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My week ahead

Tomorrow is my day to rest but,I gutta do laundry!I checked my card and there is enough to do 4 loads! Im gonna find some time to scoot to walgreen's tomorrow too!I want to get a little cash for my hospital stays.I am getting a little nervous thou :~!Monday I go to granite medical to have my lab work done I didn't have time for when I saw my pcp!Tuesday KJ gonna make a home visit and help me pack up!It says bring comfoable cloths,Im thinkin sweets,gym shorts,t-shirts,tanks,one pair of jeans,slippers.why am I getting so nervous!I need a chill pill!:)


Tonight I baked up some fish sticks I got from the deli today!I was able to use my toaster oven too!Ive just got to remember to get some aluminum foil,tin foil!Save myself cleaning a tray!I tried to See if a neighbor had some but,nobodies home :(!

7.30 afternoon

Ive been to stop and shop only forgot to get $20 cash back!I hope my laundry card has value on it cause Ive only got $20 cash on me!I don't know if I'm gonna need cash at the hospitals!If my laundry card is good I think $20 will be okay at the hospitals but if I gutta use the twenty for laundry,Ill have to scoot to Walgreen's!


Late start this morning,I must have needed sleep!Today I go to the "y" for my workout!Im gonna miss working out cause dr.Juric said I must take two wks off after surgery :(!


I just updated all my info with my yahoo account!I can't believe it took me to just now to change my address from Scituate,I'm slipping,Im usually prompt with my internet stuff,geesh!


Hics was great today :)!I went there with one task I needed to do,call Nancy about getting home from the hospital after my surgery.I said to KJ I gutta call Nancy to find out when I'm gonna be discharged so I can book a ride!She says "dont worry bout that!Ill find out and book your ride"!Now they don't know when I'm gonna be discharged!Makes sence cause Ive got to heal!Hopefully I heal fast!Ive still gutta call to find out about the wireless network thou!Ive got such a great team of supports :)!


I had a great visit with dr.Juric!I was able to see and hold a pump similar to one he will implant in my abdomen!He also said all the disclaimers you gutta when your gonna have surgery!He said it was too early to attend my class reunion on the 5th :(,he said he could do it at a later date but,too many people have made too many plans for me to have this done,I just wouldn't feel right screwin up all the plans made for ME!Ive gutta take a two wk vacation from the "y" too!Risk of infection from the machines!I can go to the pool thou just not go in the water,that risk again!Small sacrifices for something that could help me a great deal :)!


KJ was here she helped me fill out a form for my surgery that I have to bring today at my dr.Juricappt.Ive gutta remember to ask if he thinks I would be able to attend my class reunion on August 5th!Ive also gutta make sure I can still do nautilus right away!


KJ makes her 2nd solo home visit then Ive got another doctor appt.this with the doctor thats gonna slice me open and insert the baclofin pump!This is the guy I gutta ask if Ill be able to go to my class reunion on the 5th!Hopefully he says no problem!I'm not worried bout how I feel cause Im a quick healer!Ive got to follow doctors orders thou!

7.26.11 afternoon

Late afternoon,hics was great today!DM and KJ both got my pocket calendar all straitened out,few!We had regular groups,nothing stands out to me now,I guess my surgery is occupying my whole mind right now!Oh yeah,I went to my PCP,Dr.Black,too!Just a b4 surgery ck up!I do have to call Colleen cause they wanted to do lab work but,Id end up missing my ride!Now that my pocket calendar is all up to date I started to use my on-line calendar again!Ive still got more to put in but it can be viewed at

7.25.11 pm

Im starting to get so confused about everything!My pocket calendar is not jiving with the trips Ive got booked with "the ride"!I just don't wanna "f" this up!


