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11.30.14 around 8pm

I got all my laundry done then watched the bummer of a Pats game! I believe Rodger's ability to move around the pocket was the difference in today's game! Now I gutta make a late dinna! I gutta eat something cause I'm going to the YMCA tomorrow for swimming laps then my weights! If I don't eat I'll be too  low on energy so I'll do something quick and easy :)!

11.30.14 after noon

I've got laundry to do today! I'm WAITING for my batteries for my scooter to be shipped! I got am email saying my order was confirmed and listed a link to track the order but I had to join something with ! They assign you a password in the email and give an option to change the pw by clicking on a link right in the mail! It was impossible for me to remember the pw flipping through pages and my copy and paste didn't seem to work so that was very good to have that option! I tracked my order and they say it hasn't left the warehouse yet! I've got two laundry cards now! My homemaker ended up holding on to it when she did my bed sheets and I needed to do laundry before I learned of this! I got another card from the machine and btw the two cards I've got plenty of funds to do my laundry today :)! 

11.29.14 after 6pm

I just scheduled all my trips for this week online! It wasn't without some challenges though! The changing of the month makes it so I've got to keep changing it on the web site! I've got an appointment with my pcp on Thursday too! I couldn't see 500 congress st in my list of destinations but I could see 700 so at first I chose 700. Then while doing another trip I saw 500! I had to go back and cancel trips to and from 700 then do trips to 500! I'm just really glad they got my online account fixed finally! 

11.29.14 after 4pm

I was gonna scoot to Wg's but again the power gauge on my scooter was fluctuating away from full charge! I didn't want to take a chance of getting stuck! It was having difficulty getting up the ramps to the sidewalks and I had to get off and help it get up a few! I ordered new batteries this time I was able to choose what brand name I want! I picked interstate! I remember that was always a good name in batteries! I'm just happy and lucky I've got the means to be able to purchase them! I should start getting into my Wii game system! I've gutta start playing baseball on it, looks like fun :)!

11.29.14 around noon

Peapod arrived with my order, it seems I was in a fettuccine alfreado  mood when I placed this! I got some ready to nuke chichen fettuccine alfreado! That looks so so good now I'm up in the air about dinna tonight! Fa or ctbtb! I also got my bakery stuff, corn muffins and peanut butter cookies and of coarse D&D's French vanilla coffee along with some fv coffee creamer :)!   

11.29.14 around 10.30am

I'm WAITING for peapod to arrive with my order from S&S! I don't really remember exactly  all the things I ordered but I do remember getting turkey bacon! I know I'll have issues again trying to find space in my freezer for all the items that MUST stay frozen! I'll find a way to make it all work though :)! Later today I'm gonna make a cheese turkey bacon turkey burger on whole wheat bread!

11.28.14 around 2pm

I can't tell you how challenging  it is to deal with these awful tremors!  Yesterday trying to order batteries for my scooter and today completing my 2nd peopod order  for the month! Just trying to hit the right key on the keyboard and move the mouse to click what I want is very frustrating for me! I guess I should go out and try my scooter up the hill on technical park dr to see if these batteries give me any confidence to take a long scoot! Oh peapod  is coming tomorrow btw 10-12 and I have yet to get an ETA on my batteries! I guess I'm also gonna see if the snow  and ice removal is any better this year! 

11.26.14 around 2pm

I just made myself a very little brunch :)! That's a good thing cause I generally just eat one meal a day! This was only a couple S&S English muffins but it was something :)! This was even challenging for me! I've got a toaster just for things like this but me trying to spread margarine on my muffins without knocking them to the floor and trying to calm my tremors down enough so I could get some kind of control of  my hands was tough but I did it :)!

11.26.14 around noon

I got up this morning not feeling well AGAIN so I really couldn't go to the YMCA and concentrate on my workout :(! That's really way too bad cause Allie just called and said they are closed on Friday :(! I didn't have a home visit today either! I need KJ's help to plan a trip using the MBTA's web site to visit Darcy! I've got a booklet that explains how but I tried following it step by step and it just doesn't work for me :(! I'm thinking too maybe I'm waking up feeling lethargic cause I'm out of a med that helps  me stay alert!

