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2.28.15 after 8.10am

I've got trips to and from Wg's in Holbrook scheduled today! I've gutta check to see if any meds are ready and get light bulbs! Do a very little food shopping too! I'll pay close attention to how technical park dr. looks too. If I can see pavement it will make a difference on weather I can get ice cream or not! See if it's clear and scootable I can then get ice cream, if I've gutta WAIT for "the ride" the ice cream will melt! With the way they have been servicing their clients lately it would be so great not to have to depend on Next to get home!  

2.27.15 around 5.15pm

This company the MBTA contracted to service  the greater Boston area is a joke! Wait a minute, a joke is funny there's nothing funny about the way joint venture or next conducts  business! I had a 1pm arrival time to be at the YMCA with an 11.52am pick up time! I got picked up to go at just about 1pm! That left me little or NO time to do my workout and be ready for a 2.33 return! See I realize its a shared ride and I don't want to make other riders late, common courtesy! I had to skip my cardio and most machines! So I am ready for a 2.33 return trip and that's 30 minuets late also! This is a deplorable company!  They treat the help awful and don't care about the people they are supposed to service! I'm really disgusted!   

2.27.15 around 9am

I was thinking most of the night! I hope I'm not forced to go through with the dispute on MY trust! I NEED to get my tools from Scituate to Holbrook and KJ and I are working to find the least costly way to do it! I've also been looking at a scooter that will greatly increase my independence! This scooter is for outside use and travels nearly 10 mph! I could use this to go to Braintree hospital where most of my doctors are! It may be a stretch to take it to Quincy but I won't know unless I get it! 


I can't just dwell on being "Fed" over by "the ride" so I've gutta focus on the great deed my driver did for me today! The weather sux out, snowing and real cold! I needed something at the store and my driver today stopped at the store and let me run in and get it on the way home! I was gonna have him drop me off at the store but I asked him if he would let me just run in and get what I need then bring me home! He did :), so that was a very positive thing that happened today! I believe you've got to have the positive things that happen for you in your mind so as not to dwell on the bad :)!

2.26.15 after 4.45pm

I've been to hics today! It seems I've got an issue with my email program! It seems the thread to reply to a mail I had sent isn't  working :(! I found this out only cause in the mail I sent to the MBTA they said when they tried to respond it kept on kicking back! I know that has happened to others before! I was smart  enough to cc KJ along with my mail to the MBTA! They couldn't respond to me cause of the broken thread so now KJ has it! Today I've been to hics and "the ride" was late this morning so I called joint venture this morning then I took my cordless phone off its cradle and had it well within my reach in case joint  venture called and shore as ever they called this morning! It seems as though that is what I've gutta do from now on I gutta have my cordless land line in  a place I can get it when I'm expecting a ride! I'm still mega pissed off about last night being labeled a no show by "the ride"!

2.25.15 after 4.30pm

This SUX big time!"The ride" just no showed me, my land line rang after my pick up time and it's hard for me to get it before it goes to vm! Without checking the caller id when it rings when I'm expecting a ride, I call them! They said I was a no-show! That pisses me off big time! They were real late so I called hics and put in my order for dinna!I'm real pissed at them now tonight was one of my favorite things to do too! Now I'm missing it cause of #1,not being able to get the phone in time, #2 just cause "the ride" SUX!

2.23.15 after 9pm

I've been to Wg's via "the ride" and I don't like using them just to go down the street! The cold outside doesn't bother me its just getting stuck on the sidewalks and slipping and sliding down Technical park dr. that makes me mad! They have really got to put much more chemical down to melt the ice!

2.23.15 around 9am

I got up this morning kind of spaced out! My coordination was even worse than it is usually!My balance seems way off too, I can't seem to focus on even the simplest of things! I'm hoping this will pass but I couldn't get myself organized to get ready for the YMCA. I do have my homemaker coming at 4pm then I've also got trips to and from Wg's later! I don't like using "the ride" to go to Wg's but with the weather and my scooter issues it seemed necessary!   

2.22.15 around 8pm

I've gutta take a minute to try to process the things I've done this weekend, that's hard for me to process information. I fixed my "the ride" online account so it can't be F ed with, got renters insurance with Liberty Mutual! That I needed to get living here, my roof is leaking now, I called maintenance they said cause of the snow it's leaking but they didn't say when it would be fixed! They will repair my ceiling too after it is repaired! I'm hoping the road is getting clearer cause I need some things at the store but I did book trips to Wg's for tomorrow in case it still sux! I'm going to the YMCA tomorrow I'll check it out then!