I got up at 5 this morning and went back to bed and slept til 10!Today I'm going to the "y" for my nauhtillis training then who knows,Im free,I can do whateva I want :)!

getting organized

Im tring to get myself all ready to pack all my needs to stay at Braintree rehab!First thing I found was my travel bag!Its like a soft suit case but it has different sections!Ive got a bag for my netbook,maybe that can also store my cd player :)!

finished my laundry

I got my wash all done 4 the wk!All folded and put on hangers!Thats the hard part,folding and hangering!See my right and left hands,sides of my body,don't work together,actually fight each other,makes it very hard to do fine motor skills!I CAN do it thou :)!


Today is my day off but,running my life I can't take an intire day off!I'm waiting for the pool to open then,its Sunday,Ive got to do laundry!Maybe for dinna tonight Ill have chicken Alfredo!Ive just got to take out the chicken breasts and read the instructions on the back of the alfredo package cause I forget how I used to make it (go figure)!

Dinna tonight

Ive still gutta make my fettachinie alfreado but,Im a little tired tonight so I'm thinkin bout havin the chicken tenders I got today!Just gutta nuke those up :)!

just thinking

Im hoping the ss hospital has a wireless network so everyone can follow my jouney with me as I do all that I can to get the best of this nasty tbi!I know Braintree hosp has one,just have to get the pass key!I was there one of my many times when a lady asked the gaurd for it.He didn't know it but was able to find someone who did :)!


Shopping went okay,its just things are so expensive!Just for one week I spent btw $80-90,thats just 4 me!Now I'm relaxing in my very nice and clean apartment :)!


Its been steaming out,Ive just been going places with ac!Today Im going to stop and shop in Braintree Mass to food shop and check on meds!Without even looking at my list,I need catsup,meds I need simvastation:)!Ill bring my list thou but,not bad memory!:)

7.22.11 pm

I was talking with this guy at the "y" today who has a baclofin pump in his back!He said all of his involutary movements have stopped!I don't know what his dissability is but,great news!He is in a wheelchair thou,and I forget his name (go figure),he also said no pain during and since the surgury :)!

new browser

I downloaded a new browser,google chrome,I think!Just another thing to stimulate my brain!Not to confuse me,just to really get me to think and work on my skills,hopefully not my problem solving skills :)!

I'm stress free

I'm free of all my stress about my rides being booked correctly for my surgery!DM
and KJ are making sure this dosn't get "fed" up anymore :)!Ive been kinda active in a group on fb,friends of yahoo 360!I posted,I really only used 360 for my blog!I told of tyring many others then I found (thanks to Kelly)blogspot!I said I share it with fb!Lets just hope blogspot remains free!

more confusion

Not being able to write legibly is a real problem!SS hospital called this morning to make an appointment 4 me to have an EKG!I cant write so I just gave then hics tel #,hope I did the right thing!

Getting nervous

I guess its just hiting me now,Im havin surgery!Its gonna help me but,there is so many things Ive gutta do and not do!Booking my rides has me very nervous,I already screwed up once,I dont wanna again!Ive gutta be me,get my head straight,its all gonna work out just fine!Still a little nervous.

7.20.11 PM

My mtg at hics went very very well!Im doin everything well but,I do have to be less impulsive with ordering things on-line with my mastermoney card!Ive set up a savings account,when I purchase an item sometimes I transfer money from my savings to my cking!I guess 3 months in a row is a bit much ,again had perfect attendance :)!Then I went to the derby st shops,there is a yankee candle shop there!I was able to get my smelly shxt there and the nice cashier gave me a coupon to use for this purchase!I got a bunch of coupons for ycs that can be used anywhere yc are sold :)!Tomorrow at hics we are gonna take the fenway park tour!

7.20.11 almost noon

Today Ive got an ISP meeting at hics!ISP = individual sevice program!Thats where we go ova my goals,make new goals,the great staff at hics then figures out ways to help me archive these goals!I'm such a lucky guy to be associated with hics!

final home visit

DM just made his final home visit!He is the best case manager I eva had!He helped me achieve my freedom!Helping me to get my own place!I will say my last place,my brother did try to understand my tbi but,not at all my cancer!That's one of the many reasons I finally feel free now :)!DM deserves my deepest gratitude!Thank-you DM.

