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12.31.11 afternoon

I never got the chance to scoot to walgreens today.I started watching a hockey game,an old timers game btw the flyers and rangers!The players bring back so many memorys!Bobby Clark,John Leclair,Kenny Lindstrom,Bernie Parant,to name a few!Tomorrow will be a better day to scoot to walgreens :)!


Wow,the last day of 2011!My mother told me when I turned 30 yrs old time will move even faster,she was so right!I cancelled my trips to and from stop and shop,didn't want to WAIT 4 rides!I'm thinking bout scooting to walgreens,I do need non dairy coffee creamer.Ill just browse the isles and see if anything else strikes my fancy!

today's happennings

I had pt early this morning!I started off doing the machine thats similar to the nustep @ the "y" for 10 mins!Then I steached my calif's and other leg muscles!Then I was asked,"do you want to walk with a Cain or nothing"?You know what my response was,nothing!I did great without any assisted devise :)!I even had to walk around obstacles she put in my way!I hope I'm doing well enough to be pt approved to not have to use a walker :)!Then I went to my ISP meeting @ hics!That went very very well :).Came home and my homemaker came over,I had her wash my bed sheets and do a good making of it!Thats something to put on the walmart list,another set of sheets cause I only have the one!

keeping very busy

Eventhough I didn't have hics today Ive kept very busy :)!I did some fbing,on and off all day!Paid the last bill I had to this month.I heard on the news tonight that verizone will start charging a fee for paying the bill online!I pay all my bills online!I don't like this kind of talk,if they do its gonna be time to get a new carrier!Ive got to remember to take something out for dinna every morning,hot pockets are not doin it anymore!Ive got some nice steaks,chicken breasts,1 lb of ground serloin,tons of mac and cheese!Time to get cooking :)!


I woke up a tad too late to catch an 8.29 pickup to go to hics!I could have rushed around and made it but Ive learned that is when I make too many misstakes!I go to hics tomorrow after therapy for an ISP meeting(individual service program) anyway!I'm a busy guy :)!

workin away

I'm working to see if I can get all my favs and settings working properly!This is a pain but I try to injoy it!I'm not supposed to be as smart as I am,my family was told,IF he wakes up he won't be much more than a vegetable!I love proving doctors wrong :)!

build off

Ive been watching American chopper on the discovery channel where Paul sr and Paul jr and Jessie James go head to head to see who builds the best chopper!My vote went to Jessie James but Paul jr ended up winning


I think doing laundry late really pooped me out!I had to cancell the ymca for today and Wednasday cause of therapy!I don't like not working out but,I can only spread myself so thin!Ive gutta go to hics tomorrow cause my desktop is ready to come home :)!

Today's events

I'm having trouble tring to remember what I did today,go figure :)!I think I scooted to walgreens this morning instead of going to stop and shop and WAITING 4 rides!I was able to get most of my nomal shxt!I do need to get some coffee creamer thou but I think Ive got enough in reserve :)!I spilled something on my netbook which untill I get my desktop back is what I'm using.It was going crazy,typing 6's all over!I got my problem solving tacktics in gear and found it was the usb wireless connector I have plugged in to my netbook!It still took a while to get it dry enough to stop going crazy 6's:)!I got it thou and I'm using my wireless keyboard and mouse for this post :)!I vacumed my apt. cause I'm having my young adults stop in and thats all I could ever want for Christmas,to spend quality time with all my young adults at the same time cause its so much fun seeing them interact with each other :)!


I had trips to and from stop and shop in Braintree but I'm thinking I can get all my needs at walgreens then dont have t WAIT for a ride,sounds like a good plan :)!

Today's events

I was able to do a good trim on my beard!I had a fantastic work out at the "y" then my homemaker came over to clean,I do so much better than anyone from that agency!Made dinna,cleaned up after dinna.Now watching the B's :)!


My puter wasn't ready AGAIN today :(!I got a new keyboard to make it easyer to work with my netbook(cause I couldn't find the usbconnector 4 my wirelesss keyboard and mouse)!I got home today and FOUND that connector :)


Alot has happend to-day!Ive had hics,was able to drop off my dt at the puter store,4 an extra c-note,put a rush on it.Ill have it back tomorrow :)!I saw dr.Kobell,got bowtox shots to help my muscle tone.I wish I could write more but,its just so hard typing on anything other than my desktop (dt):(
Ive got my desktop all loaded on my scooter so I can drop IT off tomorrow at the puter store that has done great work 4 me b4!Ive got it held in my basket with bungy cords I picked up @ the hardwear store over the weekend.


I'm kinda in a war with this virus!I finally got my puter to boot up!I ran webroot,Norton,the only program that seems to find it is Microsoft security essentials!Thats a slow program!


