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5.31.14 after 10pm

My computer is confusing me tonight! It says I need to upgrade my IE then I do and it leads me to all these different links! That pooped me out! Too much brain work thank goodness I'm not going anywhere but the pool tomorrow :)!

5.31.14 after 9pm

I was able to book a couple of my trips on-line but the web site just seems hard for me to use and feel confident all my trips are correct so I'm gonna call the rest of my trips in tomorrow morning! Its great to have it working 4 me again though! Tomorrow I'm gonna meet Lisa at the pool :) and I guess do laundry at some point!

5.31.14 around 6pm

I noticed a delivery slip downstairs on my mailbox so I signed it and didn't move it! That was from Fed-x! I've had so much bad luck with them I hope it doesn't continue! That has got to be my wires to make a micro usb port to a usb-2 port! I need this so I can connect my tablet to my external dvd rom drive then install my anti-virus program on my tablet! I don't want 2 use it too much without protection! I've gutta remember Lisa is coming over at 7pm to apply for a car loan on-line! That's the way it's done now I guess!

5.31.14 around 4pm

I've scooted 2 Wg's and even remembered what I needed there, AAA batteries :) ! I know I had some but I can't find them so it's easier and less frustrating 2 buy some! That's the size batteries the radio I got from Wm yesterday takes!

5.31.14 b4 noon

I remembered the other things I ordered from Walmart without even checking :)! I got a micro usb to usb-2 cable so I can use my usb dvd rom drive to install my anti-virus and other programs on my tablet :)!

5.31.14 around 10.20am

Today I'm gonna do my laundry cause last night Lisa and I were talking about going to the pool and decided that Sunday would be the better of the two weekend days! Its nice out now but I've got some tasks I've gutta get done! I need to make a Wg's scoot, check my bank accounts (make sure I've got enough to get all my frivolous needs :), check my cash flow make sure I've got at least $20. on me at all times! Taking "the ride" you never know when you could get stuck someplace and need cab fair! I  got one delivery yesterday from Fed x from Walmart! It was the little battery operated radio I got in case of power outages and a few rolls of electrical tape to tape the tennis balls on the legs of my walker so it doesn't catch on imperfections in buildings and outside! I think I'm still waiting 4 another delivery but that's what its like being tbi I'm not sure! I suppose I could check by going to walmart .com but now things come from differen…

5.30.14 after 8pm

Lisa came up and we ordered out 4 dinna :) ! We used Holbrook house of pizza! I got just a small steak and cheese calzone and still have enough 4 lunch tomorrow :)!What a way to start a weekend, spending qt with a blond babe :) !

5.30.14 after 3pm

I've been to Wg's and stopped at the Ramblewood office to pick up my pool pass! I wanna start working on getting a dark tan :) ! I'm hopping the weather cooperates this weekend to spend some time at the pool :)!

5.30.14 around 1pm

I didn't do the YMCA today cause it seemed I had no get up and go! Hopefully I get my scrip for that med that helps with that soon! I do need to scoot to Wg's to pick up a few things, I'll check my snail mail box to see if I missed a mail in it! I think I called and asked the doctor 4 a script on Wednesday while KJ was here so it could be anytime now! Lisa just landlined me and she is gonna walk with me :) so maybe we will go 2 D&D's too!

5.29.14 around 6pm

I've been to hics today :) ! Do you know the government monitors things like Facebook!They have computers that will red flag if you were to like threaten the presidents life or any official! That is the one thing I got my brain to soak in and remember from today :) ! 

5.28.14 after 8.30pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great   workout, I'm ready 4 pool season :) ! This close to 55 year old body is getting tight:)! I feel incredible too :)! Then tonight at hics I had a great time playing blackjack all night :)! 

5.28.14 after 10am

KJ has been over and she helped me accomplish a few tasks! Its kinda strange the things I've got trouble with! Even dialing a phone number tends to give me trouble! I've got to look down at the number then I forget where I left off or forget where I was calling and about what! These are the things I've learned to live with though, I work at trying to remember everything myself though and most of the time I'm successful :) !

5.27.14 around 10pm

Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit btw 8-9 am then I'm going to the YMCA to do my resistance training then to hics, its casino night! I've gutta remember to give her the other adaptor I've got so a computer can get on a wireless network!I'm sold my old notebook and it had an adaptor with it! KJ is having problems getting it to work! I've got another one so may as well try it! I sold this to another survivor and I want her to get all the benefits from the internet!Even if she doesn't get an ISP she can  log on to the wireless network at hics! Then I'll get her an email address,fb account, if she wants to blog set her up with BlogSpot! I can show her how it helps me but she has gutta want to do all this stuff :) ! 

5.27.14 after 6.30pm

I've been to hics today and that was brain stimulating then I went to Braintree rehab to get my  Botox shots then got home and my door buzzer was buzzing! I know Michaela (my home maker) said she was coming Tuesday  but I called bayada and left a voice mail saying I wouldn't be home so lets skip this week! Its all good though cause I was looking at lugging my vacuum around if she didn't come! There has got to be a lesson here oh I know,when I've gutta call Bayada, speak to a live person :)! 

