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3.31.17 around 10am

This survivor started his journey to becoming a marihuana millionaire, I've got a broker! Ameratrade, the only thing is I was chatting with my broker and I had to flip from window to window. Too confusing for me :(! This is important though maybe I can get KJ's help next home visit!

3.29.17 around 11am

KJ has been over and I lost my KJ list! I must have forgot to save it the last time I edit it! That's okay cause this survivor remembered everything that I had on it :)! Not to have conceit but this survivor's memory I think is better than some non survivors memories!

3.29.17 after 8am

Today KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then lata I'm going to hics for movie night! The plan is to rent "Patriots day"! This will likely be a flic I'll  wanna add to my collection:)!

3.28.17 after 7.20pm

I've had a great day! I've been to hics :)! We had some great groups! Started with penmanship group, I'm not the only one with writing issues! I'm kind of foggy on what was after I think current events. Then team building, this is the group that got me extremely
 neuro fatigued! We had to think of many scenarios at once! This was very hard for his survivor but great exercise for my brain! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm going to hics for movie night! The plan is to get "Patriots day"!    

3.27.17 around 4.45pm

I needed something at the store, it's raining, regardless I need something so I took a soaking scoot to the store! I get home and fire up my computer and this popup appears saying I've got a virus and that's why this appeared! I couldn't close out of the popup, had to restart then immediately ran webroot secure anywhere! It found nothing! Then did an error check, ran Wr again to be sure, found nothing again! Then I ran a disk cleanup and it hasn't happened yet again! Now I gutta think about dinna!

3.27.17 10.30-11am

I've been listening to pod casts on faces of tbi this morning! The thing it seems we all want to do is help each other cope with our injury! We all know how hard it is to loose yourself and the difficulty dealing and accepting this, it seems we all want to help each other doing this! Because if we can come to grips with our injury we can start progressing!

3.26.17 after 6.30pm

As much of a struggle as it always appears to be laundry is all done! The thing that pushes me to succeed at this is all of you who didn't have faith in me that I'd be successful living independently especially you who used to say constantly "what are you going to do when you have to do laundry"? You not having faith in me to do so many things pushes me even harder to be successful in so many things! I've earned the right to say, "IN YOUR FACE" !

3.26.17 after 8.45am

I'm well underway in completing my Sunday tasks! I booked my trips for the week, checked my bank accounts, my email, my fb mail and wall! I think it's important to respond promptly in this digital world! My ride value is getting low, very low! I'm trying to hold off adding more value until my check gets deposited but I'm gonna have to add some before it does! Thankfully I'm very good with my money and do have a little left to add value to my ride account! This living on a fixed income is hard cause you've gutta be able to project exactly how much $ you need to pay all your bills, eat well, pay yourself, and most important live happily! Now to continue my Sunday tasks, I gutta trim my beard, shower, do laundry ugg!

3.25.17 near 10.30am

Today is my Xwife's 59th birthday, happy birthday Nice! When we were together it was fun to say that she was much older than I. Only by a few months but still older! I've got a friend who's birthday is one day before mine and we were both born in 1958! I tease her she's older than I! In reality age is only a number, it's really about how you feel! This survivor needs to get back to the YMCA and do my resistance training! That helps keep this survivor young not only physically but mentally too!  

3.24.17 7-8pm

This survivor had a pretty full day! It started with a home visit from KJ! She helped me with my task of building the highest quality wireless sound I can possibly create! Actually she helped me to get my I phone to work with a new wireless speaker I got from! This has two passive subwoofers in it too:)! After we finished I scooted to Wg's and got some things I wanted! I had to get something with chocolate! I got two packages of Keebler fudge striped cookies :)! I have a few after dinna to satisfy my chocolate craving! I got home and took a little nap. Now I'm ready to go;)! I've gutta make myself some dinna now though.

3.23.17 around 6.30pm

I've been to my podiatrist today came home and had no internet! My modem had no lights lite up! I finally got on I don't know if it was something I did or if Comcast fixed whatever the issue was! I saw my podiatrist today and he shaved off that nasty corn. I gutta lay down now, got neuro exhausted trying to fix my connection issue! Thinking and problem solving really burns me out!

3.22.17 nearing 1pm

I've been to my neurologist and that was an outstanding visit :)! I'm doing very well! We did the dreaded memory tests and was told I did the best I've ever done :)! While he was alternating my concentration I asked if he had looked into the benefits of medical marijuana! He said he hadn't then I shared "I've been able to obtain some illegally and I've found nothing better for calming down my anxiety"! When I start getting anxious about anything my mind seems to focus on only that! With marijuana my mind seems to become free and I can change my thoughts to anything I want to :)! I also told him about my new tool, the amazon echo! He was very interested in this! He asked me what I use it for. I said to get news headlines, weather reports, and just a companion living alone :). Made him aware of getting an increase of the amount of med I get distributed through my pump. I did ask about me being a higher functioning survivor and he didn't understand w…

3.22.17 after 7.45am

Today I'm going to see my neurologist! This is an important doctor visit when it comes to brain injury! He is one of the best in brain injury too! This is the most important doctor on my survey of asking if he would say I'm a higher functioning tbi survivor! I know I am but it's just something I need to hear from the professionals who work with me!

