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I'm very confused about my trust!I was told if I withdraw any funds I would have to declare it as income and pay a tax!I need some dental work done and I'm told to save the receipts cause if I don't the trustee would have to pay a tax!It sounds to me that someone is not being completely honest!Kinda makes you wonder why they call it a trustee!

can't sleep

I'm having trouble going to sleep,guess it cause I'm really excited to start my new part time job!I'm gonna be an investment councellor for Jamie Young!My full time job is taking care of Jamie!It really is a full time job!I'm a busy guy,with the YMCA,which also is part of taking care of me!Strenth training helps in so many ways!It also helps keep cancer away!Thats what I'm doing tomorrow!My pick up time is 11.56 am so I can sleep untill 10.30 at the latest!When you think about it I've got lots to do to live a sucessfull life!Book all my rides,cook all my meals,work on making sure my mind dosn't leave me completely,only wanders from time to time,keeping my apartment clean!I'm ready for my new job :)!I'm sure I forgot something that I'm doing oh also Lisa coming over tomorrow and we are gonna play my wii game system!I think we're gonna check out tennis and golf :)!

11.29 6.11 pm

My tax lawyer got back to me,he said"the irs will not garnish any of my money as long as I continue to make timely payments on my installment plan,ssdi is not a needs based program so there is no asset limit!That means I can impliment my plan of working with the money I got from the sale of my house investing in blue chip,high yield investments,Cds high yeild savings!Basicly I can have all MY money  in my name!To do this I'm gonna need the cooperation of the trustie who in the past has not been cooperative when he thinks he could be hurt by things I'm involved with.He just wants nothing to cost him time or money!I'm gonna have to have hip repacement surgery in the future,I don't know what shape mass helth will be in at the time!I'm gonna have to leave some of it liquid just in case!Now after putting my son through college I've only got maybe 25 thousand to play with!Time to make my money work for me!I can visit all the savings banks and credit unions on li…

11.27.12 5.30 pm

I've been to hics today :)!We had groups current issues,healthy living,recreational opportunities!The last group,r o,we did a game I think called boggle,where you had letters like 4 accross and 4 down.You'd have to make as many words as you can by only the letters touching each other!


I'm running way late tonight for a great reason,Lisa came over and after two yrs I finally played my wii game system!Lisa and I did some 10 pin bowling :)!That lasted a few hrs then I had to make dinna,KJ is coming over tomorrow at 8am so I had to fill my pill box with all my meds!Gutta think about turning in but I'm kind of wound up right now :)!


One of the great things about fb is you can learn what your friends and young adults are thinking :)Nise and I had our problems but we always put our kids needs way before our own!Its just great to see Bri feels the same!Charlie has the greatest mom :)!

11.25.12 about 5 pm

Today I've been able to do a good job trimming my beard!That's what I mean about being free!When I lived in Scituate,I couldn't trim my beard,I had to pay someone to do it.It still makes a mess but I think if I continue to trim it every week,its much less of a mess!I scooted to Walgreens,booked all my rides for the week!I've still gutta do laundry but that may wait till tomorrow after the YMCA cause I still gutta make dinna :)!Lisa came over for a while to see pics of Charlie from Thanksgiving :)!

11.25.12 almost 11.30 am

I've been able to successfully book my rides for the week!I called them in on the land line so I don't have to fight with the web site!I go to the YMCA at 12 on Wednesdays now to accommodate "the ride" and I didn't get any shxt this week for having my times too close together :)!Now I'm gonna scoot to Walgreens :)

11.24.12 3.05 pm

My issues with "the ride" continues.I was reviewing my trips online and the fares for my trips tomorrow were $5.!I had thought they were gonna be $4. so I called basically saying wtf!I guess if your destination is more than 3/4 of a mile away from a T bus stop its considerd a premium area and premium areas are now $5.!I thought there was a bus stop out front of stop & shop but I guess not.Its only a dollar but living on a fixed income I've gutta be so careful!That hopefully will be the last time I need to use stop & shop in Braintree!I'm only going there tomorrow cause there is a citizens bank there!I've got to work on finding a cb within scooting distance!


Wow,I wake up today to learn of two people from my passed have passed!Larry Hagman and Hector macho Camacho!Larry,as major Nelson on I dream of Jeanie and most noticeably,JR on Dallas!Hector,a fiesty boxer who had a showboating style that I thought was great!May they both rest in peace!I was gonna go to stop and shop in Braintree but I didn't feel like waiting for "the ride" to get around so I booked trips for tomorrow to the same place just a little later :) !I donno what I'm gonna do today,I'll just play it by mood,I really wish I had my lisence cause then I could go and do a lot more!

11.23.12 7.59 pm

I've kept busy today.I didn't have the YMCA cause Sheroyle emailed me saying she wouldn't be in today!I was gonna go to walmart to get a signal extender for my wireless internet connection but after getting advise from Kenny and Lissy desided not to share my wireless connection!I've already given Lisa tel #'s for net zero so if she wants badly enough to get online,she can!I've scooted to walgreens and rememberd to get toothpaste,only tp I had was the tp the dentist perscribed for me,I like a tp that leaves my moulth feeling freash,this did but just not freash enough for me :)!I know I've done some other stuff but,I'm having trouble trying to find it in my brain :( !

