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1.31.14 around 3.30pm

I've been over to the office, did the paper work they needed! They are all so nice to me, the pretty young lady that sits at the front desk helped me with all the papers I had to sign, Andrea is her name, I know that cause Lisa just called and I asked her what her name is. Now I've got her name in my blog so I can reference it here!

1.31.14 1-2pm

I just couldn't get out of my own way today! I even had trouble getting ready 4 an 12.14 pick up time to go to the YMCA, so needless to say I didn't do the YMCA today! I do need to scoot to the office and meet with Anne about proof of my mass health monthly payment! I'll just go there, use a computer, print out a copy of my bank statement!

1,30.14 about 7pm

I get so frustrated with me trying to open simple things! I try to  do everything with my left hand then just try to hold things in my right and it just isn't working :(!I've got to take a deep breath and say "this is the way its gonna be 4 the rest of your life so GET OVER IT"

1.30.14 b4 8am

Today I've got hics :)! It will be a happy day cause of free pizza but mainly to see a young adult reach his goal of becoming  Quincy police officer! It takes a special kind of person to work with adult survivors of tbi! One thing for sure is JR  has earned my greatest respect!

1.29.14 almost 8pm

We are having a going away party tomorrow at hics! JR a staff member landed a job with the Quincy police department! This is a position he wanted for a while, I'm sure he will make a great cop but, who is gonna give me shxt at hics now, he would always make me think of come backs to try and get the best of him, it didn't happen often either! Best of luck JR :)!

1.29.14 after 7pm

I forgot, I was supposed to change the time of my return trip from hics tomorrow! I called and they said no way I can do that now! Its not too bad thou, I wanted to change it from 2pm to 1pm and my  pick up time is 2.03 pm!

1.29.14 3-3.30

Lisa called and said she was gonna go to Wg's do I wanna come?I needed some things so I went to Wg's with Lisa then we went to D&D'S  for coffee and 2 spend qt together :) !I canceled bowling tonight,my foot still is giving me too much discomfort:(

1.29.14 11-12 am/pm

KJ has been over and she helped me with so many things but,  she always does :) !My phone in my bedroom wasn't working for me, she just picked it up and it worked! I  wasn't having a tbi moment, it really didn't work b4!My foot (corn) is causing me much discomfort so I'm not gonna do the YMCA !I'm waiting to see if the pain subsides before I cancel bowling tonight.

1.28.14 aproching 9pm

KJ is making a home visit tomorrow and I've got all my Tuesday night tasks done, my meds ,trash run, very little pick up and I'M good :) !Then I'm gonna go to Boston bowl!The best thing about that is dinna at the deadwood cafĂ©!Home of the bestest  calzone I've ever had :)!

1.28.14 about 8pm

I've been to hics today then I had a doctors appointment to get my shots of Botox, not for all my wrinkles but my muscle tone!That turned out to be very stressful cause my return trip time was 4.41pm and it got to be after 3.45pm!"The ride" waits for no one!I got all my shots then I really didn't have time to make another appointment so the nice lady that I can never remember her name followed me to the elevator and we made it on the run :)!It will take about 3 weeks 4 me to feel the effects of this!

1.27.14 around 10am

I couldn't do the YMCA this morning cause my back was giving me way too much discomfort! I see the doctor who helps me with my muscle tone tomorrow, I'll mention it 2 him! Its probably due to my bad posture though! I  also cancelled my homemaker service today! My place is always kept clean, I always say pick up as you go, don't make another mess until you've picked up after the last one! I'm overdue 4 my Botox injections cause for some reason I missed my scheduled appointment! I think that was ride related though, lets hope it doesn't happen again! As far as my homemaker service goes, last week, Michaela said I need more cleaning supplies! My many   scoots to Wg's do you think I could remember to pick some up, NOT! God blessed tbi!

