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Ive done my first load of laundry!Using the machines is easy but,cause my right and left sides dont work together well at all,folding is an issue even using hangers is a struggle but,I did it :)!

need to dos

I need to book a ride to home depot,then I can get a cordless drill.That would enable me to do so much without any help!I also need hardweare to hang things in my apt,screws,mollys,also I remember out back,you used to be able to mix and make your own cleaning solvents,floor,counter,wood,GLASS,I wonder if now they have anti backterial stuff!I used to always make my own!
Im getting very frustraited cause I cant talk with Bri!Her phones not workin,she dosnt read her mail,dosnt respond when I fb her,jeesh!


Tonight was the first time I cooked a dinna in my place that wasnt microwaved :)!It was only mac and cheese but,I do it betta than they tell you to!Always use more butter(I use margerine,cheaper)than milk and add graded cheese!Ive got some for another time too!;)

Made it

That was a great cruise!I stayed on the road but still obsticals and large potholes to deal with!I did it successfully thou, didnt tip:)!

5.29.10 short cruise

I took a very short cruise cause I didnt feel safe!Maybe cause I was using to sidewalk!I always feel like Im gonna tip over on those very bumpy sidewalks!I think I said once b4 I will use the street.Im gonna use the street from now on,I think I should follow the same rules as if I was walking,face traffic!


What to do today,Im gonna take a cruise for sure,work on my sound system,connect my new speakers.Id love to connect my hdmi cable but,it takes lots of manuverabillity,something Im not comfortable with YET!


I just got back from a successfull cruise on my scooter,successfull cause I didnt tip ova at all :)!Im learning what I can do and what I shouldnt.I even saw cmC at dds drive throu,she was gonna let me go in front of her nice new mini van but,the ground was uneven so I thought it best to let her proceed then go on a flatter surface!


Today I need to take a ride on my scooter to walgreens and pick up a few things.What a great feeling,to know I can go where I want,when I want!:)

fenway tour

Me and my scooter at the tour of fenway park :)


Today we,at hics,are gonna take a tour of fenway park!Ive taken it with hics b4 and its a fun day.This year Im gonna take my scooter,to be very relaxed ;)!

5.26.10 6.20 am

I look around my place and cant help but get a big smile on my face!Im setting it up so happy to me!Pictures of my kids everywhere,my motorcycle replicas all around,my big screen tv,my sound system,my awards and diplomas,I like to have a candle lite too,an aroma candle,I like smelly sh-t:)!


Ive got to get my display on my phone user friendly for me!It seems Ive got issues reading the date and time!Maybe just a tbi moment:).

5.24.10 5.15 pm

You could say I had a successfull shopping trip to bestbuy!I got two bose speakers to complete my surround sound!I had some bose speakers b4 and they sounded the BEST!I also got a universial remote!Im hoping that will operate my tv,cable,reciever,both dvd players!They said I need a program to use my laptop as a dvr but,I think I can figure a way arround that,JR is gonna get me an hdmi cable,then at least I can connect my laptop and tv!Then I will find a way to make these do what I want them to do :)!


Im going to bestbuy to get a couple speakers and look at a few things but,I always said when I get on my own Ill look into getting a bowflex home gym.Resistance training,when I did that at the "y" I believe it helped to controll my tremers!


Today I booked a ride to and from bestbuy in Braintree.I do have some things I need like a couple speakers for my surround sound,Ill look at dvrs,get info on new cell phones.If I can remember those 3 things Im doin well.Oh I need paper towells too!

5.23.10 6.48pm

I got the trash out but,I think Ill leave walgreens for another day.Im going to bestbuy tomorrow maybe theres a store in that plaza I can pick up paper towells.I do have to look for speakers.Im missing one of mine I used to use as rear speakers for my surround sound!

5.23.10 11.42 am

I booked a ride to best buy tomorow!I saw another add on tv that said comcast has a plan where you can connect to the internet anywhere there is cell phone reception!They also have cell plans with at&t I think.For an extra $10 I can use my netbook and laptop anywhere!Ive got to study all this stuff!

5.23.10 10.10 AM

Ive been thinking of what to do tomorrow and Ive come up with a plan!Im doin well with my money so I think its time to look at dvrs!Maybe a trip to bestbuy!Then I see advertized 4g cell phones,just find out what they are all about.Ive wanted a dvr for years now but,I should wait untill I get my hdmi cable for my puter cause Im hoping my puter will then work as a dvr.I already have cds,dvrs and dvrws!

5.23.10 8.16am

No church this am,I couldent get out of my own way so I cancelled my rides for today.I do need to take a cruise to walgreens up the street thou,then think of where I want to go tomorrow:)!

5.22.10 7.07pm

I just finished dinna and realized there was a time when my food was feed to me through a tube that went through a hole in my stomach,a feeding tube!Food tastes great now!Its memories like that,make me enjoy life all the more :)!