KJ is making a home visit this morning then Ive got trips booked to and from the "y" but,the corn on my right foot is hurting me so I guess weather I go or not will be a last minutedecision.


Today @ hics we had our Christmas party @ the old countrybuffet in walpole!I'm not gonna need any dinna tonight cause I eat and eat and then eat some more :)!My puter booted up without a problem today so that means I killed another virus :)!

todays scoot

Walgreens didn't have any hot pockets today but they did have dd's french vanilla 1 lb pack of coffee!I saw Lori too so I said I have some movie passes,wanna go with me sometime?She said "sure"!She also said she could drive,I've got a date :)!


This is supposed to be my day off but there are things I must do!Laundry,book my rides for the wk!Maybe scoot to walgreens and pick up what I forgot yesterday,if I could remember what they where ,just kiding,I know what I need :).

Scoot to walgreens

I did have my issues with today's scoot!Not only did I forget few items but,I got to the register and momentarily forgot my pin number 4 my master money card!That really wasn't a problem cause they can use it as a cc but,I can't get cash back.My laundry card needs funds :(!I do have about $20 in cash.I guess another scoot to walgreens is in tomorrows plans,besides Lori wasn't working,I want to ask her out :)!


KJ was here for a home visit this morning and she was able to learn (teach) me (and herself)how to get a pic from my phone,then to my fb page :)!Ive gutta look for all my other Christmas stuff to,Improbably not gonna get a tree but I can decorate a part of a wall here :)!


I did have ot and pt this morning but,I set my alarm for 6am for a 7.50 pick up time and it never went off,my foot hurts anyway,my corn is still there.I do have hics (rec)lata,I think we are going to a place we have neva been b4 for dinna and planning :)!

Bailed out by hics once again

I was really confused by my pocket calendar!It said I had a dr.Kobellappt. today and next wk!That didn't seem right to me so I didn't book a ride for todaysappt..I called to check yesterday and all I got was voice mail.Got a call back this morning and I did have an appt.but,too late to book a ride!I remember a similar thing happening and JR told me what I should do is tell my case manager!I went to hics,told KJ,she got a cab to take me to my appt. then home!Bailed out by hics once again :) !I had to get my pump refilled and its pretty cool how its done.Shannon was the lady who refilled the pump,there is a place on the pump the med goes in,she used the same electronic device the doctor uses so you can actually see the pump inside my stomach!It took alot of skill to get the needle to the point it needed to be!Shannan did it on her very first attempt,great job Shannan!My next refill is 3/29/12 @2.30 pm!Ive really gutta work on getting my online calendar working and up to date!


Today Ive got hics :)!Ive got to get my pocket calendar so its not confusing me cause now I look at it and get confused.The purpose of having this is to eliminate confusion!


Ive got ot @ 9 am this morning,my pick up time is 8.21,not bad,my return trip is 9!Ive gutta have check in print me out a copy of my schedule,that should have my dr. koebellappt. on it plus in ot I should put all my appts. in my pocket calendar!

havin fun

I'm having lots of fun with new technology!Bri got a cat today and wanted to show her daddy!She sent me a pic message with the cat!I then tried to share it on fb from my phone,Ive never done this b4!Success,I was able to post from my droid :)!I'm even having fun with the old way of doing things.I got a Christmas card in the snail mail!Great card even had a post card of the Scituate lighthouse!I can't send out cards cause of my writing issues but,thank-you Linda,your responsible for my ear to ear smile :)!

Laundry is done

I got all my laundry done,I'm still having problems with folding!It just seems the cloths come out of the dryer all in dissaray!I handled it thou :)!I think Ive got all my rides booked too!Thats easy to check thou :)!


This is my day off but there are things I must do!I gutta book my rides 4 the wk!After reviewing my pocket calendar,I noticed a dr.Kobellappt.,thats a good thing cause not only do I think since I'm off of taking backlophin orally,its time to increase the amount the pump distributes,plus my appt. to get shots of botox was changed and,with my writing issues,I couldn't write down the new date!This will give me a chance to get super organized!


Tomorrow is my day off but there are still things I must do.Ive gutta book my rides for the week,clean the apt.,take somethin out for dinna and cook it,scoot to d&d's for a nice lunch,do some work on my pocket pc!All that after I sleep in for a while but,when I wake up I always want to start my day!I guess thats from being asleep for 3.5 months!Because I can,after 4/14/02 I couldn't for 3.5 months :)!