7.19.11 evening

I'm going to the derby st. shops in Hingham tomorrow night with hics!Ive never been there b4!We are gonna eat and maybe shop a little but,its Hingham!I grew up in Scituate,two or one town over,I think of Hingham as expensive!Still its a night out!

7.19.11 afternoon

Hics was very mind stimulating :) !We had groups current issues,peer tbi,team building!I learned something in c i but I cant fish it out now but,I know I learned somethin!We had peer tbi and team building and in tb KJ had us work as a team tring to figure out who was playing what position on a baseball team given a list of clues,we all shared our clues with one another,it was kinda like just eliminating names from the clues we got but I figured out for our team the third baseman :)!Time ran out and we had to stop but we will pick it up another time!
Im thinking of scooting to the hardwear store to get some of those funky light bulbs!


I wish I could take credit for authering my fb post "people forget what you did,forget what you said but,never forget how you made them feel" but,I stole it from a fb friend!Ive got hics today :)!

7.18.11 pm

Im lovin the comments Im getting on fb about my post of people never forget how you made them feel!Patty Ill never forget how great and important YOU make me feel :)!Ive just got to say to all who thought I couldn't make it in my own place by myself,and I know who you are.IN YOUR FACE!

7.18.11 evening

Well I didn't "f" up todays phone c
all :)!I was sharing with Lisa about me not to be alone after the surgery and she said "I can stay with you"!Thats so so nice to know I have people in my bld ready to help me if I need it :)!

7.18.11 afternoon

PdJ said to all of us at hics its a full time job taking care of yourself!Well with me its two jobs!I received the call from ss hospital and it caused some momentary confusion!They wanted to make sure of my meds,Ive gutta fast the night b4 then the momentary confusing part.She said I cant be alone for I think a couple days after the surgery!Then I rememberedI'm going to Braintree hospital after the surgery!Wow I surprise myself sometimes!They were supposed to call between 2 and 2.30!I got the call at 1.54!Good thing I made sure my phone had a good charge and I could hear the ringer :)!


Ive gutta also remember I'm getting an important phone call on my cell at 2-2.30!Ive called my cell to make sure I can hear it ringing,Ill tell whoeva I work with bout it too!Im sure its gonna work out just fine,optomistic me :)!

7.17.11 pm

Ive had a productive and incomplete day!I went to the pool,used my cd player,took a dip!Made a couple bergers for dinna!I could only book my rides through Tuesday thou cause they have to recognize the $100. I paid the "T"!Hopefully tomorrow they will!I have it in my mind Im getting an important phone call on my cell tomorrow around 2 pm!I don't want to "f" this up any more than I have already!


Lets see,today Ive been to the pool,booked what I could of my rides.I added value to my account on Friday,they have yet to recognize the $100. I put on it but Monday and Tuesday got booked!They usually get it on Monday!

Food shoppin

I made a major misstake at stop and shop today!I always go to the pharmacy to get all my meds!They usually take some time to fill them so I do my shopping then check out there,no lines no waiting!I always get cash back or most of the time I do.I thought I asked for $20 cash back.I forgot to ask for it!I get home serching for the $20!I look at my recipt and sure enough it says $20. cash back!I call the pharmacy,state my claim,they said they missed it but,they will have it in an envelope for me,I said Ill be in next Saturday for it!Not bad problem solving for someone with a tbi :)!

great afternoon

Lissy was ova with Joel and I had an outstanding visit with them both!Lissy was able to cut my toe nails AGAIN for me and also helped me to pick out my next phone!Its a droid something I think,its in my favorites thou!Joel got me to the place I got the last 2 vids I posted!Lissy has done well,I like him :)!Lissy has a tat on her foot thats a dove and it says GRAM!That was what all my kids called my mother!She loved them very much,they loved her very much too,it shows!

