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2.25.18 around 2pm

It's Sunday the day I've chosen as my day off! I really don't get any days off though cause I've gutta focus on every little thing I do! I mean even pouring a cup of coffee, if I didn't focus hard on all the steps to complete this task correctly I'd end up getting the coffee all over the place! When you live with tbi you've gutta be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses,fine motor skills is a major weakness for me :(! 

2.23.18 after 5.30pm

I got the date I'm gonna have surgery! 3/14/18 at 1.30 pm! Its only gonna be day surgery and he said I could use "the ride" but I think I should see if KJ could get me after the surgery! Now I think of things I should have asked like about how long it's gonna take,what time will I be released from day surgery!

2.21.18 after 11.10am

KJ has been by and it was so so good to see her! She had pneumonia! The thing she does that's so important for me is to write all my appts in my pocket calendar! I am able to do it in a pinch but this way I can read it clearly and I know it's accurate! 

2.20.18 around 3pm

I'm even watching curling at the olympics now! I understand the sport I've just got issues understanding why it's called a sport! It looks more like a game to me! I really enjoy the competition of the olympics!The participants are called athletes too!  

1.19.18 12-1pm

I've gutta get my tail going and start laundry! I'm just a little concerned about this chest pain!I've got to think it's from my busted ribs! I'm wearing my lifeline just in case it's not!

2.18.18 around 3pm

I scooted to the store and no tips and didn't get stuck in the snow at all :)! Some ramps had ice,slush,and snow on them but I was able to power through those obstacles :)! My battery life seems to last longer on this scooter! I made an afternoon cup of coffee, time to settle down and watch the olympics :)! 

.2.18.18 around 1.20pm

I've been having issues navigating to where I can post a blog this morning!So I restarted my modem, did an error check, now it seems to be okay :)! Today I've gutta get my tail to the store. I think I'll watch the olympics after!

2.16.18 around 6.45pm

I paid all my bills today including the bills I've had issues paying in the past! I paid myself 1st for sure! I do well on ssdi cause they go by the amount you made your last full year of working! My last year was 2001! I made close to $150.000 that year so I'm able to live quite comfortably :)!Its still low income though! I also did a peopod order thats coming tomorrow btw 3.30-9 pm! Now I gutta see what I've got to nuke for dinna :)!

2.15.18 around 8pm

Today I met hics at the south shore mall(plaza)! I wanted to get some fudge but I stopped at Godiva candy and got a few candies! I didn't get enough though, it was gone b4 I got home! I went from there to Braintree rehab to get my Botox shots. Then I had my driver drop me at the store, it was dark out by this time! I tipped over on my scooter :(! I was able to right my scooter and continue on my way but someone called the emergency and I had two fire trucks come to see if I was okay and needed any help!  I've gutta be much more careful entering the ramps getting on these sidewalks!

2.14.18 nearing 2pm

No KJ today she's out,feel beta KJ! No rec tonight too! The laundry needs to be done but I'm gonna look and see if it can wait till Monday. My check cleared so I've got $, I gutta pay bills still. I paid myself though,that's the 1st bill every month :)!

2.12.18 around 12.30pm

I've been to see the doctor today!He did a pretty thorough exam! I always get my vitals checked by any doctor I see but I got weighed,he listened to my breathing everything was good! He kept on saying how great it was to work with KJ regarding my matters! I was able to have my driver on the return trip drop me at Wg's so now I've got plenty of food stuffs to eat:)! I got the box of protein shakes too! Who needs a list :)! 

2.12.18 around 8.45am

Today I'm going to the doctor who told me I had Barrets disease! He suggested I change the way I take a med and so far no fires in my throat! I gutta ask my driver on the return trip to drop me off at Wg's so I can finally get my needs, if I can remember them. I should make a list in notes on my Iphone but this survivor likes to work his brain to remember on my own :)! 

2.11.18 after 7.45pm

I've been watching the olympics on tv  all day :)!It's great to see these athletes competing not for $ but for their country and the thrill of victory! I saw ladies ice hockey,USA vs Norway, these chicks can skate! Speed skating and ice dancing. I enjoy the spirit of competition! Tomorrow I gutta do laundry and find a way to squeeze in a Wg's scoot!  