5.26.14 around 3.30pm

I wish I could tell you what its like when your hands and arms don't work together! That is one of the most frustrating I must deal with! I concentrate hard on moving a particular way and it just doesn't happen! I guess you'd have to be living with tbi to fully understand my frustration! I got all my laundry done this afternoon and it was even more of a struggle cause my walker is broken! One of the wheels on the front, the plastic is broken! I can still use it but its hard to! That's just one more thing I've got to find a way 2 deal with but I WILL :)!   

5.26.14 after 9am

Today I've gutta get my laundry done! I've gutta just focus on that one task cause living with a brain injury its so hard to focus on one thing let alone try  to focus on 2 or more (multitask)!

5.25.14 after 6.30pm

As I was getting ready to go out with Lisa today I was finishing up a peapod order. I always start filling my cart as soon as I find I need something! Then I won't forget I want/need this item! This week was a little challenging at checkout cause it told me my  card is about to expire use another card! My master money card expires  the end of  this month! I've got a new card but I had to activate it! I had some issues doing that cause I had some difficulty reading the telephone number to call 2 activate  it! I got it done though and peapod is delivering my order between 7-9! I'm so busy its tough to find a delivery time that works!So now on Tuesday I've got hics then from there I go to dr.Koebell's office 2 get my shots of Botox (for my muscle tone) then be home 4 the peapod delivery! That leaves me no time to think about how much it sux living with a traumatic brain injury! 

5.15.14 around 6pm

Lisa called earlier today and wanted to go  to D & D's with me! I thought do I want to laundry or go to D & D's with a beautiful blond? That was an easy decision to make! Naturally I chose to spend qt with that beautiful blond! :) I can do my laundry tomorrow  anyway, no YMCA cause the holiday!

5.15.14 around 11am

I called  and booked my rides this morning and I always check on-line 2 make sure they or I got  them right! Today it was me, I  forgot to book a trip to and from hics Wednesday night! I caught it though and booked it! This system of checks and double checks seems to be working 4 me :) ! Today I've gutta do laundry and while I'm doing it I should look 4 my power cord 2 my old computer! Then I can fire it up and see if my transfer cable will work with it on! It goes from usb port to usb port so common sense tells me if its not transferring my files while  not being powered up the next thing to try is powering it up :)!  

5.24.14 around 1pm

I'm trying to sort through my brain exactly what I'm gonna do! I need 2 make a Wg's scoot but then I gutta make sure I've got enough money in my account to cover all my needs and wants! I checked my accounts and I've got plenty, online  banking is the kind :) ! Then I've got 2 think of up coming expenses, I've always gutta have enough 4 rent in my checking account!Then check my cash flow! I always try 2 have at least $20 on me at all times! I'm going to Wg's so I can get $20 cash back and now's the time 2 do that! I've cked my bank, know I need cash back, think I know my needs and wants,time 2 scoot to Wg's! Its just such a struggle 4 me 2 get everything sorted out to just go out the door, its no wonder how its so easy 4 me to forget things! You can say "just write a list" but I've lost the ability to write, or you can say 'print out a list", I've got printer issues! I think of this as working on my short term …

5.24.14 b4 noon

Fb has again helped me to get in contact with an old friend! DW who I met back in the settles glass days cause I worked with her husband!:) I was going through my news feed on fb and saw her name on a comment on her daughter's fb page, who I'm a fb and life friend with,so I sent a friend request!Life is really a great thing!

getting overwhelmed

I find myself getting overwhelmed very easy! If more than one thing needs my immediate attention I get real overwhelmed! I'm trying to deal with this but its very frustrating!  See you've gutta be able to process the information first, then take the proper action! I've got some issues being able to process even a small amount of information :( !

5.23.14 around 5pm

I had an okay workout today! Only okay cause "the ride" picked me up late and didn't get me there until after 1.30pm!My return trip was at 2.35 pm! I was at least able to do all the machines I  just only could do my cardio for 20 minutes! 

5.23.14 9-10am

I can't tell you how great it is to be working on my desktop again :)! I can see everything so much clearer and I have it set on large fonts! It makes things easier for me to do my everyday things like check my rides, my bank account's, my fb page, and to blog :)! I've just gutta remember when the computer gives me a message "do you want to allow your computer to make these changes?" I've really gutta study the message and if it doesn't make sense to me click don't allow! 

