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Kind of a productive day!I had a great workout at the "y" and Id always have issues with gripping with my right hand on the rowing machine,not today!I was able to do all 12 reps without having to use my left hand to adjust my right hand grip :)!I killed a virus that was attacking my desktop!Ive got hics tomorrow:)!Ive got to see if the store there sells bread!With a storm commin I want to make sure I have all my needs :)!


Just when they got the snow cleared well enough so I could take my scooter out we are gonna get walluped with two snowstorms :(!I tend to get feelings of being trapped when I cant get up and go on the spur of the moment :(!Hics already cancelled rec club on Wednesday :(!


Ive spent most of my day at war with rouge security products,a virus I picked up on fb!I had to run an error check in safe mode then webroot anti spywear/virus also in safemode!Im running it again in windows!Hopefully this will do the trick :)!


Today Ive got the "y" for nauhtilis traing but,this week Ive got a very important doctors appt!Dr. Katz,my nurologist(brain man)!He is the one thats got to recomend me for the driving evaluation!I see him on Wednesday at 11.15 am!


I rememberd to take a couple turky patties out this morning :)!I foremaned a couple turky bergers and had a double cheese turky berger on a whole wheat bun for dinna tonight :)!

Great movie

I just watched "The perfect storm"!I had seen it many times before I think I even have it but,this was the first time on my 52 inch flat pannell tv with my sound system!It was great!:)

great scoot

I just had a successfull great scoot to walgreens and back :)!I was able to get an all purpose cleaner and fantastic for my floor care needs!I was also able to get some things I didnt get food shoppin,some smelly shxt,lean pockets :)!

cant think quick

A pretty young lady who lives in this bld came to my door,she had an easy rider magazine that got put in her mail and it was supposed to be in mine!I should have invited her in!I guess the tbi didnt let me think quick enough,I let her slip away!


Im not going to church today cause I wasnt aware of the early start time so my rides didnt coinside with the service times:(!Im thinking of other ways of staying busy!I havnt taken a scoot to walgreens in a while cause of road conditions!That sounds like a great plan!I can look for floor care products!I can then brake in my new mop :)!


I checked my church's fb page and found out sevice starts at 9.30 am tomorrow!My times are not good for that,too late to change them now!I guess Im gonna have to cancell them :(!I havnt scooted to walgreens in a while,roads and the walkway in front of my bld havent been too clear!They are now so maybe Ill scoot to walgreens tomorrow :)!


Ive been to stop and shop and got a bunch of goodies :)!I needed to get some sponges but,couldnt find them but,I was able to find a sponge mop!My floor is by no means large in fact its very small.I wanted a sponge mop when I was moving!Ed said "just use a sponge".I tried that and it was just too much up and down for me not to mention,down on my knees.Its much safer using a mop!


Today I have rides booked to and from stop and shop in braintree!Ive got to remember to get ham and cheese lean pockets!Something I like and easy and quick!Ill remember to get my normal stuff :)!


Its been 25 years today since the space shuttle exploded,wow!It dosnt seem like its been that long but,thats a time thing with me!I had just a lean pocket for dinna but ya know,it was good!I can remember not too long ago being feed by nurces through a metal tube that went to a hole in my stomach!Im happy for anything I can eat through my moulth except anything that youd put in salad :)!

Events of today

I seem to wake up at 7am everyday now,thats much better than 5 am!Ive really got to think of what Ive done today,okay here goes.First I called comcast cause my 52 inch tv wasnt getting a cable signal!They had to do a reset,they said later on it should be workin,its workin now :)!I had a great workout at the "y"!Got home,washed up,scooted to the office to try and get www.cjapts to recognize me!The pretty lady in the office couldnt get it to recognize me also!Me being me,I came home and tried again but,no luck!Next week someone is going to investigate this issue in depth!I made my afternoon pot of coffee :)!Now I gutta think bout cookin dinna!I forgot to take something out this morning so I guess it will be a nuked dinna :(,at least its somethin thou!

cable out again

My cable tv is not workin again on my living room tv :(.The last time I just called comcast and they were able to reset it from there and it worked!Im tring that again,the computer said could take 45 mins!


