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9.30.13 7.40-8pm

I haven't been blogging much cause its kinda challenging using widows 8!I got another email from dell saying they can't get the part I NEED for my desktop so I got right on the phone with Dell and reordered a video card!

9.23.13 after 6,30 pm

I had pt this morning and I was doing my balance exercises,Chris saidto me,he was impressed the first time I did one of them,I did it without holding on to anything!That exercise seems easy to me though but I can see how easy it would be to loose my balance while doing them,basically deep knee bends :)!NO hics tomorrow a water pipe burst,seems like a lot of that is happening.First the YMCA now hics!I've already spoken with Lisa,we are gonna do brunch tomorrow :)!

9.22.13 around 7pm

I kinda sleptt in this morning!When I cleared all the cobwebs out of my head,I booked my rides 4 the week,scooted 2 the store,that is about all I've done today!Tomorrow I've got pt at 10am,I've got to do my laundry too!Then at 4pm my homemaker comes!Now 2 make a late dinna :)!

9.21.13 5-5,30 pm

Lisa and I ended up going to the ice cream place next to technical park drive!We sat outside and had our treates :)!Now time to make some dinna!I've got lots 2 choose from cause I got my S&S order this morning but I'm thinkin of nuking some Tyson chicken tenders :)!

9.20.13 5,50-6PM

I'm having a difficult time with Dell!The land line was ringing this morning and it came up on the caller id as an 800 number!I don't answer those calls but this time it was Dell!They said my order is Delayed again and to call this  number if I still want it!Be sure to have your cust. id and order  number and call b4 the end of the day.That presented numerous problems 4 me cause of my inability to write so I asked Lisa if she could come up andhelp me by listening 2 the vm and writing down the order numbers!She did and I just received a confirmation email from Dell with a new delivery date which I can't remember now (go figure) but I've got the email so I can just read it again :) !

9.19.13 afrer 8.30pm

Hics was great today :)!In game group we were kinda planning what kinds of games we would do,I suggested!I've just gutta visit the site and find the games that really make us get a good brain workout!Trivia always gives my brain a good workout cause I know the answer to most questions but I've got to find the answer in my brain then move it so I can verbalize it!That's what got injured in my brain,the moving of information to different parts of my body!I guess its the neutrons and I forget what the receivers are called but that is my main issue.Tomorrow I've got pt @ 10 am and Dell said I'm gonna get my video card tomorrow!If I can I'll take pics of the whole  process so you can all see the inside of a computer!

9.18.13 11am-12pm

KJ has been over and she showed me something really cool!I can text with my I phone by speaking into it :)!I've gutta speak very clear and enunciate well though or it won't understand!I'm not gonna do rec tonight cause I'm being thrifty!

9.13.13 6.30-7 pm

Ive had pt and did a lot of walking with my cain!I just get so frustrated by getting so tired so quickly :(!I then scooted to Wg's with Lisa walking but forgot to get something to relieve the  pain in my sinuses :(!Tomorrow Lisa and I are gonna go back to Wg's and she will help meget something 4 this pain!Then we're gonna do D&D's 4 brunch :).

9.11.13 after 5pm

I've been able to order a video card 4 my desktop from Dell!KJ was over this morning and she was able to read all the numbers on the service tag,I made a file in notepad  so I could read them,called dell got free next day shipping :) !That just means it leaves the warehouse the next day!I should see the card Monday or Tuesday of next week!I think its pretty basic to install!I also paid a few of my bills but its hard doing this without my desktop!All my information is stored in my desktop!I've got one more bill left to pay besides rent,my mass health premium,that's cause I've got a file with my account number on it and I just copy and paste on the payment page!

9.11.13 around 4pm

I'm fighting a sinus headacheand its winning :(!I went to wg's this morning too and forgot to get something 4 this among other things I forgot!Next trip I gutta remember to get emeprosole,duncan donuts french vanilla ground coffee,french vanilla coffee creamer!I did remember to get my fish oil tablets though.