Food is expensive

Food is really getting super expensive!I didn't need to get any meats and it still cost me $60.!I was able to get the chicken tenders I really enjoy :)!I also found the new cheese its,baby swiss cheese its but,that was a 2 for the price of one!I'm lucky now I'm only buying for one!

whats up for today

Today I have trips planned to and from stop and shop in Braintree!Ive just gutta get my normal stuff but I'm thinking bout doing some baking.That means I gutta look for a cookie sheet,brownie pan,and cake pan.If I do thats certain to keep me busy :)!

busy busy busy

Ive been super busy today :)!KJ made a home visit this morning and I was able to replay a voice message from dr.Kobell's office about an appt.,well that appt. didn't fit into my busy schedule so I had to call and try to reschedule!I had to leave a message.Teresa called back after KJ had left,gave me an appt. that fits but,I couldn't write it down,I should have been able to use my puter,don't know why I didn't but,she is gonna look 4 me at Braintree rehab,I should call myself but,too late in the day now.Teresa,if you read this,please email the date and time :).Ive been to the "y"!I had a great workout!Its been two times in a row Ive been able to do all twelve reps on the rowing machine without having to fix my right hand grip :)!I try to do my reps fast now and it seems to be working :)!My homemaker came too!The nurse that set this up was too.Just to have me sign a couple things and a report on the service.Now I gutta make some dinna :)!


Time just keeps on flying by!I got a call on my cell today,it was dr,Koebell's office!They said I can come in earlier for my bowtox shots cause they had a cancellation!I said great but Ill never remember,she called back and left the info on my voice mail.I'm working around my writing issues as best I can!KJ is gonna make a home visit tomorrow so Ill just play the voice mail so she can hear it then she will write it in my pocket calendar :)!


Ive already had pt this morning,I worked with Jami (it sounds just like my name but thats how she spells it).I did my streaching,balance exercses,and did alot of walking with a cain!Jami said I did very well too :)! Ive come to realize,I need a cain that has some wieght to it.I can use my right or left side to hold the cain but,Jami noticed I'm better holding it with my left but,I'm good with both:).I was gonna go to the "y" too but,my pickup times to go from the "y"to home and from home to hics were only like 20 mins apart!Its casino night at hics tonight,I don't want to miss any of that fun so I had to cancel my trips to and from the "y" :(!


Its November 29th and Ive got my windows wide open:)!I'm lovin this weather!I was thinkin I need another electronic gismo to keep me organized and keep my brain progressing then I realized,Ive got my pocket pc!I had issues with it staying charged thou!It charged from a usb port on my desktop!Ive got an ac male plug that a usbconnector connects to :)!Its charging right now:)!Ive also got a wireless card in it too :)!

spaulding rehab

Spaulding rehab just called I guess Ive been in a study for them for yrs!I just had to answer some questions about my tbi! I get paid for this too,she said Ill get a check for $60. in the mail soon :)!

Too tired

I'm beat after having two therapy's so I called the "y" said I'm beat after two therapies,I'm not gonna make it in today,Ill see you Wednesday.I think that was a good executivedecision

Issues living with tbi

I'm mainly a pretty happy guy,just small things tend to bother me!I was scooting to walgreens and this pretty young blond lady was driving by and slowed down to say hi to me!For the life of me,I can't remember who this babe is :(!


What to do with myself today?Ive got my routine things to do,laundry,book my trips 4 the wk.Ill book as many of my therapy trips as the site will allow me to.Maybe take a scoot to walgreens and dd's,Ill keep myself busy :)!Ive been doing some thinking about getting the geek squad to do some work here.Ive got all my electronic gadjets here,puters,52 inch hd flat panell tv,my stereo system,I'm thinking hire them to make it all work together!Just a thought,if anyone knows and has all thats needed,wires,connectors,jacks,and wants a project,Ill pay you!

shopping excuresion

I think I did pretty well shopping!I got some steak strips that look so good they don't need to be marinaded!I did forget some things (go figure) but,I think Ive got enough of everything in reserve :)!I was able to get celeste microwave pizzas for one,quick,easy,and tasty!

My phone is charging :)

I took my phone with the charging cord to the "y" to see if anyone could help me to get it to charge!Alie worked on it and came to the conclusion its the wrong cord!I came home and searched for another cord!I found the right cord :)!I have it in my kitchen charging!Now so this doesn't happen again,the cord will stay there and Ill only charge my phone in the kitchen!

cell charging issues

Im having mega issues getting my cell phone to take a charge!I think it can only connect one way,I connect it a light on the side comes on but then off!I'm tring all the commen sence things I can think of!

