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9.30.16 around 10.30pm

I've been to the YMCA today that makes two days this week I've been able to fight off my anxiety! Now I've gutta make it on Monday to swim laps then do my resistance training :)! I just get so anxious whenever I must depend on "the ride"! It's late but I'm watching the Redsox, David Ortiz last home stand (regular season) at Fenway :(! The best clutch hitter ever :)!  

9.27.16 around 8pm

This survivor had a busy day!I went to hics and had a great day there! Then to Braintree rehab to get my shots of Botox! I'll start feeling the effects in about two weeks! My return trip from Braintree rehab wasn't till almost 4.30pm and of course they were late! It finally showed up around 5.30! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna go to hics for trivia night :)!  

9.25.16 around 2.20pm

I finally got all my trips for the week booked :). Tuesday I'm going to hics and from there to get my shots of Botox! I feel I need it too, my muscles feel extremely tight! I find it not only helps my tone but my severe spastisody too! I'm not gonna do laundry today! There does not seem to be enough to justify spending $ 4 to do it! I seem to get so neuro fatigued    booking my trips. It's a lot of brain work! Remembering addresses,times, etc! I gutta rest my brain and I'll do that by flipping on the tv and watching some football :)!

9.25.16 b4 10am

Sunday morning, just having my 1st cup of coffee! Today I've gutta book all my trips for the week, trim my beard, clean a few things like my keyboard! The characters are getting black! That makes it difficult for me to not have typos all over everything I do on my computer, which is just about everything! Maybe find time to take a ride to D&D's too! I've gutta start my streak of no falls again :(! I fell this morning   carrying my two coffee cups into the kitchen! I tried to grab my computer chair to stop me from going down but my chair went over and I went down :(! No hurts, just my pride :(!

9.23.16 around 9pm

I've been getting so frustrated looking for the correct link to click on to pay my Mass health bill! I have issues getting this done every month! I made the link a favorite but it doesn't go right to the proper page, it goes to a page that I've gutta search for that link! I'm dropping this task for now! Tomorrow I've gutta do my weekly ride to Wgs! I need some stuffs and I think they called and said a med was ready! I'm out of coffee creamer! I've gutta use milk right now, not the same plus too much cholesterol! I like the french vanilla powdered creamer ! I start every day with a pot of D&D's french vanilla coffee!

9.23.16 around 6pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a fantastic workout! This makes two times I made it there :)! Monday I've gutta remember to book an arrival time at noon to start swimming laps before my resistance workout :)! Now to make some dinna :)!

9.20.16 after 11am

Heavy chore was over and cleaned all my carpet area, my refrigerator, and washed all my walls! The fridge and walls were important cause that's a task that would be  hard for me to do! They used something similar to a mop to do my walls! I can try and maintain my shiny walls with my mop :)!  

9.19.16 around 8.40pm

I made it to the YMCA today:)! My foot still bothers me immensely but I'm inspired to do all my activities by LQ!She does what she needs to with severe anxioty! If this babe can do it so can I! Tomorrow Heavy chore is coming over to do heavy cleaning! I guess they wash my carpet, couches, and I'll ask them to wash all my walls! After tomorrow this place is gonna shine ;)! Today I did the YMCA then Jessica cleaned my apartment, my laundry! This is a cool chic, she is thorough, kind and a babe too :)!   

9.18.16 after 2.15pm

I logged on to fb this morning and got NO news of anyone I know passing :)! My order from peapod arrived today and I'm still having issues fitting all the freezer stuff in the freezer! I had stuff I could move to the refrigerator and still had my issues but I got it done :)! 
    I wanna help LQ with her I phone but she's a scorpio too, must be something about us scorpios wanting to do everything on our own! I did all my utilities on my computer today, disk check, virus scan, then disk cleanup!  I believe it to be crucial in having a computer running at  an optimum level!  I also booked all my trips for the week!

9.17.16 after 10am

I never posted what went on yesterday now I've gutta search my brain to find the link to yesterday! This is work, hard work for this memory impaired survivor but I try to make everything work to make my memory better! I went to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office! My pcp wants to keep an eye on my weight! I'm under doctors orders to gain weight! The good news is I did gain some! My weight is 162lb still less than b4 my tbi but as she said it's good I bulked up a little! I think I got all my bills paid too! I'm still having issues picking the right link to pay Mass health though but I made a peapod order too and after spending over $100 there, no need to take a ride to Wg's today! I know I did more songs at karaoke the other night I've just gutta find them in my phone! I think I'll work on that today :)!   

