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5.31.13 after 10pm

I'm so happy I've met all the survivors I have through fb!I"ve become fb friends with so many that must deal with the same type of issues I must!I just stole a status from a fb friend who is also a survivor of tbi!She somes it up in brain injury maze!

5.31.13 after 5pm

I've had a successful scoot 2 the store then I got home and completed my stop and shop (peapod) order!I ended up spending another C-note but,I eat well :)!They are gonna bring my order here Sunday btw 12-2 pm!The great thing about this is not only is my order delivered,they send me email confirmation of what I spent on what and what time it is gonna come!That is real  good I get an email saying when its gonna come cause when I forget all I gutta do is check the mail again :)!

5.31.13 just after 1pm

I didn't do the YMCA today cause I woke up not feeling 100% but I rested all morning and I'm feeling much beta now :)!Today I've gutta scoot 2 the store down the street and maybe finish my peapod order.

5.29.13 around 9pm

KJ was over this morning and she helped me activate my new Iphone 5!This is an amazing tool!I've yet to unleash all its capabilities I've only made sure I can place a call,synced it with my yahoo calendar,got the fb app,my mail app,I don't know if I've got my blog yet or not!That is a priority,I've gutta find out!I've had a great workout at the YMCA then had a great time at hics!I had a great dinna tonight,bacon cheeseburger sub with extra Swiss cheese :) !

5.28.13 around 9pm

I've done all my Tuesday night chores!Filled my meds to the pill box!I only take one med really the rest are vitamins!I'm just taking  emeprosole to keep heartburn away:)!I take 1000 mg tablet vitamin c,centrum silver,multi vitamin for men 50 and over!That's all,Ive been able to cut way back on my meds :)!

5.28.13 AFTER 5PM

I tried to activate my phone but there were some things I had to do that was very challenging!The nice lady,I forget her name,is gonna call my home tomorrow at 9am!KJ should be here then :)!I've been out to lunch with Lisa too :)!

5.27.13 after nine pm

I did an okay trim job on my beard,did a very little food shopping on peapod.I'm gonna need to do a run to!I'm gonna need some hardware items now too!Tennis balls for my walker and a sharp sturdy knife to cut them open with!I guess I"m gonna have to make a list!I hope its like peapod where you can start loading a cart stop and go back later when I remember something I forgot :) !I"m not gonna do hics tomorrow cause I"m expecting a delivery from fed x!I"m kinda nervous about this but I printed out a note saying Fed x:James Young apt THIRTY it takes me a while to answer my buzzer when you ring me!I hope that works!

5.27.13 around 7pm

I've done a little food shopping with peapod.The great thing about that site is when I think of an item I want I can load  it into my cart and its saved till I think of other items :)!

5.27.13 after 2pm

No YMCA today cause of it being a holiday :(!From all the emails I got I think FedEx is gonna deliver my IPhone tomorrow!I've had such bad luck with fed x but that was when I lived in Scituate!I still printed a note saying fed x,please be aware that it takes me a while to answer my door buzzer!James Young apt.30.Now I've just gutta find some tape.Maybe latter today I'll call Lisa see if she wants to walk to Wg's cause I forgot to get pop tarts yesterday!

5.26.13 around 6pm

I've booked all my trips for the week!Monday is a holiday so I didn't know if the YMCA would be open.They are open but I guess the partnership program is not!That is one reason why I wanna be able to do everything myself at the YMCA!I've been out to linner (lunch/dinner)with Lisa,been to Wg's,got my peapod delivery!I put one of my swordfish steaks in a Tupperware container loaded with teryoaki sauce and put it in the freezer!That will taste sooo good when I  Foreman that up :)!I left a ham steak out 4 dinna tonight but I'm gonna wait a while now cause I'm not at all hungry after linner :) !I think my Iphone is coming on Tuesday,I've got to sign 4 it,Lisa is not gonna be home so I sent KJ an email saying cause I've gutta wait 4 fedx I can't come in on Tuesday!I left a ham steak out for dinna tonight :)!