'F' up

I really 'F'ed up!I was supposed to book a trip to ss hosp for an appt. dealing with having the backlophin pump put in my spine!I had KJ print me out a copy and email me it!Now I gutta wait a month to do it again!From now on,when Ive gotta book anything special,Ive gotta do it as soon as I find out everything I need to know geesh!

7.14,11 pm

Hics was great today!We had normal groups of current issues,peer tbi,activaties group I think!Peer tbi was like it used to be where we share different stradigies of copping with a tramatic brain injury!Great job KJ :)!That was the way we did it that made it my favorite group :)!Im tring to remember exactly how this went down but,we were talking about acceptance,I think it was said who does the best on accepting the tbi.Everone said Jamie!Made me feel kinda good!I accept what has happend to me but,I will never give in to this awefull tbi!I look at what I struggle with and try to think of ways to make it less of a struggle :)!


Ive got kinda alot goin on!I have to go to the south shore hospital and stay overnight to have the baclophin pump put in!I just get kinda nervous bout transportation!I sure KJ will write all that I need to know in my pocket calendar!

my day

Ive had a great day!It started with an EARLY morning home visit from DM and KJ!My check finally came so I paid all my bills I could which is all of them :)!Then I went to the "y" then hics (rec) casino night!KJ was dealing blackjack so that's what I did all night!I wasn't a big winner but I sure had tons of fun :)!

found it:)

I found my portable cd player!Thats the thing when DM saw it he said "whats this",hes Kennys age,you would think young adults that age would know but I guess they wouldn't even know what a walkman is!Now I can listen to my cd's at the pool!The new electronics,my mp3 players just don't hold a charge!Now if my ck would get deposited I could breath a little wasyer!

7.12.11 eve

Seems I'm always waiting for one thing or another!I'm still waiting 4 my ck and now I'm waiting 4 my pick up times to be posted!I booked them a little different 4 tomorrow!Instead of booking an arrival time 4 rec tomorrow,I booked a departure from home!Thats cause I go to the "y" b4 I go to hics!I think I'm bein pretty smart :)!

7.12.11 evening

I had a great time at the Rox game :)!They won!I think the past 3 yrs we went to the rox,they won :)!I'm sweating out waiting 4 my ck to be deposited into my account but,nothing yet :(!

7.11.11 afternoon

I just had a fantastic workout!Sheryl has me working with Monica,she is showing me how to set the machines up :)!I want to be as independent as I can!My check is supposed to be direct deposited tomorrow,I need it!Then I can get some needed items like light bulbs!I have to get a specific kind!Ill have to go to the hardware store next to the apt complex!

7.10.11 evening

Dinna was great!I love the way a George Foreman grill cooks the meat!I was scooting back from wg's today and this lady asked me if I had to get up from my scooter on all the speed bumps in the complex.I do cause I don't want to tip over!Then she got inquistive,what happened to me,how and when!She said "thats too bad cause your a hansome guy!Ive been told that b4 but,WHAT GOOD DOES BEING THIS WAY DO?I still am having trouble getting a lady to hang out with me,geesh!

todays accomplshments

Ive booked most of my rides,done all my laundry,scooted to Walgreen's!now to make dinna!I have to cook the burger I took out of the freezer yesterday b4 it goes bad,Alfredo sauce will have to wait :(!

7.10 aftternoon

Ive been to the pool,booked most of my rides for the week!Ive got to find a better way to stimulate my brain at the pool!My mp3 player doesn't seem to be holding a charge.I guess its back to the old way of using my portable cd player,its great to have options :)!

What to do

I'm thinkin of what I can do tomorrow!I think Ill try to sleep passed 7!That's hard for me cause I wake up so happy that I woke up,I guess you would have had to experience a little of what I have to understand but,it is hard 4 me.I think Ill scoot to the ice cream place (I forget the name(go figure)and get a coffee shake!They are $5 but they are sooooo good!Sounds like a plan,so Ill get up wheneva,slowly enjoy a couple large cups of coffee,do laundry,then scoot to get a shake!