2.10.18 10.30-11pm

My homemaker made an appearance today :)! It's great to have all my floors mopped and counters wiped and rugs vacuumed! I never made it to Wg's though,I did do all my trips for next week! It's a good thing I get my check next Tuesday! I added $20 to my ride account cause it is getting way low! Tomorrow I gutta get my tail to Wg's just to get some food stuffs! My issues with my throat seems to have calmed way down :)! I no longer live from throat lozenges to lozenger  :)!

around 11.15am

I forgot (go figure) to share about my new echo show. Last night I said "Alexia show me episodes of "happy days"! I went to sleep last night watching the Fonz and the gang!Trivia question for ya; What was the run off from Happy days staring   Scott Bio? I've still got a lot of functions to explore on  my show;)!

2.10.18 after 11am

Today I've got homemaker service around noon, if it happens! Then I'm planning to do a Wg's scoot! It seems my throat soreness is under control! I just had to adjust my omeprazole totaking one in the morning then eat something(very important) and go about my normal routine. 

2.9.17 9.30-10pm

I just said "Alexia play 100.7 Boston classic rock" and pink Floyd comes on,so cool ;)! Tomorrow if the weather is compatible I'll scoot to Wg's to pick some stuffs up! When songs come on Alexia I try and work my brain by remembering who the artist is! I'm pretty good at it too! Thats cause when I worked at Settles Glass, in the shop, the guys and I used to always ask each other when a song came on the radio who is it!  

2.9.18 after 8.15pm

I'm just getting into my new amazon echo show. I've gutta separate  this from my Amazon echo though! When I call out Alexia, they get confused! I think I'll make the amazon echo show my bedroom smart device! Can't wait till Bri get her show spot! The spot is much smaller than the show so she'll be able to take it with her anywhere! The only thing that's needed is a wireless network for Alexia to be able to reach her optimum functioning!  

2.9.18 close to 6pm

I took a scoot to the store but I was expecting a delivery from amazon to come! I didn't know if it was coming fedx, UPS, or USPS! This was around 4pm, which is the time the carrier usually drops my mail! I saw the mail truck on the scoot home, stopped and asked if he had any delivery for me! He said he didn't so get home,see a package under the mailboxes, addressed to me! This worked out well, I got my Amazon delivery and it wasn't downstairs long enough for one of the lowlifes around here to rip me off :)! 

2.9.18 around noon

I've been living on throat lozenges for about three days now, I take one after one to get relief from this Barrets disease! Btw my toe (corn) ribs(busted) my head (tbi)and now my throat I'm finding it very difficult to cope with the aging process! This survivor is gonna learn to cope with anything he must cause I am a survivor!

2.6.18 around 10.30am

I read emeprozoul wasn't good for the kidneys so my kidney doctor and I are trying to cut back on it. I was taking two capsules at night! Today I thought with my throat on fire take another capsule today! It's starting to extinguish the flames!

2.6.18 around 8.20am

I'm always thinking of how I can improve life,be happier! Amazone has a new device called the echo show. I'm thinking if I get two, one for Bri and another for me I could comunicate with my grandson and become part of his life :)! That just bums me out big time him actualy not knowing who his REAL grandfather is :(!

2.5.18 near 8.30pm

I just had a very anxious moment! I was checking my trips for tomorrow and it didn't show any! I remembered a similar thing happening b4 around the same time,so I check again after 5 mins and they were there! They didn't look right though then I remembered I'm going to a Milton hs girls varsity b-ball game after hics!SC a staff member is the coach!

2.5.18 around 1.30pm

I'm still trying to get over the Pats loss yesterday :(! I think I'm gonna skip laundry this week, I did it last week, I've got enough clean stuff to wear! I'm just gonna enjoy my coffee then trim my beard and shower up!I've got my latest order coming tomorrow so they say. I got a box of 100 single edge razor blades coming and a home screw and hander assortment! I've got a framed mirror to hang,this should have all I need to get this job done!