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8.31.12 8.55 pm

Almost time to call it a day :)!!See this is work 4 me,typing I work on my hand eye coordination,work on carring my thoughts down to my blog!That sometimes is the hardest thing 4 me to do,Ive gutta remember a thought from begining to end!Maybe not hard 4 most but you see that is what got destroyed in my brain.All the connections that pass information to one another got all mixed up so with my puter I'm making new pathways or tring very very hard to  :)!

8.31.12 almost 8 pm

Lets see,today Ive had a successfull scoot to walgreens,had a very nice chat with my youngest young adult!She bought a new car!My youngest and oldest are both getting started in their career's,I'm a very proud dad :)!Bri,you really liked being a bartender,you should look into mixocology classes,bar tending school!Pick one that has job placement too though!Ive had a great workout at the YMCA!I'm really pushing alot of weight,I'm really starting to get super toned!My abbs are coming back but,as they get more and more defined so is the pump in my stomach :(!I gave Lisa my netbook to use but she took it back to her apartment and their was no connectivity in her apartment!She  live on the ground floor,maybe that has something to do with it.I was hoping to get her email and set up a fb account!I really like this lady,I was hoping all my fb friends could then put in  a good word 4 me!I'm gonna go to her apartment tomorrow afternoon and see whats up with it!I've got tr…


The last day of August "12"!When I was married and lived in Squauntum I'd be getting ready for my annual labor day barbecue!Family,friends,neighbors,kids friends all invited!I think after I started making the BIG bucks I served lobster for everyone!All the beer you could handle.Remember Bri,Lissy,Kenny?Always a great day :)!

8.30.12 3.20 pm

I got my desktop back :) !They formatted my hardrive but got most of my files and programs restored :) !I've just gutta remember all my passwords 4 my online stuff!So far though its operating great :) !

8.29.12 10.20 am

KJ has been over and she was able to connect my keyboard and mouse to my laptop!I had done this b4 but for some reason it didn't work,maybe a tbi moment :(!Ive got the YMCA left to go to today,no rec tonight :(.I've got to scoot 2 walgreens lata though,I've got no soda :(.

8.28.12 9.09 pm

Hics was great today.I dropped off my desktop to be fixed,while I was going home they called and said they gave to format my hardrive!They did say they would do a  backup first!

8.27.12 4.30 pm

Lisa called very early this morning and I expressed  my concerns with the puter.She said  just call and cancell.I would but I don't know the number I called.She gets out her phone book and trys to find it.She did and called for me and saved me a whole lot of money.I'll bring the puter to hics tomorrow and drop it off next to hics!


I didn't go food shopping today,I have plenty of food!I just needed a few things so I scooted to walgreens!Got all my laundry done!I'd like to say more but,its too hard typing with this!


I didn't make it to the YMCA or hics!My side still hurts a little  and I shouldn't be spending any money!Tomorrow  at  hics we are having a party for three staff that are leaving :(,


I've had a great day except my desktop wont boot up :( !I'm using my older notebook now but, its slow and I can't get comfortable typing so there  may be some errors,sorry.I gulduess I should just be thankfull I've got options!


Tomorrow I not only have hics I'm going to see Dr. K for my bowtox shots!Its defiantly time cause I feel my muscle tone is bad!My last pick up  time from Braintree rehab isnt until 5 pm!

8.20.12 6pm

I've been busy today!I did all my laundry!I even did some multitasking while doing it!I needed to scoot to walgreens,when I put the laundry in the dryer I scooted to walgreens,I was doing two things at the same time!If the first therapists I had could see me now!Don't forget,they didn't think I would survive!I'm not supposed to be as independent as I am!My family was told if he survives he won't be much more than a vegetable!Look at me now :)!

8.19.12 9.08 pm

I didn't get to laundry today,tomorrow is another day!I've had a great day though,hanging out with Lisa is kewl :)!Tomorrow I've got the YMCA then when I get in I've gutta do laundry!

