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Wow,the last day of March 2012!I did have trips to stop and shop in Holbrook but I just felt kinda lazy this morning so I cancelled them!I should scoot there but Ill probably scoot to walgreens instead :)

3.30.12 after 6pm

Ive had a great workout at the YMCA!I worked with Molly again and she is really getting to know me :)!This afternoon my homemaker was supposed to show cause the nurse that oversees the program was here to check up on things.She didn't show again and Jim knows that,he wasn't at all happy about this!I told him about the numerous times of no one showing and he said there will be someone here next week!There is a new connivance store that opened up on the corner of rt. 37 and technical park drive,scooting range!They sell lottery,thinking about getting a mega millions ticket!


Today I'm going to the YMCA for my workout!I know I was told that nobody will be there on someday but I forget when so I called this morning to make sure it wasn't today!


No hics today all the staff was going to a conference.I did have trips to walmart in Quincy but I needed more sleep this morning so I got up earlier and cancelled my trips!I do need some things that I can get at walgreens so a scoot there is on the agenda for today :)!

3.28.12 after 6pm

I had a great workout at the YMCA today :)!I worked with another pretty young lady,a young mother!I think her name is Linda.I talked with Molly briefly and she too seems excited to start working on me :)!


AS has been over for my weekly home visit and she did very very well!I really don't need alot of help but to have someone go through my snail mail so I understand exactly what was sent is a big help!I just get so confused so easily!I've got the YMCA to go to next!I cancelled hics tonight cause its a pot luck dinna and I never got the things I need to make my crock pot chicken,next time!


Ive been to hics and that was great!I've also been to dr.Kobells office to get a refill on my baclophin pump!Its so cool how it gets refilled!She just finds the refill place on the pump and injects the med into the pump!Its amazing how this gets done!I got an email from that pretty young lady I've been working with @ the YMCA!She asked me if I would be her subject for her internship!I jump at opportunities like this cause not only would she help me progress,I can use this injury to help others,makes me feel very important :)!

great news

I got a phone call from Bri,she's gonna have a baby!I'm just a little worried cause she's up in NH and far away from my protection!I can't help always being a dad,I just want to be there for her!Hopefully this child doesn't come into this world the way she did!


I got up very early this morning and went back to bed after an hour of being up,its great to be FREE!Ive already booked my rides for the week!Ive still got laundry to do and maybe a scoot to D&D's!


I had a trip to stop and shop in Holbrook but I just didn't feel like rushing around to get ready for it so I cancelled my trips for today.I did book trips tomorrow to s&s but Ill scoot to walgreens today to see if I can get my needs there.

3.22.12 after 6 pm

I needed soda so I made a successfull scoot to walgreens!Thats becoming very hard cause of all the potholes in technical park dr.a shortcut to rt.37.franklin st.Its like an obstickal cource.


I had some things I needed to get done while at hics today but,KJ wasn't in :(!I still was able to get them all done cause AS made sure I got them done with her great help!I can't thank her enough cause the main thing to get done was all the paperwork to setup my deal with the IRS,my back taxes!I don't like having to pay almost $400. a month but,they will be off my mind!Ive done some research at to make sure I can make my payments online and I can,Ive just got to setup an account! I also had to make sure of my dr.Koebells appointment,did that too!


KJ has already made a home visit and she helped me pay a mass heath bill!I just needed help getting my account number typed in correctly!I have trouble reading my account number and typing it at the same time.I also shared the mail I got from Cory with her!She agrees I shouldn't have any problems making a payment to the IRS as long as I don't have any thing else like helping others financially!I'm going to the ymca for my Resistance training then hics we are going bowling at Boston bowl which means Ill have the bestest steak and cheese calzone at the dreadwood cafe!Oh KJ also helped me look for those glasses I had made to try and get my eyes to work together,she couldn't find them either!The only other place I can think of is I do have some bags in my bedroom but I think that is mostly cloths but,I remember packing up Scituate and placing things in plastic bags!

Back taxes

I got an email from my tax lawyer Cory saying he got my debt reduced from nearly 60,000 to almost 15,000 and that would require a  monthly payment of almost $400.00!I can find a way to do it but,Ill definitely not be able to help out my young adults financially!It would be nice at this time to start getting payed back some of what Ive lent out.


Today Ive had a great workout and I did a smart thing.I have memory issues,it bothered me I couldn't remember the pretty young ladies name who worked with me  :(!I came home today and made sure I said Molly's name on a fb post :)!I've made dinna,just nuked a pizza but,when opening it kinda fell-the pizza not me,little bit of cleaning up to do and that's hard for me cause of balance issues!The main thing though is I was able to do the task and do it well :)!

