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ymca 8.30.10

I had a great workout today,I even asked shyrole if thier was a machine that works your grip,they have the same machine I used in Hanover:)!I tried my right hand and coulnt do any resistance :(!I did my left for 12 reps at 60lbs!Thats my goal,to try and get my right as good as my left :)!I rememberd to ask bout my bicepts too,Im doing the precher curl machine now too :)!

memory test

Let me see if I can remember the days events!I woke up,may not seem like a big deal but,I didnt wake up for three and a half months before so I consider it an accomplishment every day I do!Kenny was ova with his pretty ladyfriend Heather!I took a cruise to walgreens,a successfull cruise I must add!Made dinna,ham and swiss again but,I love it!Made sure I booked all my rides.Im happy bout what Ive been able to get done today :)!


Today has been pretty kewl!Kenny was ova with his new pretty lady friend Heather,he was able to connect my turn table up that burns my albums (records) to cd with the help of my laptop!That will give me hours of enjoyment!Ive been able to figure out how to transfer music from my puter to my new mp3 player!Im gonna wait to start burning my albums to cd thou,Im mentally exhasted!

Kenny and heather

Kenny was over with his very pretty lady friend Heather


I couldnt get the energy to get up and go to church this morning,I think thats two weeks in a row!I must do better!I guess all my running around yesterday wore me out,in a good way thou :)!


I went to walmart this afternoon!I was able to get my boxers,sweats,t shirts,and an mp3 player :)!They said I could transfer songs from my puter to it!Im gonna have to read how,Im actually gonna read all the directions!


Im going to stop and shop Im gonna bring my list but,just check it when I think Ive got everything on it!Then Im commin home to put it all away and go to walmart to get some clothes (boxers,socks,sweats,t-shirts,fanney pack,no list!Lets see if I remember everything!I also want to check out mp-3 players!I want to find out if I can transfer tunes from my puter to the player!


Tomorrow I have a ride booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree!Then I have another ride booked to and from walmart in Quincy!I need another fanny pack,they are only $5 there!

8.27 after 6

Ive managed to keep myself busy today:)!I took a cruise to walgreens this afternoon!Ive got to remember to call Braintree rehab and schedual an appt. to take the driving evaluation!


I need to remember Kenny switched the day he is comming ova to Sunday from Saturday cause Im too busy !:)I not only go food shopping,Im going to walmart too!

being tbi

Im having trouble accepting the fact that being tbi I tend to get very tired very fast!I guess thats cause everything is a chore now,even walking from one end of my small apt. to the other.I guess I have had a somewhat busy day but,I need to work on my stamina!


Hics was great today!We had an in-service bout being prepared for anything that may happen like weather conditions,power outages,etc.We also had a community brunch.Then I went over to learning links to see if they have any volutier oppertunities,Im thinking I could teach a class on using the internet,teach people how to build thier own personal web site!


Trivia was fun tonight but,we played in two teams.My team of corce won but,Im looking for an individual competition.Maybe I should see what trivia night at the halfway cafe is like.Maybe even meet some ladies :)!


Hics was great today!Tomorow for rec we are having a trivia world series!I always do well with trivia but,depends on the questions!Im very confident though :)!

stop and shop

I was able to get my scripts filled somewhat,they said I need to come back cause one script is 6 pills short jeesh!I dont need a can opener cause the cream of chicken soup is now a fliptop lid.


Tomorrow Im gonna go to stop and shop to get my scripts filled and get a few things!Ive gotta test my memory so Ive gutta think of something I need and remember it!I want to make my crock pot chicken so lets see if I can get cream of chicken soup!

"y" 8.20.10

I had a great workout today at the "y",Ive got to ask her if they have a machine that works your fingers,your grip,the Hanover "y" did,I need to work on my grip!

hics 8.19

Hics was great today :)!We had groups current issues,peer tbi,team building!In peer tbi we dissussed how Lou Gerigs dissease may not be a disease but,another form of a tramatic brain injury!Then last group,team building,JR played a trick on us!SK and I where on the same team and we usually are on opposet teams cause he is ALMOST as intelligent as I but,in the end we did my suggestion and ended up winners!

hics 8.17.10

Hics was great today!We are still doing our group learning bout tbi,today we disscussed the stages we go through!Denile-Im not brain injured.Anger-mad at the world for being like this.Acceptance/hope the stage I believe Im now in!I accept the fact I have a tbi but,I not only hope I will achieve all my goals,I have confidence in my abilities to do so!:)
My scooter ran well today,it held a charge all day!They came today to fix the recepticle too!Thats a big relief to know my scooter is okay!


I went to the "y" this morning to do some heavy work-out!I came home and planned to take a cruise to walgreens but,my scooter didnt register a full charge!One of my outlets isnt workin and thats what the scooter is plugged into!I just changed it over so will se if it gets enough juice so I can go in a few hrs!Thats all I would need is for it to run out of juice a mile away!

my new life

I think Im doing good not great living my new life.I just have to be busy all the time!I do have the "y" tomorrow and that is working to fill my time but,I want more :)!


Church was great this morning!Rich was back and thats a good thing :)!He made an analogy to online banking,transfering funds between savings and checking which I do all the time.Rich is just so easy for me to understand:)!


The thing about me is Im tring to find ways to live with my tbi,stratigies!One Ive found is e-mail!I always ask if you can e-mail whatever it is,appt,event etc.Then I can save it,when I forget,go back and read it!I wish my kids would understand that!


I went to stop and shop this morning,didnt need too much just the things I was running low on!I do need some other things but,Ill take a cruise to walgreens for that :)!