Thanksgiving @ Jans

Ive had the best thanksgiving!Jan came to get me this morning and drove all the way to Sandwich on the cape where she is living!Great time I had spending good quality time with my bestest friend!Jan came to visit me in the hospital when I was still in my coma!She also came to N Andover to that hospital I hated being at!Jan is so so good to me :)!
Tomorrow Ive got the "y" but next week Ive got theapy again!On Monday 11/28 Ive got pt at 8.30 then ot at 9 am!They never used to have two therapys in one day but I love the chalenge :)!I also got the chance to see Shawnie and Cody,I enjoy young adults!I got to take home the left over apple pie but,I did forget my old old laptop I gave to Jan.Its not working now,I figured that would give me something to do that I liked doing :(!


I had a home visit from KJ seems like yesterday now then she met me for my appt. with dr.Katz!He put me through lots of memory tests and for the most part I did fairly well!Then he gives me words to remember.Then he alternats my concentratoin,asks me what the words were,I got most of them but with a small hint I was able to recall all of them!I asked about the driving eval and he tested my vision!He said something wasn't quite right with that :(!Next time Ill make it right :)!
Tomorrow Jan is coming all the way from Cape Cod to pick me up then bring me to her house for Tg dinna :)!When God created this pretty lady,he created perfection!I love you Jan.


I had hics today!We watched regarding henry!I have the dvd but watching that with many other survivors that have been through similar situations never gets old!Harisson Ford did a fantastic job portraying a tbi survivor!Even the little things about a survivor he does well,not little but sometimes unnoticed!Normal things like how memory is affected but also how emotion is too!The only knock I have about the flick is the rehab wasn't factual but if it was the movie would be way too long!
Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 7am cause I have a doctors appt. with my nurologist!Hes gonna put me through some easy and some hard memory tests!KJ is gonna go too!I want to speak with him bout the driving eval too!The last time I told him it cost me $300 he didn't really believe me.I remember he said there is a test you can take to see if your ready for the driving eval that only costs $15!Ill see if I can do that one!


The phone ringing this morning woke me up!I couldn't answer it in time but the caller id said it was Braintree hospital which I'm waiting for Kim to call with therapy appts.She started to rattle off some appts. I said Ill never remember those so shes gonna snail mail me what shes got!Getting up b4 I was ready to kinda through me off so I had to cancel going to the ymca today!

successfull return scoot

That is one pitafull stop and shop!I think I can find more of my needs at wallgreens!My scoot home was successfull thou!I did stop at the fire station and ask if I was going the right way thou!I don't think Ill be using that store at all!

David Bowie - Rebel Rebel 1978 live



I'm tyring something a little bit different today,Ive got trips planned to and from stop and shop in HOLBROOK!I want to go with "the ride" first b4 I attempt scooting there!Just me kinda overanalizing things!

Events of today

I started my day by first enjoying 2 large cups of french vanila coffee!I then went to Braintree rehab for pt!I did something Ive never done in therapy b4!I walked backwards with no assistance!Just a few steps but,it gave me a chance to show the pts my balance is much improved :)!I also did my streaching,balance exersizes!Came home for a bit then went to the "y"!I worked with Allie,she is great!She watches me,sees what is hard for me then thinks up ways to make it easy 4 me :)!I'm lucky to have met a pretty young lady like Allie,shes #1 in my book :)!Came home and my homemaker was at the door to my building!She came,I just had her clean,Ill do my laundry on Sunday besides I still remember what Lesli said,she said thats where the chicks are!Ive done lots of laundry,have yet to get even a little lucky :(!

todays party

Ive had a great day today!The party was fantastic!I think there was between 50-60 people there!Many of whom I knew but the best part was seeing this survivor that moved to Peperille mass next to NH,haven't seen him in many months!I guess its best if he doesn't live alone,hes in a house with other tbi survivors!I guess I should be very,very proud of me cause I can!Ive said b4,next big thing is to get my licence to drive back again :)!


Tomorrow @ hics we are having a holiday luncheon !We can invite family and friends!I ask my young adults every yr Bri came I think last yr but,living in NH and not having her lisence makes it impossible for her to come this yr :( !I think one yr Jan came too :)!DM once again put together a slide show of all the yrs activaties!I'm looking forward to this even if I'm not bringing anyone but me :)!

11.16.11 early evening

I had pt this morning,I did the bike like the nustep at the ymca,my balance exercises,streaching

aching,and walked around WITHOUT any assisting devise (walker)!I think I did well too but,I must convince the therapists that I'm ready to loose the walker :)!I will always have it around thou only because some days are better than others and my safety is most important :)!I then came home for about 45 mins then off to the ymca!I had a great workout!My right hand grip held for all 12 reps on the rowing machine,no stopping to reajust it :)!I came home and got a call from spaulding rehab!Im in a ongoing study about tbi!They wanted to schedual a phone interview!I guess Ive done lots with them but,its kinda foggy!They called Scituate first then Ed gave them my cell#,I gave them my land line # cause Ive still got issues with my driod plus its easy to put my ll phone on speaker :)!Oh,KJ was here too!Busy day,just the way I love it :)!

