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11.30.13 b4 noon

I've gutta plan my day,I've  gutta take a cold scoot to Wg's to get what I forgot yesterday,then I'm thinknin of trying again to connect that wire to my new video card that became disconnected!The only thing is if things don't go right,I  get so frustrated!

11.28.13 8.45-9.30PM

I've had the bestest Thanksgiving!I've been able to spend great qt with all my young adults and my grandson :)!I can't say enough about Denise too!She made me feel so welcome and made sure all my needs were attended to!Kenny came down early and put the video card in my desktop but I think I knocked a wire off so its not working yet :( !I've got pics I took but without my desktop I've got issues downloading them!I'm gonna have to try another puter!Tomorrow is a day off but I think I'm gonna have to scoot to Wg's to pick up some stuff and call Lisa cause I'm sure she wants to walk :)!

11.26.13 around 3pm

I didn't do hics today cause around the time I was to be picked up I just couldn't get out of my own way!In times like this its better to not go cause I could do something stupid like forget my keys,not blow out a candle,forget my phone or fanny pack!I needed to pick up some meds at WG's so that is what I did this morning.

11.22.13 5.30pm

 I had pt this morning for the last time until  my benefits will pay for it again!I think after one year I can do it again.NO changes as far as what I'm approved to do :(!I'M still supposed to use the walker in public but you know me,I'll use whatever I feel comfortable with!I had a home visit from KJ that went real well.I'm thinking about moving out of this place and I'm looking at Mediterranean woods in Weymouth!I'VE always had a balcony in any apt I've lived at,I miss that and at mw they have that.:)

10.20.13 around 8.30pm

Tonight at hics we saw the movie white house down!I highly recommend this flick!Its got action,thrills,compassion!I really got in to the relationship between one star and his daughter!I can really live those feelings being the father of two girls!You dont want to see your girls get hurt in any way and you've gutta protect them at all costs!

8.20.13 around 10am

KJ had car troubles this morning and couldn't make it over but I accomplshed the one task I needed to myself,pay off dell financial!It wasn't easy,getting lost in the automated phone system,not being understood,just a pain in the axs but its done!

11.18.13 10.30-11 am

Chris called this morning and said he couldn't make it today so I'll just do my balance exercises and take a walk in the hallway using no assistance, walker or cain!Goal check,living totally independent-made!Driving-passed driving eval,just have to get learners permit and spend some money for driving school!Relationship-getting my hopes up that the very pretty Darcy is interested in being in a relationship with me :).

11.16.13 12.30-1 pm

I'm still thinking about what a great time I had last night!See DL suffers from a similar neurological disease similar to a tbi but different!I was able to share things with Darcy and she totally understood how it made me feel!I really can't explain how great it was to spend qt with Darcy :)!

11.14.13 5-6pm

I didn't do hics today cause I thought I had to do my re-certification for my apartment!This is one instant the tbi got the better of me.I got a call from the office the other day moving it up till Friday,I had it in my pocket calendar as yesterday,yesterday the office was closed,so I figured I BETTER do it today.Well Anne had called me and told me of this but I must have forgot.I've gutta learn from this so I'm gonna learn to try and write these kind of things in my pocket calendar or make a note on my iPhone then put it in my yahoo calendar!I can't f up and not learn something!


Look at the date today!Many people planned their wedding day for today simply cause it will be easy to remember anniversary's :)!I had hics today,we had our bowling tournament!I really didn't bowl my best but I had tons of fun :) !Hics got pizza 4 us all too :)!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit then I've got to re certify my lease with ramblewood then if time works out go bowling again with hics:)


What a date!Today is the day to do anything you need to remember the date you did it on like getting married!Today at hics we had our bowling tournament.I didn't bowl my best but I had tons of fun :)!The progrms bought pizza too :)!Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit then I gutta scoot to the office to do rectification paperwork then,if I'VE got enough time,go  bowling again with hics :)!

11.10.13 4-5 pm

I've booked all my rides for the wk.I've gutta start at the begining thou!I got up and was FREE to do a very good trim job on my beard.I then booked all my rides,went to the store with Lisa.We were gonna go to Wg's but it seemed like rain so we just went to the store!I've gutta get to wg's though cause mikeala said she needs a mop and cleaners!I'm doing my laundry now!

11.8.13 8-9pm

DL got in touch with me through fb and it looks like tomorrow will be the day the pretty young lady is gonna visit :).She doesn't make the trip to Mass often so I'm very happy out of all the people she could visit she wants to see me :) !

11.8.13 1.-1.15 pm

I've had pt this morning and worked on walking without any assistance,cain or walker :) !Chris thinks I do very well its just that I seem to get so fatigued so quickly :(!I've also scooted to Wg's now I'm waiting in great anticipation for a call from DL :)!

11.7.13 9.30-10pm

I'm so excited!Tomorrow I've got pt at 10 am then I'm gonna scoot to D&D'S with Lisa,then a very pretty lady from my past is gonna come over and visit :)!I'll bet its been close to 30yrs since I've had the opportunity to spend qt with DL!I remember seeing this lady do some amazing things at Cohassett winter gardens in Cohassett Mass!I'd be just arriving to get changed to play hockey and she would be on the ice doing jumps and spins real fast ones too.Its gonna be so great to see her !

11.7.13 after 6pm

I've been to hics today and I forget how we got on the topic of social media but,I said social Media is here to stay!Oh I know,we were in current events,talking about the twitter IPO!Fb has given me the opportunity to get in touch with many of old friends I went to school with,graduated with,grew up with,people I hung with!Not overlooking all the tbi survivors I've met through fb!I share my blog with fb hopping to reach more people, to offer support and  be an inspiration to all!Hopefully maybe one person a month will read it and say to themselves well if he can do it,I'm gonna!I post things trying to increase tbi awareness and education!I hope that was the direction Jesus was pointing me to!

11.6.13 around 11am

KJ  has made a home visit and she brought some sample questions for a learners permit exam!Things have changed since I've taken a test 4 a learners permit but that was back in the mid 70's!I have the manual on line from the  registry,I've really gutta read it!Then I'll test my reading comprehension,which I'm sure is affected from my tbi!Still its something I WANT so there is no stopping me :)!

11,1 ,13 10,30 am

Chris,my pt,called this morning and said he couldn't make it today so I'll just practice walking with no assistance in the halls outside my apartment myself!I'm thinking of taking a scoot to Wg's too :) !