5.22.10 12.07

I took a very short cruise just around the complex.Im getting used to what my or where my building is.Just being tbi I forget so easy but,repetitoin is good!
I just spoke with Jane,a tennet at ramblewood whos interested in forming a tenant association,a chance to meet people :)!Shes commin ova here 4-4.30.


I had a very productive morning!I went to homegoods in Braintree was able to pick up some needed things.Best thing was a non stick fry pan!I was also able to open a savings account at citizens bank.I will be able to transfer funds easally on-line from my checking and saving:)!


Today is MMD's birthday!I remember that cause I used to pay $521 a wk in child support to Nice!I neva missed a payment till my accidnt and then drinks paid my salery for a while after the accidnt!I deserved it after all I was the best :)!


That was quite an experience going to this dental clinic!They have all the state of art equipment!They took x-rays of all my teeth,you see everything on a large flat pannel screen,looked the same as my tv!I still have perodontis so hes gonna see if mass health will pay for a deep cleaning!Im very impressed with this clinic :)!

5.20 10.04

"The ride" just called and changed my pick up time from 10.21 to10.50 this am!Ive just got to remember my return trip is at 1.15 pm!Sounds easy but,these are things I struggle with!

5.20.10 640 am

Im getting happier as days go by!I have so much feedom now,transportation,more mobility(with my scooter)my great home entertainment,puter,tv,sound system,but,Ive still got a long way to go!I need to join a gym, or the Quncy ymca!Maybe thats the place I should join.Maybe serve 2 goals.I could meet a lady there too!;)

filling my time

I booked a ride to stop and shop tomorrow,not cause I need food but,I think I remember a home goods in that little mall,I used to get some neat stuff there cheap!That was b4 my coma when I lived in n.Quincy,lets see if my memory serves me right!:)


I go to the dentist today!I havent been in about 1 yr!Im not a young man anymore its time to really start takin care of me :)!Ive now gutta find a gym with nauhtellis to join!

rec 5.`19.10

We had a movie night tonight cause it was raining,not good to walk arround castle island,now I forget what movie we watched,go figure :)!I always have fun at hics!

5.18 3.10 pm

Hics was great!WE had an in-service where a lady explained eppollepsi.Thats a problem with the brain too!I asked her "Are we prone to get it cause of our tbi?" she said "you have a greater risk of getting it".Thats all I need is another concern,jeesh!


Ive been able to expand my horizones.I went for a little cruise on my scooter.I did tip over thou!What Ive got to do is examon how and why it happend and think of ways I can correct it so it neva happens again!All part of learning or just getting used to my scooter.

5.17.10-8.18 am

A computer is such a usefull tool for anyone especially Tbi survivor!I knew I had peapod comming today but,I forgot what time!They send me a comfermation email saying aprox delivery time,they are comming 6-9 pm,when I forget again I just check the mail again :)!

5.16.10 5.52 pm

I orderd out for dinna,got a great steak and cheese calzone,then I hopped on my scooterand went for a little ride around rablewood.Ive got nothing goin on tomorrow so I think its a good day to expand my herizones :)!

5.16.10 2.51PM

Church was uplifting this am!Im thinking bout ordering dinna out tonight,there is a shop down the steet,they have steak and cheese calzones!Sounds like a plan :)!

short trip

I went out for a little cruise on my scooter!Just around the apt complex thou.Im not totally used to my scooter YET but,if I keep working with it just around the complex Im sure in a week Ill be ready to expand my horizens!:)


Ive got to think of what I can do today!I think Ill take a little excursoin on my scooter!Ive gutta go left at the enterence of ramblewood!See I remember :).

5.14.10 2pm

My excuretion was successfull this am!Ive just gutta do a better job on booking my ride times.I work very quick,I need to make my return trips accordingly,too much waiting!

5.13.10 8.22 pm

Tomorrow Ive booked rides to and from stop and shop in Braintree.Ive got to deposit my ssdi check and drop off a script to the pharmacy,pick up a few items.Im taking my scooter :)!


It was casino night at hics!I played blackjack all night.I won some and lost but,I had a great time ;)!I hung out with cmK,she was the dealer.She was great,I had lots of fun playing blackjack with her,she made it so much fun :)!

5.12.10 12.18pm

CmD was here,we did alot, made a direct deposit system for my ssdi ck!Thats a great thing cause Friday Im going to stop and shop,the citizens bank there to deposit my ck so I may as well pick up a few things :).

5.11.10 7.04 pm

Hics was great today!We continued our disscussoin on cell phones and driving.I think no way should you be texting while driving but,I used to talk on the phone constantly while driving,bacically that was a major part of my job with giant glass!I never had a accident that was my fault!Tomorrow cmD is making a home visit,Ive got lots to do cause I got my new debt card,have to change all my methods of payments with all my creditors I pay electronically!

5.10.10 7.15 pm

Ive got hics tomorrow:).Ive got to call Charles upstairs,the owner of the gym upstairs from hics!Pt is ova now so I must continue with all I have learned also I want to tone up!


