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leap day

This being February 29th its leap day :)!KJ has been over and I rememberd to ask if she could get "the ride's" web site on my phone!She was able to now I don't have to call to get my pick up times when I forget them,which happens quite offten!The only other thing Ive got going on today is I'm going to the ymca to workout :)!Ive still got to search my apartment for the glasses I had made that help my eyes work together!Maybe thats a task I'll do when I get home.Its just that with my impeared scanning abillities and balance issues its a challenge!

Today's events

I had hics today!Just regular groups but the last group KJ had us tyring to figure out something to do with numbers,not math but,similarities!That was an activity that really worked our brains hard!I can remember I figured out 20 had something to do with the answer but,I can't remember the problem now,I work my brain hard then it turns to mush :(!I'm not going to rec tomorrow night,they are going to Randolph cinemas.Its hard for me to sit and watch a movie in a theater.Ive got my own theater at home!Tomorrow I'm going to the ymca for my workout :)!

workout today

I had the bestest workout today mainly because I worked with Emily!She is a student at Quincy collage taking exercise I think.She wanted me to get all I can from what I do :)!I'm working and we are talking,she is just starting raising a family!I gave her the advise I give to all young parents,enjoy every minute of it now cause it goes by so fast!I must have done some things right though,Ive got three great young adults :)!


I think its the 27th,I just checked on my home page but,that's my memory.I tend to forget things that just happened :(!Today I'm going to the ymca for my resistance training!My foot is causing me some pain but I need to work through the pain!


The movie Grease is on tv tonight.I just googled it,can you believe it was 1978 when it came out!I'm feeling my age,seems like it was yesterday to me!

my great day

My day started with two LARGE cups of dunkin dounuts french vanila coffee :)!Then my not so little princess came over and we sent quality time together :)!Then my youngest princess came over and I got to spend some quality time with her too!She didn't need as much help as we had disscussed before too,good thing but,still gutta be carefull with my finances!I mailed the lady who runs the research program at spaulding rehab,told her my choise for what study I want to work at,assisted tehnology was my choise,Ill wait for a responce.Ive worked at spaulding before,I think about 1 and  1/2 years ago!This  is my job,working on myself and trying to help any and all survivors I can!I guess to make a little money too :)!Ive done a very little fbing too!Tomorrow Ive got trips planned to and from stop and shop in Holbrook!I can scoot home from there and probally will!:)

great day

Ive had such a great day!Bri was over and she spent some great qt with me :)!Then a little over an hour lata Lissy came over and spent good qt with her Daddy :)!


I had trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree but again I didn't feel like waiting about an hour for a return trip so I cancelled all my trips for today!I'm gonna scoot to walgreens though after I get myself organized!

screwing around

I was screwing around punching names of places in facebook to see if they have pages!I found giant glass so then I did head injury community services (hics).Hics has a fb page!Just an address and map but,I'm gonna talk to someone about expanding it,so stay tuned :)!

homemaker evaluation

The homemaker actually showed up this week!The thing is though she really dosn't do much!I asked her to wash my bed sheets.She did a good job with that but thats all she did,along with the laundry I had in my hamper!I still had to put it all away!I was told they would do laundry and while it was in the machines they would clean my apartment!I guess I should just be thankfull my bed got cleaned and changed but I'm thinking I could get more from another agency!

2.24 afternoon

I had a great workout today!I worked with a lady who has lots of experience working in the fitness field and it shows!I used like gloves that have hooks on them for the rowing machine,they allow me to work on my grip and if my grip dosn't hold the hooks will hold the bar!My homemaker showed up this afternoon so Ive got her washing my sheets!That is the most difficult task for me to do and it had to be done,its been about 3 wks!Thats probally all she will do too but thats okay cause I can do everything else,and do it better :)!

Just rememberd

I just remembered something from the study on Tuesday!The therapists and I where explaining the backlophin pump Ive got in my gut.They all took turns touching the pump in my stomach!I'm only sharing this cause I wanted my girls to feel what Ive gutta deal with but they are too squeamish to feel the pump!


3/1/12 will make it two years Ive lived on my own since before 4/14/02,my accidnt!I find this much easyer than before cause I'm not raising a teenager (my son)!I do have many struggles cause of my tbi but I can deal with them ALL :)!


