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10.28.17 around 8.30pm

Today I scooted to Wg's with my pretty blond friend :)! I picked up a med that was ready and got some other stuffs I needed! Then we stopped at D&D's,I ended up taking myself out to dinna there :)!  I did all my trips for next week too! Now I won't be straped down having to complete this task tomorrow!

10.24.17 around 9.45am

I'm pissed! My buzzer buzzed this morning, I assumed it was "the ride" I replied to the buzz saying "I'll be right down"! Go out in to the hall, call the elevator up, no responce! Needless to say I missed my ride! I got back in my apartment and 1st called hics then maintenance to fix it! Maintenace just called and said they're gonna have to call the elevator co.:(

10.23.17 around 9pm

Today I strugged through getting all my laundry done! I can get it to the laundry room without issues its just after it's been through the dryer and having to strainten everything out the hang it in the closet, I get confused at getting it all the way it's supposed to be:(.
Tomorrow I'm doing hics :)!

10.22.17 around 1pm

It seems I do have some fradulent claims against my account! I called the bank about this and didn't want to cancel the card yet! I donno how this keeps happening :(! Today I gutta get to Wg's and pick up some stuffs.

10.20.17 after 4.20pm

I dislike when I get my brain set for things to happen then things happen and they don't go as planed! The nurse who was supposed to come called and said she can't make it,asked if  Monday would be okay! The good thing is I got homemaker service today :)! Carmen who used to be my homemaker came over and did her usual great job on my place :)! My place is never real bad but it hasent been vacummed  for three weeks! It's just hard for me to do cause of my balance issues!

10.20.17 after 1pm

I'm still trying to get my anxioty under controle. I was monitering my bank accounts and there was a charge I didn't make was large too! I then had to transfer $ from my savings!I logged out then after a while logged back in! There then was a credit for that charge,geesh.

10.20.17around 10am

Things happen so fast it's hard to keep from getting overwhelmed! I was planning to watch the sun setting tomorrow night with a friend at Nantasket beach via "the ride" and as I was booking the trip my phone rings. A nurce is coming over today btw 2-4 pm,I think.

10.19.17 around 9pm

I went to Braintree rehab and got my Botox injections today! Lots of shots, they don't hurt except when I get them between my fingers! Dr. K does that area to try to help my hand and finger tone! It will take a few months to feel the affect of todays work!

10.16.17 after 7.10pm

I don't know how to react to being told a nurse is gonna visit Monday then dosn't,no call,nothing! It's really no big deal but I'm living with a severe brain injury and I try to be ready for every situation I'm part of! I've gutta gather all my thoughts and focus on each individual situation! That tends to get me very neuro fatigued!

10.16.17 around 9am

I thought I was gonna be without power today cause they were gonna be working on the system but not yet! I never got a call from a nurse last night so I've gutta think she's not showing. I tend to get overwhelmed when things don't go as I thought!


I was told Monday by the nurse who came over that she would be back on Monday.I asked will I get a call Sunday night confirming this?She said I would! No call nothing tonight, puts me in limbo so I'm just gonna go about living as normal! Tomorrow is laundry day but I hear the electricity is gonna be shut off for 8hrs!

10.14.17 around 9pm

Guess I haven't blogged for a bit,mainly cause I've been a little busy and frustraited! I got emencely frustraited yesterday cause nurse was coming to visit! Monday I got a call Sunday night confirming the visit and she came at 7.30am! No call this time and she didn't show till well after 10am! My anxioty get bad when I don't know exactly the way things are gonna go! I was supposed to have a homemaker come at 12.30 pm! Now I'm anxious the nurse won't be done in time! She checked all my vitals and they were all fantastic.Then my breathing and that sounded great! I'm waiting for a homemaker and it gets to be around 1.30 pm! My anxioty is real high at this point so I call the agency and say wtf! It seems she got hung up at the job b4 me and can't make it to me!I then worked on paying all my bills that went great! The ones I've got issues making the web sites work for me I did with limited issues! Then I did a peapod order. I didn't do one last mont…

10.11.17 after 1.30pm

A nurse came by this morning and she checked my vitals which of course were great! Then looked at my rug burns said they look good. Then wanted to see my corn and check my feet. I took off my sneaks and socks she said they look fine then I struggled to put my socks on quick cause KJ was now due and she dosn't like feet! I got done in the nick of time! Now I'm waiting for my 3pm pickup time to go to hicks!

10.10.17 around 9pm

I've been to hics today and that was brain stimulating! I got a text earlier from the person who runs the studies at Spaulding rehab in Boston Ma. I had a difficult time processing the infomation in the text so I asked KJ if she could help! We never got to it though! I get home to my cell phone ringing! It was that person! I started a study while I was an in pationt there so this was part of it. She asked things about how I'm living now, things I need help with and how I feel about it! She also asked about my state of mind! If I was happy with the way my life is going now! I had to compare how it was before my tbi to present day! Really there is no comparison! I got my tbi on 4/14/02, in 01 I had my best year finachialy, I made a little over $150,000 so I was living the high life :)!The good thing about the call is I get paid $60 for ten minites on the phone :)! Yesterday someone came over to talk about starting therapy again. We talked for a bit and mutually came to the concl…

10.8.17 4.40pm

I know this is football Sunday but after franticly serching for the Pats game I googled New England Patriots and was reminded they played Thursday night! I'm telling you living with a brain injury sux! I'm thankful of all the tools I have to make it bareable though!

10.8.17 after 11am

Sunday my day of rest! When your living with a traumatic brain injury there really in no day of rest though! I've got to focus hard on everything I'm doing to have a chance of being successful at anything I do! Simple things are big projects now! I've accepted that so I can now live a happy life, happy but very hard!

10.5.17 after 9.10pm

The speakers today at our conference were living with a brain injury too! They were all very successful living with their tbi, one emphasized education about brain injury! I couldn't agree more. I remember 1st getting on the internet after my brain injury the first thing I did was do a search on traumatic brain injury!  I gutta live with a severe brain injury for the rest of my life, I've gutta learn all I can about living with tbi!

10.3.17 around 8.30pm

I've been to hics today :)! It's always a great day when I have hics cause the staff is always very positive and that's the kind of people I like being around! This was the 1st time using my new scooter to do hics! It performed very well :)! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit in the morning then I'm gonna go to "Dave&Busters for rec, dinna and planning for November! I think I'm gonna do some air hockey while I'm there :)!

10.2.17 close to noon

Something unusual happened this morning! "The ride" called and asked if I still needed a trip to my appt. Makes me think they will screw up going to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office! I've got a 2.39 pick up then a 5.15 return pick up! I get real anxious when I use this then when something unusual happens I get super anxious!