TodayIve got a ride booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree,Im hoping theres a citizens bank there,Im almost sure it is but,thats one thing about being tbi,Im never really sure about anything.

5.9.10 7 pm

I went out for a cruise this afternoon but,for some reason,I didnt feel safe,so I imediatly went home.I need some things at the store but,Im really not confident I know how to get there.I do have a ride booked to stop and shop tommorow!

church is the best

This am was just what I needed!I was kinda down on lfe and myself but,after church this am,Im right back to being my normal confident,positive self!One of the members,which I like her and her husband said after talking with me,I got rid of all her fears about something I forget what it was now thou but,just by my optomistic look at things!She gave me many thanks and that made my day!

my scooter

5.8.10 8.16 am

Today is a day off but, I do have some tasks to do.Call "the ride" tell them I need some options put on thier web site,mobility aid,my scooter,new destination,stop and shop in Braintree,I think there is a ctizens bank there too.I cant find my master money card so I must cash a check,I cant be casshless,not me :).Mail everyone that has been following my journey my new address for my blog and how to become a follower.I cant find my debit(master money)card,I called the bank,reported it but,it will take 7-10 days to get another one so Ive gutta make sure I have cash!
"The ride" call has been done,took two calls thou,I forgot to ask them to put my scooter on the web site!Now I gutta send out emails.I think there is a citizens bank at stop and shop so I can book a ride there to cash a check:)!

5.7.10 4.10 pm

I took a cruise but,it taught me a valueable lesson,go slow!I tipped over,didnt get hurt,except my pride but,I must take it slow!A nice lady then a nice man stopped to make sure I was okay and if I needed any help but,Im gonna be even more carefull now!
my wheels and I :)

5.7.19 11.30am

Grazell was here and she did a great job,the place looks great!She did all my laundry too:)!Now I want to get on my wheels and go to citizens bank,in the stop and shop in Holbrook.

5.6.10 10.15 pm

Its kinda srange how we now get info on how people you care abouts lives are going.I find out so much on facebook!It seems thier are many people like I am!I dont mean exactly like me but,using the internet to bacically get things out of your mind,vent!Some posts are very sad,others happy.This internet has changed the way we get our information!


The circus is great again this year!Now Ive got to see if my scooter will work,cross your fingers.;)My scooter performed admirably!I just went around the complex but,its gut gumpsion,its peppie:)

5.6.10 6.15 am

At hics we go to the big apple circus today in Boston!After I can test my new wheels ;)!I hope it works!Ive waited so long for independence,this would give me so much,go where I want when I want,only thing thats gonna be beta is when I get my drivers licence back and thats gonna happen!

5.5.10 4.22 pm

The driver for "the ride" said to dispatch "hes not here" big time lie!I always go down and wait at the front door 15 mins b4 my pickup time,frustraiting!I cancelled all my rides 4 today!

living with a brain injury

Living with tbi is the hardest thing Ive ever had to deal with and Ive dealt with hard issues many times before!Divorce and a broken neck,2nd cervical vetabrate!This is so hard thou!I cant help but think of all Ive lost!My career,worked my way up to be the best at what I did!Worked for a great coponey that paid me as the best!2001 I had my best year,well in the six figure catagory,seeing the perfect(for me)lady,we had plans to get married but,she couldnt deal with my tbi :(!Yes life WAS easy!Now everything is a struggle!Even simple things I now struggle with!Its been said why do it!I do it cause I believe I can do anything,and do it well!When I struggle with anything,I think of ways I can make it easyer!That is what drives me crazy thou,the fact b4 I didnt even have to think of how to do some task,I was able to just do it.Now Ive got to give my total concentration to a specific tast and even it dosent always go right!
Now my job is to work on myself!Im gonna work at it with the same…

5.4.10 8.42 pm

Sometimes I really feel like Im goin nuts!I got home today,did my normal things,pickup,ck mail,snail and electronic,snack,drink,ck rides,I could sware I had no rides booked for rec tomorrow!I figured thats okay cause I have to be here for my scooter to come!"The ride"just called with pickup times for tomorrow!Sometimes I think Im loosin it:)!

hics 5.4.10

Had a great day at hics!Ups came to deliver my scooter but,I wasnt here :(!I called they said it would be bout the same time tomorow btw 10.30 am-2pm!

5.4.10 6am

Ive got hics today :)!Ive gutta go next door to hics and get my beard trimed too,then after they get it nice,Ill try tp maintain it with my trimer!

5.2.10 7 am

I start to get bored and I look at all the things Ive got to stimulate my brain!My puter,my 52 inch flat pannell tv,all the things I must do to survive.

5.1.10 12.15 pm

Im pretty lucky when I think of all Ive been able to accomplish!Im totally independent,I can walk,think,organize,I even think Ive progressed intellectually!I was always a smart man but,now with my puter,I think Ive become smarter!;)