Today Ive got the "y" to go to for my nauhtillus training my pickup is at 11.30 :) but,Bri said she was gonna come ova too!She betta get here b4 11.15 or she will be sol!Ive got to get to the office at some point too!Ill go with my netbook to see if they can help me to set up automatic payments for rent!I like going there anyway.The pretty ladies are so nice and very supportive :)!

great group

Fb has a great group Ive become a member of,its a closed group cause we are all survivors of a tramatic brain injury!I share my blog with fb,one of my fb friends who is also in the group gave me kudos for my blog and said her doctors told her she should keep a journal!That is bacically what Im doing but,I do take it a step further!What I hope to do is to someday write a book!Makes me think of this young lady Jan and I did a little church hopping with,I gave my address to my home page,she read struggle and sent me an email saying how inspired she was after reading it!I just wonder,I said to her,why did Jesus save me,she told me,Jamie,maybe to inspire people the way youve inspired me!I kinda forget where I was going with this but,I hope Im doing what Im supposed to be doin :)!

1.27 events

The events of the day so far!Ive been to the office,paid rent,asked about automatic payments,got a link to go to and it didnt cooperate with me at all!Ill just go to the office tomorrow and do it on a puter there with a person there!Got all my cable working great!Its amazing to me how two easy tasks get me all tired out,geesh!

Its workin :)!

Cable is workin in my bedroom :)!Now I must find a way to connect my dvd/vcr to my cable box/dvr!Thats kinda hard for me cause of being able to get in places that are not easy for me to get to but,Im determined:)!

problem solving

Ive had a host of issues with it seems all of my electronics!First,I had cable tv installed in my bedroom yesterday,its not workin,the man told me yesterday when I get home last night it will be working,not!I set out to call them this morning but,the number I saved wasnt working!Then I try to get another number from the web site,internet not workin :)!I do all my utillities,virus scan,error check,disk cleanup!Got connected,got another number to call!I got an automated system,it says to reset your service press 1!I did that,my tv in my living room is workin, Ive yet to check my bedroom but,GEESH!

Im really free

I wake up in the middle of night,cant fall right back to sleep,need something to stimulate my brain,jump on my puter,have no fear of disstrbing anyone,IM FREE!I love my new LIFE!:)


That is out theam or slogun for next years conferance!I thought of it,we voted and mine was the winner!I had forgotten it,was killin me I couldnt remember,I called another survivor,she had written it down!Problem solved:).We still had trivia tonight,men vs ladies +JR, they beat us :(.I had fun thou!Hics is cancelled for tomorow but,that gives me a chance to get aquainted with my new comcast service,dvr service :)!

comcast was here

Comcast just installed cable tv in my bedroom to a tv I got just before my accidnt!A 27 inch tosheba with picture in picture (pip),I remember having a 13 inch black and white tv in my bedroom!Ive really come up in this world :)!


CmD was here,I wast quite perfect on my meds but,close!He helped me get the tv in a good place for when comcast comes to install cable in my bedroom along with dvr service :)!Hopefully they get done before my ride comes to go to rec!Its trivia night tonight!My pick up time is 2.42!


Hics was great today!We had groups,the last two groups we had got me so mentally exhasted I came home and had to lie down!Thats good work though,the staff and how much effort I put into what we do!I never got this kind of exhastion working driving arround doing auto glass!Im really beat,geesh!


Ive got hics today:)!Time seems to be going by much too fast!I guess when you live a happy life,this is what happens!Ive got to slow down and soak things in!

Today 1.24.11pm

I had a great workout at the "y" today!I worked with this pretty young lady who goes to umass Boston!She told me why she was voluntiering,something to do with school)but I forget now(go figure)!I really enjoyed talking with her this afternoon!

today 1.24.11

Ive already got one task done today!Thats getting comcast to come down and install cable in my bedroom,and dvr service too!I have "the ride" comin to take me to the "y" at 12.09,then return at 2.38!Im stayin busy :)!

Today 1.23.11

Lets see,today Ive done all the trash,my laundry,spoke to almost all my young adults,Im beat but,I rememberd to take something out for dinna!Thats all thats left,cook dinna.:)

staying busy

Ive got to fix this,not going to church,fast!I just really injoy the atmosphere at beechwood congregational church!Now Ive done a trash run,started laundry,Ive gutta stay busy to work on my abillity to focus!


I couldnt seem to get myself organized enough in time to go to church this morning!Ive gutta change that about myself cause I always end up missing going to church!

1.22.11 pm

Im gonna try and go to church tomorrow,my pickup times are 9.03 to go and
12 return!Those are resonable times!I booked to be there at 10.30 then a 12 return.I need to be there at 10 am,it dosnt take an hour to get there,I think Im okay :)!

another issue

Thiers always something.I cant seem to get my wii game to operate!I know Im doing everything right,it just seems the remotes not working!I can only use it to stream from netflixx but,I cant seem to get the remote to work!Ive changed the batteries and changed dirrection I aim the remote,geesh!


