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12.30.13 around 6pm

I can remember all the night clubs and bars in the area used to have special events on new years eve!I called the half way café next to ramblewood and they are closing at 9pm!Lisa and I were looking 4 something to do now we are gonna stay in and just do chinkie food and watch the ball drop!At least I wont be ringing in 2014 alone :)!

12,30,13 b4 noon

Lisa called very early this morning then I tried to get a few more zz's and overslept,not enough time to get ready to go to the YMCA.:( Its not open on Wednesday cause of the holiday so I've got to look forward to Friday!No hics tomorrow cause the holiday but I've got a Dr,K's apt. on Thursday for a pump refill.So Thursday I'll do hics and go from there to Braintree rehab and get my pump refill,I forget the name of that pretty lady that does it too but she is real talented!Its amazing how she can find whereto load the med without even seeing the pump!

12,29,13 10 pm

Today I've spent most of the day working on my memory!I take songs and post parts on fb and try to remember what comes next! Today it was "runaway train by soul asylem plus I wanna do this tune the next kerieoakie night at hics,I want to be able to look at the screen as less as I can!My spell ck is not working so please excuse my errors :)!I've also done a trash run,made dinna,booked some trips,now watching "Dirty dancing" in memory of Patrick S.

12.29.13 after noon

I booked most of my trips for this week, the YMCA is open so I can start doing my strength training again! This will be so great cause I find this helps in many ways! I find it lessons my tremors, helps my balance, keeps me young, makes me stronger, and gets me closer to being buff ;) !I thought the web site 4 "the ride" was gonna let me use it this morning but the error message it gave me was "not authorized to use this function"! Now I've just gutta remember to call and book the rest of my trips, a good test 4 my memory :)!Now I gutta do laundry but I had a good night last night! I bought pizza 4 Lisa and I! I've still got some left over:) !I've really gutta stick to my routine cause if I start working out 3x a week, no time for lacking!

12.28.13 b4 1pm

I think I said I'd post yesterdays events this morning, to work my memory! KJ made a home visit I don't remember all that went down but I do remember I asked if she could get the link to the driving manual on my desktop so I could do some reading and studying to prepare 4 my permit test. Then I went to my foot doctor! He once again shaved off the corn on my right little toe! I spoke with Lisa and thankfully her son and her talked! She, like me lives alone! Her main concern is he never even calls to make sure she is okay, if she needs anything. She is much younger than I but she lives alone! I talk with her daily, and ask if I can do anything but she is very independent too and I've got balance issues and she wont ask me 4 anything. Its winter now and she has a car, when it snows her car needs to be shoveled out of the parking space! She has back issues and shouldn't be shoveling snow! You'd think her son would offer to at least do that 4 her! I've offered my he… I've gutta see if this works,when I hear this song I think of Jan!We have a strickly platonic relationship but its very special :)

12.25.13 after 1pm

With tbi it is quite normal to have depression!I've got so much to be sad about,today especially but,I've just gutta think of all I've been able to accomplish in my journey with tbi!I guess it will be better when I am able to drive again!Then I can become a part of my grandson's life!Don't get me wrong,I think its great Bobs been able to help Bri and Charlie but I just don't want Charlie to grow up to realize that his gf is a homewreacker!I want him 2 know his real gf!


I got a land line from Allie at the ss ymca saying they are gonna open but I need to wait until 12/30 to come in.I'll be so glad to start working out again :!

12.23.13 after 8pm

Today I've been able to do ALL my laundry :) !I've been working with my new desktop,getting used to it!It's real fast,the 8 megs of ram is the kind:)!My homemaker Micheala was over and did a great job and I gave her a Christmas present,just a $10 D&D's gift card!The Drinks taught me while working for Giant Glass,you've gutta take care of the people who take care of you!Thats why when I got my commission check,I would take my whole crew and their spouses out to dinna!

12.18.2013 after 4pm

I've spent most of the day throwing up!Then with my acid reflux or bad throwght I couldn't get any rest!I've gutta have something cold when this happens so Lisa brought me up a popsical.I've got some ice cream left but not much!I'm hopping the weather is good tomorrow,I'll scoot to Wg's and get some ice cream and anything else I think will releave this pain!

12.18.13 3.30-4.30pm

KJ made a home visit this morning then I had a doctor's appointment with my neurologist and after I got home from that I scooted 2 Wg's!Snow removal around here is not too too bad but they have got to do better on the ramps to get on the sidewalks!I got stuck a few times and slipped and sled a few times but didn't tip over :)!

12.16,13 after 8pm

Today was kinda cool :)!Lisa took me to Citizens bank in Braintree so I could get my banking done!Then I came home and did laundry!KJ called earlier and said hics is closed tomorrow :(.I'm happy this is not happening while I was living in Scituate!When I lived there I was always looking to be free,and I felt freer when I went to hics.I feel almost as free as I felt b4 my tbi!When I get my ticket to drive back that will be a huge step at feeling as free as I felt b4 my brain injury!Notice I said "when",I'm gonna get it,I'm determined :)!

12.12.13 around 6pm

I've been to hics and that was great then KJ asked me if she could make a home visit this afternoon!I always love having people over so I said sure.She looked at my blog too and she like me couldnt understand why it wouldn't react the way its supposed to act :( !

12.8.13 around 9pm

This is the way I gutta post a blog now!I'm gonna try and mail blogspot and get some help cause I still can't change the font size so I'm thinkin there could be a problem with my account on blogspot's end!

12.7.13 around noon

I lost cable service last night which means I lost tv,internet,and phone service!I was really confused,at first I noticed the internet wasn't right,then the phone!My life line receiver was saying "check the phone line" !I tried but that is hard for me to try and follow all the lines so Lisa came over to help!Then we found out cable was out!I've still gutta make sure everything is conected!I've gutta get my dates right too,it dosn't take much to throw me way off bace!

12,5,13 after 6pm

I know what I wanted to share.I became fb friends with the man who inspired me to build my web site and create my blog!He has a very inspiring web site at !I invite this to all my tbi friends and supports and everyone!

12,5.13 5-5.30 pm

I got this far but its not letting me change font size!I guess I must take what it gives me!I got up today and didn't feel like going to the Christmas tree shop so I cancelled my rides forgetting I've got a dr.k APPT right after hics :(!So then I had to call "the ride" and ask if I can still go there but from home!They said "we will put you on "will call""!I waited and waited,no call!I made a big mistake :(!

12.4.13 almost 11,30 pm

I tried getting here differently and it seems to have worked!IT LET ME CHANGE THE FONTS TOO :) !KJ was over this morning and I was thinking of changing the video card back to the original one!We did that and my desktop displayed on my monitor :)!Then later in the day it stopped working again :(!I thought,if it worked once maybe it will again!I removed and reset the video card again by my self :)!God blessed computers,may take me a while but you can't beat me :) !Now I gutta fine tune my blog but that will wait cause I'm a little tired now and I've got hics tomorrow!We are having our first Christmas  shopping trip to the Christmas tree shops!

12.2.13 after 7pm

I've really had a tbi afternoon!I forgot I needed to get my laundry out of the dryer but remembered while writing a blog!Maybe I was about 5 mins late getting it.Then I get on the elevator and think I pushed to go up to the 3rd floor and end up walking in this lady's apt thinking it was mine!Tomorrow will be a better day :)!

12.2.13 around 6pm

Today has been a very quiet day!My homemaker came and I asked her to go to the office and put value on my card and if she could start doing it but I'll get it all from the dryer.I didn't want to make her have to hang around 4 an hour!I just finished doing the hardest part,for me,folding and putting on hangers and puttingneatly away!