Ive had a great day!I had hics today,we had groups but my supports all put my mind at ease bout my transportation worries and KJ wrote my pickup time from BU to home for me,all my rides worked out great :) !The study was soooo good!I had to work with about 10 very pretty young ladies!They had to analyze my walking and develop a plan to help make it better!They were all very intelligent young adults too!I really enjoyed working with everyone today and I'm gonna get paid for having fun :)!We started by telling what happened,how we got our tbi!One lady was a car accident,one guy got his in a different way Ive never heard before,kinda like anoxia,lack of oxygen to the brain.Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit at 8 am then I go to the eye doctor Ive gutta remember to see if there are any glasses that will help my eyes to work together!I know Ive had some made before,they had prizems in them,Ive just gutta tell him that!


I'm a busy man tomorrow!Ive got hics then from there I'm going to Boston,BU labs,the study I'm gonna be a part of!I was tring to get Lisa's phone number in my phone but,it wasn't cooperating with me,tried writting and that didn't work at all!I'm kinda nervous,first time Ive met these people and I'm gonna be far from home YIKES!

getting stressed out

I'm getting real stressed about this BU study I'm starting tomorrow!I booked a ride to the place in Boston but I don't know what the place is like!Is it scooter friendly,I guess tomorrow I'll use my walker to go to hics cause I'm going from hics to the BU study!I look at this as a job so I'm going to work tomorrow after hics :)!I know everthing will work out just fine :)!


I got up early this morning then went back to sleep and slept untill 10.30 am!Too late to get myself ready for my ride to the ymca so I called and said I can't make it today or Wednesday(cause of a doctors appt.):(!I do have to scoot to walgrens and pick up some centrum silver vitimens,I'm all out!

Events of today

I started my day with two large cups of Duncan donuts french vanilla coffee.Then the normal hygiene stuff then a scoot to walgreens,successful scoot too!Came home and started laundry.Made dinna while the laundry was drying!I'm still having problems folding and just tring to get my cloths away neatly!BU studies got back to me and I have an address now but,I'm tring to figure out my schedule,I forwarded the emails to KJ to see if she can help me to understand whats going on and to help me with booking my rides to BU studies,its on Commonwealth ave in Boston!Oh yeah,booked all my rides today too,subject to change cause of the study.Not bad though for someone some of the most brilliant doctors said "if he wakes up he won't be much more than a vedgible.I'm proud of the things I can do!


I did have trips to stop and shop in Holbrook but,I guess I needed to sleep in,Ill scoot to walgreens lata!Ive been able to go back and read the email sent by BU studies,found a phone number,called and left Lisa a voice mail saying I need the complete street address!Checked my rides to see if I booked a trip for the ymca tomorrow and I didn't!I have to book my rides 24 hrs in advance so that was good I caught that!


Tomorrow,supposed to be my day off but Ive got things I gutta do!I have trips planned to and from stop and shop in HOLBROOK!They don't have a whole lot there but,there are some things I want,not need,that I can't get at walgreens!Its also laundry day!So Ive gutta get all my laundry done!I really like this ezeyes keyboard but,the mouse that came with it,I think my other mouse was more user friendly for me.I gutta book my rides for the week too!I emailed back the lady who mailed me about the BU study saying that I need to know the full street address so I can book a ride to the place but,no responce yet :( !

events of today

Ive had a successful scoot to walgreens came home and the mail person had my ez eyes keyboard!I''m using it now and like it very much :] !Got people upset bout my lawyers needs for my back taxes but I hope its all straitened out now.Ive done my fbing,which consists of checking out walls and sharing things that I believe in,are part of my personality,or just funny.Tomorrow I've got trips planned to and from stop and shop in holbrook but I may not need the return trip,someday I'll have the courage to scoot both ways!


I had trips planned to and from stop and shop in Braintree but,I didn't feel like waiting for a return trip,Ill scoot to walgreens see if I can get my needs there!I did book another trip to s+s for tomorrow just in case!

today's happengs

I went to the ymca for naughtillis training!Ive got to try harder to not miss a workout cause today was hard,harder than normal I think cause I missed my last two times going!No homemaker showed again today but,I didn't get home till 3:35,she comes at 3:30!I heard from Kenny today :)!He landed himself a job that pays him what it took me till I was over thirty to make!I'm very proud of my son :)!I learned of the passing of the cat I had living in Scituate :(!


Today Ive got the "y" to go to for my workout!My foot is still very uncomfortable but I must go for my workout!I'm supposed to have homemaker service to day @ 3.30 lets see if someone shows today!

today so far

Ive had a successful scoot to wallgreens and on the way back I stopped in the ramblewood office and took care of the printing of my checking accout statement!Got an email from EZ EYES about the staus of the keyboard I orderd.This will be a real asset to me!It has larger letters on the keys and they also glow in the dark :)!Now I think I'll scoot to d+ds for some late lunch and a large french vanilla coffee :)!

