! KJ made a home visit and the reason my notebooks not firing up is cause the battery is missing! I must have it somewhere around here! My desktop not reading dvds is cause I had a dirty dvd in the dvd drive! Its a good thing I cancelled rec yesterday cause this survivor is neuro exhausted now!  

4.18.17 after 9pm

I've been to hics today! It was a program review day with free pizza :)! This survivor is so lucky to belong to a program like hics! They have been instrumental in helping me to lead a very successful independent life! 

4.17.17 after 9.15pm

I've got hics tomorrow! I can't seem to get one of my notebooks (laptops) to fire up! I know the fix but I'm having issues getting the battery out of the LT! I think I'll bring it, I'm sure someone will get the pain out.

4.17.17 after 8.40pm

The best part of being finally free is I can now do or have anything I want! I just nuked an instant cup of coffee! In Scituate  I was told "you can't nuke coffee, you'll make a mess and I don't wanna clean up after you"! I was told I am free there, but no way was I! It's just great being totally free :)!

4.17.17 around 6.10pm

I finally got up off my tail and got going today! Living with a traumatic brain injury is the most frustrating thing I've eva had to do! See even simple tasks seem to be big projects now! I just now put all my laundry away from last Thursday and that was mega frustrating! Then trying to remember my passwords to sites I go to often like citizens bank online! I've got a notepad file with the pw but I've gutta try  to get it from my memory without looking it up! Now this survivor has gutta do dinna :)!

41517 around 6pm

I scooted to the store got my snail mail on the way in and I got a script I've been waiting for! Now I'm gonna have to go to Wg's tomorrow. It's not like I'm spending $ for gas but the store is 1/2 way to Wg's. The weather is great though, it will be good to get out and enjoy it! Now to make some dinna :)!

4.14.17 around 11am

I didn't do hics yesterday cause my cash flow was too low to go out to lunch! Which was a blessing in disguise cause this was the week I have my homemaker wash my bed sheets so I had saved all my laundry! Carman said it was too much for one load! I needed what cash I had to put value on my card! So Carman came yesterday and stayed till it was all done! 

4.42.17 after 9.30pm

I had a great time tonight @ game night at hics :)! There was only 7-9 of us survivors who showed! We all played a big game of ONO! I won at least two times but it was so much fun to be able to get those back that gave me like a draw four card and get them back with one of my own :)! Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at Walburgers in Hingham Mass for some lunch :)! 

4.12.17 around noon

I just emailed a survivor who also attends hics! She has cards made too! Her cards have her address and landline # on it but they have a lot of pizzage to them too! I'm thinking of putting my motorcycle as a back round on mine! You must be able to do this with the computer! I've got pics of my bike, just superimpose the image on a new card! This is how I exercise my brain :)! 

4.12.14 after 10.45 am

This day has started out great! KJ made a home visit this morning and was able to help me with all my confusion! I get very confused so easy and she knows just how to make all the connections in my brain connect! 

4.11.17 near 9pm

Today I've been to hics. We had some great life skills groups! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna go to hics for game night! I goggled dvd trivia games and found them very pricey! I looked at an 80's rock trivia game that was ova $50! I just heard on the news J Gilles just past :(!

4.10.17 around 6.10pm

I took a scoot to the store today got home and my meal was at my door in the small cooler I leave out for that purpose :)! I donno what it is I like to be surprised when I go to heat it up. KJ responded to my mail a about Thursday's rides, just as I figured it would , take "the ride" to Whaulbergers on Thursday!

4.9.17 after 4pm

I scooted to Wg's with a friend walking! We stopped at D&D's and I got lunch :)! She does this to get exercise, I do it to get my needs/wants and to spend qt with a pretty lady ;)! I'm gonna do laundry tomorrow so I'm not rushing around. I think today I'll continue watching episodes of Jag :)!

4.9.17 after noon

I'm kinda slow getting my Sunday started! The plan for today is to scoot to Wg's with a friend walking! She would walk alone but it's low income property here with many low lifes living here! The news reported of a man who was on a wheelchair in Brockton Ma, next town over, got robbed and his chair taken.