8.19.12 6.05 pm

I just had a wonderful time with a beautiful blond :) !Lisa and I went to Walgreen's then stopped at ? farms to get ice cream!Ive still got laundry to do and my rides to book!Maybe laundry can wait till much lata or after the YMCA tomorrow!Ive got to get my rides booked though.


I love life so much especially mine now that I'm  FREE!Kat knows what I mean.Today I've got to do my normal Sunday tasks,book my rides,laundry,scoot to walgreens and D&D'S,check my bank accounts.I want to upgrade my older notebook with two more gigs of ram!I think b4 I was charged $80 to put in one gig so I've gutta have $160 expendable yeets!Between my savings and checking I should be able to swing it :)!Not bad for someone living on his own and living on social security! I find it hard to believe that some people doubted I'd be successful living totally independently!

8.18.12 10.25 pm

My notebook says its on update 35 of 79!It will shut down when its done though!I guess its been a very long time since its been updated!Ive got trips to stop and shop tomorrow but I'm thinking bout cancelling them.There is not much I need,maybe tomorrow will be the day I try scooting round trip:)!

818.12 9.04 pm

Ive been able to get my older notebook to conect to my wireless network kinda consistantly I just had to remember my passwords!Now I've got them all programed in :) !One thing I'm gonna have to upgrade on it is to get more RAM in it!Its moving at turtle speed!I think I'll drop it off next to hics!They have always done good work for me!I've added ram myself b4 but that was in an old packard bell desktop,remember kids.Now the laptop has 79 updates its installing:)!

Ive got a project

Ive been looking to turn in for the night but I got in to working on my older notebook!I get on a train of thought and keep going with it!I've got an adaptor that goes on a usb port that enables it to connect to a wireless network!Ive been having trouble getting the computer to recognize it!I think I just found the instillation cd for it though!That's gonna have to wait till tomorrow now though!Ive cancelled my trips to stop and shop,if I really need something I booked back up trips for Sunday!This is great exercise for my brain :) !


Tomorrow I've got trips planed to and from stop and shop in Holbrook!Hopefully  its not raining!I always scoot home from there,someday I'm gonna scoot to there and back!

8.17.12 10.40 pm

I'm working on my older notebook doing all the utilities,error check,fragment,disk clean up! I tring to do all this without a password!Jan must have set up her own user account,I don't know what she used for a password but,I'm finding ways around this issue!

Got it

My ac adaptor came today in the snail mail :)!I conected it up and a light came on!I let it charge for a very little bit,just fired it up and IT WORKED :)!I'm doing an error check on it now!I promised Lisa I'd let her use it but,I'm thinking of letting her use my netbook!I've just gutta copy some files and delete some!Its like I got a new toy :)!

Tracking my order

I'm tracking my order from pronto chargers and its real easy,even 4 me!They say its coming 1st class mail and its already at the Holbrook  post office!I may see it today but probably tomorrow!


Tomorrow I've got trips planed to and  from the YMCA!I'm doing my best to get this 53 year old body back to buff :)!Then my homemaker Michaela comes over @ 4pm :) !

8.16.12 8.14 pm

Hics was great today!Just groups but again they keep my brain stimulated!I got home and saw Lisa,she wanted to go for a walk so I charged my scooter for about 30 mins then went with Lisa to D&D's,so I spent some quality time with a pretty lady :)!


KJ is gonna make a home visit tomorrow then I'm going to the YMCA.I'm not going to the rec club,they are going to the Hingham shipyard to play mini golf.I don't know the coarse,I'm just worried bout being on my sore feet too long!

8.14.12 7.27 pm

Hics was great today!I can remember in one group we talked about advocating for yourself!I think I do that very well!Ive even posted important issues on facebook in hopes that people will also call their representatives to make change or to stop it!When you must live like this Ive got to use everything at my disposal!I got home and paid a bill I hate paying,the government!I was able to find an ac adaptor for my older notebook by just googling dell inspiron 1000 ac adapter!I think I posted where I got it from!It asked if I wanted to share,I just clicked on ok :)!