11.21.12 near 6 pm

I think I've finally got my itinerary for tomorrow all set :) !With my memory the way it is,I'm memory impaired :) !Lissy and I fbed back and forth on Bri's wall,I think.I know to be ready by 12pm :) !

11.21.12 almost 5 pm

I'm starting to get really excited about tomorrow,Thanksgiving day!I'll get to see all three of my young adults plus meet my grandson :)!I was talking with Lisa earlier about this and she asked "do you think they will ever come over"?I hope they do cause Lisa would love to meet him!Anytime Bri wants to take a night off,Lisa said she would take care of Charlie with me :) !

11.19.12 almost 7pm

I've been a little lax on my blogging as of late!I can remember Lisa coming over I think yesterday,I scared her cause I was in the process of cutting open tennis balls to fit over the exposed edges of my walker.I can see how it can cause concern cause I'm concerned myself!I was successful though and no cuts :)!Today I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout,scooted to Walgreen's,was able to not only get my needs but my wants too :)!I've been thinking I spend too much on my scoots to Wgs then after much thought I realized I haven't been going for a weekly trip to stop and shop so it all evens out!I'm just gonna make a stop and shop trip once a month :)!

11.16.12 9.10 pm

I've had a non stop day today :) !I've been to the YMCA and had a super workout!I upped the weight on almost all of the machines!I did on the grip machine too but still had to do 25 reps with my left hand!My right side I've got issues with cause my left side of my brain was the side that sustained most of my brain injury!Thats the biggest bummer about this TBI!The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body,arms,legs,and hands!I'm working real hard to get it the best it can be!I got a call from Lisa she wanted me to email the regional property manager at ramblewood to air some complaints but,I lost his address!We ordered out for dinna though!Which was great cause then I got to spend a few hrs qt with this sexy blond :) !I've had a great day :)!


Tomorrow I've got the YMCA to go to!I've gutta make sure I go too!Then this will be the first week in a while I've made it all three days :) !It seems the only person that understood and supported my relationship with my bestest friend Jan passed,my mother!Girls,its very rare when someone in your life is just happy to see you smiling and happy!That is how Jan and I feel about each other we're bestest friends :)!

11.15.12 9.30 pm

I've had such a super day!Today at hics we had our Thanksgiving luncheon!I ate so much I didn't have to make a dinna!It really was a great day!CmE made up a like slide show of a year at hics!She really did such a great job with it but I guess its not called a slide show anymore,she used or put it all together and showed it with a computer!Maybe its called a powder point presentation!We've got a projector that connects to the computer and shows it on a large screen!That's the great thing at hics,when it comes to an audio visual thing,we've got all the latest technology :)!It was a packed office today!I had a real great day :)!

11.14.12 9.05 pm

I've had such a great day :) !Its just so so hard for me to remember things that have happened :( !The day started with a home visit from KJ!She also does strength training at the YMCA!She told me if I can do more than 12 reps on a machine its time to up the weight!So today I worked with this Asian young lady who was very smart and cooperative and we wrote down which machines I need to up the weight on!Pretty much every one :) !I've gutta be challenged by my workout and it just wasn't challenging me anymore!Hopefully by upping the weight it will become challenging :) !I still feel great after my workout :) !I was kinda nervous about my rides cause the driver was late for my return trip from the YMCA and I had a trip to hics to go but I got home from the YMCA and changed cloths,freshened up,had already given KJ money to order out my dinna for tonight,that seemed to workout splendidly !I played blackjack all night!I didn't win alot but I had a fun time and that's wha…

11.14.12 9.30 am

KJ has been over for our home visit and that makes me feel so lucky I've got such great support!She makes sure I'm staying organized,staying away from being frivolous,keeping me focused on upcoming tasks,events,things I must do!Tbi suxs but with all the great support I've got,not only from KJ but,all my great friends too!Jan comes to mind first!It just enables me to expand on living a very happy life :)!I've got the YMCA next then to hics for casino night :)!

11.13.12 6 pm

Hics was great today!We just had regular groups,current events,healty living,and a new group,liesure activaties!Current events pdJ ran and did it a fun way.He would write something on the board dealing with ce,then one survivor with his back to the board would have to guess what is written by all of us giving one word clues!In hl we went over things that can inspire us!Like different quotes,my favorite quote now is "my mind not only wanders sometimes it leaves completly"!I also learned something I feel pretty good about.KJ said she has used quotes I have written in my blog :).In lA I just played ono!I hadn't played ono in a long,long time it was good to play it again!I got home,my phone was ringing!It seems the phone I have on my desk is not working!I got down on my knees to check the connections!At first everything looked good then after further inspectoin I noticed a plug just layin on the floor so I plugged it in !Now both of myNow both phones are working well!Lisa as…

11.12.12 9.30 pm

I didn't get everything done I wanted to today but the most important task I did!I trimed my beard this morning :)!Tomorrow I've got hics,I think just a normal day cause thusday we have our Thanksgiving luncheon!We have a regular Tg dinna:)!