1.26.14 almost 6pm

I know why I haven't got into cooking myself good meals! Its cause like today, I'm just so so tired after  doing laundry! It could be after doing anything though! This is something I don't think I'll ever get used to, chronic fatigue! Time to nuke up a quick dinna :) 

1.26.14 2-3 pm

I just had a big problem, comcast was down! That means I was without phone, tv,  and internet! They obviously fixed it but I guess I shouldn't have all three with one provider ! It doesn't happen too often so I'm gonna leave it alone 4 now!
    Today I've been able to do an okay trim job on my beard, booked all my rides for the week,scooted to Wg's and the store, now I gutta do laundry!

1.24.14 aroud 8pm

There are so many songs I want to do the next chance I get! I question. Will I remember what songs they are, will I remember the words, do I have room on my memory card, my battery life? I always try to make sure I have extra batteries in my camera case,maybe I should put a spare memory card in there too!:) It just seems I've gutta have something to worry about! Good thing is it makes me more prepared :)

1.24.14 4-5pm

I just had a great work out at the YMCA! I've gutta start making it there 3x a week! I feel great, no back pain and the new Abbe machine is helping to hide my pump or actually making it more pronounced, not like fat!

and :)

Things come back to me, we also had a question as to what time a dr.K's appt. was for Botox shots! We called his office and left a message then I remembered I think I took a call from the office with the mew appointment and time! That would mean I would have put it on my online calendar, sure enough it was there :)!

1.24.14 around 10am

KJ has been over and we got quite a lot done :)!I had to pay off my dell preferred account cause if your late for a payment they charge an astronomical fee!I  had to get my health insurance billing ungerstsandable!I got a bill from mass health but I paid another co. for my monthly premium, confusing! They said I do have to pay both :( !I saved the pics from Dave & busters and posted them on my fb page :)!Oh and she was able to get my karaoke things out of the packaging, I know how to connect it to my laptop, the next thing is to invite some of the pretty ladies that live in my building up for a little karaoke party :)

1.23.14 around 5pm

My hands are still tingling  a little bit but its not  getting in the way of my adl's so I'm gonna give it some time but I'll keep an eye on  both my hands and at the 1st sign of anything being wrong I'm gonna call my doctor :)!

1.23.14 around 4pm

I've been to hics:).nothing special today just great groups! We have had this one group 4 a little while now called mood management! Great group,we talked today about mood swings!How you can go from happy to sad but most important, what triggers the mood swing!I said a third party could do it but I learned the proper terminology of what I was getting at,external  force!See when I lived in Scituate I wanted to start getting off of my meds.IT was said I was always in a bad mood or moody!I talked to my doctor to put me on a med that I had friends that take this med, Prozac.I knew nothing about this med except it was a strong anti depressant,I was just hopping I would get some kind of buzz  from it!So I Went on it for a while I felt nothing but,one of the people I lived with said it was great!It just happened to be the external force that used to piss me off constantly!I moved out and I'm not taking that anymore and I'm living a very happy life cause no external force to piss …

1.2.14 around 7pm

I got some deliveries in, my portable karaoke thing, my kitchen stuff, my 5 port usb hub! Thankfully KJ makes a home visit on Friday, she can help make heads or tails of all the stuff :) !There was another slip down there 4 me 2! I forget what else I ordered, darn tbi!

1.22.14 around 6pm

I don't know if its good to be fearless or not ! I wasn't  scared to take a scoot to the store and I had the most miserable ever! I got stuck a few times and tipped over twice! :( Then getting covered with snow in this cold is very very tough, I'm still working on getting the feeling back in my hands! You know me though, I've gutta be able to do things all by myself! I even had trouble getting my apartment door unlocked cause I couldn't feel my keys or the zipper on my fanny pack to even get them out, its over though, I'm home thawing out :)!

1.22.14 b4 noon

I thought the roads would be bad so I didn't do the YMCA today but it stopped snowing, I could have gone! I do wanna try scooting to the store, I'm hoping the ramps to get on the sidewalks were cleared better than the last storm!

1.21.14 7.30-8.30pm

I went to Dave & Busters for lunch today! This place is like an arcade and  restaurant together! I played a four player air hockey game, I've never seen one b4 but it was fun :) !Hics cancelled tomorrow night cause of the impending snowstorm ,karaoke night too  :(.I hate when we get snow cause the sidewalks and ramps to get on the sidewalks become increasingly difficult to navigate :( .