I have many reasons to be so happy

I went to my dentist today just for a cleaning and he gave me an agency to call for better dental coverage which being dissabled I'm eligable for!Senior whole health,I guess they will cover deep cleaning and crowns,he said I need a couple crowns.KJ and I got some work to do :)!My bestest friend Jan texted me the other day saying what are you doing on Thanksgiving?Ive been invited down Jans house on cape cod for Thanksgiving :)!I'm surrounding myself with great people that make me so so happy :) :)!


Ot was great and at the same time very challenging!I did an exercise designed to improve my hand eye coordination by putting these pins in like a peg board,then a sleave over the peg,then add a washer!I did that with my left arm,I was thinking,I could never do this with my right,hope that's not next!Next was to take them all apart with my right side (arm and hand)!Doing exercises similar to this I try to see what works for me and incorporate it into everything I try to use my right hand for!

scoot to walgreens

I had a extremelysuccessful scoot to walgreenseven though I forgot to get some cookies,I was able to give that pretty young lady who always takes great care of me,my card with my web site and email address on it!Then I find out she is on face book too :)!

ride issues

While booking my rides 4 the wk the web site said I needed to add value to my account!I then tried to do it online which I have many times b4 but,it says inaccurate password!I think Ive got it right but,I called them and added value the old fashioned way,I think Monday it will get recognized!

plans for today

I was gonna attempt scooting to stop and shop in Holbrook but I think I'm gonna wait on that task.My scooter has been workin well but I'm just not ready to start something new!I do need to book my rides for the wk,maybe Ill scoot to walgreens or d&d's.Ive got to stay busy!


I'm thinking instead of attempting a scoot to stop and shop in holbrook,Ill scoot to walgreens and pick up the stuff I know they have!I can always try scooting to stop and shop tomorrow :)!


I did have trips booked to and from stop and shop in Braintree and the pick up times were not bad I just don't like depending on others if Ive got it in my power to depend on only me " :)!Im thinking today may be a good day to see if my scooter can make it to stop and shop in Holbrook!Ive also got to pay all my bills but,I can take my time with that task :)!


We all make so many choices on a daily or hourly basis but,I believe the most important chose is to be happy or sad,depressed!I proudly have chosen I want to be the happiest I can be :)!I could very easily been depressed!Its no picnic living with tbi but,I choose to look and emphasize the positives in my wonderful life!I could choose to be bummed about what Ive lost,great career,with a great salary!In 2001 I earned in excess of $150.000,my fiance,she couldn't deal with my tbi!Friends I lost were basically drinking buddies so that's no loss :)!
I choose to think of my progression from being comatose for 3.5 months to being pretty much totally independent!I guess the biggest hurtle left is to get my licence to drive a car then to get back on two wheels:)!


This was the first post I started from my phone!As you can see I need to learn some things about my keyboard on my phone,like deletingcharacters and or just need to find a delete key!I wanted to you tube a song and asked everyone at hics if they knew who the artist is.I knew Id forget the song so I attempted to write it in my pocket calendar.I forgot the song tital and can't read my writting :(!

so far

So far today KJ has made a home visit,I asked if she would check my speaker connections on my puter cause they are not working!All of them seemed fine so we thought my surge protecter was bad!I noticed the light switch on the wall was off!Turned that on and the light on my speakers came on,hopefully they work now,Ill check lata.Ive had ot!I worked on my writing!We found that Ive got to have a pen that has a good point to it with no resistance!I was also working with some of the aids on the pen to make it easyer to hold and try to manuver!Tonight I'm going bowling with hics!Steak and cheese calzone is gonna be my dinna :)!

busy day

Ive had a busy day :)!I had pt this morning!That was great cause I'm doing what I want/need to do and that is working hard on me :)!I did alot of streaching!That helped a great deal with my next trip,to the "y"!I must of had the best workout ever cause I was REAL loose :)!My rides worked out great today now I know how I should book my rides on days I have therapy then the "y" :)!


Today Ive got pt at 10 then I'm tring something that if it works Ill never miss going to the "y" again!I booked my arrival time for 1.15 instead of 1.


Tomorrow Ive got pt and the "y"!Im tring to get my pick up times a little more doable so I booked an arrival time at the "y" for 1.15!I'm usually early anyway!Lets see how it works out!