Today I go food shopping at stop and shop in Braintree!I have a list but,Ive got to work my memory!After I think Im done thats when Ill check my list :)!Big thing today is coffee filters.When I run out of filters I use a paper towell!It works but,not quite as well.Ive got a script to fill too!


That was good I went to the tennant meeting!I probally met these people before but,I met Jane a very very nice lady and Kim,also very nice and pretty!I sat next to a very pretty young lady but,I forget her name,go figure!I was able to get the email address of this guy from corperate offices so if I have any concerns I can mail him:)!

storm comming

I guess a storm is gonna once again dump some snow on us :(!I checked my voice mail tonight and it was a good thing cause the "y" left a vm saying nobodys gonna be there cause of the storm :(!Thier is bingo at the office here tomorrow late morning and a tennents mtg tomorrow at 5 pm!Im gonna go to those events,who knows maybe meet some ladies who live here :)!


Ive done some reserch on upgrading my phone and the phone I want would end up costing me full price bout $300!My upgrade date is June of this year!I think Im gonna wait till June!

streamed another

I got another movie streamed from netfix on my wii game!Ive seen this many times b4 but,I just enjoy the story!Its true love!I thought I had found that,then the tbi and she left kinda quickly!So maybe it wasnt but,I WILL find it and I mean TRUE love!Oh its Jerry Mcgire


Hics was great today!All I can seem to remember about today is we all met and disscussed about if having our groups help us any.Our groups help me so so much!Peer tbi,we exchange things about living with tbi,problems,stradigys we use that work for a survivor,we hear that and maybe it can work for me too!I think the groups are very helpfull at least they are to me thats for sure.Thats why I always try to be attentive in all groups and I do partisipate actively in every group :)!We had communiy breckfest too.

go figure

I forgot (go figure) yesterday Bri wanted to borrow my favorite music cd.I said "I can burn you a copy"!I burnt her a copy of buzz balleads which she gave me as a present for my bday or something.Big buzz in the news bout fb and privacy issues!Im an open book anyway so Im not too concerd.


I had a great work-out at the "y" then Bri called and said "Im comin ova with my new bf"!I met him and he seems like a nice respectable young man!I need to get some envelops badly!Hopefully tomorrows storm is not bad so I still have hics!Then I can check the store next door to see if they have them!

Getting comfortable

Ive just been using my wii game to see if netflixx has a movie Ive been wanting to see for a while!I heard it came out in dvd today,social network!I could stream it to my 52 inch flat pannell tv but,they didnt list it.

Dr. King

I asked an educated afro american lady if she had thought that dr.Kings dream had been realized,this was shortly after Obama was elected,she said "yes"!He was a great man!

woundering mind

My mind has been woundering to the point of just waking up from the coma!I was concerd about if work was notified I wouldnt be in also I had thought I was still player couch of a sienor hockey team,and if my players knew of the next game.I guess thats why the doctors said I still had activaty in my brain while in the coma!The things you remember geesh!


I just had a good conversation with a very pretty fb tbi friend about tbi awarness!She too is interested in spreading tbi awarness,we both repost some links we get about brain injury,thats my job now,to spread tbi awarness!I know some of my fb friends have got alot from my postings!Now if only the state and federal officials would learn so they wouldnt cut funding!

tring it

Im going to church tomorrow and Im tring to get my rides worked out!Service starts at 10 am,they have been picking me up way too early so I booked a 10.30 arrival time.My pickup time is 9.12 tomorrow.Thats enough time to get me there by 10 am!They have yet to post a return time.This should work!Ive been getting into the show ncis!Its an intreeging show :)!

stayin happy

I was able to get more of my smelly sh-t today,scented candles.I love to light a candle in every room!My place has got to smell great :)!I came home and made a pot of dunken dounuts french vanilla coffee!See its simple things like that that make me feel so free!I was not free to do that when I lived in Scituate.

food shoppin 1.15

I think I did okay at stop and shop!I got my meds,everything on my list cept for splender but,I do have surger,I got that a while ago as backup!I got some hamber patties along with turky berger patties,maybe Ill forman up a double cheese and meat,turkey and ham berger:) Have to be creative :)!


