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12.31.11 afternoon

I never got the chance to scoot to walgreens today.I started watching a hockey game,an old timers game btw the flyers and rangers!The players bring back so many memorys!Bobby Clark,John Leclair,Kenny Lindstrom,Bernie Parant,to name a few!Tomorrow will be a better day to scoot to walgreens :)!


Wow,the last day of 2011!My mother told me when I turned 30 yrs old time will move even faster,she was so right!I cancelled my trips to and from stop and shop,didn't want to WAIT 4 rides!I'm thinking bout scooting to walgreens,I do need non dairy coffee creamer.Ill just browse the isles and see if anything else strikes my fancy!

today's happennings

I had pt early this morning!I started off doing the machine thats similar to the nustep @ the "y" for 10 mins!Then I steached my calif's and other leg muscles!Then I was asked,"do you want to walk with a Cain or nothing"?You know what my response was,nothing!I did great without any assisted devise :)!I even had to walk around obstacles she put in my way!I hope I'm doing well enough to be pt approved to not have to use a walker :)!Then I went to my ISP meeting @ hics!That went very very well :).Came home and my homemaker came over,I had her wash my bed sheets and do a good making of it!Thats something to put on the walmart list,another set of sheets cause I only have the one!

keeping very busy

Eventhough I didn't have hics today Ive kept very busy :)!I did some fbing,on and off all day!Paid the last bill I had to this month.I heard on the news tonight that verizone will start charging a fee for paying the bill online!I pay all my bills online!I don't like this kind of talk,if they do its gonna be time to get a new carrier!Ive got to remember to take something out for dinna every morning,hot pockets are not doin it anymore!Ive got some nice steaks,chicken breasts,1 lb of ground serloin,tons of mac and cheese!Time to get cooking :)!


I woke up a tad too late to catch an 8.29 pickup to go to hics!I could have rushed around and made it but Ive learned that is when I make too many misstakes!I go to hics tomorrow after therapy for an ISP meeting(individual service program) anyway!I'm a busy guy :)!

workin away

I'm working to see if I can get all my favs and settings working properly!This is a pain but I try to injoy it!I'm not supposed to be as smart as I am,my family was told,IF he wakes up he won't be much more than a vegetable!I love proving doctors wrong :)!

build off

Ive been watching American chopper on the discovery channel where Paul sr and Paul jr and Jessie James go head to head to see who builds the best chopper!My vote went to Jessie James but Paul jr ended up winning


I think doing laundry late really pooped me out!I had to cancell the ymca for today and Wednasday cause of therapy!I don't like not working out but,I can only spread myself so thin!Ive gutta go to hics tomorrow cause my desktop is ready to come home :)!

Today's events

I'm having trouble tring to remember what I did today,go figure :)!I think I scooted to walgreens this morning instead of going to stop and shop and WAITING 4 rides!I was able to get most of my nomal shxt!I do need to get some coffee creamer thou but I think Ive got enough in reserve :)!I spilled something on my netbook which untill I get my desktop back is what I'm using.It was going crazy,typing 6's all over!I got my problem solving tacktics in gear and found it was the usb wireless connector I have plugged in to my netbook!It still took a while to get it dry enough to stop going crazy 6's:)!I got it thou and I'm using my wireless keyboard and mouse for this post :)!I vacumed my apt. cause I'm having my young adults stop in and thats all I could ever want for Christmas,to spend quality time with all my young adults at the same time cause its so much fun seeing them interact with each other :)!


I had trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree but I'm thinking I can get all my needs at walgreens then dont have t WAIT for a ride,sounds like a good plan :)!

Today's events

I was able to do a good trim on my beard!I had a fantastic work out at the "y" then my homemaker came over to clean,I do so much better than anyone from that agency!Made dinna,cleaned up after dinna.Now watching the B's :)!


My puter wasn't ready AGAIN today :(!I got a new keyboard to make it easyer to work with my netbook(cause I couldn't find the usbconnector 4 my wirelesss keyboard and mouse)!I got home today and FOUND that connector :)


Alot has happend to-day!Ive had hics,was able to drop off my dt at the puter store,4 an extra c-note,put a rush on it.Ill have it back tomorrow :)!I saw dr.Kobell,got bowtox shots to help my muscle tone.I wish I could write more but,its just so hard typing on anything other than my desktop (dt):(
Ive got my desktop all loaded on my scooter so I can drop IT off tomorrow at the puter store that has done great work 4 me b4!Ive got it held in my basket with bungy cords I picked up @ the hardwear store over the weekend.


I'm kinda in a war with this virus!I finally got my puter to boot up!I ran webroot,Norton,the only program that seems to find it is Microsoft security essentials!Thats a slow program!


KJ is making a home visit this morning then Ive got trips booked to and from the "y" but,the corn on my right foot is hurting me so I guess weather I go or not will be a last minutedecision.


Today @ hics we had our Christmas party @ the old countrybuffet in walpole!I'm not gonna need any dinna tonight cause I eat and eat and then eat some more :)!My puter booted up without a problem today so that means I killed another virus :)!

todays scoot

Walgreens didn't have any hot pockets today but they did have dd's french vanilla 1 lb pack of coffee!I saw Lori too so I said I have some movie passes,wanna go with me sometime?She said "sure"!She also said she could drive,I've got a date :)!


This is supposed to be my day off but there are things I must do!Laundry,book my rides for the wk!Maybe scoot to walgreens and pick up what I forgot yesterday,if I could remember what they where ,just kiding,I know what I need :).