Today Ive got to book my rides,my homemaker did my laundry so I really have no laundry to do :)!When she does my laundry thou she dosen't do much else so I'm gonna need to do a complete vacume job and maybe wash my kitchen and bathroom floors!Ive got to squwize in a dd's scoot too :)!

Great visit

I just had a visit from two pretty young ladies!My bestest friend Jan and her daughterShawnee :)!I should have taken some pics but I didn't think of it till now
:)!Shawnee has a friend who is a tatue artist!She is gonna bring him over so I can finally get the ink I want :)!
Today I have trips planed to and from stop and shop in Braintree!Ive gutta make this one too,I need food,and I want to get my smelly shxt(sented candles)!I have yet to get my check but,I always stay within my means!

so far today

So far today Ive had ot therapy!They asked me how I do cutting up my meat.I told them that it was very hard for me.They then had me show them by attempting to cut a slab of clay!After observing my problems,they gave me some instruments that should help!I was then gonna go to the "y" but,my ride to the "y" was already in my parking lot waiting 4 me!I didn't want to hold him up so I just canceled my trips to and from!I had to put some money on my laundry card so I scooted to the office and put $20. on it,lets see if my homemaker shows up this wk!Watching the news in shock over what that Mccreary woman did to her son!She said he was a nuisance.What child isn't!Still I always cheeriest my children!How anyone could hurt their own child has me so confused!

My birthday

Ive had a great birthday!I had hics and we went to the Randophcinemas and saw a move I forget the title,money games I think,bout a general manager for the Oaklanda's!I guess it is a true story too,great flick,highly recommended!Got home and scooted to walgreens.Heard from all my young adults one way or another.I like it when they fb me,then I can see it again and again :)!Even my x-wife,my friend Denise fbed me wishing me a great day!All the birthday wishes on fb makes 1 happy man!I thought I turned 52 but did the math,I'm 53,yikes!

life keeps getting better

I'm really blessed with all the support I'm recieving!KJ was over and she sees what I'm having issues with!She is so smart,knows I'm very computer savy,she emails me instructions on things I'm having issues with like my phone!You see email works for me cause when I forget how to do something I can always read the email again :)!

11.1.11 afternoon

My appt. with dr. Koebel went great!He check my muscule tone out by having me do certain movements like making a fist then opening my hand!The difference between my right and left sides is like night and day :( but,I'm working on getting my right to work betta!Then I had hics,the coffee shop next to hics still has a sign that says "opening soon",that sign has been there for 2 wks,hurry up already!

Chanel surfing

I channel surf on my tv and whenever I come to American chopper Ive got to stop!They built bikes for the make a wish foundation and many other charitable organizations,Ive got so much respect for this!

Living my dream

I was unhappy living in Scituate Living in someone Else's house by their
rules.I used to dream about getting my own place as I was enduring the pitfalls of not being the boss of my surroundings!Now I am and life is great!My next big big goal will be to get my licence back!I will to,its just taking longer than I anticipated!

Successfull scoot

I just had a very successfull scoot to walgreens and back :)!Very successfull for a couple reasons!No tips and I rememberd to get all my needs (that they had)!MY scooter performed admirably to!The battery leval stayed on fully charged the whole trip!I guess I fixed it,now I think I can plan a scoot to stop and shop in Holbrook :)!

feeling a tad better

After laying down,back in bed,I feel a little better,not well enough to go to the "y" thou!I called the "y" told Sheroyl and called "the ride" cancelled all my trips for today!Maybe Ill scoot to walgreens to fill the void!

last night

Last night suxed!I must have got sick (puked)3 x!I don't think I'm up for the "y" today but,I'm gonna try laying down for a few hrs!I couldn't get comfortable last night cause the left side of my hip was throbing badly!


today's tasks

Ive gutta do my laundry today seeing as my homemaker pulled a no show!Ive got to book my rides 4 the wk.Maybe Ill scoot to walgreens too,if for no other reason,just cause I can :)!

could't sleep

It seems my scooter issues were preventing me from getting a good night's sleep!I got up and applied my great commonsense to the issue and checked all the wires going to my charger 4 my scooter,unplugged and plugged back in some and it appears to be charging :)!B4 I take it out on the road Ive got to be sure the problem is fixed!Ive gutta do laundry latta today,so Ill use it to carry my laundry down to the laundry room,that should be an adequate test!Pretty good problem solving skills :)!


Ive had no luck tring to fix my scooter and nobody is around I can ask for help :(!The weather is supposed to be bad so I guess I won't be scooting anyway!I called Lisa this morning and asked for a ride to walgreens,she was nice enough to give me one.This just sux,I feel trapped without my scooter working!I checked my laundry card and it seems just by bearly,Ill have enough to do 1 load of wash tomorrow,I would have had to walk to the office if not!I kept my mind off of my troubles by booking all my therapy rides!

busy day

Ive been extremely busy today!Ive had therapy,my workout at the "y",my homemaker was supposed to come too but,its almost 6 pm!I think its safe to say she pulled a noshow!

