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7.31.13 around 6.30pm

The web site 4 "the ride" let me sign in finally :) !I've still got other issues with it but this is a start :) !I'm gonna have loads of fun tomorrow cause we (hics) are having a cook out at houtons pond!Today KJ has been over then I had a great workout at the YMCA!Its great to be able 2 workout not thinking of the pain in my foot!Today I worked out pain free!:)I just had the pain from pushing myself to do more weight and more reps :) !

7.31.13 around 10.30 am

KJ has been here and we researched hud housing in Quincy!I  can't remember the name of the apartment place that is right at the beginning of Squantum or the old naval base housing!That would be SO great if I could even get close to Squantum!

7.30.13 around 6pm

I've completed all my Tuesday night chores!I've just gutta look at my alarm clock.I want to make sure I don't have another morning like today!I'll check it b4 I bed down tonight :)!

7.30.13 12.30-1pm

I couldn't do hics this morning cause my alarm clock never sounded so I overslept!I did have some work to do here though!I got an email from Chris,my pt from the vna.He offered me outpatient therapy so I had to make sure I sent a quick response!I explained that I like the convenience of having therapy here!

7.29.13 around 8 pm

I didn't even have time 4 coffee this morning cause my pick up time 4 a 9.00 appointment was around 8 am!I've been to my podiatrist came home and scooted to the store then had to lie down 4 a while!See I get all kinds of stressed out waiting 4 rides,as it was my 1st trip was 30 mins late!I got a call from jv "the ride" asking me what was my issue with the web site.I told her and that lead me to think it may be fixed today but I just tried to log on and it still won't let me !I was told all the issues will be resolved by August 1st!They have till Thursday then everything will be great,will see!I've got hics tomorrow :) !I'm kinda beat so I'm gonna call it quits now good night peoples :).

7.29.13 around 1pm

I've been to my podiatrist this morning and I've got another corn growing on my left foot!I said to him "this time it grew back faster,hurt more,l looks nastier than ever b4!This time he shaved it down so far I drew blood!It still hurts a bit so I'm gonna lie down 4 a little bit :)!

7.28.13 2.30-3 pm

I've booked all my rides 4 the week and although I get them repeated back to me I'm still uncertain they are right!I'm told by August 1st I should be able to logon to the JV web site,that is Thursday!Today I've gutta scoot to the store or/and Wg's,do laundry and I donno :).

7.25.13 just after 9pm

I've spent most of the afternoon streaming wzlx (classic rock) and loving it :) !I did make sure I booked a ride for Monday cause its to go to my podiatrist!I"m hoping after Monday this pain is gone!

7.25.13 5-6pm

I didn't do hics today cause I couldn't get my sneaker or a slipper to go on my right foot and feel somewhat comfortable!Today was a trip to Georges island,its raining heavy out so I think that will be canceled 4 today.The rain sux but I did take a wet scoot to the store!I really need to go to Wg's but I'll wait and see if there is beta weather tomorrow.I am out of protein shakes and I really don't need to make a peapod order!

7.24.13 around 11am

So much has happened already today its very very hard for me to figure out even some of what has gone on!KJ was over and we worked on "the ride" letting me sign in to the web site!If I'm still having the same issues by 4pm,I've got to call JV and talk to Alan!Peter,my ot,has been here too!We did the exercises he gave me to do then I walked up and down the hallway in my bld!That was extremely hard for me cause my foot is causing me so much pain!I'm not doing the YMCA or hics today I've gutta try and stay off my foot!

7.22.13 after 8 pm

I got a voice mail from "the ride"re certify commission today saying I've been approved and I could start booking trips tomorrow!I don't think it expired yet but I hope everything is back to normal!Maybe Jv's web site will be more user friendly too!I've got hics tomorrow!We were gonna go to Georges Island but I guess the weather is not gonna be conducive for a trip like this so just a regular day!That's okay though cause I know the staff will keep my brain stimulated all day :)!