3.21.17 afer 7.20pm

Tomorrow I've got an appointment with my neurologist! These always leave me neuro exhausted! It's lots of brain work, the memory tests really are hard and take so much concentration this survivor needs to take a time out from life for about a day!

3.21.17 nearing 4.30pm

I've been to Braintree rehab and Shannon filled my pump! I saw dr.K and asked if we could up he dosage a bit! He didn't want to increase it too much but we did increase it 5 percent! It just seemed to me my body was becoming too used to it or immune to the med! I continued asking all from my team of medical professionals, would you classify me as a higher functioning tbi survivor? Shannon's response was an emphatic "yes"! I guess all the work I'm doing is allowing me to progress further on my journey to get back as much as I can that I lost from this horrific injury! Oh and Shannon also said is getting near time to replace my pump with a new pump! That means more surgery! I think back to the last surgery for the pump, I had a fluid build up on my back! Pretty good memory cause it's been close to ten years since my pump was surgically placed in my stomach!    

3.21.17 around 8.15am

Today I'm going to Braintree rehab to see Shannon for a pump refill. I think I'm gonna add her to my list of medical professionals I ask if they would classify me as a higher functioning tbi survivor! She must see lots of survivors and I know I shouldn't compare myself with other survivors but I just need to know all my work makes a huge difference! 

3.20.17 around 7pm

I'm not doing hics tomorrow cause I've got an 11.30am appointment to see Shannon so this amazing lady can fill my pump! Then Wednesday I'm seeing my neurologist then Thursday I see my podiatrist! I'm not doing hics at all this week :(!

3.20.17 around noon

I've got one more task to complete today! That's to add value to my ride account! I now landline it in cause the value appears instantly as opposed to at taking 2-3 days doing it online. They're telling me they can't process it now cause the computers are down!

3.20.17 around 10.30am

I've been interested in investing in marijuana penny stocks for a while now but I couldn't figure out how to safely do it! This morning I opened an account with TD Ameritrade to get started :)! I did this while on the landline and computer at the same time! That was extremely hard for this survivor, multitasking! I got a great person on the phone and told him of my speed problem, said these things I'm slow with! He stayed with me the whole time to get me pasted setting up an account now I can move forward on my quest to become a marijuana millionaire!   

3.19.17 around 9pm

I'm working on processing the events of today! It's kinds challenging cause a lot happened today! I'm glad I was able to pay my last respects to my aunt! I went to the store with a friend who lives here. Now cause of going to the service my emotions are running wild! This survivor has gutta call it a day!

3.19.17 after 5.45pm

I've been to my aunt's service and as morbid as those things are it was great to see my cousins! David was holding up well and I got to see Debbie and her husband David! We're all getting more experienced in life it's a shame we only see each other at times such as this!

3.18.17 around 10.10am

I was told I would get a ride to my aunts services but I heard nothing from the person who told me! No way I was gonna miss a last chance to pay my respects so I booked trips with "the ride"! Thankfully it's in the service area! Today I gutta get my tail going and scoot to Wg's!

3.17.17after 9pm

I'm a beat tbi survivor! I've been to a residents meeting at the office here! Then had dinna with my sexy blond friend;)! I've gutta think of packing it in for the night now but today has been a good day! Tomorrow I've gutta get to Wg's! There are things I need and things I want :)!

3.17.17 after 10.30am

I think I got a landline from AZ this morning saying heavy chore is coming back to do more of my needs! I forget when now (go figure) but she's gonna email KJ and cc me! Then I'll know for sure cause I'll save the email and KJ will write the info in my pocket calendar! I would normally get the mail and forward it to KJ! These are the things a tbi survivor must do to lead a successful independent life! To recognize what he has for supports and utilize them as best he can! For some reason I'm thinking Bayada home health care called yesterday and said Carmen is coming back today too but that's a burry memory in my brain! Just another reason why this survivor likes being emailed all appointments so I've got something to look back on when things do get blurry!

3.16.17 around 7 pm

Hics was great today! We filled out our picks for the NCAA basketball tournament! If I think of it I'll scan my picks then post it on fb! I picked Gonzaga to win it all this year! I had  a nurse from CCA come and my homemaker came too! Now to have a late dinna!

3.16.17 after 8.30 am

I've got hics today :)! My trip to Quincy got "fed"up though! They have it as a 10am pickup from home to hics! I check my trips constantly and I never picked up the mistake! I'm lead to believe the web site makes changes by itself! I could swear they were all correct on Wednesday morning!