8.13.12 6pm

Ive had a hard workout at the YMCA today!I haven't been in a while and I felt it!No more this week Ive gutta make sure I go all three times!I got home and realized I needed a few things at Walgreens so I took a scoot to walgreens!On my way home on technical park dr. I tipped over :( !I got a little road burn,not much.When I had my Honda v45 magna I was cut off by this Asian lady and got alot of road burn!The EMT's at the site told me how to treat that so I came home and scrubed the road residue out,ouch!Earlier  today I tried calling that place Kenny turned me on to, to order the part for my old notebook!They don't take phone orders they want you to order online!I want to make certain Ill get the right part this time so I'm gonna wait until Wednesday when KJ makes a home visit!I was even tyring and for some reason I couldn't get that to work!I know I've ordered from dell using the land line many  times before!Its something Ive had to learn and ac…

8.12.12 8.18 pm

Kenny was over this morning :)!He had the part dell dropped off in Scituate,the wrong part!I tried calling dell at 1-800-dellcom but,I don't know whats happening,I can't seem to make even a phone call!I want to try that web site Kenny gave me but in this case I need to speak with a live person!I was able to search the site and come up with a landline number but they are closed Saturdays and Sundays!They have much better prices though!Dell wants almost $60. for it! has it for $15.00!Tomorrow I'll try calling newegg,Ive gutta speak with someone cause there is two parts to this adaptor,one the conects to the computer and one that plugs in the wall!If I don't make it clear I need both parts I won't get them!Well I got to see Kenny today :)!


I got up very early today and cancelled my trips to stop and shop!Maybe today is the day to scoot to and from there!Ive gutta think about this.Ive got to be more selective about the posts I share with fb!I love all the coments I get but its just that I think some feelings can get hurt by some!I guess I'll either scoot to walgreens or stop and shop.


Ive got trips booked to and from stop and shop in Holbrook tomorrow!I should be able to save the $4 cost of the return trip cause I usually scoot home from there!One of these Saturdays I'm gonna try scooting to and from there!Ive got to look for a varity of frozen veggies :)!

8.10.12 836pm

I could be making the biggest mistake of my life!Jan asked me if I wanted to get an apartment with her and Shawnee!I just sent her an email saying I can't:( !I'm not on chap.8 here,I'm on something like Mass. fair housing and it seems it only covers certain complexes.That would mean Jan and I would become more than friends too!I would be part of a growing family too!I'm kinda sick over this but,in the long run I'm doing what is safe and secure for me!Just sux what could have been!

8.10.12 almost 7pm

I finally got dell to understand what I need but they want close to $60. for it!Kenny is gonna come over Sunday,he knows of a place that has things like this much less money!He will help me to order the part too :)!

frustraition again

I'm tring to order an ac adapter for my old laptop and I'm asked so many things I'm having trouble answering!Kenny is gonna come over Sunday,maybe he will help me!Such a simple task and I'm getting really frustraited with it :(!

8.10.12 9.32 am

I got up this morning and realized I've got too much to do to get ready to go to the YMCA so I'm not going today :(!Ive got to see if I can get the right part ordered for my old notebook!I took my time and copied the service tag number in notepad,hope its right.I should scoot to Walgreen's to see if they have a magnifying glass!


Tomorrow I've got the YMCA to go to and I really gutta make sure I make it!Ive also gutta reorder that ac adapter!There is a tag on the back that has a service code!I need that code to insure I get the right part,I can't read it so maybe I'll see if walgreens has a magnifying glass,I should try my glasses too!Sux to have a tbi and getting older but,I'll find a way to get this done,I'm Jamie :)!

8.8.12 9.25 pm

I had tons of fun at casino night!I played blackjack all night,I won some and lost some but I had so much fun :)!Tomorrow I have hics,I think we are having an in-service about meds.