Mind made up

I made my mind up to go to hics or not.We were having a bowling tournament and my foot just couldn't take the strain of standing and twisting so I cancelled all my trips for today and called hics.I'm thinking bout scooting to walgreens though,its all sitting so should be no strain!


The office needs a copy of my bank statement.I took out my print cartridges,shook them,now I'm having tons of trouble reinserting them in my printer!It has always been hard but Ive done this successfully before!My foot was giving me too much pain to go bowling tonight :(.Dr.Juric called with results from the mri!He said its fluid that became hard!I'm gonna have him remove it!I will get a call again when it can be done,that's the way the last appt. got  made and it worked out well!They leave me a voice mail,I retrieve my messages,type the info on to notepad,send KJ an email with all the details then she writes it in my pocket calendar!Its been a great system so far but now I'm even gonna get busy er with the Boston university study coming up,I forwarded the email I got from them!I like working and involving my puter!Anne from the office called and said I could use the puter at the office to print a copy of my bank statement!

Life is very hard sometimes

I got home today and got a phone call from the ramblewood office!They needed a copy of my bank statement!KJ and I sent one via email but Anne said she couldn't open it!I got online with my bank,opened my account,tried to save a statement,burn it to a cd but,they give no options to save the page just  to print the page.My ink cartridges are empty!I mailed the office saying I can't find an old statement,and my printer probs,and saving probs!I then suggested I come to the office and print one out there,waiting for a response!Bri mailed me bout coming over tomorrow but Ive got an MRI planed then to dr.Jurics office after the MTI,so Ive got very little time tomorrow cause Ive got hics tomorrow night too!I also got mail from Boston University studies bout that study of therapy with tbi survivors.I responded right away saying Ill need to know the dates and arrival times along with departure times!So far Ive got everything under control though cause its all being done through email!Wh…

Two years

On March 1st it will be two years Ive very successfully lived on my own!I find this much easyer than before my tbi cause I'm not raising a teenager like I was at the time of my accidnt!I do have my struggles but,I'm very very happy :)!

afternoon scoot

I never made it to dd's instead I went to walgreens.I saw that pretty lady I see at the tenants meetings here at ramblewood!I also saw Lisa downstairs,gave her a valentines card!She appreciated the jester!I'm a giver not a receiver plus,I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone!My  life needs to be shared with someone!Ive got to do all I can to see this happen :)!


I really don't understand some or I guess most people!I guess this Whitney Houston thing kinda got me thinking about life!I know now life is a gift and should be treated as such!Some people that know they are in trouble don't seek any or the proper help!I'm not familiar with Whitney's issues but,I'm gonna miss her along with so many!We have got to put are own issues first!That's so sad,she was only 48 yrs young!A beautiful and very talented lady!Ill see you again Whitney but,I'm not ready to go to the spirit realm yet!


I got a call from south shore hospital wanting to confirm my appointment for an mri TOMORROW!I have an MRI on Wednesday,so I said that!I get so confused so easally,I don't need more things confusing me,geesh!


Ive got to think of whats been happening lately,this is kinda hard 4 me 2!I did have trips to stop and shop in Holbrook 4 today but,, I cancelled them!I am gonna scoot to walgreens lata instead.I think I just like being dependant on only me!Bri got in touch with me somehow,fbed or texted I forget now (go figure) she asked if it would be okay if she stayed over some night or weekend!I of coerce welcomed the idea!Bri is gonna come over and spend at least a night with me :)!


I had trips to stop and shop in Braintree but I really didn't feel like waiting around for a return trip!I did book my trips to and from my mri appt. next Wednesday and also booked trips to stop and shop in Holbrook and asked to have that on my destinations!I can scoot home from s+s in Holbrook but I do have a return booked just in case!

happinings of today

I didn't go to hics today cause I woke up not feeling myself!I did have a task I had to do today and I rememberd to do it!Call dr.Jurics office to find out when or what time I should book a return trip next Wednesday when I have an mri then see him!She had to call me back after she spoke with dr.J so I said just leave me a voice mail cause I was gonna scoot to walgreens!I had a successfull scoot and checked my vm I got a vm from her and saved it!Thats in case I forget but I was able to write the time (well) in my pocket calendar,I can actually read it!I just know to book my return from 2 pond park dr in Hingham at 12.30,thats by memory:)!I did some things around here too like a trash run,made dinna,cleaned up,normal stuff but I pick as I go so there is never alot of picking up to do :)!Do you know March 1st it will be 2yrs Ive been living totally independently!I'm comming up to 2 yrs of being FREE :)!