5.22.14 around 5pm

I've been 2 hics today! The one thing that sticks in my very loose mind is the last group about trying to not get caught in a scam!They are everywhere, email, telephone, snail mail! I'm not gonna let myself get caught in any scam! I have learned if it sounds too good to be true its probably not true! I look at my caller id every time my cell phone and land line ring and if its an 800 number I let it  go to voice mail! I got home and completed my monthly Walmart order! I searched for a miro usb to standard  usb adapter at Walmart and found an inexpensive one! I need this so I can connect it to my tablet and install software to my tablet with my portable dvd rom! I've gutta get my anti virus anti spyware program or I guess its called app now, on my tablet! I fired up my tablet today at hics and I connected to the internet no problem :)!

5.21.14 after 10.30

I'm up kinda late tonight cause I've got my desktop working correctly and I can play my tunes and listen to the fabulous sound system I've set up on my  desktop! Great BIG thanks goes out to KJ!

5.21.14 around 9pm

 I can't tell you how very lucky and happy I feel  to have all the great support I'm getting! Today KJ was over this morning and got my display on my desktop right-side up!I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout and while I was there, Raymond, a guy I work with, noticed my walker needed adjustments cause the way it was kind of made me lean forward too much,so he made the proper adjustments to my walker! Everyone is helping me to get better posture! Then I went to hics tonight and I just mentioned to KJ my tablet  wasn't playing my tunes I posted on fb!She got my tablet to play my tunes :)! I really am lucky to have so much support from so many and KJ is the BEST! :)

5.21.14 around 10am

:) KJ was over and she got the display on my desktop working properly :) !I thought I went through all the steps she did but that's the issue with being tbi, you just have no idea if you clicked on everything correctly! Now  I can read everything clearly and are much more comfortable working on the computer :)!


Tomorrow I've got KJ 8-8.45 then I'm going to the YMCA to do my resistance training then 2 hics,its an in-house movie night, what's out there 4 new releases? 

5.20.14 afrer 7.15pm

I've filled my med box and completed my KJ list (things I ask KJ 4 help with) so I'm ready 4 our home visit tomorrow :) ! I found my other adaptor to take a usb charger cord and plug it in on an ac outlet! That's great cause now I've got two devises that need charging at night, my I phone and my tablet!

5.20.14 around 5pm

I've been to my podiatrist and he said he got real deep this time but we'll see how long b4 it comes back! I got home and scooted to the barber shop right next to Rablewood!I haven't looked at it yet but I feel much beta :) ! Now I gutta see what I have 4 dinna :)!

5.20.14 around 11am

I've got so many things going on right now its a wonder I can alternate my concentration to focus on a particular  task I want 2 do from one time 2 another! I'm a man who used to be at work at 5am in the morning, set up routs 4 up 2 6 men,then set up my own of 10-15 autoglass  jobs, handle irate customers from the previous day, handle the other guys working 4 me which at times was the hardest part of my job!So I'm used 2 having lots going on its just that now I'm living with a tbi but I CAN do it :) !

5.20.14 b4 10am

I'm not doing hics cause of a much needed trip to my podiatrist! My foot hurts so bad its painful to even wear my sneakers! I'm hoping after today I'll be pain free!

5.19.14 6.30-7.30pm

I've had a super workout today :)! The new abb machine works my abbs real well! Maybe that's cause I go right from the rotary torso machine to the abb machine! I always thought the rotary torso machine worked my abbs well!I'm telling you though after those machines back to back my abbs are on fire, in a good way :) !I got home and had to do a quick scoot 2 the store and I made it back b4 the heavy rains :) !

5.19.14 around 8.30am

I've got the YMCA to go to today then Michaela (my homemaker) comes 2 clean my apartment! I've gutta find time 2 scoot 2 the store 2!Np,it stays light out later now! Out of all the things this tbi survivor must deal with, the inability 2 focus sometimes is very hard! Thoughts seem to race through my brain and I can't pick just 1 and focus on just that! I'm wondering, do  any of you other survivors have issues such like this?

4,17.14 around 5pm

The "spring fling" was outstanding! I even saw MR  there:)!It has been over a year since I've seen her! It was great to spend some qt with her! I learned she is on the internet now! I gave her my card and said to email me then I can send her all my links and maybe get her to join fb! No two head (brain) injuries are the same but MR's memory is so much worse then mine and she was only unconscious 4 a matter of minuets! ! I'm hoping that now using a computer will help not only her memory but lots of other stuff  too! I  guess I've really gutta sit down with her and get her a yahoo account  and then if  she wants to blog, set her up with First thing I've gutta do is make sure she is secure online! Make sure she has adequate spyware and antivirus protection! You can get spyware from going on fb, its everywhere! I hope she remembers to mail  me but if not I can landline her and remind her :)!

5.18.14 after 8pm

I got all my laundry DONE this afternoon :)!Lisa came a knocken while I was in the middle of putting my shirts on hangers and attempting to fold things that needed 2 be! She asked do you need any help? I said "no but if your offering I'll take it"! Lisa  helped me do the most challenging thing about laundry 4 me! She carried all my shirts to my closet after I put them on hangers! I'm so happy Lisa is in my new life :)!