5.26.13 around 11am

I had some tasks I had 2 get done as soon as I got up!Make sure Peapod had my land line number and book a ride to the YMCA tomorrow!The last time I had Peapod deliver my groceries they called my cell!My cell phone is not working!I've got the rest of my trips to book but I was worried about it getting too late 2 book a trip 4 tomorrow!

5.25.13 going on 7pm

I guess I'm a real lucky guy!I'm living on my own which entails many things managing my money well cooking doing all my own laundry!Ive managed my money for many yrs before and after my tbi!Before I had a lot more money to play with but after paying  child support I learned how to live on one paycheck a month!My commission check cause basically my x got most of my salary!

5.25.13 around 6pm

I've placed an order with S&S and it should be delivered   tomorrow between 11-1,I forget what I got though but I figured I don't need to scoot to Wg's today to pick anything up!Lisa was over too,we just kinda hung out :) !

5.25.13 around 11am

I tend to stress about things that could have been avoided!I'm just concerned about that phone call I shouldn't have answered from a doctor's office with an appointment!I'm trying to find out if the partnership program at the YMCA is open on Monday,nobody there today knows and I tried calling granite medical and nobody is there until Tuesday.

5.24.13 nearing 9pm

I was thinking of placing a peapod order then I pulled up the site and it asked for my user name and password!I thought my un was my S&S card number but it kept on rejecting it!Then I was in deep thought on what it could be!I tried my un and pw I used to use on everything!It worked,I started a peapod order today and I'll finish it tomorrow!I've had a successful scoot to the store today!Tomorrow Lisa and I are gonna go to family dollar in Holbrook!I"ll see if I can get some stuff cheap there!:)

5.24.13 about 7pm

I answered my land line and it was some doctor's office I didn't recognize saying I have an appointment  I forget when!I think the thing to do will be to call granite medical and ask if I have any up coming appointments! I've got to let all incoming calls go to voice mail unless I recognize the caller on caller Id!

5.24.13 b4 noon

I canceled my trips to the YMCA today cause I'm expecting delivery of my Iphone 5!My experience with any delivery co's they don't wait for anything!It takes me a little while to get over to my buzzer to open the outside door so I don't even want to be caught in the shower!

5.23.13 4-5 pm

KJ looked at my phone today too and she couldn't figure out why the screen is blank!We called Verizon for help and they said I'm due 4 an upgrade next month,I can do it now!I got the I phone 5 to be delivered tomorrow b4 11 am!That time should be good cause I've got the YMCA not till 1 pm!My pick up time shouldn't be b4 11am but this is "the ride",you never know what to expect!

5.22.13 after 6pm

Lets see,what did happen today?Oh yeah,KJ was over and she was able to connect my newest laptop through my hdmi cable 2 my 52 inch flat panel tv!I had a great workout at the YMCA!I kept hearing rain tonight so I was thinking of cancelling tonight's rec then I got home and found them already canceled!They (hics) must have thought the same way!I was taking "the ride" to and from Castle island,didn't want to get stuck in the rain!Tomorrow I've got hics,just a regular day with groups and such.My cell phone issues are getting worse,now my screen doesn't illuminate! I'm working on it,but without any success :( !

5.22.13 after 9am

KJ has been over and she was able to help with all my needs!I'm now able to remove the backing to my phone by myself :)!I've got my laptops switched so I can now work with the lt I got about 1 yr ago!I think its got windows 7 for an operating system!Anything is better than windows 8!Now I've got the YMCA then hics :)!

5.21.13 8.30-9pm

I think I've got all my Tuesday night chores done :)!I filled my pill box,did a trash run,made my KJ list!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8.30 am then I'm going to the YMCA then tomorrow night I'm meeting hics at castle island in Boston Ma!I'll bring my scooter so I can enjoy the park!I used to go there often when I lived in Squantum!I love going to the tip of CI and watching the planes landing and taking off,I could stay  for hrs just watching the planes!

