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1.31.17 after 6.50pm

I've been to hics today:)! I was speaking to another survivor on the return trip and she said she was talking to another driver and my name came up! They both shared how they think I'm a good guy and how this other survivor is not! This guy irritates us both and it seems the drivers too! I know behavior problems can come with tbi but you've gutta be able to recognize the issue then work on correcting it! I've spoken to this survivor before about his speech, given him stadigeies way back I had to use for mine! He always responds "I've tried but it doesn't help! The trick to getting over all the hurdles we face living with tbi is never stop trying! I believe he tried, it didn't work putting forth all the energy and neuro strength to try a few times, didn't  work then gave up! If I can remember I'll try again to speak to him but this guy is a know it all type and doesn't take constructive criticism well but I owe it to the whole world to try! …

1.30.17 near 11am

Monday morning, this is my new day of rest. I'll try not to challenge my brain too much but even pouring a cup of coffee challenges my brain! To make all the neurons talk to the body parts needed to do any task can be a struggle for this survivor cause that's what happened from my brain injury! What's left of neurons are just running around aimlessly in my brain! I anticipate this though that's why I utilize notepad on my computer! I use np to make files of all my passwords! Then I've just gutta remember what I named the file! I try to make that easy though like a pw for my online banking I'll name cbpw! I've had to do that often though, the good thing is it also gives a date created! Then I'll pick the most recent pw! :) 

1.29.17 after 6.20pm

I just looked at the Amazone echo! It was under $50! That would make things so easy around here I can set it up to give me reminders and have access to all my other electronic devises ! I'd walk in the door and just say "Alexus play playlist on Iphone"! 

1.29.17 around 4.10pm

I canceled my trips to Wg's and scooted there and saved $6.30 :)! I avoid the hill on technical park dr. by taking longmeadow ln to Franklin st. That seems the way to go :). I was able to get the tools I need to replace the batteries to my bike :)!

1.29.17 8.30-9am

I got up in a major fog this morning! I go through my normal routine, coffee, meds, that's when the confusion started! My Saturday slot still had meds. Then I check my rides and I realize it's Sunday. Today I've got trips to Wg's just down the street! My distrust in the battery life of my scooter makes this necessary to do. I hope I can find a tool to do what I need to!  

1.28.17 around 9.30pm

In anticipation of a hectic start to tomorrow I thought it best to get started on Sunday's tasks tonight! I booked all my trips for the week, trimmed my beard! The only Sunday task left is laundry but there isn't enough to constitute spending $4  to do a load! Tomorrow I've got a 10.29 pick up to go to Wg's I just gutta find a tool to do the batteries on my bike! I'm hopping I can find something!

1.28.17 near 8pm

I booked trips to Wg's for tomorrow cause I'm still not confident my scooter will make the round trip! I'll end up scooting home but this survivor does not take chances. I've gutta see if they sell any tools there. I need a wrench or a good pair of pliers to replace the batteries in my bike! I could use a cheap socket set but I don't want to spend a lot of $ on any tools cause I've gutta get my tools here!

1.27.17 around 11.30am

This survivor has had an extremely neuro exhausting morning! I've got a routine I do every morning and one is to check my bank accounts with online banking! That's after I ck my mail both my yahoo and fb mail! I tried logging on to fb and had forgotten my pw! Then I moved on to the next task, cking my online bank accounts! I guess I forgot that too :(! Providing all the information required gets me very mentally drained especially when I've gutta keep going back cause something's  not right! I got my online banking account set and my fb too! Now I just gutta remember the pw I used! So today now I'm gonna take it easy and watch some movies I just got on dvd!

1.26.17 around 6pm

Today I had hics :)! We just had a fun day celebrating the Chinese new year! We played a game similar to bingo with a cultural twist to it! The twist was learning about Chinese culture in a fun way! It seems as if in that culture the year your born relates you to an animal! I was born in 1958, that's the year of the dog! On the way home I asked my driver to drop me at Wg's, I asked KJ to drop a script off there yesterday and I've got trust issues with the batteries in my scooter so this way I can pick up my med, get some other stuffs and not get anxious about my battery life :)!  

1.25.17 around 10pm

I'm up kinda late for me tonight but I've been busy! KJ made a home visit this morning then tonight I went to hics for casino night! I played blackjack all night and won a lot more than I lost :)! I just know my money bag was lots heavier than it was going to hics :)! Tomorrow I've got hics and we're having a Chinese new year party :)!  

1.24.17 around 6.15pm

This survivor has had a great but busy day! I've been to hics we had outstanding life skills groups then from there I went to Braintree rehab to get my Botox shots! I've worked with this doctor since right after I woke up from the coma! I started my survey of all my physicians if they believe I'm a higher functioning tbi survivor! His response was YES you are! You live on your own! I guess that does say a lot, there are not many that could survive a severe tbi and accomplish the things I have! I believe my savior had a lot to do with all that I can do :)!