5.18.14 around 3.30pm

I'm having some serious issues with my desktop monitor! I power up my computer and everything is upside down! The mouse works backwards too! I'm working now on #2 laptop but I had trouble finding an outlet to plug in the ac cord! I've got two power surge protector strips under my desk but I couldn't figure out what I wasn't using! I know there is a cord to my older cordless phone but I don't have the mobility to bend down and follow the cords 2 find which one that is! That really screws me up cause my desktop has all my passwords stored in  it :( ! I'm working on memory now logging on everywhere! I was able to hook up my desktop keyboard to my laptop so its a little more comfortable typing! I really need to get rid of the things I'm not using but after I rest a bit I've gutta do laundry!  

5.17.14 after 6.30pm

My desktop was giving me some  serious problems! The  password 2 start the whole thing up said incorrect password or username so I thought it was my keyboard giving incorrect characters when I hit the key. So I cleaned  the kb then tried again only to get the same message!I have a can of compressed air that I spray between the keys too! I was able to get into safe mode and do an error check and now I'm able to get logged on to my normal desktop! I had written a blog about the spring fling today to and its gone :(,let me  see if I can recall what I wrote! The spring fling was today and MR came! It was so great to be able to spend some qt with her! I also learned she is now on the internet :)! I gave her a card and told her to email me so I can give her all my links! Maybe she will see how my blog helps  me with my issues like memory! Maybe she will join fb too! If I can get her to join fb I'll introduce everyone to her! That's if she remembers to mail me! See no two head (b…

5.17.14 b4 10am

Today I'm going to the "spring fling"!A dance put on by hics! I must have "fed" up while booking my trips though. I'm supposed to arrive at  11am but "the ride" has me as a 11 am pick up time from home so my actual pick up time isn't until 11.27am:(! That's strange cause I constantly monitor my trips online!I booked this trip online, just another reason why I've gutta call in my trips every Sunday! Jv's web site is a little confusing too though! When you turn the pages I think the information I've  entered changes  ! Time 2  do a good keyboard  clean again! I'm finding after just about every character I type I've gutta check 2 make sure it is the one I want!Just one more thing this tbi survivor has gutta deal with!

5.16.14 after 7.30pm

Tomorrow I'm going to Florin hall in Dorcester Mass for a hics event,the "spring fling"!This is basically a dance with a DJ so I made up a list of tunes I'd like to hear but my printer is not printing :(!So I've gutta get into back up mode ! I emailed KJ  and attached a file (my list of tunes) and asked her if she would print them 4 me! I also posted my list on fb,I can always check fb from my phone! I think I'm ready to have FUN tomorrow :)!

5.16.14 b4 noon

It really is a full time job living my life! I think its very important to live it responsibly, respectfully, happily! I for one thing demand respect! I try to treat people with respect first then after you've earned my respect then comes trust but that takes a while to earn my trust! I basically try to live my  life the way Jesus showed us, emphasis  on try, we're all sinners and Jesus knew that that's why he made the ultimate sacrifice 4 us! Where was I going with this, oh yeah, I didn't do the YMCA this morning cause my foot AGAIN was causing me grave discomfort so I got up and called my podiatrist and made an appointment,now lets work my memory, I think its on 5/20 at 12.30. I did create a file on it in notepad but I pretty sure I've got it right! I believe I also put it in my online calendar and I sent KJ an  email about it. That's repetition, and that's how to make my brain retain information! I know how hard it is to live with a brain injury so you n…

5.15.14 after 8pm

Today I got my pump filled up with the med!  Shannon  said it was almost empty too! Now I'm good 4 a while now! I heard that mass health would pay for massage therapy as long as you have a doctor referral! Dr.K is my doctor basically in charge of my muscle tone so I asked him if he thinks that would help me! He said yes but only short term! I asked him 4 a referral and he gave me one :) ! Now I just gutta find a place that accepts mass health and I'll be getting massaged every week :)!

5.15.14 around 8.30am

Today I'm going to Braintree rehab for a pump refill! I wanna remember the pretty young ladies name who does this but I ALWAYS seem 2 forget it :( ! I just got Donna's (the receptionist) name implanted in my brain only cause she emailed me this appointment! See  then when I momentarily forget her name I just look in my inbox and see the email with her name :)!That's just one reason it's so important to email me if you want me 2 have any chance of remembering anything, God blessed   tbi but,I'm finding ways (stadigeies)  to live with you :) ! The last time I had this appointment I got screwed by "the ride" but now I've learned how not to let them screw me! I  don't go downstairs and wait 4 the driver anymore, I wait 4 him to ring my buzzer!Then I can answer my landline when they call cause they will call b4 they no show me! I'm still having password issues on all my electronic devises! The way I'm trying to deal with this is I created files…

