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6.30.16 around 5.30pm

I didn't do hics today cause now my toe is causing me tremendous pain even with my sneaker off :(! I got a landline from pt today canceling an appointment and making another! I asked if I could be emailed the information. She did and I forward  that to KJ. These are the  strategies I've gutta use if I have any chance of leading a successful independent life! Now to take a ride to Wg's to get a med.

6.29.16 near 9pm

Ive been to casino night at hics! I did blackjack all night again and I wound up having lots of fun braking even for the night! We ordered out for chinese food too :)! Tomorrow I've got hics, we're doing the regular life skills groups. Tomorrow I have my favorite group, peer tbi!

6.29.16 around noon

This was an eventful morning :)! KJ and AZ were over and we proceeded to engage in a conference call with my care manager CI! This is my team to ensure I get all the benefits I'm eligible for :)! KJ even asked if I could get transportation to hics! I think she said I could but she's gutta check into it. That would be so so great! I put at least $100 per month on my "the ride" account that would save me approximately $30 per month! There is also a cleaning company that will come and do a thorough cleaning of my apartment!  Clean my carpets and couch and loveseat! This survivor has a great team working for my success :)! I'm going to rec tonight and we are gonna do casino night! This survivor has now gutta try and process all this information!

6,28,16 after 8am

I'm going to my dentist's office today to I believe to pick up my mouthguard! The last time I thought I was picking this up they did more impressions so you can see why this survivor has a lot of uncertainty! Just another thing to make my anxioty off the wall but I'm used to this. 

6.25.16 7.15-7.30pm

I never got to the pool today! The only excuse I've got is my foot is causing me so much pain I'm struggling to ambulate around my small apartment :(! I tried to stay off it as much as I could but I had to accomplish something today so I booked all my trips for the week today! That seems to have got me immensely neuro fatigued! Now I can do the pool tomorrow stress free!

6.25.16 around 11.30am

My plan today is to go to the pool and get some color :)! That's if I eva get my tail going! On fb you can look back on posts from a year ago, called memories! I got alerted I had one to look back on! I reposted it cause to us survivors it's so important! If we think we can do any task alone please don't jump in and complete the task for us! If we need help hopefully most of us have progress to the point we'll ask for it! If you jump in and do it for us it stunts our progression! So please the most important thing is to listen to a survivor!

6.24.16 around 7.15pm

I got a landline from I guess my new care manager at onecare! I can't remember her name but she said I was gonna get a packet in the mail that has gutta be filled out and sent back, she then wanted to make sure I had someone who could help me get it done. Then I told this chick about the great support I get from Head Injury Community Services I receive!  I said every week I get a home visit from from my case manager! I'm thinking she will put one of her cards in the packet too! That's the only way for me to remember all of the information she gave me,and I also gave her KJ's information too! I've got one of KJ's cards or else no way could this tbi survivor remember that! I can't even remember the hics landline #! You gutta love how today's phones have ways of storing numbers, I wouldn't have a clue if they didn't! Then I took a ride to Wg's, picked up a med and did my weekly shopping a day early! So tomorrow I've got no excuse not to go …

6.24.16 around 2.30pm

I think I've had success in changing the font size on "struggle"! I had to copy and paste it in Mword then change the font size and to upload it to my site change the name slightly! Now the name is I think!

6.24.16 after 1.30pm

I'm having great difficulty getting my tail in gear today, needless to say I couldn't even get to the YMCA today :(! Wg's called said a script was ready so I'll look to see what my needs are and take a ride to Wg's. Since I'm going today, I'll do my Saturday shopping too! I've been working with my new web hosting site trying to change the font size on my story struggle without any success! I think I'm gonna end up rewriting struggle! This webhost site seems to give me issues uploading files but I won't let it beat me, I'll get the better of this so stay tuned!:)

6.23.16 getting close to 10pm

I think I've done all I needed to! I posted on my fb page the need for prayers for my brother as he goes under the knife tomorrow! He may not believe in the power of prayer but I certainly do! All the prayers for me while I was comatose convinced Jesus to save me when all the doctors gave up hope! Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the YMCA :)!

6.23.16 after 8.30pm

Tonight's mtg was a flop :)! Lisa was the only one who showed ! Lisa and I made a decision that we should have it the 3rd thursday of every month! Then maybe it can be posted in the monthly flyer! 

6.23.16 around 2pm

I got up today and felt like crap so I couldn't do hics :(! After resting all day so far I feel great! Good thing too cause I'm hosting a brain injury support group mtg tonight at the clubhouse! I didn't get a chance to distribute flyers to all the buildings so I may not get many there. I just gutta go to the office to get the key!