7.9.11 afternoon

Food shopping went well!I was able to get Alfredosauce but I couldn't find the right kind of pasta so I just got elbowmacaroni!I have some chicken breasts too,if I plan it right,tomorrows dinna will be chicken Alfredo!


Today I go to stop and shop in Braintree Mass TO check on my meds and food shop!I have a list but Im gonna make a new list cause the thing I really want isn't on it!Fettichinnealfrado,I think Ive branded that in my brain but I do forget things from time to time :)!


I'm going food shopping tomorrow and I couldn't remember the name of this pasta dish I had on Wednesday night so I called Lisa and she had no clue after I explained what its like.Bobby knew right away!Ive got to find some Alfredosauce tomorrow :)!


Today I'm going to the "y" for my Nautilus training,its kinda crappy outside so its not a pool day but,the weather report 4 the weekend is promising!I think tomorrow and Sunday will be sun worshipping days :)!

7.7.11 pm

Its getting to be a little morbid logging on to fb!I learned today another friend has passed!Joe Bird,I remember playing puck (ice hockey) with Joe many times on many teams!Jesus please take good care of Joe!

7.5.11 pm

Ive had a great day!Hics was fantastic today even AS ran the last group of the day!I dont think she's run a group in months!Last week it was CM,this week its AS!They both do very well running groups,I guess I missed it but it was good to see them both back in action!DM is makin a home visit tomorrow and KJ commin too!This will be KJ's 2nd trip ova here but,I had to make sure the place looks good!It pretty much always is clean but I ran the vac and wiped the counters anyway!My rides for tomorrow dont look good!They have me at the "y" for under an hour!Gonna think this through but probally gonna have to cancell my trips to and from the "y" :(!


Im gonna start my holiday by going to the pool for the 1st time this yr!Karen said she would be down by there around 1 pm I think then we will start our 4thfestivities!

What did I do today?

I know Ive had a great day but,what the fxxk did I do?I think I checked out the grill by the pool,spoke,yes SPOKE with Lissy!Everything is a text now a days its great to actually speak to my young adults!I made a great burger for dinna!I was fbing,came across a friends status that said "chillin with the hubby and father in law"!I know her hubbys father so I posted on her wall "tell Jim I say HELLO"!Ive done well today finding things on the internet and posting on fb to make you all aware about brain injury.Ive had a very good and productive day :)!


Well Lissy couldent make it over today :( but,she is comin tomorrow :)!I checked out the grill by the pool and its not good at all!I don't think its good enough to cook on :(!Ive gutta look into getting an habachi (misspelled probally but,thats how it sounds)!They used to be cheap,used to be!


I got a text from Lissy asking if its alright to come ova tomorrow!I don't have the "y" cause of it the holiday and I hope to have a small cookout here!What a great chance to show off my youngest young adult :)!


Ive gotta work my brain and remember what happend today!I went food shoppin and stayed well within budget!I spoke with a few niehbors about having a small cookout here on Monday,one said sure!What can I bring and another really didn't seem that interested!I texted Lissy and she is gonna come ova tomorrow :)!Maybe Ill go to the pool tomorrow morning,I found my sun stuff :)!


I'm having such a great day :)!I went out to a free lunch at the fours in Quincy with DM,KJ,CD,for wining the contest of picking the winner of the stanley cup in the right number of games!I also spoke with KJ,my new casemanager about me changing or adding a goal for me!Just me being myself,I want to be able to workout at the "y" by myself,without a volunteer to have to set the machines up for me!KJ also works out at the "y" so I asked if she would go with me,access my ability to set up and move around the gym safely!I also spoke with Sheryl about it too and she didn't know I wanted to be able to do it all myself but,after me telling her KJ's name she said sure!She also had the very pretty Madelyn work with me and show me how to set up the machines easily!Anyone notice I rememberedMadelyn's name,may not know how to spell it but,I remembered it :)!