5.14.14 around 7.30pm

I'm trying to think of what has happened so far today, see if I don't, it may escape me! KJ made a home visit this morning and she gave me some great help with my tablet!Getting my favorites on it so they are easily accessible for me! I've already had 2 change one though, my banking pw! I was trying to log on  with my desktop and didn't remember which pw I was using :(! Hopefully this one will stick 4 a while! I've just gutta remember if there is a saved pw on my tablet, delete  that 1 and enter the new 1! I create so many problems 4 myself being memory impaired but I continue 2 work on making my memory better! I had a great workout at the YMCA I think I'm up to over 250 lbs on the leg press! Not bad and that's doing 12 reps at 250lbs too and I can do it with ease! I'm finding my form is getting better on my right side too and that is BIG too! Most people call my right side my weaker side, I call it my dead side. My brain injury was really all over my b…

3.14.14 after 3pm

I made the decision not to go bowling tonight while at the YMCA! I was listening to all the hype and didn't want to miss even one second of the Boston Bruins vs the Montreal Canadians game seven at the Boston garden! This is such a special event, I go back to the late 60's when I became a fan of the B's!Lived through the glory years of the 70's, heart breaking years of the 80's and 90's to the JOY of the millennium B's!So tonight I'm just gonna sit back and watch the B's CREAM the habs :)! Oh yeah, on my 52 inch flat panel tv in my OWN home too!Does it get any better than this? I don't think so :)! 

5.14.14 sfter 10am

KJ was ova and we got lots done :) !She made me understand my tablet much more :)!I've just gutta get my brain in to the 2000 teens! Ive gutta learn that most electronic devises now  you got to drag the pages to get what you want!If I can remember that I'll be fine :) !She did get all of my pages I tend 2 use a lot 2 be easy accessible on my tablet! I gutta take some documents 2 the YMCA today and remember to bring them back!So much information I'm trying to process at once 4 this tbi survivor it get kinda overwhelming!   

5.13.14 after 9pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit around 8.30am then I'm going to the YMCA 4 my resistance training then I'm gonna meet hics at Boston bowl 2 bowl but I mainly love dinna at deadwoods safe! Home of the best steak and cheese calzone I've ever had!

5.13.14 after 7pm

I've been to hics today!I came home and fired up my puter and none of my passwords were working! I then went through the major project of resetting them all! Now I've gutta remember them! I try to use the same pw on everything from bank accounts to my yahoo account! What makes this challenging is now different sites now want specific combinations in the pw like must have at least one character must be in caps, specific   amount of numbers and some even want at least one symbol! Hopefully I'll be able to locate them in my brain when needed :)!

5.12.14 after 8.30pm

I've been trying to figure out a few things on my tablet! I did a very little reading about it and it says there are 2 micro usb slots! There  is a diagram too but I don't see them! This thing is so cool I can use it as a camera and video camera :)! I'm still gonna use my canon 4 taking vids that are important  to me but after I get good with the tablet it will make it so I don't have to carry around too many toys :) ! 

5.12.14 after 7pm

I was anticipating a frustrating time putting my laundry away! Michaela put all my shirts on hangers! All I had to do was put my already folded jeans and already matched socks away oh and my boxers too! I'm so  so lucky, Michaela is the BEST :)!  

5.12.14 after 6pm

Michaela was here and she did my bed sheets and all the rest of my wash!Now I gutta do what is hard 4 me, putting it away!  I've gutta be positive though, I'll be doing that in a very clean apartment! :) 

5.12.14 around 3pm

I didn't (couldn't)do the YMCA today cause my homemaker is coming over and I can't trust "the ride" to get me home in time! I book a 2.15 return trip from the YMCA figuring that would be sufficient time 2 get back 4 Michaela who arrives at 4pm! Its less than 30 minutes away but the last few times I've either just made it I know the last time I missed her :(  ! When I called to book my trips I asked if there was another way to do it so I can be sure to be home by four! They said no but I WILL outfox them by booking my return trip  as an arrival trip  :) ! Then I will be assured to get home by 4pm :) ! This is bed sheets day and I've got all my laundry 4 her 2 do! I put $10 value on my laundry card yesterday too! :) The God blessed ride  has screwed me up more times than I'd like to think so I've just gutta think of alternatives so I can't be screwed by "the ride"! It just sux I had to miss the YMCA today :) ! 

5.12.14 around 10am

I was checking my online calendar vs my pocket calendar and found a discrepancy, I've got an appointment to get my pump refilled on the 15th! That makes sense cause Donna from Dr, K's office  sent me an email with the new appointment, I missed the last one cause the driver from "the ride" no showed me and he never came to ring my buzzer! That's why from then on I'm not gonna go downstairs and wait 4 my rides I'm gonna wait upstairs 4 the driver to buzz me! When they say to dispatch I'm not answering,they call my landline, if I'm downstairs I can't answer the phone! I booked the appointment to get my pump refill at Braintree rehab! You just don't know if that jerk that no showed me will have me for a trip again! Today I've got the YMCA 4 resistance training then my homemaker is gonna come,hopefully :THE RIDE" gets me back in time this week!They didn't last week! Its kind of important they do cause I didn't do laundry this w…

5.11.14 4-5pm

I've gutta get a grip on what happened so far today! I called "the ride" this morning cause its been a long time since the web site would let me book trips online, I had to make sure they were all correct!They were I just forgot (go figure) to book one trip! I put value on my laundry card, I'm not doing laundry today cause my homemaker is gonna do my bed sheets and I'm too thrifty to spend too much on the wash! I've scooted to the store and had no tips!That's pretty good considering the shape of the sidewalks and  roads around here,potholes and bumps! It doesn't take much to tip the scooter over! I just now know where I've gutta go at a snails pace and where I can open it up :)!