I had hics today but I just didn't feel myself today so I called hics to tell them and cancelled all my trips for today.Ive got one task I must do today,call dr.Juric's office to find out how long I should be at 2 pond park dr. next Wednesday for my mri and visit.Thanks to Barbs,Ive got his phone number on my puter anyway :)!

So far

So far today,KC has been over for a home visit and we realized I was out of one of my meds!I can't go to the "y" today cause of bad pick times with "the ride" so that gave me time to scoot to walgreens and get my scipts filled,so Ive had a succesfull scoot to walgreens :)!Tonight I'm going out to dinna and planning with hics (rec)at jamie's in Braintree!I also went to the office here at ramblewood to get the rent thing solved!I guess when I had to sign all those papers I needed to redo that too,its done now,my rent will be automaticly withdrawn from my checking acct on the 6th of every month starting in March!

Todays events

I had hics today!We had some great groups!KC ran a super group dealing with brain injury education,we get all these people who come to hics to work and become real assets to the program and KC is no exception!Tomorrow KC is gonna make a home visit cause KJ is on a cruise,Im gonna pick at her brain when she comes back cause that's what I wanna do!I want to go to KJ's travel agent,with her,and book myself on a cruise that Will cater to all my needs :)!Ive also done all my laundry today,cooked and cleaned up  after dinna.Ive also been tring to get in touch with the propery manager here,that's another story.


I've been tring all day to do my laundry!Every time I go down to start a wash,all the machines are in use!At least I still have clean things to wear!Ill try tomorrow after hics!

dr.Juric appt.

Dr.Juric showed some real concern about the lump on my back!He said that now it seems too solid to be fluid so he wants an mri done on it,they do that in the same place so I have to go back February 15th at 8.30 then after go to his office!That's all I need is another worry!I know its really not serious thou cause its not causing any pain!Just another speed bump on my journey that's all :)!

Off routine

I'm off my routine a little today!Ive booked my rides for the week but,I'm gonna skip laundry for today cause I want to get all I can out of this superbowl experience :)!Go patriots!!!


Its finally here,super Sunday!The day the pats get some pay back with the New York football giants :)!I hope my optimism doesn't bother you but I believe in the power of positive thinking!GO PATRIOTS :)!

Having fun

I'm having a great time soaking up everything I can of this superbowl!What a great time to be able to experience all the joy the patriots have given me!I think it will be a high scoring game,pats forty something,giants thirty something!GO patriots!


Today I have trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree but,Im thinking if I really want to WAIT for a return trip!Ive got a little time to ponder the issue :)!

Full time job

Its really a full time job to run my life successfully!I made sure my ride for Monday's dr.Juric's was booked,had to call and pre register for it too!My foot is still giving me pain but

wallgreens scoot

I was able to locate some kinda like bandaids with med in it,they say corn remover!Now Ive just gutta apply it!I also got a pre made steak and cheese sub,same thing Ive got b4!Now I gutta deside,am I gonna have that 4 dinna or I have chicken tenders!I think the chicken tenders cause I got them last wk,don't want them to go bad,no waste here :)!


Today I'm going to the "y",my pick up times seem reasonable too,12.11 to go and be there by 1 and 2.37 return!I had to call them this morning to book trips to and from dr.Juric's new office in Hingham.Thats not till Monday but,I had it in my mind so now I should't stress about it :) !

to do's

Ive got some things I need to get done but I seem to be procrastinating bout doing!Ive got to start scanning my divorce agreement and save it to a flash drive!I gutta look around here for the glasses I had made to help my eyes work together!Ive just got the "y" tomorrow so I should be able to at least do one of these!

profishency on the computer

I in no way claim to be  proficient on the computer!I'm a little better then very good with it!I believe to be proficient you must know the computer inside and out!You've got to know software applications and hardware applications!Ive added ram to a computer also another hardrive before!That was on my first desktop.Now the only thing Ive done is to take off the cover and check all the connections!I'm thinking of getting at least a gig of ram from dell and installing it myself :)!

great news

I just got a call from Boston university studies bout volunteering for a study dealing with therapy on tbi survivors!I guess I had this lady as a therapist but,I don't remember,go figure!She said because I'm so into progressing and very articulate Id be perfect for the study :)!Its a paid study too!The great thing is I'm gonna get an email with the dates and times!I'm real happy bout this,not only can I make a very little money,I can contribute to helping other survivors of tbi :)!


Wow February 2012,time seems to be flying by so rapidly!KJ and KC (kmK) were over 4 a home visit,KC cause KJ is going on vaca and KC will be filling in 4 her so next wk KC will be making a home visit!I cancelled going to the "y"' today,my corn was causing me too much pain :(!