9.9.13 after 8pm

My meeting went very good today :) !KJ did a great job preparing for this!I'm really a lucky guy to have the network of support I've got with KJ leading the way :)!I've really gutta research about something to help my corns on my feet,I've missed way too much time cause of those nasty things!Tomorrow I'm going to castle island with hics :) !I'm taking "the ride" to and from there!I'm gonna do the same Wednesday night when I go bowling with hics!

9.8.13 5-6 pm

I wasn't sure about my scooter so I just went to the store!I'll see how it dose after a full charge tonight!I can go get my learners permit now:).I'm thinking I should get a motorcycle permit too but I guess first things first!Barbs,if Bill got my bike,you will be seeing me lots after I get some real wheels :)!Tomorrow I've got an individual service program(isp) meeting with hics!We go over my goals,what I've accomplished and what needs to be continued and new goals!

9.8.13 1.45-2 pm

The power level on my scooter was reading very low so I didn't want to chance running out of juice!I found  one of the wires loose on my charger cord,I secured it,now letting it charge 4 a little while then I'll scoot 2 Wg's with Lisa :)!

9.7.13 about noon

I think I know what the problem with my desktop is,the video card seems to be bad!My laptop ran my monitor so I know that is okay,I think that is a job I can do!I've just gutta wait till my check comes in and call dell and order the part!

9.6.13 just after 12 pm

I've had pt this morning and I was able to walk the whole distance from my building to where I would catch a ride with just a cain :)!That really tired me out though!I connected my keyboard from my desktop to my laptop so to make it much more comfortable typing without having to lift my arms up  so much the blood flows out of them :)!

8.5.13 after 3pm

I've taken off the covers on my desktop and saw nothing  out of place so I just made sure the video card was seated well!I put it back together and tried it,same thing :(!Its hard  4 me to take it someplace cause no licence but I did speak with Lisa and she said she would drive me!


I had a bad migraine headache last night and they wipe me out for days!My monitor is not working with my desktop :(!I was able to connect  my older laptop to it and it did work so I don't need a new monitor!I'm thinking I'll take the cover off  and inspect around the port!Hopefully its something simple cause I have no place to take it anymore :(!

8.3.13 around 5pm

I'm not trying to jump too far ahead of myself but I'm gonna get my licence back I'm determined!This means I NOT only gutta buy a small pick up truck but I'm gonna have to pay insurance too!I was paying insurance on my motorcycle cause it was financed through a bank,so I had to have full coverage on it!I was a step 21 on unsafe driver points too!Its time to start collecting all the money I'm owed!

9.3.13 around noon

Great news!I did part one of the driving eval and she said I should get my learners permit and call a driving school to get used to driving again :)!This was much different that any test I had b4!There computer simulated situations I needed to brake and accelerate for,much more difficult but I passed :)!

9.2.13 after 8.30 pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna be taking part 1 of the driving evaluation!This will be the 3rd time I've done part 1!The first time my tremors just went wild on me so I couldn't go on to part 2!I've since had the backlophin pump surgically put in my stomach and I'm told my tremors are greatly lessened!The second time she said my eyes were not working together good enough to drive!Since then I've been to a nurooptomologist,he prescribed some glasses to help them to work together!I'm doing everything I can to get my license back,Jesus,please be with me tomorrow and see me go on to part two

9.1.13 after 9pm

I'm trying to get used to my assisted mouse adapter again!It slows down the cursor and the way of double clicking and single clicking.It will just take time again!I GFed a double and a single cheese turkey burgers 4 dinna tonight!Its starting to come back to me(cooking with my George Forman grill (gf)!I used to be able to cook great dinnas with George :)!Laundry is gonna wait till tomorrow,its too late to start it now!

9.1.13 around 4pm

Can you believe its September already?Time is flying by!Today I've been able to do a great trim job on my beard,book my rides 4 the week,scoot to the store and get caught in a down poor!Its only water though,I'll dry:)!