6.22.16 around 2.30pm

I've had a home visit with KJ then I met with Yin at the MRC office in Braintree and Yin had an outstanding plan for me! To become a peer support counselor! I'd have to be certified I guess take some sort of classes on it, this is what I try to do now with everything I do online the website, my blog, my fb page for support and brain injury awareness! This sounds like it would be more a one on one type of thing though! This to me seems like more than just a job, a second career :)! 

6.21.16 after 4.20pm

I've been to hics today and the last group was mood management! We did a worksheet where there are different moods in one column then a column of situations and we matched them together. We didn't finish the exercise but one of the last questions was, "why is it better to think of things in a positive way"? I think if you want to live a happy life there is no other way to be! I look for the positive in every situation I'm involved in! I've been this way all of my life, before tbi and even more post tbi! 

6.20.16 after 7pm

Today was a great day! I got me web site back online :)! This web host seems to be better as far as being able to get my site when you type  in any browser! When yahoo was my host you had to use yahoo as a search engine now it seems any engine can find my site!

6.20.16 around 2pm

I was gonna do the YMCA today but I'm still waiting for a landline from the co. that took over yahoo sb! This is important too, my web site is not up yet! I'm thinking of using my home gym but I can't stray too far from a phone or my puter!

6.19.16 around 9pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the YMCA to do my resistance training :)! My shoulder feels okay right now, my toe is still bothering me quite a bit but I don't wanna focus on the pain so maybe it will subside! I gutta be positive, it WILL subside :)!

6.19.16 around 4.30pm

I took a great ride to Wg's and remembered all my needs! Most important I got that script filled! Now I donno what I'm gonna do, maybe create something, writing about living with tbi! I've gutta wait though cause I'm supposed to hear something tomorrow about my website! 

6.19.16 around 1pm

I was gonna go to the pool today but a script came in the snail mail yesterday that I need to get filled! I forgot some things yesterday too! That's if I ever get my tail going! Trips all booked for the week, did that last night! I've got to trim my beard and shower then I'll go but I've got the Sunday morning lethargy! 

6.17.16 around 7.30pm

I've been to the residents meeting at the office! I posed the question, can I transfer to an apt. with a balcony? It seems hud (my housing assistance program) does not qualify for apts. with balconies :( ! Only market rate and chapter 8 people can get them :(!  I've also spoken with Aabecco small business about my web site, they  still got it :)! I'm gonna get a landline Monday about my options :)!

6.17.16 after 4.20pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout! My shoulder seemed to get relief working it as hard as I could! My toe, now that's a little irritated after being on it and having my sneakers on :(! The best I can do now for it is leave my sneakers off and try not to walk around much!

6.17.16 around 8am

My alarm clock in my head seems to be set at 7am. I seem to wake up at 7am every day! I had many things I wanted to blog but it seems they have left my brain :(!  I know that there is one thing I must remember that is that I have a $100 check out there that has yet to be processed! Today I'm going to the YMCA! I'm gonna do my strength training and hopefully get some relief from my pinched nerve  in  my left shoulder!


Today I've done hics got home and had to take a ride to the store! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA! It seems the only thing that helps my pinched nerve in my shoulder is doing my resistance training!

6.15.16 after 6pm

I have yet to get a call back from that web hosting site so I searched my computer, all flash drives and all files, to see if I had backed up my web site to no luck :(! That means if I don't have any luck with getting a web hosting account with them I'd have to rebuild my web page :(! That sux, Cara and I worked hard on making "struggle", my life story! 

6.15.16 around 3pm

This survivor is very neuro exhausted now! KJ made a home visit earlier and that went very well as always then I was trying to get my web site back up with this other hosting site and my master money card kept on being denied! Autome was here too and she made sure I typed all the information correctly! I called my bank to see if there was a issue with my card, they said no issues it must be on their end! I called the site back, went through trying to sign up again and same issue! I'm supposed to get a call from them to clear this issue up! It's just this survivor had to stay focused on the task at hand while concentrating on hitting the right keys on the keyboard then I was told to use caps in places that require caps! Someone from there is calling me today or tomorrow, we'll see :(!

6.14.16 after 9pm

I've been to busy to blog! Today I had a dentist appointment! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit after 8.30 am and Autumn from ss elder services is gonna make home visit at 11.30am! 

6.13.16 after 9.15pm

Tomorrow I'm going to my dentist to get my mouth guard made for me :)! I've noticed I've been grinding my teeth a lot lately, it could be that I'm more aware now when I do this! I'm hoping this will help to save the teeth I've got left! 