5.21.13 around 6pm

I had a great time at our picnic :)!I came home and spilled coffee all over my desk getting my keyboard soaked!Then I tried to log on to my bank but my keyboard wasn't working properly!I had to get a different keyboard,call my bank,reset my password!Now I've gutta try to remember my new pw!I also scooted to the store but cleaning up the spill has me real tired!

5.20.13 AFTER 8.30

I'm still having issues with my phone!I know how to fix it but I'm having megga trouble trying to remove the battery!Today I asked my driver for help!He did it with ease I just don't understand why it won't work 4 me :( !Tomorrow I've got a picnic with hics at Web park in Weymouth,I think.There is no place 2 buy lunch so I made two ham and swiss sandwiches tonight:)!

5.20.13 b4 11 am

I've got the YMCA to go to today!I use my walker at the YMCA but my tennis balls I use to cover the exposed metal on the legs without wheels are worn out!Making it difficult to move around!I've cut new balls b4 but its difficult cause I don't have a sturdy sharp knife :(!

5.19 after 7.30

Today I watched the B's WIN over the ranger's in convincing fashion :)!I'm getting the same feelings I had when they won the cup!THEY CAN'T BE BEAT:)!Although the penguins scare me!I also scooted to the store and did all my laundry today!I got so tired after laundry I HAD to lye down 4 30 Min's!

4.18.13 after 6pm

I had some trouble getting the battery out of my cell phone so I asked Lisa if she could try.Between the two of us,we got it out :) !We both went out 4 brunch and I left my cell phone charging!I was able to get a french vanilla coffee coolada :) !
   I've been thinking about my different devices and I came to the conclusion that I should start using the laptop I got b4 my new one!The only thing is I've got it hooked up with an hdmi cable to my tv!My new laptop must have an hdmi port,I think I'll wait till KJ  makes a home visit then I can be assured everything is done right :)!

5.18.13 b4 noon

I just found out through fb my best friend all though hs daughter is graduating magna cum laude from collage today!I can remember the good feelings I had and still have learning Kenny is graduating suma cum laude!Great job by her but I think the parents also deserve credit for raising her right!

5.17.13 after 9 pm

I've done some research on travel agencies in Holbrook!There is one on 779 s. Franklin st.That must be next to S&S!I want to  take a cruise but I've got to be certain all my needs will be met!That's why I think I must go through an agency!Today I've been to the YMCA and Michaela came over and cleaned my apartment!That's a great benefit,it is a struggle for me to lug around the vacuum!

5.16.13 9.30pm

I'm watching the B's on my 52 inch flat panel tv ;)!Now I gutta watch the 3rd on my small 27 inch in my bedroom cause I'm tired!I've got the YMCA then my homemaker comes over at 4 pm!

5.15.13 4pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA but then "the ride" didn't get me home till just after 3 pm so I figured that was too late 4 me 2 get ready and go out tonight!

5.14.13 after 8pm

I've done all my Tuesday night chores!Fill my pill box 4 the wk,trash run,look around 2 see if anything needs cleaning!Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit @ 8.30 so I finished the list I make every wk,nothing major just little things I could use some help with :)!Then I'm going to the YMCA then hics!We are going bowling @ Boston bowl!That means dinna at the dreadwood cafe!Home of the bestest steak and cheese calzone I've ever tasted!

5.14.13 5pm

Hics was great today :) !We had a group about stress management!I think I handle my stress very well!I don't have much to stress about anyway!I do okay on ssdi so I'm not stressing about money!The thing I stress about now is "the ride"!I can"t think of anything else that causes me to get stressed out :)!

5.13.13 after 7pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout!I'm focusing on my ABS with every machine even on the preture curl!I want my ABS to be more defined but instead the pump is starting to get like you can almost see it :( !I'll just keep on working as hard as I can cause strength training can slow down the aging process.I got home and scooted to the store then Lisa came over 4 a little bit :)!