9.16.16 after 10.20am

Today I'm going to see Lisa Billings the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office. I think it's just a follow up on my left shoulder but I'll speak to her about the procedure dr.Tarr (podiatrist) talked with me about (breaking a bone in my foot)! I can use all the advice I can get, it's breaking my foot! I remembered when I booked my trips last they said my balance was in the negative! My check cleared so I was able to put $100 value on my account! Pretty good memory for this memory impaired survivor :)! 

9.14.16 after 9.50pm

Today started with a home visit with KJ then I needed to get some meds so I took a ride to Wg's,got a script filled and I ran out of a med I'm not supposed to miss a dose of so I took one as soon as I got it! I also stocked up on things I go through quickly! Then tonight I've been to hics for karaoke night! I was trying to take vids of my performance but my Iphone kept saying no room :(! I tried deleting old vids and pics but same result :(! LK looked at it for me and it seems fb is taking up a lot of space! She was gonna fix it right then only if I was sure of my fb pw! Google chrome saves all my pws so I wasn't sure of what I used on fb! So as not to be confused by so many pws I try to use one for everything so I got home and tried to change my fb pw! Just as I had thought I'm already using the pw I'm using for everything now! LK had said she would help me at hics tomorrow but I must remember my fb pw. This survivor's memory may not be the sharpest but he…

9.13.16 after 8.30pm

Last night my anxioty got the best of me, I was getting so anxious I got sick to my stomach :(! It was so bad I couldn't do hics today :(! I'm trying to get my brain injury support group up and going but the one I was having tonight nobody came! It got in the monthly bulletin too! I'll give it one more try and next time I'll distribute flyers to all buildings and have it in the flyer! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm going to hics for karaoke night! I think I'm gonna do "wanted dead or alive" by Bon Jovi!  

9.11.16 getting near 6pm

I took a ride to the store earlier then tried to find out when and what channel the Pats are on! This turned into a project for this survivor! I googled the patriots and so many links came up! I tried one that said schedule but that turned into more links! Now I'm getting overwhelmed big time. Then I clicked on the right link finally and learned they're on channel 7    not till 7.30pm, jeesh!

9.11.16 around 9am

September 11th! This is like December 7th and June 20th! Days in our history that changed to world we live in! I was in my truck going from job to job when it was broadcast all over the radio first I called home then Barbs and went back to the shop and watch it all unfold with Barbs, never forget that day! Today I gutta get to the store!

9.10.16 around 5pm

I'm ending my period of not blogging! I did this to find out who really cares if I'm well, or getting on living with a traumatic brain injury! It's sad to say nobody tried to get in touch with me through the old way of finding out how someone is (landline)! LQ was the only one who was concerned about my lack of blogs! This chic is a great friend, I wish it was more than friends but I've gutta respect her wishes and be a good boy :(! Today I took a ride to Wg's, picked up a med and some other stuffs :)!

9.3.16 around 3pm

I just booked all my trips for the week a day early this week! I had some idle time so I put it to good use! First I had to go to  to make sure the YMCA was closed on Monday, Labor day! I'm still unable to access my online account which sux cause I can't remember what my balance is when I hang up! I've learned if it's less than $15, a red flag is raised in my brain and I don't see one now :)!  

9.3.16 around 11am

I believe I'm a good person, always there to help those in need anyway I can! If anybody doesn't want to be a friend of mine, cyber or life friend, it's by far their loss and in no way mine! Later today LQ and I are gonna at least go to the store and maybe do D&D's for lunch :)! 

9.2.16 around 10pm

Now I've gutta try to make the connections between the neurons in my brain to remember what I did today! I couldn't do the YMCA cause that awful corn on my right little toe was causing me too much pain! So much I can't even go one step without excruciating pain :(! I needed to pick a med up at Wg's and LQ wanted to walk so we both went to Wg's then went to the larger D&D's and spent good quality time together :)! Then I got home, put my stuffs away,rested a bit then warmed up dinna ;)! Tonight's dinna   as far as I can tell was some kind of fish with tater tots and a vegetable medley. :)  

9.2.16 around 1pm

I've been busy doing stuff with hics :)!Last Wednesday night was casino night at hics! I think I broke even for the night playing my usual blackjack! It was lots of fun though cause my favorite dealer was working :)! Thursday I had hics, most survivors went on a trip to Boston Common I think but I stayed for life skills groups! JR (pdJ) stayed behind to run a group in which we were posed a ?. Where would you be in life if not for sustaining a traumatic brain injury? I've often thought of this! With my kids all grown now I wouldn't be paying $521 a wk in child support so I'd have to buy a house or some kind a property for tax reasons alone! I would have married the women of my dreams and started a 2nd family. No dwelling on what could have been though I've got the power to do anything now so lets see what my savior has in store for me!