11.25.14 around 6pm

I've been to hics today! I'm having difficulty remembering what happened though, go figure :). I do remember we had one group where we discussed  how we can still lead a successful life by using strategies! Like a pocket calendar for dates and times of events and appointments! Some of us like me have writing issues that's where my online calendar helps me! I've always got some kind of device on me where I can excess my online calendar! Weather it be my desktop, one of my laptops, my tablet, then last resort my cell phone! We have got to admit to ourselves we are having issues with something, which can be hard to do, then use are mind to think of ways to  still get the task done! I've always been able to do this sort of thing cause I remember being in therapy and physically trying to accomplish a specific task and if it didn't work the therapist would say "try it another way"! The therapist would suggest other ways I could get the same result then let …

11.24.14 after 6pm

At about 9.30am I got sick! Needless to say I couldn't make it to the YMCA feeling sick to my stomach so I stayed home puking a few times, got some rest, I feel much beta now :)! I had also called bayada home health care to cancel Michaela for today cause I needed to scoot to the store after the YMCA! I started feeling better around noon so I scooted to the store then! My door buzzer buzzes around 4.10pm! I buzz whoever it is and a knock on my door, its Michaela! She never got the message which was good cause the way this "fed" up day went I was home for her now! I get so confused when my days get as "fed" up as this :(!

11.24.14 around 8.30am

I've got the YMCA for swimming laps then my weights! My homemaker is coming at 4pm but I don't know if I'm gonna cancel Michaela or not. The weather report says could be snow coming and I've gutta make sure I've got everything I need cause last year the snow removal around here was pitiful! I think I'm gonna need to scoot to the store and that's more important than Michaela   today :) 

11.23.14 around 8pm

It is a full time job just taking care of myself! I just completed doing all my laundry! It just takes so much out of me! I was transferring the load from washer to dryer and I must have looked awkward cause a man doing his laundry asked if I needed help. I may look awkward doing certain tasks but that's just the way that works for me! I gutta make some dinna but I'm too beat to do it right this moment! I guess it will be a very late dinna tonight! I've gutta have something though, I need to be sure I have energy for tomorrow, YMCA for the pool swimming laps then my weights! I'm gonna leg press 325lbs 12 times tomorrow :)! 

11.23.14 around 2pm

After peapod came I had to go with Lisa to Walmart so she could return the tablet I got for her! She liked it but no internet connection down on the ground floor. I had to go cause I used my card to make the purchase! Then I wanted some things I forgot to get from peapod and I go to checkout and they again say "card denied"! I  remember having trouble purchasing batteries for my scooter too! The bank asked me questions I couldn't remember then they asked "did you try to get something from new something?" Then I remembered it was Nu-life I tried  to get the batteries from! After all this Bs I finally got my card reinstated! Lisa also offered to stop at D&D's but at this point I was too mentally exhausted! Now I'm thinking maybe I should try again to get the batteries! I've gutta stop and clear my head first too much information going through this tbi survivors brain right now to do anything! I think there is a Pats game on today, that will help m…

11.23.14 around 9am

I've got a peapod order coming this morning btw 10am-12pm! I've got to start getting ready at 9am cause its Sunday and that means I trim my beard! I'm feeling very proud of the fact I'm living totally independently! I especially like the fact I'm proving a lot of you wrong! I told you time and time again this would be easier than before my tbi living in N.Quincy cause #1 Im not raising a teenager alone and being a part time parent to two young girls! My tbi does make it challenging at times but I'm intelligent enough to recognize my struggles and devise stadigeies to deal with them! I proved you wrong AGAIN!  