Today's events

First thing I did today was to have my two large cups of DD's french vanilla coffee!Then I scooted to walgreens and picked up my meds!I looked in the laundry detergent isle for purex laundry sheets and couldn't find them so I did something I don't normally do,I asked a clerk!They were on a display in another isle,so that doesn't count.I saw Kim,who lives at ramblewood there too!She is the beautiful lady I'd love to get to know better :)!I've booked all my rides for the week.I've done all my laundry!That is still very challenging when I get the laundry out of the dryer then straiten them out,fold and put on hangers but,its DONE for now :)!Ive made and cleaned up my dinna.Ive done a little fbing now I'm real tired,all I've got tomorrow is I go to the ymca for my strewth training


Today I've got to do my normal things,laundry,book my rides,also I need to scoot to walgreens to pick up some meds I ran out of!I should get some purex laundry sheets too!I only have one left,that will do today though :)!


Tomorrow I have no trips to go anywhere!I must do Sunday laundry and I do need refills on two meds so I gutta squeeze in a scoot to walgreens!I think Ill try to get alot of sleep too but,when I wake up I always want to get up and get going. I'm getting better though!


Today Ive got trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree.Ive gutta go to Braintree so I can cash a check at citizens bank which is in that s &s !

1.16.12 evening

I never made the tennats meeting tonight,I was a little tired after my workout at the ymca!I had a great workout though :)!I can't seem to find the name of the very pretty young lady who worked with me but,she was really good!I think this was at least the 2nd time I worked with her and shes been to my web site so I feel as if she knows me well!She is friends with Allie,and shes  quick like Allie,I finish one machine and the next one is all set up!I just wish I could remember her name,darn tbi :(!Tomorrow Ive got trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree!Ive gutta go to Braintree cause there is a citizens bank there and Ive got a $50 check to cash!I need to stock up on things I use all the time too!Things like coffee,coffee creamer,lean pockets,spender,cheese,then nomal stuff :)!Sometime I'm gonna get off my asx and look for the glasses I had made 4 me to help my eyes work together!I find myself missjudging things more often because they are not working together :(!facebook.…


Today I'm going to the ymca for my resistance training then will see if my homemaker service shows up then a tenents meeting at the office at 5pm!

3.13.12 late afternoon

Ive still gutta do that project for Corey,KJ makes a home visit tomorrow so maybe we can work on it then!I refuse to start worrying about things,everything is gonna work out!Ive got to be my optimistic self!I'm also going to the ymca  tomorrow then trivia night at hics!I really like trivia,gives me a chance to show off my smarts:)!Seriously it works the brain real hard!I know the answer,I have to search my brain for it,then carry it down to verbalize the answer!I not only have to find the answer,Ive then got to concentrate on how I say it!Those are  the parts of my brain that got injured the most!The parts of my brain don't communicate well with each other,the passing of neurons to the different lobes.I'm in the process of rewiring my brain cause the motorcycle accident basically cut all the wires!


I guess I'm not used to daylight savings time yet cause I went back to sleep this morning.I slept a little too late to get myself ready to go to the ymca.I do have to do laundry today ugg!

my rides

I booked all my rides for the week earlier today and I had one booked for the ymca tomorrow!I checked a little while ago and there was no trip for tomorrow!I called and it was too late to book a ride for tommorrow.I checked the web site again and now its there!I can't explain what happened but I'm going to the ymca tomorrow :)!

Afternoon scoot

I scooted to walgreens and got more things for the corn on my right foot!I also got some penutbutter m+ms :)!Oh yeah,it was successfull,got to see Lorie too and that was the best part of my afternoon :)!


I had trouble getting out of my queen size new memory foam mattress and bed this morning!I did have trips to stop and shop in Braintree but that was to cash a check at the citizens bank there.My cash flow is good right now so Ill wait till I need food!I might scoot to walgreens or d+d's or just take a cruise :).

3.10.12 getting late

Ive got trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree tomorrow just because Ive got the check from the BU study to cash at the citizens bank in that store.Ill look around for other items too,I just don't know what yet :)!

3.10.12 early evening

I did okay getting my needs at walgreens but I booked trips to stop and shop in Braintree for tomorrow cause I can cash my check at the citizens bank there!I'm sure I can find other things I need too!


Ive been having massive computer problems!I ran all my utilities,error check,Norton error and virus fix,webroot anti spy ware,start and restart numerous times,now it seems to work okay!Internet explorer still seems to be not responding sometimes!I have google chrome as a backup browser now

got a pay check

I got my snail mail today,got a check from Boston university for $50.00 :)!I thought it would be $25.00 but Ill take it :)!Too bad I'm going to stop and shop in Holbrook tomorrow cause there is not a citizens bank there like Braintree has but,I'll figure something out!


Tomorrow Ive got trips booked to and from the ymca!I need to do my resistence training cause I'm kinda botherd by this pump taking so much room in my stomach,I'm working to get my six pack abbs back before its too late :)!I'm not affraid of putting in my work!


I'm not gonna meet hics at the restaurant,I can go out for lunch or dinna many places around here and not have to WAIT for rides!I guess its an independence thing or a freedom thing :)!