Scoot to walgreens

I did have my issues with today's scoot!Not only did I forget few items but,I got to the register and momentarily forgot my pin number 4 my master money card!That really wasn't a problem cause they can use it as a cc but,I can't get cash back.My laundry card needs funds :(!I do have about $20 in cash.I guess another scoot to walgreens is in tomorrows plans,besides Lori wasn't working,I want to ask her out :)!


KJ was here for a home visit this morning and she was able to learn (teach) me (and herself)how to get a pic from my phone,then to my fb page :)!Ive gutta look for all my other Christmas stuff to,Improbably not gonna get a tree but I can decorate a part of a wall here :)!


I did have ot and pt this morning but,I set my alarm for 6am for a 7.50 pick up time and it never went off,my foot hurts anyway,my corn is still there.I do have hics (rec)lata,I think we are going to a place we have neva been b4 for dinna and planning :)!

Bailed out by hics once again

I was really confused by my pocket calendar!It said I had a dr.Kobellappt. today and next wk!That didn't seem right to me so I didn't book a ride for todaysappt..I called to check yesterday and all I got was voice mail.Got a call back this morning and I did have an appt.but,too late to book a ride!I remember a similar thing happening and JR told me what I should do is tell my case manager!I went to hics,told KJ,she got a cab to take me to my appt. then home!Bailed out by hics once again :) !I had to get my pump refilled and its pretty cool how its done.Shannon was the lady who refilled the pump,there is a place on the pump the med goes in,she used the same electronic device the doctor uses so you can actually see the pump inside my stomach!It took alot of skill to get the needle to the point it needed to be!Shannan did it on her very first attempt,great job Shannan!My next refill is 3/29/12 @2.30 pm!Ive really gutta work on getting my online calendar working and up to date!


Today Ive got hics :)!Ive got to get my pocket calendar so its not confusing me cause now I look at it and get confused.The purpose of having this is to eliminate confusion!


Ive got ot @ 9 am this morning,my pick up time is 8.21,not bad,my return trip is 9!Ive gutta have check in print me out a copy of my schedule,that should have my dr. koebellappt. on it plus in ot I should put all my appts. in my pocket calendar!

havin fun

I'm having lots of fun with new technology!Bri got a cat today and wanted to show her daddy!She sent me a pic message with the cat!I then tried to share it on fb from my phone,Ive never done this b4!Success,I was able to post from my droid :)!I'm even having fun with the old way of doing things.I got a Christmas card in the snail mail!Great card even had a post card of the Scituate lighthouse!I can't send out cards cause of my writing issues but,thank-you Linda,your responsible for my ear to ear smile :)!

Laundry is done

I got all my laundry done,I'm still having problems with folding!It just seems the cloths come out of the dryer all in dissaray!I handled it thou :)!I think Ive got all my rides booked too!Thats easy to check thou :)!


This is my day off but there are things I must do!I gutta book my rides 4 the wk!After reviewing my pocket calendar,I noticed a dr.Kobellappt.,thats a good thing cause not only do I think since I'm off of taking backlophin orally,its time to increase the amount the pump distributes,plus my appt. to get shots of botox was changed and,with my writing issues,I couldn't write down the new date!This will give me a chance to get super organized!


Tomorrow is my day off but there are still things I must do.Ive gutta book my rides for the week,clean the apt.,take somethin out for dinna and cook it,scoot to d&d's for a nice lunch,do some work on my pocket pc!All that after I sleep in for a while but,when I wake up I always want to start my day!I guess thats from being asleep for 3.5 months!Because I can,after 4/14/02 I couldn't for 3.5 months :)!

Food is expensive

Food is really getting super expensive!I didn't need to get any meats and it still cost me $60.!I was able to get the chicken tenders I really enjoy :)!I also found the new cheese its,baby swiss cheese its but,that was a 2 for the price of one!I'm lucky now I'm only buying for one!

whats up for today

Today I have trips planned to and from stop and shop in Braintree!Ive just gutta get my normal stuff but I'm thinking bout doing some baking.That means I gutta look for a cookie sheet,brownie pan,and cake pan.If I do thats certain to keep me busy :)!

busy busy busy

Ive been super busy today :)!KJ made a home visit this morning and I was able to replay a voice message from dr.Kobell's office about an appt.,well that appt. didn't fit into my busy schedule so I had to call and try to reschedule!I had to leave a message.Teresa called back after KJ had left,gave me an appt. that fits but,I couldn't write it down,I should have been able to use my puter,don't know why I didn't but,she is gonna look 4 me at Braintree rehab,I should call myself but,too late in the day now.Teresa,if you read this,please email the date and time :).Ive been to the "y"!I had a great workout!Its been two times in a row Ive been able to do all twelve reps on the rowing machine without having to fix my right hand grip :)!I try to do my reps fast now and it seems to be working :)!My homemaker came too!The nurse that set this up was too.Just to have me sign a couple things and a report on the service.Now I gutta make some dinna :)!


Time just keeps on flying by!I got a call on my cell today,it was dr,Koebell's office!They said I can come in earlier for my bowtox shots cause they had a cancellation!I said great but Ill never remember,she called back and left the info on my voice mail.I'm working around my writing issues as best I can!KJ is gonna make a home visit tomorrow so Ill just play the voice mail so she can hear it then she will write it in my pocket calendar :)!