11.22.14 around 5.30pm

This has been an extremely confusing day for this tbi survivor! I'm concerned about my scooter batteries taking a charge so I went online to the place I got batteries before and tried to order them again! I kept getting the message "card denied"! I've got plenty of funds to cover that purchase I don't know why I keep getting this! I check and make sure all the information is correct and still get DENIED! My charger for my scooter has indicator lights on it! One says power the other says charging. The power light would aluminate but not the charging light! I'm thinking that's what happened the last time I needed batteries! I thought I would get a jump on this cause I don't want to be without any transportation again! Then I tried plugging the charger in another outlet and still just the power light is aluminted!   Then I figured maybe its fully charged so I took it down to the parking lot and scooted around some! I brought back up plugged in the charge…

11.21.14 after 5.30pm

My scooter wasn't  reacting in a way that made me feel comfortable scooting to Wg's so I just stopped at the store! They have pretty much everything I need there but I've gutta be able to make it to Wg's to get my meds! It probably could have made it but I didn't need any meds and the store had most of the things I needed except protein shakes! With my scooter issues in mind I made a peapod order this afternoon! I think instead of 1se a month peapod order I'm gonna do a biweekly  peapod order! Tonight I'm going to Lisa's to work on her tablet! It's not connecting to one of the many wireless networks in this building! I'm hoping I can get it connected down there but if nothing else I get to spend qt with the blond babe :)!

11.21.14 after noon

I didn't do the YMCA this morning it seems all I can think of is scooting to Wg's, the items I need and how my scooter will do! My foot is causing me great discomfort too! Next week I gutta make  it all three days! That's the good thing about planning of going 3x a week so if I miss one I've got two other opportunities!

11.21.14 around 9am

I've got the YMCA to go to today! I also need some items at Wg's and with it getting dark out so much earlier I'm wondering if there is gonna be enough daylight to be able to after I get home! I'm also concerned about my battery life! It should be fine but ever since I got these new aftermarket batteries I'm just concerned  they just aren't as good as oem batteries. Then too Lisa and I have been wondering what we're both gonna do on Thanksgiving! Neither of us have heard from any family so we decided to go out for Chinese food! Lisa being a pretty blond babe I naturally want to take her out to dinna and that will cost me too! There are   so many things that occupied this tbi survivor's mind at one time I tend to get overwhelmed easily but I'm holding it together!

11.19.14 after 9.30am

My mind has been wandering as it always seems to do and I've been thinking about all the tbi's I had over the years! My 1st one when I was 5 yrs old! I was about to start kindergarten and we had these old buildings in our back yard in Scituate that the people who lived there before used to have chickens in! We called them "chicken coups"!It was a great place to play growing up but yet very dangerous! They were falling apart and we climbed  all over them, on the roof and all through the inside! One day I was up on the roof and a board I was standing on gave way and I fell through banging my  head on the way down! I got five stiches in my head and old doc Miles said I had a concussion! That was when you used to call the doctor and he would make a house call to you! My long term memory is very much intact!

11.18.14 around 8am

I've got hics today! I still need some things at Wg's though, I'll take my cord to charge my scooter with me and plug it in at hics to insure I don't run out of juice and have my driver drop me off at Wg's on the way home from hics!

11.17.14 after 7.30pm

I've been to the YMCA and swimming was both very good and very frustrating! It seems when I try to do a stroke on my stomach, my brain doesn't communicate with my arms,legs, and hands well at all! I was able to put together a few laps though mainly on my back though! My weights were real good! I'm still just leg pressing 310lbs! Friday will be the day I up it to 325lbs :)!  Lisa came over tonight to get some schooling on her tablet! That was a good idea getting that for her, now she needs my knowledge and I get to spend more qt with the blond babe! Tomorrow I've got hics :)!

11.16.14 after 7.30pm

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for swimming 1st then my weights after! This will be the first time I'm going in this pool by myself! I'm gonna swim laps, that will be my cardio  for this workout then I'm doing my weights! I'll leg press 310lbs again but maybe Wednesday I'll up it to 325 :)! This tbi survivor is feeling great from all this exercise!

11.16.14 after 4.30

I searched this whole place for my laundry card yesterday and kept an eye out for it ever since, nothing! You can purchase a card through the machine to add value  to the card! I just had to figure out how to! Its a matter of sequence! You've gutta press new card 1st then put a $5 bill in the money slot and it spits out a new card! It comes with $3 on it so I added $5 to it! Now to do laundry!

