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8.15.14after 5.30pm

I've got to really stop and think what has happened today! I think 1st I ordered new batteries for my scooter! I spoke with Lisa last night and said I got a script in the snail mail for a med that helps me to be more alert but with my scooter issues I can't scoot to Wg's to get it filled! She said she would drive me there. Let me start at the beginning. I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout! I spoke with Allie at the YMCA and I'm going in the pool again on Monday but this time I'm doing the pool and resistance training after the pool :) ! That's great I can swim some laps the weight lifting ! That should get me into great shape :)! I'm gonna be 55 yrs old in November I want to look many years younger than that, this will be a great start at that :) ! I came home and Lisa met me at the door and asked me to go to D&D's and she will also take me 2 Wg's! I said sure, I never pass up a chance to go 2 D&D's! Then she gets stung by a bee and doesn't  know if she is allergic to bee stings! She says you may have to call a cab to get home! Just what I need is stress! It worked out okay though, I got my script filled, got some other stuff and she drove us home :)! Now I gutta make some dinna :)!


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