2.22.15 around 9am

Today I've gutta do my normal things, laundry, check and make sure of trips for the week! Maybe I should plan a dinna for tonight, just have things all ready to make, my GF grill all ready to go and I've  got some fresh veggies in my freezer take that out to thaw! I've already taken steps to insure I don't get "Fed with again on my online ride account! I believe I am of way above average intelligence! You "F" with anything that belongs to me your F ing with me!I've taken steps  to insure that can't happen again, above average intelligence ! 

2.21.15 after 1.30pm

I've been to Wg's via "the ride" and I surveyed  the roads and sidewalks along the way, it's not quite good scooting on them yet, sux! WAITING  for "the ride" is just so depressing! They were late on the trip there and way late on the return :(! I guess I should just be thankful I made it and wasn't freezing the whole time! The script I wanted they said it's not covered by my insurance! I guess no free toothpaste today :(! 

2.21.15 around 10am

I've got trips to and from Wg's this morning simply because the snow removal around here, to put it bluntly, SUX! I'll look closely to see if it got any better but with more snow coming I've gutta find a way of getting rid of feeling so trapped!

2.19.15 around 8pm

I was at hics today hanging out in front of the office on Hancock st. when this guy comes up to me and said "how are you"? "Are you a veteran?" I said I'm not then he hands me money! I said "I can't accept this" he says "take this"! This total stranger handed me $20! I used the cash to order out dinna tonight for Lisa and I ;)!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 9am then I'm gonna go to the YMCA to do my weights! I think tomorrow I'll up my weight on the leg press to 360lb :)!

2.18.15 after 5.30pm

Its been a very confusing afternoon for me :(! My trips for tonight got canceled and we don't know how! I could blame it on my spasticity  but I wasn't home this morning to early afternoon! My other though was maybe it got canceled and KJ did it but we talked through emails and rec was on! I wonder if its possible my account with the MBTA got hacked! Well we'll see what happens with the rest of my trips for the week! I know this wasn't me cause I would have had to confirm a cancellation and that just didn't happen! I took apart my battery box to try to hook up two additional batteries, to try to get some speed out of my scooter only to find out there's no room in there for anything! That's a major bummer! I priced what another scooter that can go just a little faster than mine and the cost was over $4.000! I guess I'll still try to brainstorm a way to connect two additional batteries up! Just if I could get two mph I'd be happy! Gutta make some dinn…

2.18.15 around noon

I've been to my podiatrist and he shaved off that nasty corn! I'm really not feeling any relief though, I guess maybe give it some time! I still wanna get my sneaker off immediately! I also checked my trips for the rest of the day and it said CANCELED! I've had my issues with "the ride" as of late but I  remember being told by KJ if I see a change in my rides don't touch it! I'm pretty sure the rec got canceled for tonight but I tried land lining hics and got a like fast busy tone, phones must be out! So I emailed KJ and basically said WTF! I looked at the sidewalks around here and they are still not good for scooting! Technical park drive needs another swipe by a plow truck! Basically I'm stuck here :(! I was smart enough to anticipate this so I booked a trip to and from Wg's for Saturday. I can start working on trying to increase the speed in which my scooter can travel now! I just gutta let the batteries charge up a little bit before I start ta…

2.17.15 after 8.30pm

Tomorrow I've got an appointment with my podiatrist ! I'm hoping to get rid of this intense pain I've got on my right little toe! Then I come home then go to hics for casino night :)! If  "the ride" doesn't screw me up again! 

2.17.15 after 4.30pm

I've been to the dentist and I had no clue as to why I was there so I asked, a composite, still had no clue, that's a filling. The time of my appointment was 10.30am so I booked an 11.30 return! It was after 11am when I finally got to see the dentist and I said I've got an 11.30 pick up time! He got done in time for my pick up but it was getting now to be 11.45 so I called "the ride" and they said it was a no show! That really pisses me off! There is a lot of snow around and in this parking lot very little room to put the lift down! This lazy driver must have looked at this, said to themselves there is no room I'll just no show this! I had to WAIT until 3.15pm to get a return trip! Most of the drivers are very helpful and courteous but there seems to be some that are real aholes and jerks too! 