5.11.14 b4 noon

I've called joint venture to make sure our computers are saying the same thing but, the csr was speaking way too fast 4 my brain to process all she was saying so I'll just have to keep a close eye on the web site 2 make sure my trips are correct! I basically do anyway! I was trying 2 get on  Denises fb page to wish her a happy mothers day but I was scrolling  through my friends list and it was just my brain couldn't focus enough to pick out the name I was looking 4! I have these tbi moments often!SoNise happy mothers day to the great mother of my three kids :)!

5.10.14 around 6pm

I took a scoot 2 Wg's and bumped into Lisa so we decided to go over to D&D's 4 coffee and a sandwich,and some  qt!  Big thanks to Ann at joint Venture! She helped me get my account with "the ride" all fixed so I can again book trips online :) !Its working great too, I just booked all my trips 4 next week using the web site :) ! The only thing I should do tomorrow is call to make sure their computers jive with mine, as I remember I had issues b4 when I used to book all my trips online!Pretty good memory here :)!

5.10.14 just ater 9am

I got up this morning thinking of things I need/want at Stop & shop! I logged on to peapod and started 2 put things in my cart b4 I forget!Peapod saves all the items and I can go back and review my cart!I went on to fb this morning and I see many of my friends posting pics of them with their mother! I really wish I could do that too but she is in a peaceful place now hopefully Jesus reweighted her with my father! I've got to pay tribute to her somehow with tomorrow being mothers day!I am thinking about posting the speech I wrote and gave at her service since I can't visit her gravesite! I think its on my web site at
  I'm not sure about the htm on the end,I'd cut and paste it but that's 2 much of a project 4 me with my tremors!  

5.9.14 after 8pm

I did a little work with my tablet today! It is a fine insterment! I've still got a long way to go b4 I become good with the devise! I'm having fun learning though :)! I want to get good with this tool!

5.9.14 10.30-11 esrlier in the day

I had the blood test this morning and now I'm feeling very weak  so I had to cancel the YMCA!I'm having trouble just lifting my own limbs let alone having resistance on them! Now I gutta make myself some breakfast, I've been fasting since last night,coffee is already brewing!

5.8.14 around 9pm

I've gutta fast from 12am on! I've got to go to granite medical tomorrow 4 a blood test!That means no coffee tomorrow morning :( !I've gutta get up at 6am to get a 7am ride! That's if they show.

5.8.14 after 3pm

I'm pissed off!The driver for "the ride" that said he came here today is a liar! I know the drivers have a difficult job with all the pressures put on by dispatch  so I try to make it as easy as I can! I'm always downstairs waiting for them!Today the driver  told them I wasn't  there!What a liar! I can see if anyone rings a buzzer! This driver said they rang my buzzer and got no answer!Then dispatch calls the land line to inform  the person they are there!I missed hics today cause of an appointment to get my pump refilled,that didn't happen cause the diver no showed me! The good part about this whole incident is whenI called to say I couldn't make it today, the super nice lady who knows I've got issues with writing said she would email the make up appointment! I guess I can no longer wait downstairs 4  "the ride" I'm gonna have to wait upstairs in my apartment! 

5.8.14 b4 10am

I just did a little advocating for myself! I don't understand why I get charged a fee when I transfer funds between my GREEN savings a GREEN checking accounts online! That defeats the purpose of doing things paperless! I emailed Citizens bank and said just that, they say they will respond within two business days. I'll let you know what they say. I just don't know of any greener way to do this!

5.8.14 b4 10am

I'm not doing hics today cause of an appointment I've got at Braintree rehab to get my pump refilled! I don't ever want to miss a pump refill! The fear of having the alarm going off on the pump cause of being too low on the med is scary! Its amazing how the pretty young lady fills the pump too! She just takes a needle ( syringe) and finds the hole to inject the med into the pump! Last few times she has done it on the first try too, amazing :)! I need some things at Wg's too so maybe I'll come home and see if Lisa wants to take a walk there and stop at D&D's 4 coffee and at that time,cause my return trip from Braintree rehab is 2.40, I'll get some linner :) !