4.8.17 after 10am

No mistake today I'm sure it's Saturday! before I forget my weight was 169lb at my last appt. with my pcp, bp 129/88 pulse 85! He said they were all good :)! My ideal weight is 180lb that's what it was before my coma!

4.7.17 after 6.20pm

I've taken a scoot to Wg's today and although it takes longer I've found taking Long meadow instead of technical park is the key to making the batteries last round trip! Now to heat up dinna

4.7.17 around 10.45am

I get overwhelmed so easy! I've been in contact with a pt about my brace American prosthetics made for me! Vivian wanted to make an appointment for me to go back so they could make it better fit! My inability to write legibly hurts me in these situations so I told her of KJ and how she helps me with this! She is now in contact with KJ so I've gutta try to let this anxiety go!

4.7.17 around 10.15am

I woke up this morning with my anxiety running wild on me. I thought it was Monday not Friday! I was thinking I've got lots to do! I've gutta book my trips, add value to my "the ride" account! Then I don't know if I've got the $ to be able to do so! I've been unable to log on to my online banking account, password issues! I try to get a new password and it wouldn't allow me to, KJ even tried with no luck! So I tried again this morning and was successful! Now I've gutta remember what it is so I made a notepad of my new pw with the date to avoid confusion! The extra steps I must take for this survivor to lead a successful independent life :)!

4.5.17 around 8.15pm

This has been a jam packed day! I started with a home visit from KJ! I was again  100 percent accurate loading my med box! I think that's three or four weeks in a row being perfect on my meds! I get upset with myself when it's less then accurate cause I think I've gutta be, part of being totally independent! Then she took me to my pcp appointment, it was great she came too! So much information was given I got so overwhelmed it's far from funny! Then tonight I met hics at Jake and Joe's restaurant in Braintree Mass for dinna and planning! We're  gonna have a karaoke night in April :)! I go weighted at my pcp's too and he was happy I gained some! Imagine that, my doctor wants me to gain weight,  my vitals were all not just fine they were GOOD! Now we wait for the results from my blood work! 

4.4.17 around 6am

I must have fallen asleep watching the game cause I woke up today thinking I won my bracket in the NCAA only to hear NC won :(! Gonzaga made a valiant effort though! I've got hics today :)! I was hopping to go in gloating about winning the bracket :(! 

4.3.17 around 8.30pm

I think I've got my trips right now! Ive got an appointment with my pcp!KJ's gonna go too and I thought she was meeting me there not taking me! Now that I'm trying to explain it I'm getting all kinds of confused about this! All I need to remember is I emailed KJ asked her to check my trips and she made the necessary corrections! Now LETS GO GONZAGA!

4.3.17 nearing noon

I was able to book the rest of my trips for the week. I didn't have one address in my destinations so I had to call them in, np but my landline's not working properly so I used my cell, that's not as easy for me to use as my ll but I successfully completed the task! Now I gutta think about doing laundry, UGG!

4.3.17 around 10am

It's strange I picked Gonzaga to win the NCAA championship! I never saw them play! I knew they were good but I remember hearing their name over the years and they never made it far before I just figured this is their year! Today I gutta call the MBTA and add value to my account, do laundry, meet with a nurse btw 3-3.30!

4.2.17 after 10.30pm

I went to D&D's with a friend today I get in my building, get in the elevator and a guy says to me "that was a pretty girl with you"! I know and hang with many pretty girls but they don't seem to want to go further than the friend zone :(! Tomorrow I've got to do laundry and I've gutta make sure I plan it correctly! I've got a nurse coming by 3-3.30 pm and I can't  be switching the laundry from washer to dryer when she arrives! I've gutta add value to my "the ride" account tomorrow too so I can complete booking my trips for the week!

4.1.17 after 10.15am

April fools day! I'm not much of a prankster but I am gullible so I'm easy to pull a prank on! It's April so the nice weather is coming! It's a rain/snow mix out now, I need to scoot to the store but it can wait till tomorrow!