Grazeele was here this morning,she does a great job! My laundry for the week is now done!I dont have to struggle with folding this week :)!
I had a great workout at the "y",Im gonna get buff ;)!

8.12.10 pm

Ive had a great day!The cookout was fantastic!I had one of my bestest friends join facebook!She and I have been friends since high school.When I had my accident she drove many miles to visit me in the hospital!


The cookout today was a great time :)!Now it seems like a blurr to me probally cause I had such a great time!Thats the way things go with me,if I like an event or anything that happens Im involved with ,seems to be a blurr!Then if its something I dont like or upsetting,I cant seem to get it off my mind!

8.10.10 late afternoon

Hics was great then I went to dr. Kobells to get my shots of bowtox!There were three other doctors there too!He asked me if I minded if they observed,they were all pretty young ladies so I had absolutely no problem with them observing :)!When it comes to things like that it seems dr Kobell always has me as a pationt!Id like to think its cause Im very cooperative,can take pain,this is the third or forth time something like this has happend during my visit!Im just gonna say that is the reason :)!


Today Ive got hics and a doctors appt. with dr. Koelbell!I think Im gonna get shots of bowtox to help my muscule tone.He always administers the shots painlesssly!I get to see his pretty assistant Teresa too ;)!

lost power

The power went out in the whole complex for bout 30 mins!Everyone went out in the hall saying what the f--k :)!They all made sure I was prepared for an incident like this,they all look out for me!:)


I had a great workout today at the "y"!I can really feel my legs were worked hard today but,its the kind of pain that feels great!Now time to lie down and watch the sox :)!

8.8.10 after 6

Ive been reserching mopeds online,I came across a three wheeled v-twin chopper style moped!Ive heard you dont need a lisence to operate a moped on the streets!That would give me so much freedom!:)

8.8.10 afternoon

Church was great this morning!Paster Rich must be away cause we had a guest precher,he was okay but,Im really getting used to the way Rich interpets Gods word!
I was thinking,Im using "the ride" much more now,I dont want to run out of funds on my account!I added more funds to it to be sure!Now Ive got to remember,if it gets down to $50. I should add more!
Tomorrow I go back to the "y",I can already feel my muscules getting toned :)!


Ive been to stop and shop, got my meds and some other things mainly I needed to remember printer paper and I did by just repeating it to myself :)!

be carefull

I just watched a story on the local news about a lady who posted on her fb status a night planned with her husband. Then that night burgulars broke in and stole some stuff!She had just installed some security cameras,taped it all.Turns out to be a fb friend!Guess you gutta be very carefull what we post,and who we accept as friends!

"y" 8.6.10

Its wonderfull to be working out again!I worked with a new voluntier today,Joe,I think,:)!He let me choose the amout of wieght I wanted to try then Id always say 10-20 lbs more then do 12 reps :)!I saw a survivor that goes to rec at hics also cmK was there too:)!


Today Im going to the ymca to work out with resistance training,nauhtillis machines :)!Ive got to streatch out well before I start to help my muscule tone!

8.4.10 pm

CmK sent me a link to a group that does all kinds of trips with dissabled people.The prices really dont seem bad either.They even have trips to redsox away games,food and lodging included!Time to do some traveling :)!

8.3 hics

Hics was great today!We continued learning bout tbi and we were gonna watch a movie but,as we all know,the computer wouldnt cooperate.We just kinda sat around and interacted with each other!


The "y" is gonna be a great thing for me:)!I met Sheryl,her card says partnership program director disabled services.I guess Im gonna be working with her to start but,its a great atmosphere there at the "y"!Good thing Ive been working on my on-line calendar cause my days are gonna get filled up:)!


The web site for "the ride"came back up,I checked my rides and no trip for today!I imediatly called on the landline.I guess everything is recorded cause they said "we will listen to the call"!Now they are all apolligetic,they are commin at 2.45 to take me to the "y" geesh

8.2.10 noon

The web site is still not up but,I let the call last night from the co. go to voice mail and I typed the times in notepad.Hows that for problem solving skills?:)

still down

The web site for my transportation co. is still down,I was able to call the mbta directly,then they recognized the value I added but,I still need to book my rides so I had to do it on the land line!


Ive got a meeting with Chyrole at the south shore ymca in Quincy at 4 pm today!They havnt recognized the value I added to my ride account yet either,Ive still got to book all my rides for the whole week!After 2 pm they dont accept reservations for the next day!


Ive got a meeting tomorrow with the lady who runs the partnership program at the ymca in Quincy!I not only want to swim and work out with the nauhtellis machines,I want to see what they have for voluntier oppertunities!The man that cant be idle :)!


Dinna was great cept Ive still gutta get used to my oven!The corn I had that cmD recomended was fantastic and easy,Ive got alot left ova,just renuke it :)!

tonights dina

Tonight Im gonna cook ham steak!Im gonna try the veggies cmD suggested I try!They seem easy,just put the bag in the microwave for 3-5 mins,ham steak I used to cook all the time b4 my tbi!

called jv

I called joint venture told them the web site is down,they know bout it,I asked "gonna fix it" they said they are.Ive gutta book my rides for the week but,they probally havnt recognized my value anyway :(


Wow,already August,time is just flying by since I got my own place!I couldnt get out of my own way this morning so I didnt go to chuch :( but,I must go to walgreens to get a few things!Joint venture's web site is up and running but,I have to wait till they recognize the $100 I gave the "t" to book the rest of my rides for the week.Im gonna start when my account gets down to $25 to add more value,sounds like a great plan ;)!


This summer is flying by!I canceled my rides to and from church today just couldnt get motivated!Ill take a cruise to walgreens,I gutta get a few things.