5.7.14 after 8pm

I've been out to Wild Willy's 4 dinna and planning :) ! One thing I wanted to make sure we were gonna have a karaoke night! We are :) ! So June I'm gonna do  Billy Idel's white wedding :)! I've gutta really study the you tube vid with lyrics so I  won't need to look at the  screen much :) !

5.7.14 after 2.30pm

Fed-x came with my new Dell venue tablet! I've got it charging now, I did turn it on to see that it works! I'm gonna have to put all my settings in it, passwords, favs and such!Its gonna be hours of brain stimulating fun :)! I'm thinking now of a way I can carry it with me safely, securely, comfortably! That's great it came cause now I can go out tonight without any worries :)!


I get so much information I've gutta process at times I find myself setting real confused as to if I did all I had to correctly! I had to call "the ride" and cancel a few trips and I get confused as to weather I did them right! The good thing is I can go to the web site to make sure I did! It really gets confusing when "the ride" doesn't get them right! I did  that today and they didn't have it right! Then I question weather I have it right! I know life is hard for everyone but it just gets so hard for me when I've gutta process so much stuff, kinda overwhelming!

5.7.14 b4 noon

KJ was over and I'm really concerned about fedx delivery so we tried to contact them through the web site and you've got to like make an account with the site! They ask many questions some of which I didn't know the answer to so that failed now I had to cancel going to the YMCA cause I shouldn't just have it left at the front door! I had a beach chair delivered that someone in this building stole :( !KJ wrote a note but I think I'm gonna just hope I'm here and it comes b4 my pick up later this afternoon! Now I forget what I did with the note (tbi moment)geesh!

5.6.14 after 4.40

I got home from hics and there was a message from fed-x saying that they were gonna make a delivery 5.7 btw 8am and 6pm!They left instructions on what to do if I can't be here but that has gutta be my dell venue tablet pc! I guess I won't go to the YMCA but if its not here by the time I go out later in the day,I'm gonna have to do what they say to!That would mean leaving it downstairs where anyone could just take it!Lets hope it comes b4 I have to go to meet hics at wild willies!

5.5.14 sfter 9pm

I got an email from Dell saying my venue has been shipped and should arrive on or b4 5/7! I've just gutta look hard downstairs 2 c if any delivery slips are there after Wednesday!I'm so excited to get my new tablet :)!

5.5.14 after 5.30

I struggled  though  getting my laundry done this afternoon! I get it done and done well!When I get to the real hard part 4 me, I just think of the ones who didn't think I could do it! It was said to me "you've never done laundry before"!Its true my mother did Kenny's and mine while living in Quincy, I just did it when something had to be done right away! That was only one thing you didn't think I could do!Well I proved you wrong AGAIN! Those are the things that make strive 2 succeed! I love proving people wrong when it comes to me being able 2 do a task I know I can do and then proving all the doubters wrong :)!

5.5.14 around 5pm

I missed my homemaker! I always book a 2.15 return trip from the YMCA  on Mondays which should get me home by the 4pm time my homemaker arrives but too many drops and pick ups b4 it was my turn 2 be dropped. The bed sheets will have to wait another week but I gutta do the rest now :( !On the positive side, I had a great workout :) !

thinking about my tablet

When I get my tablet there is a problem with loading on my software cause it has no cdrom! I think I've got that well under control. I got an external dvdrw for my netbook! I believe it can work with my new tablet! I forget how it connects up but I'm sure its something simple and my tablet should have a port to satisfy the needs of my external dvdrw rom :)!

5.5.14 still b4 10am

I was so excited by the great news from the doctors office I forgot to share the plans 4 today :) !I've got the YMCA 4 my resistance training then Michaela, my homemaker is coming at 4pm! I didn't do laundry yesterday cause Michaela is gonna wash my bed sheets, I'm too thrifty 2 use my laundry card 2 days in a row!She always does whatever laundry I have with my bed sheets! I did put value on my card yesterday though so I'm sure I've got enough 4 today :) !

5.5.14 b4 10am

The doctor who did the colonoscopy called and said the polyps he removed were be nine ! I made the right decision to take action when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer cause I could have waited but my thoughts were I want it gone!It didn't have a chance to spread! Its so important to make the right decisions in life when it comes to your health, so far I'm doing very well :)!

5.4.14 after 9pm

For nearly four months I got my nourishment through a feeding tube that went directly into my stomach ! I can remember when I was able to again eat food through my mouth! I used to eat with my therapists who  used to help me relearn how to eat!Now when I eat I savior every bite as if it were my last!Its just that you can never take any of  things in life for granted!You've got to take the time to appreciate  all the things life offers! I know I'm gonna appreciate  everything and more! Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the YMCA to do resistance training! The pool should be opening this month so I'm gonna try to get as buff as I can :)!