Today Im gonna go to stop and shop!Ive got a letter from aarp saying all the nessesary info so I can get my meds!Ive also got to make sure I get my coffee and creamer.I now have the freedom to make coffee wheneva I want,yesterday I made a pot,I'm free :)!


I had another great workout today!At 52 yrs young Im getting buff!Its helping me in so many ways,I just wish I could workout more often.I have some wiehts here someplace,Ive got to find them!Now,what to make for dinna,I have sub rolls I got last wk,maybe a ham and swiss grinder.That sounds like a good plan :)!

home visit 1.14

CmD was here and I found out I can use the letter I got from aarp till I get my card in the snail mail!He also helped me set up my wii game so I can stream unlimited amounts of movies from netfix!Now Im living in entertainment paradice :)!

Today 1.14.11

Today cmD is gonna make a home visit at 9 am then Ive got the "y" for nauhtillis training!I find that has pretty much eliminated my lower tremurs!That was the reason I couldnt proceed with the driving eval!Its time to try again,Ive just got to convince my nurologist!


Ive got to remember the name of this band cause if I see Lisa in the bld I can tell her.Chowderheads, chowderheads,chowderheads,just a stradigy to help me remember!CHOWDERHEADS :)

Styx - Come Sail Away

this is such a great tune

so far

So far today I havnt done too much but,the things I need to :)!I scooted to the office and checked my laundry card to make sure it had enough value on it so my maid can do ALL my wash :)!It had bout $20 on it but,I have cash so I put $10 on iti reserched the droid 2 phone online and I really think thats the phone for me :)!


I keep hearing on tv about xfinity!Im an xfinity customer!They say "not a dvr customer call 1-800-xfinity!Ive wanted a dvr for a long time now!I should call and inquir bout it!Just another thing on my to-do list :)!


Ive got alot of things Im working on right now but,I think the most important thing is to get a copy of my ins. card printed!To do that Ive got to install my new print cartridge!I believe I can do it myself but,cmD is making a home visit today so I think its best to wait!Ive almost got the phone Im using now to get my blog page up so then I could blog wherever I get a signal and I have verizone so I get a signal everywhere!Ive been told my wii game plays dvds!That would be great cause the sound is not workin when I try to play a dvd with my laptop!Im also working with my pocket pc.I know I should try to stick with one project at a time but,Ive learned that when I get frustraited with something to stop and go back to it lata!Im doing just that but,Ive gutta keep my brain working in the the time till I do :)!My maid also comes today,late afternoon thou.

snow sux

Hics is cancelled tomorrow :(!Its too late to book another ride too :(.Im not gonna attemp a scoot anywhere untill this place gets cleaned up!CmD is gonna make a home visit tomorrow,thats something maybe between the two of us we can get my ins card printed!I used to like snow now its just a deep pain!

tbi moment?

The nice lady at aarp medicare supliment I spoke with said I could print out a copy of my card so I try to.The site keeps on saying invalid information!Im typing it right from a snail mail they sent me!This is what is so frustraiting!I believe Im doing everything right and its just not cooperating,geesh!


Im taking more steps on my way to becoming totally independent!I was able to find a telephone number for aarp medicare supliment ins,called they needed more info so I looked in my files that cmD and I set up,found all my info on it,called back and they are sending me another card :)!


This snowstorm I dont think is that big of a deal but,Im not out in it!Living through the blizzerd of "78" nothing has compared to that!Rec got cancelled yesterday but,I think cmD is still gonna make a home visit.Ive lost my medicare suppliment insurance card!Ive got to figure out how to get another!


They are all saying we in Mass are gonna get hit hard by this storm!It has been my experience thou that when they say we're gonna get hit hard we dont,then when they say we're not gonna get much,we get burried!


Wow look at the date,its all 1's!Ive got hics today!:)The forecast is for heavy snow in this area tomorrow!That sux not only cause of making it hard to get around but,rec could be cancelled,tomorrow night is kerioakie night!I really wanted to do "its been a while" by stained.This is NewEngland thou,they have no clue in reality!So lets wait and see.


My week starts off with the "y" for nauhtillis training (resistence or wieht lifting) which I injoy cause it gets me buff,stronger,helps lessen my treamours,uncontralable shaking!All the staff there is very supportive as well as very nice!I dont even mind waiting for my ride there :)!

todays goin ons

I did a trash run,all my laundry,made dinna,checked on all my young adults through fb.Im kinda tired now(go figure)!Booked my rides for the week too but,found out I need to add value to my account so I couldnt book all of them.I added value but,that can take as long as 2 business days.