1.20.14 around 10pm

I'm getting like flashbacks about being at ss hospital. All the nurses couldn't believe I lived in an apartment alone! They said to me "do you know how rare it is that a tbi survivor lives alone? I guess I should give myself a big pat on the back but I knew I could do it :) !I think of all the times it was said to me "what are you going to do when your on your own"? I'd reply "it will be so much esayer now cause I'm not raising a teenager,that's all in the past now,no more getting my intelligence insulted no one bringing me down, I'm free :)


I didn't do the YMCA today cause I woke not feeling very well(bad Jamie)!I  went back and lied down and felt much beta :)!That's why I NEED my licence back! I could have done after I lied down!Tomorrow I'm meeting hics at Dave and Busters at the Braintree mall!I just get a little nervous going directly to places I've never been! I guess when I get there I'll have to ask where it is! I'm a typical guy though,I don't like to ask directions :) !Today I scooted to Wg's and the store,did all my laundry,my homemaker came over and did her usual great cleaning job!Lisa came over and I looked up air purifiers at! That's what I need to get living in an apartment complex!There are so many germs  around these type places!

1.19.14 7-8pm

I didn't get to laundry today or to Wg's!I'll  get up early and scoot to Wg's b4 my pick up going to the YMCA,which is 11.44.I should have lots of time to make that cause I can't so after,I gutta do laundry!I've gutta learn to stick to my schedule :)

this week

This week on Tuesday I'm supposed to meet hics at dave and busters restaurant at the Braintree mall!I get kinda nervous when I meet hics places!This is at the Braintree mall though, if my return trip is very late, there is plenty to do there :) !I've gutta stimulate my brain today!I should do laundry, research life insurance,study permit, scoot 2 Wg's !I'm still getting used to my mouse adapter!It seems to loose the curser then I can't find it! hat is  a tbi moment 4 sure,  Ill find a way 2 deal with it!

12.19.14 noon

I guess its a good thing 2 know the chest pains are nothing to worry about but,  it seems when you turn 50 yrs old you get lots of  little bothersome pains!  For me its my toe,  corn,chest pains,now it seems my back is causing me some discomfort! Dr. Jamie says "its cause you haven't been  working out regularly like you used to! I booked my rides to go to the YMCA 3x this week!:)! 

1.19.14 11am-12pm

I got some e-mails about some of you concerned why I was at the hospital!Let me just say Im fine!Lisa was over the other morning and I had pains in my chest!She called my pcp and they said "go to the hospital"!So they called 911 and an ambulance came and took me to ss hospital!They checked my vitals right away and said "they seem fine but when someone comes in complaining of chest pain,they usually stay overnight!So I had to stay :( !The next morning they did a stress test on me!That was a 2 part test.1st with me relaxed then they gave me a med that makes my heart seem like its under stress! Then a lot of waiting,they got the results and just as I knew,they came back great!

1.18.14 after 10pm

Its great to be home and free again :) !I've already laid down on my bed and almost went to sleep! I  just have such a good feeling of security here :)!My bed is gonna feel so so great tonight :)!

1.18.14 3-3.30pm

I just got home after making a major mistake!Lisa called my pcp's office and had them all 911 to have emts check me out!They did and said "we can't tell you your not having or had a heart attack" So I've been at  the ss hospital since Friday!The thing is I knew I was fine!I've just wasted two days of my new life :( !That will never happen again!I will have to be almost bleeding to death or actually having a ha to go  to any hospital and waste my  time! I know my body and organs best!

1.17.14 after 6pm

I've just been to a tenets meeting at the office! What a waste of time! I got an earful from this guy that he said just got evicted!He blamed it on this other tenet that I know who is the nicest lady you would ever meet! This place is loaded with screwballs and crazy people! That's why I just keep to myself and don't get into anyone's issues! Except Lisa, I've grown to really like her and she has earned my respect!