6.13.16 around 11am

I was just recalling that the guy who organized and made last night's event happen showed an interest in getting to know me and what services I receive! All in an attempt to make these events well known! I gave him all the info about hics and told him to call JR! There was one other survivor from hics there last night too! D? was there, it was great to know someone there but I would have had a great time alone :)! 

6.13.16 around 8am

I had a great time at the friendship social yesterday! I remember taking a pic of this hot chic dancing but I can't find it on my phone :(! Today I've got a pt coming over at 10am I think, my homemaker at 4.30pm! Kelly my pt just called and said she couldn't make it today and she's coming Friday at ?! I asked her to call my land line and leave a message with all the details! This survivor has perfected how he must live a successful independent life.

6.12.16 around 9am

I  got up with some tasks in mind I need to do but the only one that remained was to make coffee! Today I'm gonna go to the friendship social at Florian hall in Braintree! This should be lots of fun! I'm gonna try to hook up with a babe there! The only time I remember being this desperate was when I first moved out and Nice and I got separated! First thing I did was to go out that night, go to the Cathy pacific and hook up with a babe, invite her to my place, well then I remember taking this chic out to breakfast ;)!  

6.11.16 around 5.30pm

I didn't do my normal ride to Wg's today, I had to do my laundry! I'm gonna go to the friendship social tomorrow and there wouldn't be enough time to do it stress free! Plus I needed clean jeans. Now I'm ready to go and check out the babes I hope will be there ;)!

6.11.16 around 9am

I really should do laundry today cause tomorrow I'm going to the friendship social at forian hall in Dorcester Ma. I need a clean pair of jeans too! They have a live band playing and food and drink too! I'm really just hopping to meet a single babe there! That's my honesty talking, I just have to say why I'm really going, the live band is a great thing too though! I've got to say a few words about too! Gordy Howe was an amazing hockey player! I boast about playing competitive hockey till the age of 36, he played pro hockey well in to his 50's!

6.1.16 close to 3.50pm

I paid the bills I had to for the month, took a ride to the store, came home to a large envelope outside my door! I opened it up and found the charger cord I had just ordered I think Wednesday for my tablet! This is a good example why I get all my computer needs from Dell! They not only have great products, they KNOW how to take care of their faithful customers! I conected it to my tablet right away and with this cable I can feel it when I a solid connection, the last one I never did! 

6.10.16 after 11.45am

I'm certain now it's Friday morning! This survivor started today in total confusion! Then it got worse! I got a call from dr.Tracy's office to remind me of an appointment on Monday. I seem to recall that being rescheduled until July ?! Now sparks are flying around like crazy in my head and I don't know which end is up! I don't have it in my pocket calendar so I'm gonna disregard the call! KJ is real good at making sure I've got all my appointments written in there! I had to scribble down an appointment for Monday, I'm having a pt come here to give me therapy for my left shoulder! I thought it was today so I canceled the YMCA, it's been a rough morning! I take it in stride though, see you've got to expect things like this living with a severe traumatic brain injury! Today I've just gutta take a ride to the store and I think dr. Otto said he was gonna call to discuss my neuro schec exam. I'm not gonna wait around for a call, I can email hi…

6.9.16 after 9.30pm

Wow, I must have taken a little snooze cause I got up thinking it was Friday! I was gonna get all together to go to the YMCA! I never looked outside and noticed it was dark, made a pot of coffee and started my morning routine! Now this survivor can go back and get some more zzz's :)!

6.9.16 around 8.30pm

I had a yummy time at the scooper bowl yesterday! I no sooner was about to take my last spoonful of one cup and a pretty lady hands me another :)! I got a copy of the report from my neuro sche exam. Pretty much what I expected, memory issues, both normal and when concentration altered, reasoning not as bad, the thing that pisses me off is he said could use coaching on hygiene! I shower up every morning, always try to be stink free, brush my teeth 2-3 times daily! I don't have anything to put on my jeans to get rid of stains cause being color blind I don't see them! I think you should be able to get two days out of a clean pair of jeans too! Maybe it's time to put some jeans on my Walmart cart. I guess it's his job to judge me, I just don't agree with his results on my hygiene!


I'm meeting hics in Boston at the scooper bowl today! All the ice cream I can eat for a $10 donation to the jimmy fund! My shoulder hurts badly today but I'll deal with the pain as I enjoy many little cups of ice cream! I've got a pinched nerve in my shoulder.

6.7.16 after 7.30pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then later in the day I'm going to hics for game night. We all order out for dinnna then play card games, board games, they used to have dvd games and still do but we've played them all! We don't remember the ?s or answers so I hope we do some of these! My med box is filled for the week, my KJ list is completed, I'm ready :)!