11.16.14 around 9.30am

I seem to have misplaced my laundry card :(! I know last Monday I had it out so my homemaker could do a load! I can remember picking it up off my table and I always put it in the same place in my wallet! This time it's not there:(! I looked all around my apartment, my walker, my scooter, freezer, refrigerator and nothing! That's one reason why I don't like to carry too much value on it so when something unexpected like this happens! I think I've seen I can buy another card at the machine I use to add value to my card. It seems I'm gonna have to purchase another laundry card! It's just a purchase I didn't expect! 

11.15.14 around 7pm

I had some time I wasn't doing much of anything so I booked my trips for this week! I've booked all my trips, scooted to Wg's and forgot most of what I wanted to get! On the positive side my scooter did well! The power gauge did move a bit after I got there but it made it back! I also had to order another "live to ride" ring from baltz jewelry! I somehow lost my last ring and now it cost $12.95! I think I paid $7.95 before, oh well worse things could have happened :)! Now to make some dinna :)!

11.15.14 2.30-3pm

I finally got my act together this morning now I can get going on what I must do! I need to take a scoot to Wg's and get my once a month supplies like toothpaste, deodorant, cologne, protein shakes, and check to see if any meds are ready! I'm a little Leary about my scooter batteries, I'm hopping that yesterday it lost power cause I used it to go to hics! It's had an overnight charge so it should be fine! Its just that these batteries are aftermarket batteries! Aftermarket are never as good as OEM stuff! 

11.15.14 10-10.30am

I've gutta plan my tasks for today! I'm thinking of taking a scoot to Wg's  cause my scooter was causing me some concern about the battery life of the new batteries I just got not too long ago! I had used it to go to hics on Thursday, I came home and plugged in the charger only for about 30mins, started out on my journey to Wg's and my power gauge was fluctuating from full power on down so I just stopped at the store! I've got to be able to make it to Wg's and back cause that's where I get my meds among other things! Today will be a good test for the batteries! I've also at some point get down to Lisa's apartment and work with tablet. Same story,can't connect to a wireless network!There are many in this building but there's just something about the ground, 1st floor that the signal doesn't travel through the floors down the stairs or through the elevator shaft! I know I've got at least one of my devises to connect down there, maybe s…

11.14.14 around 8pm

Today I've had a great workout at the YMCA! I started leg pressing 310 lbs 12 times and I could have done more! I'm well on my way to doing 350 lbs :)! Next Friday I think I'll up it to 325lbs, that's just better than being able to say 320 :)! I got home to a  package outside my door. It was the clevis pin that holds the basket securely on my scooter! It must have come in the snail mail cause the snailman has a key to the building and always puts my packages by my door :)! I think I'm gonna still have something extra helping to hold my basket on! It fell out once before I'm not gonna let it happen a 2nd time! I also paid the rest of my bills for the month! I've got some phone #s to people that move things for the disabled at a lower rate than other movers! I've gutta get my tools from Scituate to Holbrook! I've also gutta start researching getting to Maine to see Darcy! I've gutta concentrate on my tools first though. I do enjoy spending qt with…

11.13.14 around 9pm

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for my strength training! I leg pressed over 300 lbs on Wednesday only like 308 and someone got on the machine after me and said "wow, who's doing 300lbs"! Kinda made me feel good! I think tomorrow I'll up it to 310 and see how that feels. If I can't do 12 controlled reps I'll go back down to 300 but I know I can do 12! My new goal on that machine is 350! That's only because someone told me they did 350! I WON'T be beat :)!

11.13.14 after 7.30pm

I learned an important valuable lesson from one of my fb tbi friends today I even shared her status on my wall! I've got issues understanding people and things like a sales person in a store or a phone call! I've tried in the past saying I  have a traumatic brain injury and the public doesn't understand how a tbi effects survivors! From now on I'm gonna say I'm mentally disabled! I mainly have issues with trying to understand things on the phone! I buy most everything online now and most places have someone to chat with no lines no waiting! I find that to be great! My last purchase online was a small part for my scooter and they had a person come right up on my screen and ask if I want some help! I told them exactly what I needed and they emailed me a part description with a link to order it! They sell parts for scooter though and most likely have a lot of experience with the disabled but lots of places could learn from :)!