1.17.14 around 4.30pm

You would think I could remember the date cause I just posted a blog a few minutes ago but I had to look at my phone to remember its the 17th!I've been speaking with Jeff Seabel about speaking at our next conference!A tbi survivor that has done so much after his tbi! I think that would be good to learn of all he was able to accomplish after he sustained his tbi,give other survivors hope and maybe create dreams and new goals!

1.17.14 bout 3.30pm

You know,Jeff hit the nail right on the head when he said "we feed off of each other". I've been following Debbie Wilson's journey through her getting the seizer disorder under control now her speaking engagements! She all of us survivors hope!

1.17.14 1.30-2pm

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause my pain in my chest was just too unbearable! I've diagnosed why I'm having such awful pain though! Its a chest cold! When I cough I get more intense sharp pains then it subsides! So dr. Jamie says ride out this awful cold! :) Ive gutta scoot to Wg's now  !

1.16.14 nearing 10pm

I need to go to the store but I shouldn't scoot in the dark! My pick up time 2 go to the YMCA tomorrow isn't until almost noon.I think I'll try to scoot b4 my pick up time! I don't like putting pressure on myself or stress on by having time restraints but its too dark out now and I don't wanna scoot after the YMCA and I gutta go there so I'll get up b4 10 am and scoot to the store and have plenty of time to catch my ride :)!

1.16.14 after 9pm

I completed my walmart order,I got a 5 port usb hub!That is gonna help lots with all my devises that require my desktop to charge and program these things! I also got some kitchen tools, like a potatoes masher! Now I can make my mashed potatoes!I just need to get some grated cheese! I like  them cheesy so I sprinkle some grated cheese while mashing them   :)

1.16.14 around 2pm

I must have lost power last night cause I woke up to my alarm clock flashing and having no clue as to the time!So I quickly went to my cell phone,found out it was past 8am!Not enough time to get ready in time 4 my ride :( !I had dropped off my older laptop there last night for another survivor,I was selling it 4 $100. and there were some things she would have 2 know about it! like, and I'm saying this just in case any staff read 
this, when you power it up and your asked 4 a password,just hit enter!I have no pw on that machine!Hopefully JR or KJ will help her get started with it! Too bad cause I had a ton of things I wanted to show her with it! I think she should join fb then I could get her 2 know all the tbi survivors  I've met through fb but mainly I just think a computer helps us survivors in so many ways!It helps me with my memory, cognition, hand eye coordination, keeps my brain stimulated!

1.15.14 around 2pm

I've been watching a real cool documentary on my computer about rock bands in the 1970's and 80's that was great!I think I posted it on my fb page:)!Now getting ready 4 a night of fun, casino night at hics :) !

1.15.14 10.15-10.30am

KJ has been over for a hv and she helped with so much :) !She helped with  getting my mouse adapter hooked up on my new desktop :)!I've just gutta get used to it and dial in the settings all over again! I installed the software for my eye fi memory card! I've put that in my camera myself b4 so I'm not worried about being able to do that :) !We loaded some tunes on my phone :)!Some from Aerosmith live classics!She also had seen something for the computer that would help me a whole lot!An accessory that makes one usb port into 4 usb ports!There was a site to order it from but I need to make a order so I found it there and put it in my cart :)!We looked 4 something to attach to my ear phones to keep it on my ear but I don't think we found them, or I forget!I need to hit an atm!KJ said the tobacco store near hics has one,its casino night tonight,in house, so I can take my scooter so I can go there while at hics :) !

1.15.14 late 9-10pm

I guess I tend to loose all track of  time when I get on to listening and downloading then posting them on fb!Its just that I'm rediscovering all the tunes I used to crank up the volume to at my apartment in N. Quincy! You remember Bri :)!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8am then later I'm going to hics for casino night :) !

1.14.14 4-5pm

I've been to hics today I got home and payed my tax bill! Official payments, the site I use to process my payment,  was giving me some issues the last 4 x  I attempted to make this payment. This time it went through easy! Maybe I was just having tbi moments b4 or its just an example of living with tbi.I find if I'm having trouble performing a specific task, do it another time! I don't like having another charge to pay my back taxes  but when you've got issues with writing you've gutta!They charge me $3.95 to make a payment :( !