11.12.12 11 am

I didn't go to the YMCA this morning cause it just seems I've got too much to do!I've got to cut some tennis balls to fit over the  ends of my walker,trim my beard,ck my bank accounts,ck my rides,maybe scoot to Walgreen's,depending on funds!

11.12.12 3.10 am

I got up thinking about my future and lets face it I'm not getting younger!I have what I think is a pretty good plan but to see it through I'll need the cooperation of certain people who have not been cooperative before when it comes to my wants!I'll know by the end of the month!

11.11.12 8.40 pm

Lissy got in touch with me through fb mail and told me she is gonna pick me up on Thanksgiving to get me to Scituate!That's such a relief!That will be when I finally meet Charlie :)!I'm all set for turkey day now:)I've got to continue going through the scrap book Barbs so very very nicely made for me to see if there is anything else people might be interested in seeing!I know now how to make it so  I can share with everyone!I guess its kinda  personal but I've always worn my heart on my sleeve,why change now!Tomorrow I've got the YMCA to go to!I've got to ck my land line voice mail cause 'the ride" should have called with my times for tomorrow!I type my times right in notepad for when I forget the times,plus I leave the message and don't delete it till after I've been picked up!


Ive already booked my rides 4 the wk,don't have to do laundry,I had my homemaker do everything in my hamper on Friday.I'll take a scoot to wgs lata and maybe D&Ds :)!While booking my rides they again gave me a hard time about my Wednesday trips!She ended up booking them similar to the way I do online,which I'm told I can't do!Maybe someday they will get their shxt together :)!

11.9.12 6.20 pm

Today I've had a great workout at the YMCA!Micheala (my homemaker has been over and she  washed my bed linens and I asked her to throw in all my things in my hamper.I didn't want to spend $4 on just my bed sheets so I had her do whatever needs washing!Made the rest of my scollop's for dinna :) !I'm beat now,missing workouts are not good!Tomorrow my plan is to go to Walgreens and pick up a med and with my funds low ( I get my check the middle of next wk) I'll do my food shopping there too!

11.9.12 9.30 am

I've  got the YMCA to go to today then Michaela,my homemaker comes over at 4 pm!I need to take a scoot to walgreens to but that may have to wait until tomorrow!I've got to have her wash my bed linens today and that alone takes 1.5 hrs!

11.8.12 almost 6 pm

I didn't go to hics today,I guess I needed to get some rest,I went back to sleep for a few hours!I got back up and needed to do some work on my walker.The tennis balls I have on it where worn out casing it to get caught on bumps and divot's,making it hard to maneuver!I was able to use the same balls just reposition them so it covers the exposed metal!I don't like missing hics but its different than when I lived in Scituate cause now I'm FREE!

11.7.12 1.30 pm

I just had quite a scare,my puter wouldn't boot up!It only gave a message at boot up saying something about bios,then I couldn't do anything!I had to figure out a way to make it react in some way!I put a floppy in the a drive hopping that would make it react!It did,I got the message non system disk and was able to boot up normally :) !

11.7.12 10 am

KJ was over and CF came too.I love it when someone comes over 4 the 1st time!CF knew how much I wanted to get my own place,its just great to show her  I made it :) !I've got rec left to go to today,planning and dinna someplace near hics.

11.6.12 after 4 pm

Today the new assistant director was introduced at hics!CF who used to be a case manager for hics went back to school,got her masters degree,worked for something like family counselling,she is now back!I look forward to working with her,she has already,when she worked b4,helped me quite a bit :)!

11.5.12 4 pm

I've had a successfull scoot to walgreens,I keep thinking of many songs to ask KJ to burn on the cd she's gonna make for kerioakie @ hics!BNL is now one,"the old apartment"!All of these songs I used to blare in my apartment when Kenny and I lived in N.Quincy :) !

11.3.12 after 9 pm

I've had a great birthday!I spent the day alone except for a scoot to walgreens to get my hug from Lori,this was a special hug cause I told her today is my birthday!I loved all the birthday wishes  I got on fb!With fb it seems I'm never alone,I've always got somebody to talk with! :)

11.2.12 7.50 pm

Today has been a great day :) !I scooted to walgreens early this morning,my homemaker Mikaela was over,I got a call on my cell from this lady,Debra,who has a son with a tbi!She asked where I speak,her son she said has no ambition to progress,he just wants to pack it in and could I talk to him.I said I would,see this injury has many negative affects on a person,hopefully I can show him how to take the negatives and turn them into positives!Debra said she would call to set a time to come over and I'll talk with him!A chance for me to help another survivor cope with tbi!Lisa then came over and we exchanged birthday gifts hers is 11/6 :) !


My mother was so right when she told me on my 30th birthday that time would even pass quicker now,I'm gonna be 54 yrs young on Saturday!I didn't want to go to hics today,it was a trip to the movies.I just find it hard to sit for hrs and watch a movie when I can do it much more relaxed at home.I'm thinking I do need some stuff so a scoot to Walgreens is the plan 4 today :)!