7.22.13 after 2 am

I got up super early and started to customize a new desktop!One thing for sure is I'm not gonna get windows 8 as an operating system,I choose windows 7!I've got windows 7 on one of my laptops and it seems to be much less confusing than windows 8,actually its not at all confusing!That's gonna have to be it for a few months so I can build back up my savings!Tomorrow I've got to make it to the YMCA,my pick up time to go there is a reasonable time,not till 12.06 for a 1pm arrival time :)!

7.21.13 around 4pm

I've booked all my rides 4 the wk.The thing that sux real real bad is the web site won't let me log on!I've called joint venture (the transportation co.) but they didn't seem to care so I emailed the mbta directly hopping there is something they can do!I've scooted to the store now I'm waiting for peapod to come with my order,they said btw 4.30-10 pm.

7.20.13 b4 noon

I had a real scare in the early morning hours.I woke up extremely disorientated and confused!I had no idea what day it was!I'd try to think of what the last thing I remember doing but I couldn't remember doing anything!I did remember a solution to the issue though,fire up my computer and check my on line calendar :) !That helped so much cause not only did I find what day it is but what I've got planed 4 the day 2 :)!

7.20.13 2.30-3 am

I woke up very early stressing cause I didn't know what day it was.I tried to employ all my strategies and still was unclear as to what day it was.That is just one example of how confused and disorientated  I can get from this tbi!Thanks to modern technology all I've got to do is look at my phone or go to my online calendar :)!

7.19.13 b4 noon

My foot was causing me way too much pain this morning to wear a sneaker and go to the YMCA :(!Got an appointment with my podiatrist on the 29th of this month.I can see the corn and its bigger than its ever been b4!I get angry with myself for not being able to deal with the pain and do my regular activates :(!

7.18.13 after 9pm

I had hics today!We had a couple Representatives from victims assistance come and speak about exactly what its about.KJ and I did what I needed to get done today :)!Ive got an appointment to see my podiatrist on the twenty ninth of this month!"The ride" is another story!We called and was told they will look into it!

7.18.13 b4 9am

I've got hics today and we are having some kind of in service I forget who is speaking but I do know its free food :)!I've gutta call my foot doctor today!My corn on my right foot looks like not just a corn but a whole garden growing out of my right little toe!I've also got to call "the ride"!My account seems to be locked cause they haven't put in the computer system that I did have my recertification!

7.17.13 after 11am

KJ has been over this morning,she helped me to get my Iphone to display large fonts!This way I can use it to check my ride times!I'm having major issues with "the ride's" web site though.It won't let me sign in to my account!I even tried with KJ here and it still didn't let me in!Then Peter (my new ot) was over and gave me some exercises to do to help my limbs get more ROM (range of motion)!

7.16.13 around 8pm

Hics was great today!The first group we talked about appropriate behavior!I've always had very appropriate behavior except when I just woke up from the coma!Just ask the poor nurses at the greenery in N.Andover!I quickly relearned what was appropriate and inappropriate!We had stress management group and peer tbi group!Peer tbi we did some more brain games!You should try some!Oh I forget (go figure) the web site but I think I posted it on a previous blog :)!Then I got home and remembered that Michaela(my homemaker) had said I need more cleaning supplies so I scooted 2 Wg's cause we live in Newengland,you never know if tomorrow could be a washout!Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at around 8.30 am then at 9.30 I'm gonna be starting ot:)!The great thing about this is the therapists come to me :) !

7.15.13 5.30-6 pm.

I've been able to do all my laundry today and Michaela (my homemaker)has been here too :).I gutta cook a couple turkey Berger's for dinna cause I took them out of the freezer yesterday!

7.14.13 after 8pm

I've really got to think about moving out of this place!There seems to be way too much drama here!Everyone seems to talk about everybody!My friend Lisa is getting bad moulted by some who live here and I don't like this shxt!

7.14.13 1.45-2 pm

I kinda slept in this morning :)!That's okay thou cause I think I booked all my rides yesterday!I wish the web site was working with my computer then I could check and make sure :(!Its gutta be something to do with my router or modem cause all my computers react the same way!I've gutta scoot to the store later maybe I'll try shutting them down while I do 2 c if they just need 2 rest!I gutta get my act in gear though I got laundry to do 2!