1.23.17 around 4pm

I got my tail in gear and scooted to the store! It had just started to snow/rain mix! By taking Longmeadow dr. to Franklin St. and avoiding the hill on technical pk dr. my power gauge on my scooter didn't budge off full charge at all :) !

1.19.17 after 7.45pm

I did hics today :)! We started the winter schedule on Tuesday and I had not received a copy yet! I like to know where I'm supposed to be at all times plus I've got to memorize the schedule to work my memory. Tomorrow I'm gonna see my podiatrist! That's great cause this corn is bothering me badly!  


Today started with a home visit with KJ! I've been trying to pay my Mass health premium online but running in to roadblock after roadblock! With help from KJ I was able to power through anything in the way :)! Tonight I met hics at Boston bowl ! I really struggled ambulating around cause of that nasty corn on my right little toe. I see my podiatrist on Friday! The great thing was I had the best steak and cheese calzone in the Boston area for dinna tonight :)! 

1.17.17 after 10.30pm

I did hics today :)! The staff at hics is really cool! They can't understand what it's like living with tbi but they try so hard to try to! They know it's a struggle for us even to do simple tasks, and give us great support :)! Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit after 8.30am then I'm gonna meet rec at Boston bowl! I'm gonna see if my toe will bowl without too much pain.

1.16.17 near 7pm

I still haven't done the batteries but I did do all my laundry! Now I'm beat! I made dinna after I got the laundry away but that didn't give me enough fuel to keep going :(! I've got hics tomorrow I'll do it when I get home tomorrow, I just gutta look at the set up tonight to make sure I've got the tools I need here at my apartment! 

1.16.17 after 8.45am

Today is MLK day! This is a man who made a difference in this nation! I was very young in the 1960's but I can remember the impact he had on all that listened to him! Today I've gutta do laundry and work on getting the batteries in my bike!

1.15.17 nearing 9pm

I can't stop watching football! I can't change the batteries in my bike unless I can focus on that alone! If I don't focus on that I increase the chance of "fing" it up! That means, tomorrow I've gutta do laundry and replace the batteries in my bike!

1.15.17 around 10.30am

I booked all my trips for the week! It's pretty much a normal week except I've got a podiatrist appointment on Friday! I'm gonna try bowling Wednesday night, hopefully my toe is up for the challenge! I've just gutta think of the reward I give myself after bowling, the bestest steak and cheese calzone in the Boston area!

1.13.17 11am

I continued to satisfy my needs from my check clearing! I completed my Walmart order of just a few cheap dvds! I wanted to replace some I can't seem to find like "Armageddon" then get some hockey movies like "Young blood" and all the "slappshot" movies! I did an Amazon order to of a few flameless candles. I've paid myself by taking everything over 2,000 and transferring to savings now to pay my bills ugg!

1.12.17 around 8am

I had planned on attending Jack's services today but my rib is just causing me way too much discomfort to anything! I even have issues doing my adl's! It took all I could muster to pour a cup of coffee! This survivor made the wise decision to cancel my trips and send KJ an email making her aware of this! It sux cause we were gonna go back to the program and have pizza! :(

1.11.17 around 5pm

I finally got my delivery :)! I thought I ordered a new charger with the batteries but no charger with this order and I was under the impression there were four batteries but there are only two! This will be my weekend project, swap out batteries in my bike :)!

1.11.17 getting to 4pm

Still no delivery! This survivor is getting really anxious right about now! I've been down to check if there were any UPS slips hanging by the mail boxes and nothing! It seems even when I clear my whole day to except a delivery I have issues receiving my delivery!

1.11.17 around 11am

This survivor has an important decision to make! I got an email from UPS saying I'm getting a delivery today! It said it was from Interstate battery. I've been waiting for a long time to get the batteries I paid for,  for my bike! I've got a 2.53 pick up time to go to hics! The $ was taken from my account months ago and it took many emails and landline calls to find out and fix the problem, I think I should be here to receive this! I think I'll give it till 2.30 to show if not then I'm gonna have to cancel my trips and call hics saying I can't make it. It's just been too much of a hassle to get it to this point! 

1.11.17 after 10.15am

I lost a friend, a survivor I met at hics :(!JH, I used to see Jack around town, he lived in Braintree Ma. I also used to see this jolly man at some of my doc's office! Jesus please take good care of Jack, he served you well! KJ made a home visit this morning and I messed up on filling my med box, I didn't put a pill in my night slot for every day! Tonight I'm going to hics for game night! 

1.9.17 around 8pm

I donno what I've done since I found out I need to renew my YMCA membership :(! I know I've heated up my meal for tonight! That was pasta in a meat sauce, kinda like a big ravioli piece! And sliced pears and a dinner roll with a slice of wheat bread and a sugar cookie for desert!   My diet has got so much better with meals on wheels :)!