5.12.13 after 9.30 pm

Well I pray all you moms had a great mothers day :) !I've got the YMCA tomorrow!Memorial day is coming and that is when the office said the pool will open so I've gutta work extra hard on getting this 54 yr old body 2 buff :) !

5.12.13 after 3pm

I hope all you mothers are having a GREAT day!I've booked all my rides 4 the week!I'm finding it easier going by my yahoo calendar then having to flip through pages of my pocket calendar.I've just gutta make sure my yc is in sync with my pc!Doing these things repetitively makes things like this sink in to my brain and helps me to remember what I'm supposed to be doing when :)!

5.11.13 after 10pm

I'm getting real frustrated using my mouse!With my tremors its hard to move it and try to hold it still!Then try to hold it on something I need to click on!I guess its like everything thou,I've gutta find a way to make it work for me without getting so frustrated!Tomorrow I've gutta book all my rides 4 the week!I had Micaela do my laundry so I've just gutta do my jeans and whatever else I can find!I need a 12 pk of soda so maybe a scoot to Wg's too!

5.11.13 about 5 pm

Being disabled helps me to appreciate the good in people!From the great people who work at Wg's to random strangers!I had to stop at the store and this young man could tell I have balance issues.I walk up the stairs at the store without any assistance except the rails on the stairs!Well this guy not only asked if I needed any help getting up the stairs,he offered to carry out what I got!You know me thou,I've gutta be able to do everything by my onezies :) !

5.11.13 just after noon

I kinda slept in this morning!I'm thinking about making another peapod order!That would be my one per month!I do have 2 scoot to Wg's  today. I'll see if that will satisfy all my needs!I'm gonna have to call Lisa 2 c if she wants to walk 2!

5.10.13 after nine pm

I've been 2 my podiatrist today!He shaved off my corn and shaved down my Calais but it still bothers me!I guess I"ll give it a little time!I came home just in time $ my homemaker!This was the day I have her wash all my bed sheets too!Micaela always does such a great job too!I finished paying all my bills for the month too!The one bill I hate to pay is three hundred seventy two dollars every month to the IRS ouch!

5.9.13 after 8pm

Tomorrow I've got trips to and from my podiatrist!My foot is really killing me too!I've asked b4 if there's anything I can do to prevent this corn from coming back or at least not as quickly.He said "no there's nothing you can do!I'm wondering if I keep it covered if that will help.I just can't accept there being nothing I can do!

5.9.13 after noon

I woke up not feeling well this morning so I canceled going to the circus and all my trips 4 today!I'm feeling better after getting a little more ZZZ's so I'm thinking about a scoot to Wg's!Maybe I'll call Lisa to see if she wants to walk!Then maybe we can do lunch at D&D's:)

5.8.13 after 8.30pm

We ended up going to the fours restaurant in Quincy center!I had a great meal,steak tips in a bun and fries!They were good size tips 4 me 2!I didn't have to do any cutting of the meat!Tomorrow we're going to the big apple circus in government center in Boston;)!I got so many compliments on my haircut today at the YMCA!Most  everyone said "you look so much younger"!At my age,that's a great compliment :) !

5.8.13 10-10.30 am

KJ has been over and we got lots done!I got an appointment to see my podiatrist this Friday!That's great cause my foot is killing me!We also called dr.Juric's office to see about getting this fluid build up removed from my back.They are gonna call back with a date and time!Now I'm getting ready to go to the YMCA :).

5.7.13 after 9pm

Its been a normal Tuesday night here!KJ is gonna make a home visit tomorrow so I always fill my poll box on Tuesday afternoon!She checks to make sure I did it right but,I always do it right :)!I also do a trash run on these nights!Someone is coming over,I want to present myself as a neat guy :)!Tomorrow night,hics (rec) is going to Tony's clam shop in Quincy!We will probably walk along the beach too!I've gutta make sure I can take my scooter!My foot is in intense pain and b4 hics I go to the YMCA!