11.13.14 5.30-6pm

I got home today and wanted to take a scoot to Wg's! My power gauge started move down so I just stopped at the store! I don't want to think my batteries are starting to fail I just got them not too long ago! It must be cause I just got them less them so I'm gonna think its cause it was at hics all day away from its charger!

11.13.14 after 4.30pm

I had hics today :)KJ gave me the booklet that explains how I can use the MBTA's web site to book a trip using all the MBTA's assets! The subway, "the ride", and  train! I haven't looked at it yet but Darcy, its gonna be a realty I'm gonna go to Maine :)! I've just gutta have KJ do it with me cause I can't make any mistakes!

11.13.14 still around 8am

My head is getting clearer and I've gutta think of what I need to bring with me on today's journey! My I phone is #1! That is packed in my fanny pack 1st! Then I'll get my tablet packed! I'm really not that great with either of those devises yet! I can check my mail with both but I'm not good with an on screen keyboard yet so replying is not something I feel comfortable doing with either devise or blogging yet but I have changed my status on fb with both devises so its just a matter of time before I get comfortable with both! Using my styles  helps out some but I've gutta look into my other options in regards to this issue! Then I want to find a way to network all my devises together :)!

11.13.14 around 8am

I'm having one of those mornings that it's hard to think strait! After sipping my coffee I come to the realization I've got hics today! Then I stop and think so what have I gutta do to get to hics. I've gutta check the web site for "the ride" and get my times. I always create a note in my iphone the night before with my times just in case the web site is down or my account is not working again! This tbi survivor has learned to have a system of checks and double checks then a back up :)!

11.12.14 around 9pm

I finally was able to locate that cleavis pin that holds my rear basket securely on my scooter! I went to a few web sites and I couldn't find it! Then I got directed to and had to explain what part I need then they will mail me the part #!I got the mail and all I had to do was click on the link they gave me then do all my shipping and payment information and I'm done! For this clevis pin that costs around $5,with shipping I ended up paying over $10 for! I was thinking I've gutta book trips to and from home depot and buy a bolt and nut to replace that pin! I'm thinking I may still book rides to hd just to have nuts and bolts! I remember in the back room of hd the had big drums of cheaning supplies! I used to make my own glass cleaner, furniture polish, bathroom cleaner, and rug cleaner! I also made a spray air cleaner! I think I'm gonna again :)!

11.12.14 around 3.50pm

I just got in from the YMCA! I've got to take notice of the times "the ride" gets me back from the YMCA cause today if I was going to hics tonight it wouldn't have worked! I changed my time I go to the YMCA on Wednesday from 1pm to 12pm cause they didn't get me home before my pick up time to go to hics! Now they're having trouble getting me home in time even after that! I worked with KC on getting the times to work but I was gonna try  3.15 pick up time from here to hics and today that wouldn't have worked! Wait, we've got it figured out! I take "the ride" directly to the places I can, 3.15 pick up time for in house events,then an arrival time for 4pm on a van trip and I Won't do the YMCA on those days, geesh!

11.11.14 around 8pm

Dinna was a quick and easy sausage egg and cheese on a English muffin sandwich  again! I needed to do a quick dinna cause I needed to clean all the clutter up in this place cause the new assistant director is coming with KJ tomorrow and I think its very important that he has a good first impression of me and my lifestyle! My place is always clean but its just that I tend to put all the papers and mail that may require my attention  on my love seat next to my desk! The same with my kitchen table! Now I've cleaned them up, I've gutta try and keep them that way now! After KJ tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights :)!