10.27.11 pm

Well the KJ team did not win the bowling tournament,the JR team won :(!It was so so much fun thou :)!I was having trouble holding on and gripping the ball,I almost needed two hands to make sure I didn't drop it,then I just really focused on my holding and grip,was able then to bowl normally!Too much too late thou!After we where done bowling hics bought pizza for us whenever I was not eating a slice of pizza one of the great staff would ask me if I wanted another,I had my fill of pizza believe me :)!


Today we are having our bowling tounament @ hics.Ive got to remember to ask KJ if she can help me find like a notepad on my phone.Then I could type in my pick up times.


Sorry for my lackluster blogging Ive just been so so busy!Today for instance Ive had KJ make a home visit @ 8am.Then I had pt @ 10 am then I had the ""y" @ 1pm and then rec @ hics @ 4 pm!Now I'm spent,gonna call it quits for today soon!Tomorrow @ hics we are having our annual bowling tournament!Ive gutta rest up so I can at least see the pins :)!

Today's happenings

I had Ot this morning and I came in with a task,related to Ot,I needed to do!I got my new therapy appointments,I need them written in my pocket calendar!With the help of my therapists I,YES I,was able to write on the dates in my pocket calendar the time and kind of therapy I'm having!Its these little victories Ive got to reach way around my back,give myself a pat and say "great job"!I was using a pen I can get from one of the websites they gave me,gutta put that on the "to do" list!I got home for just about 30 mins then off to the "y"!On some machines my wrist wants to bend in an awkward way!Allie knows this so she got a like brace for me to use while I do my workout!Thanks Allie,your the best!I got home then scooted to walgreens,I wanted to get some pizza to cook up then this steak and cheese sub was there just looking so so good!I got a couple pizzas and that steak and cheese sub,Ill use my toaster oven and have a grinder tonight :) !


Tomorrow Ive got OT at 10am then I'm going to the "y"!My pick up time from therapy is 11.11 and my p/u to go to the "y" is 12.04.Lets see how "the ride" does!

Rides booked

Ive got most of my rides all booked except 4 Thursday.We have our bowling tornament,Ive gutta book them to and from boston bowl!I'm just unsure of the times.Tuesday I can double check the time to be there and what time I should book to leave :)!

Today's plans

I'm getting a late start on today but,I don't have to be anywhere at any specific time :)!Ive gutta book my rides 4 the wk,do a very little laundry,maybe take my self out to an early dinna or late lunch at d&d's.Ive worked hard all wk with therapy and just living my life I deserve it!

busy day

Today Ive had pt,the "y' and I just got in from a tenets meeting here at ramblewood!I was gonna do some complaing about my electric door opener not working but,it worked for the scoot to the office!

Todays happenings

I had hics today!We just had groups but,all the groups kept my brain well stimulated :)!Tomorrow Ive got therapy,pt then Im gonna go to the "y",my pickup times seem alright,Ive got an hour between the time I get picked up from therapy to my trip to the "y".


KJ makes a home visit tomorrow @ 8am ugg,then I go to ot,therapy!I didn't book trips to and from the "y" cause it seems when I do the mbta gets overloaded,unrealistic pick up times!Then at night I'm going bowling with the rec at hics :)!


10.18.11 well afternoon

Hics was great today!I even had to come home and lie down I got so mentally exhausted!We had some great groups the one I had to do lots of thinking in was cmK's group,she really made us do some heavy thinking but,our brains need the exercise!

Today's events

Today Ive had therapy KJ showed up there too.She had asked me if I minded if she did cause she is thinking of becoming a pt!She would be a great pt too!Then I was supposed to do a study with sr.Juric on the effectiveness of the pump but, they moved,never got a hold of me to tell me now my return trip is 2 hrs away!I'm always a cooperative,nice,passenger on "the ride" for once it payed off!Another driver saw me waiting and called in to say he would take me home,Ive gutta buy this man a coffee next time I see him,that was a life saver!

Today Ive had therapy and KJ showed up there.She had asked me if I minded if she observed one of my therapy sessions cause she is thinking of making pt her career!If she does pursue that,KJ would make an outstanding therapist!I was on the auto ambulator today but,they had me holding on all the time.I wanted to freewheel,prove I can walk without any assistance!My pace needs work thou but I think I dd well!I was gonna do a study for and with dr…

busy day

I started today with KJ taking me to walgreens to transfer all my meds over from stop and shop!That will be so much easyer for me cause I don't need a ride to get there,I scoot there all the time :)!Then KJ dropped me off at therapy!I worked on hand eye coordination with a computer program!Basicly what we do all the time with our mouse,position it over something and click!That only means I was right when I said,the computer helps me progress!After therapy,I came home for about 30 mins then off to the "y"!I had a great workout but,I am just getting so bumed out bout my right hand grip!I keep working it hard but,I'm just not happy with how it performs!I came home and my homemaker came over!Busy busy day :)!