I'm waiting for my dell order and it should have been here by now so I call,have all my numbers open on my computer!They sent it to Scituate!I call Ed and he is in NH,I try to get a hold of Kenny and all I get is voice mail!Dell did say they would ship another to the right address but I got disconnected before I got the new order number!I guess now I just WAIT,jeesh!


KJ has been over and Ive just got to say,I'm so lucky to have such great support,I got a snail mail from my old student loan,that was a help loan,if I was ever unable to work  its supposed to be taken care of!I thought I had something that said it was but we couldn't find anything!I've called Ed to see if there is anything in Scituate but KJ is right on this :)!I've still got the YMCA and then casino night!


A chain of events just happened that's got me really confused!Ive just got to remember if I don't do anything to change my living situation I'll always have a place to live!


My appointment went really well!I brought the wrong pair of glasses with me though,couldn't find the new pair then I rememberd they were in a hard case.I found them in my scooter basket :)!


Tomorrow I think KJ is gonna drive me to a dr.Jamara appointment,I think shes comin at 8am. My book says the appointment is at 9am so that would be right :)!

8.4.12 4.40 pm

Today I've scooted to Walgreen's but with Lisa:)!Lisa wants a digital cam bad,she hasn't even got a phone with one!I had two old phones I'm not using that have cams so I gave her one!She is with safelink wireless,I don't know if its as easy as Verizon to change phones!I wasn't using them so why not be a nice guy to the pretty lady and offer one to her :)!We both went to Walgreen's and then D&D's!I'm in to colatas now!

8.4.12 10.45 am

I get my rent automaticly deduckted from my checking account so Ive got to make sure its always there!Its just that it never seems to be the same!Last month it was $606. Ill go with that I guess!Today I'm thinking I need to scoot to walgreens or maybe scoot to and from stop and shop in Holbrook.


I'm not gonna go to the flea market cause I don't think its a good idea to do so much walking!Ive got to practice taking my scooter apart and lifting it short distance!Then I could take it when things like this come up!


Tomorrow I've got to call Lisa at 9 am,we are  gonna check out a flea market in Avon,next town over.I'm just nervous it could be too much walking for me!I'll take the chance though,I can start the weekend hanging out with a pretty lady!;)

8.3.12 almost 6pm

Ive had a success full scoot to Walgreen's,I even remembered to get centrum silver!Lissy called she wanted to make sure I was okay!She was concerned because of some of my fb posts.I reassured her everything is fine.Its great to have Lissy to always try to make sure I'm doing the right thing!She knows I'm an adult though and I might make mistakes but another person watching out for me is always welcome!Lisa called and said she was gonna come by lata.I've been speaking with her and she's been kinds depressed!Its over her kids not showing any care.I just listen and let her vent.I try to make her smile!I got her laughing!


I'm kinda sweating it out waiting to get my check!Ive had alot of expenses this month.I had to pay cash for my glasses,I went down the cape,just living too costs money!

8.2.12 7pm

I'm feeling so much better now,guess I needed time to get better!I scooted to walgreens this morning but as I was leaving my scooter tipped over!I didn't even get a scratch,all the people around came to my aid!One very nice guy told me don't move,he got my scooter upright ed and made sure I was okay!That was super nice of the man!I started this blog post and Jan and Shawnee stopped by for a visit :)!I was having a bad tbi moment today!I couldn't get any picture on my tv!I tried to call comcast and I was having issues tring to get them!I called my neighbor Lisa!She came over and helped me get them so now my tv is all better!


Wow,its August.time keeps flying by now that I'm free and very very happy :)!Jan is gonna come to our dance :) !Another thing to make me even happier!I can't wait now!She is the bestest dancer I know :)!Sorry her card is full,Ive got ALL the dances :)!


KJ has been over and we did all the things we always do but I asked if we could bring a guest to our dance,she said yes!I emailed Jan right away to ask her :)!Ive got the YMCA to go to then I'm gonna scoot to the halfway cafe to meet hics for dinna and planning:)!