5.6.13 past noon

Quite an interesting turn of events this morning!I figured my times were too close 2 go to the YMCA so I tried 2 cancel them online.I must have clicked the wrong thing cause I guess I canceled my doctor's appointment too!So I called "the ride" explained what just happened and they said we can put it on will call so I called hics and left KJ a vm explaining what just happened then the doctors office calls and says he is stuck in surgery and has to reschedule the appointment.Then I've gutta call and undo everything I've just done!Now my afternoon is free.I think I'm gonna take a scoot to Wg's :)!

5.5.13 after 9pm

I booked all the rides I could b4 they said I didn't have enough funds in my account to book anymore!I then got on the web site where I can add funds to my account added just $50.!When I get my check I always add $100. to it!Its kinda strange the web site says balance,present and available!The present is always much more than the available!I'm gonna try and make both trips tomorrow!Its gonna be tight thou!They have me 4 a 2.15 pick up from the YMCA 2 home then a 3 pm pick up from home to my doctor's office!That is enough time unless they bog the driver down with lots of other pick ups and drop offs which has happened more than a few times but this time I'm gonna make them get me where I'm supposed to be!My 2nd to last trip is 2 my podiatrist and my foot is killing me!Then a 5.05 return trip from there 2 home,long day!

5.5.13 after 2 pm

I've booked what rides I could,I needed to add funds 2 my account 2 book them all!To do this online I must go to the mbta main page and click on add funds to your ride account!Then type my ID number and a different pw!The thing that is so cool is that I can now remember ALL the information!:)

5.4.13 almost midnight

I got a jump on booking my rides and booked Monday's trips tonight!They worry me though cause I want to try not 2 miss any YMCA trips and I'm seeing my podiatrist Monday @ FOUR PM!So Ive got a  two fifteen return frm the YMCA then a four pm arrival time at my doctors!Should be plenty of time but this is "the ride"My foot is killing me  too so that is the most important trip for Monday!

5.4.13 after 8.30

I've got no trips to go anywhere tomorrow:)!Its no day off by far though!I've gutta book all my trips 4 the wk,do laundry,and I'm thinking about taking a swordfish steak out of the freezer and cooking that up for Sunday dinner :)!They are real tasty cooked in a George Foreman grill :)!
I've still got 2 go from my other blog to blogger home then click on a pencil next to jamies blog to create a post!

5.4.13 after 3pm

I've been out 2 a nice brunch with Lisa :)!Its colada season again!I'm making my beverage of choice a french vanilla coffee colada!I'm thinking about going outside in the front of the bldg and maybe taking my new notebook with me!

5.4.13 b4 noon

I've still got to get to Jamie's blog a special way and I'm remembering how every time!This may not sound like a big deal but 4 someone who is memory impaired its a huge deal :)!Today I think I'm doing brunch with Lisa at D&D's :)!


I think I've got this to respond finally :)!I did a blog with my other blog but I gutta do it here now :)!I spent most of today with Lisa!We just talked and spent good qt together :)!We are gonna do brunch together tomorrow :)!

5.2.13 after 7pm

I've been to hics today so my brain has been well stimulated all day :)!I came home and decided to see if there were any good pics on my phone and clean it out!One great pic of Ed's cat Cleo,she just passed too!I gutta make a very late dinna now :)!

5.1.13 8.30pm

KJ was over today and we figured out why my yahoo calendar wasn't working!Something was checked off or it was not but I do remember what the thing was so I can fix it if it happens again!She likes the idea of making a file in notepad with all I need her help with :) !Hics tomorrow I also made an earlier appointment to see my podiatrist :)!

5.1.13 7.30 pm

My blog still has issues with signing  in so I've gutta figure a way around the issue!I think I've done so!I just went to my other blog on blogspot and used that page to sign in!