1.13.14 around 5pm

I had a great workout at the NEW YMCA  today :) !The only thing is,it seemed to be too much walking to get in the building but I guess if your not challenged in that way, its fine! I'm thinking now, its almost scooter material at the YMCA now! There were new machines at the YMCA along with a much bigger and wide open  workout area:)!I'm not gonna go to the YMCA on Wednesday, I wanna ease back into my resistance training! Next week I wanna be back on track working out 3x a week :)!

1.13.14 around 9am

I've got the YMCA TO go to today! I've gutta make it today but mainly I'm just nervous about going to a new building!My pick up time is 11.57 am,I've got to think of it as noon time otherwise its just too confusing for me.

1.12.14 8.30pm

My non bi friends, please don't take life, as you know it now, for granted! I've had a relaxing day yet I'm so tired! Just getting up in the morning and trying to function somewhat normal is hard work for me! You know what though, I CAN do it :)!

1.12,14 around 6.30pm

I've been listening to tunes all day :)!I've got a great playlist on my fb page,3rd eye blind, soul asylum, tonic, to name a few !I get them with lyrics cause I'm thinking of doing all of them either the next karaoke night or when my machine arrives :) !

1.12.14 2.30pm

I've been to Wg's with Lisa and the store! We stopped at D&D's 4 coffee and hash browns too! Its just good to break the day up and spend qt with a pretty lady :) !Oh and I remembered to get protein shakes :)!

1.11.14 around 6.30 pm

I don't know how the option to change and choose what font size I want came back but its here :) !I choose large fonts :) !Sorry not to make it easier for my readers, to make it easier for me :)!I jumped a day ahead on some of my tasks!I trimmed my beard this morning, booked all my rides 4 the wk! Peapod came and delivered my order from S&S!I guess I forgot to order a few things cause I didn't get any protein shakes!I forgot I ordered some chicken breast cutlets. Those look real good too!I ran in to a problem again, no freezer space!They say the weather is gonna be good tomorrow, I spoke with Lisa today, she wants to walk tomorrow,I'll be able to get what I forgot at Wg's,if I remember!I've gutta have fun with myself,it helps with just about everything when you've got to live with tbi :)!

1.11.14 b4 noon

I got up this morning not sure what day it is! I quickly got my mind organized and realized it was Saturday!Then I made sure by firring up my computer,going to my online calendar,getting my head in gear as to what  I need 2 do 4 today :)  !Living with tbi I've gutta have a system of  checks and double checks! :)I know I'm getting a peapod order delivered btw 12-2 pm that's only cause I made sure I wouldn't forget that by saving the confirmation email from peapod and posting the time on fb!All these things I've gutta do to live totally independent!I always try to figure even the smallest of things all by myself but its great to have a reliable back up system!I've either got to change my keyboard or do a good cleaning of this one!The keys are getting blackened,makes it very hard to see the keys!So pardon the typos!I have got my spell check working again but only if I remember 2 use it :)!


I also ordered that karaoke machine today too! It was a little more than I thought with shipping and tax but I think it was a good purchase :) !

1.10.14 after 9pm

I'm tying to remember what happened today. I scooted to Wg's this morning and forgot to get protein shakes and cash back :( !That's okay though I know I'll be back b4 too long :) !Lisa came over with a dog! She is dog sitting tonight :) !I got some pics but I don't feel like connecting all the wires right now.I paid some bills,I've just got mass health and the IRS left to pay!I don't have my mass heath account number on this puter yet. Peapod is gonna deliver food tomorrow btw 12-3 pm so I did some food shopping and I did get protein shakes from S&S :)!So the only thing I've got going on tomorrow is peapod is coming!:)I've just gutta say it really sux bad living with tbi but, I'm dealing!

1.10.14 after 3pm

I've paid some of my bills today, all except the IRS! That is the one I HATE to pay! I don't mind paying my fair share but when I was working I had to pay $521.00 a wk in child support and I didn't get a deduction 4 that,   as it is I was paying over 25,000.00 a yr in income tax and didn't feel anymore was fair! Between tax and child support, that was over $50,000!