3.14.17 around 11.30am

It's snowing! All the forecasters are saying this is gonna be the worst storm we've had in years! All my gadgets are still charging and will continue to cause they also say to expect power outages! So at least I'll have my laptops to watch a dvd with!

3.13.17 around 8pm

It looks like we're gonna get some snow! Hics already canceled for tomorrow and I got tomorrow nights meal tonight. They are saying 18 plus inches for the Boston area! I've got all my devices charging cause of the likelihood of power outages! If cable goes it takes my landline too! My cell will have to be my only way to call and receive calls too! It will also be the only way to get the internet! They are predicting this to be of historical proportion . 

3.12.17 nearing 9pm

I've had a nice day :)! I scooted to Wg's first thing then had coffee! I met a lady on fb's AYI and she gave me her cell # and we texted each other this afternoon and it was fun :)! We talked about meeting up! Tomorrow I've gutta do my laundry no excuses!  I made an Ellios pizza for dinna, This I cook in the oven so no nuked food tonight :)!

3.12.17 around 5pm

I'm not doing laundry today! I've got used to doing laundry on Monday! I'm such a creature of habit ;)! I must check my value on my laundry card though and if it's low add more! I got cash back at Wg's so ive got cash to use :)! I'm a little neuro fatigued so I'm gonna lie down for a bit!

3.12.17 around 2pm

I got up this morning, had only one cup of coffee and scooted to Wg's! I needed to get the script filled I got in the snail mail! I remembered to get some other items I needed too :)! Then I got home and said "Alexia, good afternoon" then she replied "you can make a shopping list that can be viewed on your Alexia app"! That will be so cool, then I'll never forget an item when I scoot to Wg's or the store, anywhere I need to remember anything! I knew this would be a great tool for a tbi survivor :)!

3.10.17 after 9.20pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet hics at the SSmall(plaza) for a little lunch and shopping! I've guta get a pair of pliers and a web cam! I don't want to spend much $ though cause I need some eats in this place :)!

3.10.17 after 8.15pm

I'm coming to grips with the fact that I've got a child that is 32years old! When I was 32 my dad had passed and mom looked older than I believe I do! I just don't feel like a man who has a child well ova 30! Soon I'm gonna have two kids ova 30, yikes!

3.9.17 after 1130am

I got up today feeling stiffness in my whole body! It was a challenge just to shower! This happens to me not often but when it does I find it difficult to do anything! I didn't want to do hics feeling his way so I canceled hics but I needed something at the store. I forced myself to scoot to the store and that seemed to loosen me up. 

3.6.17 after 6.45pm

This survivor struggled through getting laundry done today! I always am reminded of what was said to me at my last address! What are you going to do when you have to do laundry by yourself? See he had no faith I could be as successful as I am living independently. I knew I could do everything I needed to! So I just used to ignore all the negative talk thrown at me! I think that inspires me, its proving all who had no faith I would succeed wrong!

3.5.17 around 4.40 pm

I went to Wg's this morning via "the ride" then I was thinking, I used to replace windshields in colder weather than this, and scooted home! It was a cold scoot but I wore a heavy shirt with my coat and hat & gloves and that was fine! I used to go out everyday in weather sometimes even colder than today and do 10 to 15 autoglass jobs per day in this weather!
  I got another pair of inexpensive jeans! This time from! You know how different kinds of jeans fit different, I got south pole jeans regular fit 36x30 for under $10 and they fit great :)! I'm no doing laundry today, I've got nothing going on tomorrow so I'm making tomorrow laundry day :)!

3.4.17 around 9.50pm

This survivor did much of nothing today! I did make myself a little dinna though. Just an Ellios pizza. These I bake in the oven, no food by the microwave tonight :)! I booked trips to Wg's for tomorrow too! Not cause I'm anxious about battery life, it's too cold to scoot there! I'll probably scoot home from there though so I gutta make sure I put my layers of cloths on and my hat and gloves!

3.2.17 after 10.20pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30 am! I've filled my med box, completed my KJ list! Just two things I need a hand with! I can't seem to figure out how I can back up to  flash drive and to see if I can get all my wireless speakers to work with my Amazon echo! This survivor is neuro exhausted so I'm callin this day done :)!

3.2.17 after 6.50pm

I've been to hics today and "the ride" didn't "f" up at all! My return trip actually showed up early :)! We had the normal life skills groups. I even learned something that was very interesting but now I forget what it was. No big deal, you've gutta learn to accept  that this is gonna happen! I'll find it somewhere in my brain, I don't know how to give up :)! Now to make a late dinna.

3.1.17 around 8am

No home visit from KJ today she's coming on Friday! Lata I'm going to Chillies in Braintree for planning for rec events for April and of coerce dinna! I've  gutta retype my b.a.r.(brains at risk) speech! I think I'll start on that!