1.9.17 around 9am

Today I've got trips to the YMCA! I've gutta get motivated to start making it there at least twice weekly! This smoke free rule in the complex sux! I should take this as an opportunity to try to quit! I only do maybe 2-3 cigars a day but I smoke some of one, snipe it, smoke the rest lata! I used to smoke butts before my coma but being in a coma made me quit. I guess I'll just quit smoking at my place and still smoke the other places I go that have areas to smoke! There is an area here, I'm just not sure of where it is :(!

1.8.17 past 3.25pm

The snow removal around this place is the best it's been in the almost seven years I've lived here! The key is they finally did what I've been saying this needs, they put more chemical (ice melt) down! I had no trouble till I got to town property! Then I got stuck a few times but I was able to get going again with little effort!

1.8.17 around 1pm

I gutta get out and  take a scoot to the store! I'm hoping the snow and ice removal around this place is better than yesterday! If I could only get my batteries for my bike delivered! I was supposed to receive a call from progress mobility about this but no call yet! My bike does so much better than my scooter in the snow & ice! It's cold out but I got my hat and gloves from Walmart that will help a little. I've gutta scoot the length of Longmeadow ln to make it without running out of power then come back on Technical pk dr on the way back, it's all downhill in the way back :)!

1.7.17 around8pm

I tried to scoot to the store but I couldn't even get to the end of my walkway in front! I'm very smart though I booked rides to Wg's this morning :)! I'm getting picked up here at 11.11am! I'll check out the roads and sidewalks on the way then decide weather to attempt scooting home or waiting for a 1pm pick up. The property manager made a surprise visit today! I had to sign some papers and give a voided check so my rent gets deducted every month.

1.6.17 nearing 9pm

I'm frustraited, chrome always saved my pwds but it doesn't seem to be now! This sux, I go through the lost pw bs,get issued a code then it says wrong pw! I've learned when this bs happens, drop it and come back to it lata! I'm neuro fatigued anyway so I'm gonna rest this brain!

1.6.17 around 3pm

I didn't do the YMCA today cause I thought it was gonna be miserable weather out today and now the sun is shining! I guess it's gonna be tomorrow! I should get my tail going and scoot to Wg's if the weather is gonna be bad tomorrow! It's getting late now though.  

1.5.17 after 9pm

My meal tonight was Italian pot roast in a light mushroom gravy. I was scared to try it but you or I couldn't taste mushrooms in the gravy! I'm calling this day over, I worked my brain hard today and it makes me neuro exhausted!

1.5.17 6pm

I've been to hics today, we had some great life skills groups! I had peer tbi where we talk about any issues we may be having! This is great cause all the survivors can coment on them and give suggestions on how to tackle the issue! When you hear it from a peer it seems to carry more weight than hearing it from someone who has not been through the things we have plus the only ones that really know what living with a brain injury is like is a person with a brain injury! Then I had vocation group then mood management group! All great groups! I'm still waiting to get an email from my job counselor and a call from progress mobility! Now to do some dinna :)!   

1.3.17 after 8.25pm

I had hics today :)! Had some great groups! On the trip home I had the driver drop me at the store. It was raining and I didn't want to scoot home from Wg's in the rain! My homemaker was also here and she started my laundry but I got it from the dryer and did the hard part of straightening, folding, putting my shirts on hangers! I just finished! Now I gutta make a late dinna :)!

1.2 after 5.20

I never got to laundry today! I'll have Carmen start it tomorrow! My day tomorrow is looking like 1. hics 2. drop check at office 3. get dropped off at Wg's 4.pick up meds 5. my homemaker! I'll have to do the most chalenging part of laundry, getting it all straightened out after it's dry then putting it away! 

1.2.17 after 10.30 am

I can't do the YMCA today! My rib is causing me so much discomfort it's a challenge doing my daily living skills :(! I will conquer this setback though I've gutta set my mind to ignore the pain! I think I'm gonna  do laundry today UGG! 

1.1.17 after 8.30 pm

I never made it to Wg's today! I watched the Pats squish the fish :)! Then I put in a movie, I watched conclusion for my 2nd time! It seems to take me two times to watch a flick to fully understand it! That's cause of my brain injury though! I didn't do laundry today either, Tomorrow's another day! I'm hoping my rib feels up to doing the YMCA tomorrow! Ive got just enough to wash and dry a load of laundry! I'm thinking after I get home from the YMCA maybe do laundry or skip it this week! I gutta see what I got left, one thing I gutta do is drop a voided check off at the office!  

1.1.17 9.45am

Wow 2017 time flies! Today I gutta get my tail going cause I've gutta scoot to Wg's and get some draw string trash bags and aaa batteries! I booked my trips for the week the last few days, that's one task that is done! I'm anxious about my battery life scooting to Wg's though! I'm gonna take longmeadow to franklin to avoid the hill on tp dr. It seemed to work going to the store, Wg's is further away but I'm confident it will survive the journey!