7.13.13 after 8pm

Today I've kept really busy!I paid the one bill I hate 2 pay,the irs,$372.00 OUCH!I booked all my rides 4 the upcoming week!Had a nice scoot 2 Wg's,I was able to get a coffee maker there!I'm hoping this one doesn't spring a leak!The only thing I gutta do tomorrow now is laundry ugg!

7.10.13 after 12pm

I've just had an interesting turn of events just happen!My door buzzer went off and I thought it was the pt!Turns out it was assistive technology with my assistive mouse adaptor!Its the same as I had in Scituate!I've just got to get used to it again and get it all dialed in so I get the most from it!Then the buzzer goes off again,this time it was an ot!He is gonna start helping me too :) !

7.10.13 close to 10am.

I've got my new physical therapist coming over this morning!That's my job now,to work on me!I'm gonna put the same effort forth as I did working at giant glass!The only thing is though my foot is causing me great discomfort!

7.9.13 after 5pm

I've been to hics today :)!We had some really great groups!I'm really getting into stress management!I'm finding all or most of the tools we are learning Ive been using 4 yrs!

7.8.13 around 6pm

I got the staples out today :)!The incision is covered but I can take that off tomorrow :)!They wanted to make sure I could do it myself so I had to reach my hands behind my back so they could tell I can do it :)!No more waiting 4 nurses who don't show :)!

7.5.13 after 3.30

I didn't go to the YMCA today cause I was waiting for my nurse who never showed!Now if I can't be here,I always at least call and tell them!I really can't make too much of a fuss about it though cause my benefits take care of the cost!I'll just mention it to the nurse tomorrow!Everyone wants to move out of here!I guess I'm gonna join the bandwagon too!I've already asked KJ to look into what it would take for me to move!This is still so much better than living in Scituate!Here I"m free :)!

7.4.13 around 3pm

Happy 4th!I hope everyone has a special cookout to go to!The nurse was over this morning and I gave her the instructions I got from the doctor that clearly says "needs visits only Monday,Wednesday,and Friday"!I do have the YMCA on those days but the nurse usually comes way b4 my pick up times to go to the YMCA so I think I'm safe :) !

7.3.13 730-8pm

I got this to work enough to post a blog :)!KJ was over today and she learned me how I can get notes on my iphone :)!I was able to create a note of my pick up time returning from today's appointment :)!That really went well!I still have the staples in but its healing well :)!I asked if the nurse could not come on Tuesday and Thursday and she said that was fine!Now my nurse will be here Mondays Wednesday and Friday! :) I got home and had to take a quick scoot to the store!Then Ive been rocking out to styx all afternoon :)!

7.2.13 after 7pm

The elevator has been broke most of the day!I saw an elevator technician working on it so I asked if I could use it I'm not gonna get stuck with a tech right there so I took this opportunity to scoot to Wgs and the store!Its gutta be fixed by tomorrow cause Ive got an appointment with dr Juric!Doctor who did my surgery!I am hoping he will stop having a nurse check my dressing everyday cause its making me miss activates I like to do!

7.1.13 after 8pm

What a busy day!First my very pretty young nurse came over and changed the dressing on the insizon from surgery she also helped me get my gold back around my neck!Thats very important to me surviving a broken 2nd cervical vertibrate (broken neck) back in 1980!The man from pt was here at the same time and he is gonna start working with me 2!The great thing this time,it will be here at my apartment :)!He is also looking in to getting me ot!He asked me what I have the most trouble with,I said "getting my hands to work together"' that's OT but we are gonna work on balance and stamina!Then I had to go to "the ride" main office to re certify!That was okay but LONG rides to and from,I didn't get home till after 8 pm!Now I gutta find something quick and easy for dinna:)

7.1.13 10.30-11AM

PdJ couldn't have been more right when he said "running your own life is a full time job"!I did not get a call from the vna so I called them but had to leave a vm!Shortly there after I got a call from the nurse!I find I have to stay right on top of things and by doing this,a long with the help of my computer,I'm very very successful living independently :)!