1.8.14 2.15pm

I have another cd I wanna copy some tracks off of and put them on my phone! If I could only remember how!Its all computer related, I'm sure I can figure it out,while we were doing it earlier I was trying,in my head,to guess what the next step is,what button to click on!

1.8.14 10-10.30am

KJ has been here for our home visit and she helped me load some tunes on my I phone!We loaded some tracks from my favorite cd,buzz blades,a cd Bri had given me a few Christmases ago!That was such a good gift cause it was all the tunes I used to crank up the volume in my apt in Quincy b4 my coma :)!

1.7.14 4-5pm

I couldn't do hics today cause for some reason when I got up this morning I was in mega discomfort in my lower back!I can't even get comfortable sitting down anywhere! The only place I can sit without menace pain is in my scooter! So I scooted to Wg's this morning :)!That was a cold scoot!While at Wg;s, I picked up some good gloves!  The only problem is I cant get the right hand to go in to the glove  :( !My singers don't cooperate well at all :(!

1.6.14 7-8pm

I couldn't do the YMCA today cause I had to do my laundry! I couldn't do that yesterday cause I needed to get some cash to put value on my laundry card! I had a $20 but I don't like to put too much on there! Then I'm trying to get the machine to take a $10 bill and it wouldn't :( !I didn't want to get stuck on ice too ,today was much better 4 scooting oh and my scooter held a charge the whole way so my problem solving skills remain great.:)Anne,from the office came to see if I needed any help. She couldn't get it to accept it too! Then I had to use s $20 :( !I guess its okay, I'll use it :) !Its a full time job just running my life successfully :) !

1,5.14 around 5pm

I attempted to scoot 2 Wg's and my scooter lost power on the way to Wg's :( !This very very nice pretty lady stopped to make sure I was okay and tried as best as she could to help!She also went to Wg's 4 me!I had to figure out why my scooter wasn't getting a full charge!When I got home I checked all the connections and found a loose wire!I hope that was the issue,wait a minute,I know that was the issue :)!


I've booked my trips for the week! Now  I gutta trim my beard,do laundry,I need some stuff at Wg's too,maybe the snow removal got better after giving it a day.

1,4.14 after 8pm

That was quite an eventful scoot! I got stuck a few times, they have got to do a better job clearing off the ramps to get on the sidewalks,  I got stuck a few times navigating the ramps :(! I wanna think I can do things all by my onesies but thankfully people stopped to help! Its so cold I couldn't feel anything! I got to my building, tried to get my electronic door opener and couldn't feel it in my pocket! My right side is junk to begin with now my left hand is so cold it won't work too! I'm beginning to thaw out now :)!Thank Jesus for good people :)!

1.1.14 after 8.30pm

I think I've figured out how to change the font size again!Today I spent time getting my rides strait. I've got a dr.Kbl apt. tomorrow 4 a pump refill and I had  to call "the ride" early this morning cause hics is cancelled tomorrow and I had a trip booked from hics 2 Braintree rehab so I had 2 make sure they got it right and had trips from home 2 Braintree rehab and return home.I never made it 2 Wg's today :(,I've got enough food 4 the snowstorm just not enough quick and easy things.If we loose power 4 an extended period of time I'd have to cook all my meats anyway but I've got an electric range so if we do I'm f'ed! Hopefully  I wont loose power at all!I've got to be optimistic and say,if we do loose power it will only be 4 a short time :) !
  My new desktop is really working out well:(!It is super fast even when I have many programs open!I've just gutta make sure I pay off my Dell preferred charge acct. when KJ makes a home visit Fri…

1.1.14 afternoon

Its 2014 :).I've got some goals I must get done in "14"!I want to drive,I gutta get my lisence back by the end of "14"!I think I've proved that when I set a goal,I work very hard at achieving that goal!Just look at my greatest goal,living totally independently!I had ones who didn't think I would be successful at that goal some of whom knew me while I was comatose and watched me relearn how to talk,walk,eat,everything!I can do anything I put my mind to :)!