5.4.14 around 11am

I've booked all my trips 4 the week! I'm thinking I really don't have 2 do laundry this week cause this week Mickeala (homemaker) is washing my bed sheets and she always does anything else I have so I'll save on my  laundry card :)! I should put more value on it anyway though. I think there was just enough 2 wash and dry one load, can't trust these machines to give accurate readings on the card so better safe than sorry :)! I've got an appointment 2 get my pump refilled this week, I forgot to book this one so I just had 2 call them again and book it, I get confused so easy! I think I've gut em right now :)! I've just gutta remember to check my on line calendar b4 I book my trips :)! 

5.4.14 around 10am

I don't wanna hop in the shower now cause peapod is supposed to be delivering my order btw 10-12 this morning! I was able to access my order on line and I forgot to get protein shakes :( ! I did get some tasty stuff though! I got some bakery peanut butter  cookies, peanut butter cup ice cream,S&S ready to serve mac & cheese, lean pockets, deli fresh swiss cheese! Lisa called and wants 2 take a walk 2 Wg's and d&d's so I'll just get what I forgot at Wg's :) !

5.3.14 after 9pm

Things I gutta do b4 my new tablet arrives. I gutta connect  the wire to get  my files from my old computer to my new computer! My brain can't take too much information all at  once so I better get started on it tomorrow! Along with my normal Sunday tasks, book rides, laundry, dinna,  I'm adding  transfer files from old 2 new! Oh, I can't forget peapod is delivering my order btw 10.30 - 12.30!

5.3.14 around 5pm

Well I did it. I just purchased a dell venue 7 with a case! I tried to do it totally on line but they wanted my dell preferred account number and I lost my card! I think this is a good purchase, this is my last gadget purchase  4 a little while:)!Oh, I had 2 get the android os :( !

5.3.14 after 1.30

I'm thinking about buying a dell venue tablet. Now you can say  "why you've got your I phone,you don't need a tablet" but the Iphone really doesn't do everything I want, this will do everything my laptops do and more :)!I've had the android os on my droid three phone. I didn't like it all that much but I understood it!Maybe I can get windows 7 as a os. Its light, not too small, will fit in my fanny pack, I think I'm sold. :)!Its just I want a devise that will satisfy all my needs and  wants and be small  enough to carry in my fanny pack!

5.3.14 b4 noon

I thought I could sleep in this morning but the phone ringing at 7.30am woke me! Lisa called 2 c if I would go 4 a walk (scoot) later! I do need some centrum silver, a vitamin I take 4 man over 50, so I'm gonna scoot to Wg's later but I need some smokes and I can't wait till later so I'm gonna scoot 2 the store after I take my shower!

5.2.14 around 8pm

This afternoon I got in from the YMCA and made a food order with peapod! The  only thing is I tend to get around to cooking my dinnas real late and they don't have much for prepared foods :( !I'm getting my food delivered Sunday btw 10-12am

5.2.14 4-5pm

I had a wonderful workout at the YMCA  today :) ! I got the opportunity to work with Allie again :) ! I not only like working with her cause she is sweet eye candy but she knows I want to get the maximum benefit of my workout so she corrects my bad posture by pointing it out to me!I really enjoy working with Allie! 

5.2.14 around 11am

I missed the B's game last night cause I forgot it was on :( !KJ was just here and she told me of an app I can get on my phone that will remind me when the B's are playing!We downloaded the app 2 my phone and now my phone will remind me of all B's games and I also got the sox! Life  is great :)! Now I'm just waiting 2 go 2 the YMCA 2 do my resistance training :) !

5.1.14 after 8pm

Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit and I wanna try the cable I got and load my files from my old puter 2 the new! I'm hoping I don't have to power up the old puter cause the video is not working that is why I got the new one! I'm thinking now its a usb 2 usb cable! I donno but I'll figure it out! I won't let a computer beat me :)!I've also got the YMCA tomorrow! I've had to miss the last two times cause of doctor appointments, they don't count as a trip I should have made it there!

5.1.14 5-6pm

At hics today we had a representative from social security  give a talk about it all! How  to apply,how much we are eligible for and the difference between ssi and ssdi! I also learned I could create an account online with ssi called my account!Where I can stay updated with the many changes that occur within the system and be able to print out an earnings statement! I've needed to do this bunches of times b4! I've got a hard copy but I've been working on creating digital files 4 all my important documents,  that's so much easier if I can remember what I called them :) !I believe I made it  an easy system to figure out so if I want my earnings statement I'd just look 4 any ss,ssdi,or income files! I haven't looked yet but I'm sure I knew to make it something I'd understand :)!I think it was said that I would stay on ssdi even when I reach retirement age! That is a great think cause ssi is much more strict than ssdi!With ssdi your  allowed to have assets …

5.1.14 around 8am

I'm a little sore after yesterday's procedure but I'm still gonna try to make hics today! KJ was telling me of a client who is supposed 2 have this procedure done and doesn't want to. I would tell him do it!Most people are knocked out during this and they wouldn't feel a thing! You do have to go through the prep though and that is the most unpleasant thing about it when you get Anastasia!I went through the whole procedure yesterday fully conscious!