11.11.14 around 4.30pm

I had hics today! I'm having my normal issues remembering exactly what went on but I do remember meeting the new assistant director! He seemed like a nice enough person, I didn't speak in length with him though but still I got a positive first impression :)! Tomorrow he in gonna accompany KJ on our home visit! For some reason whenever a new staff starts they always  come to where ever I'm living for a first home visit! Many of the current staff came to either Scituate or here for their 1st! I guess me being me I can only take that in a positive way! Kind of like a success story! Here I am, a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury living successfully totally independently! :)  

11.11.14 around 8.30 am

I got an email from UPS that states I'm getting a delivery tomorrow! I've got the YMCA to go to tomorrow and I missed Monday so this is very important! I've gutta ask Lisa if she's gonna be home if so  print a note  to ups saying "if #30 you get no answer ring #16! I don't want this ripped off!

11.10.14 after 7pm

I spoke with Lisa and it wasn't her who dropped my basket outside my door! I wish the hardware store right next to this place didn't close down. Then I could go there and fit a bolt and nut to the basket and frame! Now I've just jury rigged a piece of a plastic hanger on there but I'm gonna need more maybe I'll strap one of my bungee cords around it too! I get involved in these things and forget, holy crap, I gutta make some dinna :) !

11.10.14 after 3pm

I got my basket back but the pin that holds it on securely also must have fallen out hence why the basket fell off! I'm sure I can rig something to hold it on like a coat hanger or something! I've gutta get my tools here from Scituate then my jury rigging will be so much easier!

11.10.14 around 2.30pm

A  great thing just happened as I was leaving to scoot to the store! I had lost my bigger basket that goes on the back of my scooter on one of my many scoots to the store! I open my door today and it's right there :)! Someone must have found it that lives in the building, the only one who knew was Lisa! She did say she would continue to look for it when she comes and goes from here! It's probably a safe bet it was her! What a great friend!She land lines me everyday to see if I need anything and also to make sure I'm okay! That's why I try to be equally as good of a friend to her and try to lift her out of this awful depression she is dealing with! My scoot to the store was a good scoot:)!

11.10.14 around 10.30am

There is so much information I must be able to process on a daily basis its a wonder this tbi survivor not only can do it but keep track of what I did! I was going to the YMCA but then realized I needed something at the store .With daylight savings time gone now its really not a good idea to scoot anywhere in the dark, its not safe! I was faced with a decision this morning, todays plans were, YMCA then my homemaker at 4pm! Then something unexpected comes up, needing an item at the store! Then I've  got to think of whats more important, prioritize what is needed more! My homemaker is washing my bed sheets today and doing the rest of my laundry, which really needs to be done so that's a priority, I've got hics tomorrow so no time to scoot tomorrow so although going to the gym is important for my health I decided that would be the trip I cancel today! I'm running low on funds in my checking account too so I've also get to take that into consideration! My balance on my…

11.9.14 after 8.30pm

Dinna may have been late but it sure was tasty and protein filled! Two jimmy dean sausage egg and cheese on English muffin sandwiches :)! I need the protein cause tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA for swimming and my weights :)! This time I'm just going right in and swimming laps! Allie said she will be there but this is to show her what I want to do! I'm swimming laps so that is also my cardio for this workout! Then I'll do my weights! I'm gonna really concentrate on if I can go up on weight on all machines :)! 

11.9.14 7-8 pm

I waited until after 5pm to check to see if I had funds on my laundry card, bad move! I needed to add funds to this I've only gutta scoot over to the office but its dark out! I think no big deal, there  are lights all over. On my way up the ramp to get to the building I hit a bump and tipped over :(! I picked myself back up and all the things I carry in my scooter, mainly just a remote that opens the front doors to my building! Then went to the machine to add $10 to my laundry card. Nothing is ever easy in this tbi survivors life! Now I'm cooking a late dinna again!

11.9.14 around 3pm

Lisa called this morning not feeling well (that time) so we didn't go to church today :(! I'm not doing my laundry today cause my homemaker is doing my bed sheets tomorrow and I have her do whatever else I've got. I'm way to thrifty to use my laundry card when it all can be done at the same time! I've been able to do a good trim job on my beard That can be a bit of a challenge for me. I've gutta stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom and utilize my right hand and we all know what a challenge it is to use my right hand for anything! Like anything that presents a challenge to me I work to get the better of the specific challenge! I will not let this brain injury beat me!