3.7.12 after 8

Ive been a busy man today :)!KJ was over it seems like yesterday but it was this morning.I saw my oncologist,he did a blood test to check my psa level!I'm through worrying if my cancer came back,I know Ive beaten cancer :)!Ive been to hics (rec)and I had a great dinna,fettachine Alfredo at Marias in Braintree.Ive got hics tomorrow and I guess all we are doing is going out to lunch!I forget (go figure) where but "the ride" is taking me directly to the restaurant then a direct trip home so I made sure I got all my errands done for a day then I can scoot to walgreens or wait till I go to stop and shop on Saturday :)!


KJ is making a home visit @ 8 am!Then I'm going to see my oncologist!He will do a blood test to check my psa level!I know its gonna be fine but,things have felt kinds weird around my prostrate lately!I'm certain my cancer won't rear its ugly head again with me,its met its worst enemy!Still it will be nice to know for sure!Then I've got rec (hics),we are going to Maria's in Braintree for dinna and planning!They have great pizza but the last time I got a pasta dish,its on the tip of my oh,something Alfredo!That sounds good!


I'm very happy with the things Ive been able to get done today!Ive got a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and I wasn't sure of the address which I need a full address to book a ride!I just googled the doctor's name and got it :).Then I was able to book that along with the rest of my trips.I did my fbing and I became fb friends with a lady who at I think our 25th class reunion paid me a great compliment!She said out of everyone there,I'm looking,the best or something similar!Boost my ego a little.I was still married at the time so it had to be the 25th cause MMD I took to the 30th!
   Tomorrow Ive got hics!Thats a real good thing although I really like being home,here in my castle :),it still will be great to work my brain the way the great staff at hics always seem to work it!I am more tired after a day at hics than going to the ymca!I guess its a different kind of tired though!

3.5.12 afternoon

I had a great workout this early afternoon at the ymca!I worked with a very pretty young lady who Ive worked with before but,I can't seem to remember (go figure) her name!Ive got so many pretty young ladies saying hi to me at the ymca but,I can't remember the names,so frustrating!This young lady was blond too :)!"The ride" recognized the value I added so Im able to book the rest of my trips!Ive got a doctor appt. on Wednesday but I wasn't sure of the address.I googled the doctors name and got it,thanks to Barbs for teaching me that trick :)!

Today's events

I thought Jan was gonna come over so I trimmed my beard this morning after my coffee naturally.Jan wasn't feeling well though so we are gonna do it real soon :)!I scooted to walgreens,did all my laundry,cooked dinna,did a trash run,basic picking up around the place!I know I'm forgetting something but I can't think of it right now!Tomorrow I go to the ymca to do my resistance training :)


Jan was gonna come over but,I got an email from her this morning that said she wasn't feeling too well and she asked about other days but I'm a busy guy.We will work out something,we miss each other!Ive still got laundry to do today and maybe a scoot to walgreens!

todays happenings

I didn't feel like waiting for a return trip from stop and shop in Braintree so I cancelled all my trips for today!I booked trips for stop and shop in Holbrook for tomorrow but I scooted to walgreens today and was able to get all of my needs!I cancelled all my trips for tomorrow cause I got my needs today :)!Tomorrow my bestest friend is gonna come visit me :) !Maybe we can go to one of the duncan dounuts around here,that will be like old times.Jan and I used to always go to church together!Right after church we always went to d+d's!I really miss the qt I had with Jan!I'm looking so forward to spending good quality time with Jan tomorrow :)!


I cancelled my trips to s+s in Braintree for today!I'll take a wet scoot to wallgreens and I also booked trips to s+s in Holbrook for tomorrow in case I can't get all my needs @ wallgreens!I'm taking good care of me :)!

3.2.12 after 6pm

Ive had a good workout today!Ive made myself a quick dinna,cleaned up after,done a trash run,waited around for my homemaker,no show but,I didn't get home from the ymca till 3.40.She could have come and I wasn't home.Ill give this agency one chance,Ill call them Monday and say have them come at 3.45 or later then I'm sure to be home.Been talking with Jan through email,she is gonna come over Sunday!I really miss my bestest friend!Jan and I really have a special  relationship :)!
Tomorrow Ive got trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree.Ive gutta keep these too,I need things I didn't see at ss in Holbrook so I'm gonna have to WAIT for my return trip but it shouldn't be more than an hour,I hope!


Today I've got the ymca to go to for my resistance training then Ive got no clue as to what I'm gonna do,oh yeah,my homemaker is supposed to come!

3.1.12 afternoon

Hics was great today!We just had regular groups but,in the last group KJ had more brain teasers for us to try and figure out!Ill try to remember some,this is harder than trying to figure them out!Okay you have to figure out a word that's spelled the same but has two meanings like you have school and eye.I figured out the word that fits is pupal!Try this one,tennis and trial.Ill post the answer  later!That's work for me,just remembering the words!