Im not going to hics today,I just couldn't get out of my own way,had an early pickup time too!Ill wait for the rain to stop then scoot to walgreens!I had a busy day yesterday.I had therapy then the "y"then hics (rec)!


Ive got no trips to go anywhere today!I do have to book my rides for the wk,maybe vacume,really don't need to do luandry,my homemaker did all I had on Friday.Maybe just some jeans I was wearing and whatever else I can find!I'm gonna take a scoot to d&d's!Then who knows,this is my day off!

Successfull scoot

I had a very successful scoot to walgreens!I was even able to get the hot pockets I like!I usually get lean pockets but,Im not that pickey!KJ did some research on my scooter.I can go about 8 mls on a fully charged battery!I think stop and shop in holbrook is less than a mile away :)!Ive been textingBri trying to get used to the droid,work in progress :)!


I cancelled my trips to and from stop and shop,I just didn't feel like waiting for rides!Ill scoot to walgreens Ill see about getting my medstransferred to there.Ive been able to figure out how I can place a call with my droid but,I had an 11.30 pick up time to go then an 1.30 return,too much waiting!

good show

I'm watching a great show on national geagraphic channell about the outlaws motorcycle club!They talk about how they feud with the hells angels and more,facinating! maybe you can find it there!

Todays events

I started with pt @ 10 am!They stretched out my calf and hamstring muscles the I did like a nustep for bout 10 mins then balance exercises!After therapy went home for about 15 mins then off to the "y"!Had a good workout but,everyone notices,Im not right!Then this afternoon my homemaker was over!I had her do laundry,and all my bed llinens!Thats all she did too!She didn't do my trash or any vacuuming!Ive gutta do a trash run tonight!


Ive got an 11.18 return trip from therapy then an 11.48 pickup time to go to the "y"!I'm gonna try it :)!My right arm seems to be very tremulas tonight :(!No no,my left,my other right :)!


The conference was good except I didn't see nearly as many people I know as I did previous years!Then I went to dr.Koebells to adjust the amount of med I'm getting from the pump.We just made a slight ajustment!Great chance to see the pretty Teresa thou :)!Ive got to work with my droid.JR made it easy for me to call "the ride" which was good cause I'm using them so much!Ive gutta call Lissy and make all the adjustments I need to,volume,were I speak into it!


We went to the Texus roadhouse in Brockton Mass.I had the bestest bacon cheeseburger eva :)!I tried to get a kerioakie night but to no avail :(!My fans are gonna have to wait,sorry!JR got all my contacts loaded from my old phone to my droid,now Ive just gutta learn how to axcess them and make a call!Tomorrow is our conferance!Im gonna see many people Ive worked with in the past!I'm hoping to see Kiz and Cara,I think Liz has been to every one so far but,I should see many therapists from crc,braintree rehab,and many others being involved in the tbi field for just about 10 yrs now :)!


Ive tried everything to try to get my call phone to accept a charge but,to no avail:(!Ive got my new droid but have yet to understand it or learn how to operate it!I need all my contacts too,oh man :(!


I overslept this morning,too late to get my pickup to go to hics :(.My old phone doesn't seem to be accepting a charge!Looks like I may be forced to try to figure out my droid alone!I'm not going to hics so Ill scoot to walgreens and do my laundry!Ive gutta call dr.Koabell too,and four eyes!

conference on thursday

On Thursday we (hics)are having our I think 8th annual conferance!I wish I had my cards made up,great chance to network! I also wish my young adults would take an interest in this!Great opertunity to learn what happend to thier father and what,how this program helps me to progress but,I understand they are really busy,Ive got my oldest and youngest in school and doing very well!

Todays happinings

I went to the "y" today,Im not happy with my perfomance thou!On a few of the machines I couldn't do all 12 reps :(.I guess the important thing is I really tried hard!I thought I had taken a ham steak out for dinna was a swordfish steak.I formaned it up but,over georged a tad but still great!
Tomorrow Ive got hics!Im hoping between KJ and myself we can make heads and tails of my new phone,droid three :)!


Today Ive got the "y" for my strength training.Ive got to call dr.Koabell too!We gutta adjust the amount of med in this pump!I just don't feel right!