11.9.14 7.30-8am

I'm up kind of early on a Sunday morning but that's cause I've still gutta do my normal tasks before I go to church with Lisa! I feel lately my intelligence has been questioned (insulted) by some and that really bothers me! I believe as well as anyone who has taken the time to get to know the "new me" that my brain injury affected me more physically than cognitively! I've still got some cognitive  issues but I've found a way to work with them! I resent when individuals insult my intelligence! Sure my reasoning may not be quite up to par yet but I've got the ability to think things through and make the right decision 90% of the time! Please don't insult my intelligence!

11.8.14 after 8pm

I'm so happy my online account with "the ride" got fixed! I booked all my trips for next week online tonight! Now I can enjoy tomorrow without any worries! Lisa said she will meet me downstairs at 10.25am!

11.8.14 after 4.45pm

Peapod came and delivered my order at 12.30-1pm! I not only had issues finding freezer space but finding homes for most everything else! I've gutta take some time in a little while and organize my freezer! Now what I couldn't get in the freezer is in the fridge! I also took a scoot to Wg's and picked up the med that was ready for me, did a trash run too! What's really bothering me now, to be honest pissing me off, is not having my right hand do what I think so hard for it to do! This has got to be one of the most frustrating things I try and deal with every day! I really can't hold anything with my right hand! I've got to use my left hand if Ive got to do anything tedious like even using scissors my right hand fights me all the way through the task!  

11.7.14 after 8.30pm

I've been to the YMCA today and had a great workout! I worked with Greg and he did a great job getting the machines ready for me! Tonight Lisa and I ordered out for dinna then watched a great movie on pay per view! "Haven's for Real", this is a great flick! This was about a pastor's young son who had a near death experience. Many of the things in this looked the same as I experienced in mine! The smoke all over the ground reminds me of all the ground fog I saw! Being  taken around by angels like my men with long grey hair and beards that were the angels that lead me around! Tomorrow I gutta scoot to Wg's cause I got a land line saying a med was ready to be picked up!

11.7.14 after 9.30am

Today I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights :) ! I'm still leg pressing just 300lbs I think Monday I'll increase that to just 310lbs! I want to make sure I can do 12 controlled repetitions cause its important to do my resistance training the right way! This is now my full time job, working on ME :)! Then tonight, I think Lisa and I are gonna order out for dinna then watch a movie on pay per view here on my 52 inch flat panel super tv! Working on me then spending qt with a gorgeous blond,  not bad planning :)!   

11.6.14 after 8.30pm

At hics today we had two representatives from the brain injury association of Mass speak to us about falls and how to prevent them from happening! Most is common sense! Try to make your living space as clutter free as possible. They also  talked about exercises to do to improve your balance! I know I'm doing everything possible to progress in my journey with traumatic brain injury! I don't know of any other 56 year young men that work as hard as I do on their health! I go to the gym three times a week and swim laps one time! My exercising I believe is keeping my cholesterol level good too! That's what I'm doing tomorrow, I'm going to the YMCA to do my weights :)!    

11.6.14 around 8.30am

I've got hics today :)! For some reason I can't stop thinking about a group we had where we talked about male case managers vs female! With me the best and worst were males! JB was by far the worst and DM was the best! JB was a bad judge of character among many other things he just didn't fit! DM was a great judge! He learned very quickly how to help a survivor progress!He saw I was going no where living in Scituate and he found where I am now and worked with me to get my freedom :)! 

11.5.14 after 8.30pm

 I just got in and got my snail mail and there was something from AARP life insurance! I've been accepted to receive coverage :)! The only thing they require is to join AARP! I think the benefits of joining far exceed the yearly fee though! For $100,000 benefit it will cost me about $100. a month and for $50.000 it will be around $50.00 a month! I'm gonna have to let KJ look it all over so I do everything right and I'm understanding everything! Everything is starting to come together in my new life :)! Oh today KJ was over for a home visit then I went to the YMCA and had a fabulous workout then had Chinese food out with hics! I was laughed at by one person that I know of when I said I'm gonna get life insurance! Well in your face! 

