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8.16.17 around 9pm

I've had a great day!KJ made a home visit this morning and helped me to pay off my amazone chase visa card! Then tonight I met hics at Castle island in S.Boston Ma. I got a chance to try my new cam in my new Iphone! I can't take the credit for the pics though. KJ saw me having issues getting my hands working together and offered to take some pics for me :)!

8.12.17 after 9pm

I scooted to Wg's today and forgot coffee,coffee creamer and dinna stuffs! I'm gonna try not doing a peapod order this month! I've got the means to but I've gutta use up the things I have! Needless to say I've gutta go back tomorrow! I've also gutta do that urine collection tomorrow!

8.11.17 after 6.50pm

My new Iphone came this afternoon :)! So I've been checkin it out and loading all my stuff from my old Iphone! It's really kinda simple cause I just connect it to my desktop and everything gets transferred from the last backup! Now I gutta do dinna :)! 

8.8.17 around 9.50am

I just got a landline from "the ride" asking if I can get there myself! I knew I'd have trouble this morning cause all last night the web site listed me as waitlist! That means I'm put on willcall the day of my trip! My luck with this is not food :(! good typo

8.5.17 around 11am

I'm sleeping very well I believe my ribs are all healed up :)! Tomorrow is gonna be a day I've gutta stay home to do a 24 hr urine collection for the kidney doc. It's kinda complicated with all the steps it requires to do it properly, KJ helped me to understand  what I've gutta do and when but I'm still very anxious about it! Two things I'm prone to forget are, shake the jug up before pouring in the tube I send off and write start and stop times! There is more I've gutta remember too like putting the preservative in before and the thing it came in, record the amount for 24hrs. I'm telling you leading my life is a full time job to do it successfully :)!

8.1.17 around 9pm

I did hics today :)! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna meet hics at the Clambox in Quincy for dinna and planning! I'm hoping a good band is playing across the street for the Wollaston concert series!