I cancelled my trips to and from church this morning cause my pickup time was at 8.30 am to get to church by 10.15!I book to get there at 10.15 cause I was getting too early pickup times,guess its time to try booking for 10.30,it dosent take even an hour to get there!Ive been able to do all of my work with joint venture on-line!It seems thier web site is so much better than kieslings was :)!

getting things done

Ive been to stop and shop,didnt really forget a thing but,I just have mega trouble finding things.Today I couldnt find duncan dounuts coffee,or my creamer!I have yet to get my new insureance card for my meds,I was gonna pay cash till she said it would be ova $200!Other than that it went well except for waiting for rides!Im gonna really look into getting an early upgrade to my phone!Its just the waitting for rides my mind tends to wonder uncontrolibly!Today I was having de ja vous!If my brain had something to focus on that would neva happen!


It snowing!That makes me nervous,I have to go to stop and shop today and Im worried about getting around!I need to take my scooter and Im worried I wont be able to get to and from the van!I need some meds too!I guess Ill see if I can buy a shovel!

1.7.11 afternoon

I had a great workout today at the "y" and sherole checked me out on setting the machines up!I think I did well too so maybe I wont have to join another gym to workout as much as I want to :)!

I love my new life :)!

Im really getting into my new life!The simple things are even great like waking up after a great nights rest!Then logging on to fb and poking Annie back,we are kinda haing a thing,we poke each other just about every time we logon!:)I really whish she lived closer!:)
Today Im going to the "y' for nautillis training.I need another day of working out thou!Im thinking about joining another gym too!I dont understand why they wont let me workout by myself at the "y",then I could just go there!I know how to set up the machines,I guess its the darn walker holding me back once again :(!


Ive been to my primary care physision this morning!He said my bp was good,my pulse rate also good,my lungs sound good he even said I look good!My wieght was 11 lbs less that when I had my accidnt!Im 174 lbs :)!


Im not going to hics today cause of a doctors appt. with my pcp!I know he always sends me to the lab for blood tests so I booked my return trip for an hour and a half after my appt. time,hope it works!


I had a great time at rec (hics) tonight!We had planning for January at Ihop!This is a great place cause you can get just about anything there!It was kinda bittersweet thou cause it was one of the survivors last rec event :(!He is moving to the north shore and wont be able to travel to Quincy.Ill always remember the jokes he would always tell!Im gonna miss his funny way as will everyone who knows him!Good luck to Rog,continue to progress,you will be missed!

home visit

CmD was ova and we did everything we normally do plus he was able to hook up my Wii game :)!The only thing is,the game cd has a crack in it so it dosent work :( but,it gives me some time to get used to learning how,and dont chuckle,turn it on.He took the cd cause maybe JR,who works at best buy (part time) can exchange it!


CmD is gonna make a home visit this morning,I was gonna ask for help with my netflixx account,I want to be able to get movies instantly through my laptop which is connected to my 52 inch flat pannell tv but,my nintendo wii came yesterday so naturally Im more interested in getting that opperational,Ill figure out netflixx myself :)!


Hics was great today!I guess its always great to me is cause Im really working my brain :)!Also Im with my peers,friends and all the wonderfull staff!


I had a great workout today at the "y"!I rememberd I had to scoot over to the office to pay my rent too!I think thats a pretty good memory after all the alternating my brain did today!Take that tbi :)!

show about cooking

On tv this morning there was a show about cooking!They asked "what are you famos for"?Immeadiatly my crockpot chicken came to mind!Im slowly getting all the ingreadents for it(spices and whatnot)!Soon Ill be able to make a batch :)!


I really love my new life!I get up in the morning and make coffee right away,check on my young adults through fb,ck my ride times cause Im goin someplace everyday!Then if Im not rushed check my accounts,cking and savings,life is great!


I really cant stand waiting!Im usually waiting for rides.See its then that my mind starts to wonder and today, for a brief moment,it left competly!Ive got to find a way to make sure that neva happens again!Im thinking that if I had axcess to my internet stuff all the time I would reduce the chances of that eva happenin again!Im thinkin of getting a new cell phone.Ive done some reserch on just that!The droid two seems like exactly what will fill my void!


I had absolutely no trouble remembering todays date lol!Ive been food shopping today,filled a script and I rememberd to take the script with me!Ive got to give myself kudos for that cause Ill bet alot of people would have thought I would forget but,not me!Take that tbi :)!