11.5.14 after 10.15am

KJ has been over and the one thing I need to remember is there is a list of people that move things for the disabled and do it at a less expensive rate than other moving company's. I've gutta get my tools from Scituate to here ! That is one thing I should be able to get some funds from the trust for!

11.4.14 around 8pm

Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA! This is important cause I couldn't go on Monday cause I had to recertify my housing! I've gutta work extra hard cause I missed Monday but I'm no slacker when it comes to working on me :)! Then I'm gonna go to the China Jade restaurant in N.Quincy Mass! I'm looking forward to some crab rague and some rice with lobster sauce all through it  :)! I think we NEED a karaoke night too:)! 

11.4.14 after 6.30pm

I had hics today but, I haven't got a clue as to what we did! I believe we had a regular day with groups of current issues, social something and I think JR talked with us about something! Maybe it will come to me later but right now it's lost in my Bermuda triangle like brain! The information goes in to never be found again! I'm not that bad anymore though! I'm sure if I put my best effort forward I can search my brain and come up with bits and pieces of what transpired :)!   

11.3.14 after 6.30pm

At last count I've gotten over 59 birthday wishes on fb :) ! Thanks to all who took the time to wish me a happy Bd! It's a little overwhelming that so many people have taken the time to wish me a happy birthday! It was because all of you that I've had a great day! Lisa was over a little while ago and she gave me a bd present! Two small jar candles and a box of peanut butter chocolate brownies! Smelly shit and tasty shit, she knows what I like :)!  

11.3.14 after 5pm

While I was at the office I mentioned to  the manager I think my smoke detector needs a battery! Less than 1hr later maintenance was here to change it! I also saw the program director from hics there too! It seems another survivor from hics is applying to live here! That will make three, whoever  that is, Susan, and me! My homemaker has been here as well! I've been to D&D's and met Lisa there and had lunch together! Now I gutta think about making some dinna :)!

11.3.14 around 1pm

I just got in from my recertification meeting at the office. This time it was quicker than last cause all my information is the same! They didn't say my rent is gonna increase either! I thought when I recertified in the past, my rent increased too! I'm not complaining though! It makes sense though, my income didn't increase so my rent shouldn't. Lisa just called and asked if I wanted to do D&D's! My homemaker is coming at 4pm but its only 1pm now! I think I'm gonna go :). 

11.3.14 after 9.15am

The value I added to my ride account was recognized by the MBTA finally  so I was able to book trips to and from the China Jade Chinese restaurant in N.Quincy Ma for Wednesday night's dinna and planning! That is so important to me cause I want to urge all the survivors to have a karaoke night!Then I can preform my rendition of Billy Ideol's "white wedding" and try a whitesnake tune too :)!  

11.3.14 after 8.30am

Well its official as of 10.30am I'm in my late 50's! I will be 56 years young! I don't feel that old, maybe you are only as old as you feel. Today I've gutta go to the office here to recertify my housing! Its just a matter of signing a bunch of documents and proving my  income and expenses! Last year Anne and I went online to Citizens bank online and just printed out a copy of my bank statement which showed my income cause of direct deposit and all my many expenses!

11.1.14 after 8pm

I keep monitoring my checking keeping in mind I've got to leave about $120.00 cause I paid my dell bill! I've got quicken installed on my desktop, I really should start using it! I still need some things at Wg's but they're  not worth getting soaked for! Who knows though, they say rain but it could end up being a nice day, this is New England after all !

11.1.14 around 10.30am

Today I've gutta get to the store before it starts raining out! I tried watching the weather channel but the local weather doesn't seem to be coming on! I could be missing it though! I just know I had best get my ass in gear or have a soaking scoot! I need to get a quart of 2%milk! I'm thinking of making my cheesy mashed potatoes ! I don't like the potato masher I got from Walmart, too flimsy! Lisa said she has a normal one that I can use :)!