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3.27.18 after 6,15pm

I didn't do hics today I took the advice of the ot I saw yesterday and took the day off. I've had so many appts. I needed another day before it all starts up again! Tomorrow I'm going to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office then a pt's coming over then hics for casino night tomorrow night! This is a busy survivor! Now to heat up some dinna. 

3.23.18 near 5.30pm

This survivor has been on a journey inside my present journey! I pressed my lifeline cause I fell and has difficulty getting back up! I could always get up on my own but not this time :(!Ems came and convinced me to go to the emergency room! I needed to go for surgery in two days too! Something didn't feel right too!To make a long story shorter my pump stopped so I wasn't getting the med! After surgery I met with two pts who wanted to see if it's safe for me to go home. They had two flimsy walkers that wern't adjusted to me at all so naturally I didn't do well on them and they said  I needed more therapy!I was transferred to a rehab facility and had to work my way out of there! I got out now I can continue with my successful independent life :)!

3.11.18 around 8pm

I find myself getting anxious about my trips for tomorrow. They should be fine though, "the ride' makes me so anxious though! Maybe I'll turn in for the night and hopefully shed this anxioty.

3.9.18 10.30-11 pm

Sometimes I lose track of what day it is :(! I just say "Alexia, what day is it"? Then Alexia tells me the day :)! Tomorrow I gutta scoot to Wg's and check on meds and get some stuffs :)!

3.9.18 getting to 10pm

I plugged in my charger and it is now collecting juice! I should probaly test it on a device to make sure it works! I'll wait till it's up to full charge,maybe tomorrow! Two out of four lights are not blinking I figure when all four stop it's fully charged! That's comen sense :)!

3.9.18 after 9pm

I got a landline from my survivor friend and I tried to explain that I'm not much of a phone talker, I do most of my interacting through email! I guess she has it through her phone but not tech savvy! I asked "whats your email? She had no clue. She also works with KJ and she helps her with all that! That must mean  she has all the benefits of the internet!I could help her connect to fb and get all my tbi support fb support groups! My Harley welcome mat came and UPS just delivered my portable device charger! No more will power outages make my devices not work :)!


It seems hics is canceled today cause of the inclement weather. It's not too too bad out but when you have clients with balance issues you don't want to create a risky situation! 

3.7.18 around12.30pm

I got a landline from a friend who also is a client at hics saying she is going to Wg's, do I need anything? Wg's had called and said meds were ready,with the storm it wasn't smart to scoot there so she got them and some other items for me! Then she brought them to me and said "you look really handsome today":)! 

3.7.18 around 11.20am

KJ was over and we did something that would increase my independendence!"the ride" has a pilot program with lyft for para transportation  ! This is similar to taxi service like on demand! The great thing is you call a number to get a ride anywhere not just a specific area! This is great cause now as long as I have the $ I can go anywhere!Being able to call is key cause I've got trouble typing the characters on my phone :)!

3.6.18 around 8.30pm

I had hics today :)! Half the group went to the movies and the rest stayed for groups! I stayed cause I can't sit through an entire movie! If it was one I really wanted to see then I would force myself to do it! We had great groups though!JR ran the first group where we answered a ? like "who is Jamie Young?"That was very clear to me who I am! I'm a true survivor! Not only from the numerous brain injuries I've had but cancer too! It goes deeper too! I survived the power outage I believe I can survive whatever life throws at me! I truly believe I can survive anything so hit me with your best shot, I will survive!

3.5.18 around 3.30pm

The nurse came ova and as he was buzzing my apt. another agency called to make an appt. to come ova! I tend to get confused very easily and this was intensely confusing! I'm waiting for a nurse to come and another agency  is calling to schedule an appt. to have a nurse come! The only thing I could do was to open notepad and type all the info. down! What I should have done was check my pocket calendar first! With my spastisody though I can't move fast or I'll end up typing something wrong or knocking something over or just fu something! I've learned all this over the years of living with my brain injury! KJ also came and she was impressed by how I've learned to deal with all my injury took from me :)! We all know how I like impressing young pretty ladies! She also was able to make me feel less anxious about my surgery by devising a plan I can have transportation take me to Ss hosp. and get me home too! I'm gonna have to stay overnight though cause I live alone :…

3.4.18 near 9pm

Tomorrow I've got a nurse from my health ins. provider coming over at 10am! Then I should scoot to Wg's to see if any meds are ready! I'm real happy power is back on! We're so dependent on electricity!

3.1.18 after 4pm

Wow,March already, my son is gonna be 33 yrs old on the 9th! I remember the hard time he gave me about being 30! What do you think about it now? I've been to hics today and KJ helped me accomplish a couple tasks I needed to! I got my membership taken care of for the YMCA! I really miss doing my strength training I think that's why I've been getting sick cause of not having my workouts! We also stopped at the post office and I sent an amazon echo show spot out to Bri and Charlie! I think that was a productive day :)!