6.7.16 around 2.20pm

I've been to my appointment and it seems I've got an impingement on my left shoulder! It results from pressure on the rotator cuff from part of the shoulder blade as the arm is lifted. He recommended therapy   for this or I could get a cortisone shot! I don't want to be dependent on another drug so I'm gonna try therapy.

6.7.16 around 9am

Today I'm gonna go to a doctor to check my shoulder out! It's causing me quite a bit of pain now, I guess because I'm getting up there in years my body is gonna get these kind of bothersome pains :(! My anxiety is off the wall today! That's cause I'm not only dependent on "the ride" but I'm going to a place I've never been before!

6.6.16 after 5.30pm

I've been to my appointment with Lisa! She checked my vitals and my bp was a little high when I first got there! Then after relaxing a bit she took it again and it was fine :)! My temperature is a little high, it was 99"! She looked at my swollen ankles and said "nothing to be concerned about" :)! I was still on "the ride" at 4pm so I had to call Bayada and cancel Jessica for today :(! I had my driver on the return trip drop me at Wg's mainly so I could get some cash. You can only get $20 cash back on a transaction so I asked him to do two transactions! Now I'm comfortable with my cash flow :)! 

6.6.16 after 10am

I'm ready for my appointment! I've gutta ask Lisa to print out my upcoming appointments! I know I'm seeing dr.Tracy soon but I think at a different address than I've seen him before! It would be so much easier for me if I wasn't locked out of www.myhealth online ! Then I could just visit that site and have all my questions answered! I wish my dentist appointments showed up there too! What this survivor has gutta do is start utilizing his online calendar!

6.6.16 around 7.40am

I'm going to see Lisa Billings at granite medical today then Jessica, my homemaker comes at 4.30pm! I've gutta remember to ask for a print out of my upcoming appointments. I know I have an an appointment on Tuesday, time and location but I don't know the doctor's name! That was enough to book the trip but I don't want to go in a new to me building blind! I believe I have Bayada's phone # in my cell in case I'm running late on my return trip! I don't want to miss Jessica cause I need her to do my laundry! I won't make her stay until it's completed, I'll get it after it has completed the drying cycle! I'm still locked out at www.myhealth :(!
   If I wasn't locked out that would be a very useful tool! If Lisa prints me out a page my anxioty should calm down! It will just find another thing to be anxious about though :(! I'm still waiting for "the ride" to recognize the value I added yesterday to my account but th…

6.5.16 7.45pm

Well I got most of my trips booked today then I ran out of value in my account! I've just got one more to do and my value I put on today will probably show tomorrow! After I get home from my appointment tomorrow I gutta check and make sure it did then book my last trip! Its important too, the scooper bowl on Thursday, I'm meeting hics in Boston for all th ice cream I can eat for a $10 donation to the jimmy fund :)! 

6.5.16 around 5pm

I finally got up off my tail and got my Sunday tasks done! I couldn't finish booking all my trips for the week cause I need to add value to my account! I did get my old beard trimmer working and used it to trim my beard. It gets down lower than my other one, I like to get it down to look like a 5:00 shadow! This one didn't get it down to that but it got it lower than the other one does )! Now I gutta see what I've got for dinna! 

6.5.16 almost 11am

I called "the ride" to book two trips I didn't have destinations stored in my account! Just one, KJ had booked my trips for tomorrow, I'm gonna see the nurse practitioner at granite medical, she is gonna look at my swollen ankles! Then Tuesday I'm going to an orthouhpidic guy for my shoulder! I don't know his name though! I'm not gonna let myself get real anxious over this cause I can always find out his name at my appointment on Monday! If I could logon to my I could find out about all my appointments but I've got a password issue and always get locked out of my account!

5.3.16 around 5pm

I had another cat-scan today on my kidney! The previous ones I've had I had to change in to a johnnie this time I only had to drop my draws a little :)! I was even able to keep all my gold on too! They checked the images and they came out good the 1st try! They even said to me, "you did very well, one of the easiest one of these we've ever done :)! Now lets pray my kidneys are clean with no stones at all :)!

6.1.16 around 1.15pm

KJ was ova this morning and I've got issues finding in my injured brain exactly what went on :(! That's cause I got in to a project that seemed to use all of my brain! I got an email saying this firm is taking over yahoo small business! I have to setup an account with them so where's my site? They found my site and I had to go through a process of reactivating the account! I got stuck on when you've gutta type the characters displayed in the box! I did that at least five or six times till I got very frustrated and had to call it quits! I needed to go to Wg's so I took a ride and on the way back my speedo was reading 20mph for about 10 minutes! I'm loving this :)!