2.16.15 after 7pm

This battery charger seems to be better than the old one! It has the same two indicator lights, power and charging, the only difference it seems the new one really works! I've got the older battery box on the scooter charging with the new charger and the new battery box charging off the scooter with the old charger! I've got no idea why but just trying to learn new things about my scooter :)! Tomorrow I'm going to my dentist! I've only got miner gum pain now but it's gonna be good to get it checked out :)!

2.16.15 after 6.20pm

I had a great workout today! I'm still leg pressing just 350lb but that's doing 12 slow and controlled repetitions with great form! I'm just about ready to increase it by 5lb to start! I got my spin life order today, battery box and new charger! It's charging now, I'll hook up two additional batteries to the older battery box and batteries! I believe this will increase the speed I'm able to travel!

2.16.15 after 8.35am

It's awfully cold out! I need something at the store the only chance I've got of getting it is if the driver for "the ride" will stop and let me run in or if Michaela my homemaker will go there for me! I don't like asking for favors but this snow and cold makes very, very hard  to make sure of my needs long range! Today I'm going to the YMCA just for my weights! Ali informed me last week this was school vacation, it would probably be very crowded ! I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow, I seem to remember a store in the same strip mall! If I can't get my needs satisfied by how I thought of I guess I'll have to WAIT and see if my memory is right about the store  near my dentist!

2.15.15 around 6pm

I got all my laundry done today :) ! This is still the most challenging of tasks I must be able to do I'd love to say it's getting easier but it's NOT! I've got a dentist appointment on Tuesday and a podiatrist appointment Wednesday! I mailed  people I needed to! I find this much easier than land lining :)!

2.14.15 after 7.20pm

Lisa was over and we hung out for a while tonight! We talked about taking a harbor cruise together soon! I used to go with hics every year! They are so so much fun! I'm thinking $30-$40 each, well worth it! I can get "the ride" to take us to and from the docks! I like this, planning things to do Together :)!

2.14.15 2.45-3pm

I went to Wg's today via "the ride" cause I wanted to make sure I wouldn't need anything cause of the impending snowstorms, that's right plural, storms! I had to get milk cause I wanna make some batches of mac and cheese and I think the milk I have is passed the expiration date! I'll do a smell check before I dump them though! I checked Technical park drive on the way too! It's better but still not worth attempting to scoot down it,looks like it would still cause me issues trying to use it, I WANT SPRING!

2.13.15 after 6.40pm

Today I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout! I'm still leg pressing just 350lb 12 slow repetitions with good form! I've gutta concentrate on maintaining my form right now! When I can do the 350 without having to focus on my form it's time to increases the weight! I think I'm gonna stay with the 350 for a few times then up it 10lb at a time on my way to 400lb! I've just gutta be able to just do it without thinking so much :)! I thought I was getting my scooter parts delivered today but after thinking about what I was reading in the tracking   information it's not expected to arrive until  Monday the 16th! Now I'm gonna make a late dinna :)!

2.12.15 around 9.15pm

Today I went to Wg's by way of "the ride"! It wasn't too bad I needed a script filled and it took about an hour so I wasn't waiting long at all, actually it was a good thing my pick up was about a half hour later than my requested time! I paid my IRS agreement today too! That hurts,$377 a month! I won't even do a peapod order this month or a Walmart order but I did do a spin life order (scoter parts) though to the tune of $355! I checked it did ship too! I'll be looking for slips downstairs I have no problem signing it and Fed-x leaving it at the door cause these parts are useless to anyone unless they have a scoter the same as mine! So I can't do too much spending after I placed my spin life order but I got another battery box and charger! That will mean I can double the distance I can travel and also I can work on supping it up! I'm gonna try using four  batteries instead of just two! I just wish the hardware store didn't close cause then I …

2.12.15 after 9am

No hics today cause of the massive amount of snow we've gotten! That's way too bad cause today we were gonna do karaoke and I was more than ready to do "here I go again" by Whitesnake :(! KJ and I even made sure my tablet records video so I could share my performance! So today, not having hics, I've got trips to Wg's in Holbrook! I'll look at the road conditions on the trip to Wg's then decide weather to attempt scooting back and not having to WAIT for my return trip! 

2.11.15 around 1pm

Its still snowing outside in Holbrook Massachusetts! Because of this and my experience with the snow removal here I didn't think it would be a good idea to even attempt to go anywhere today so I canceled the YMCA today! KJ was here this morning now I've gutta search my brain to try to remember what we did! I called my podiatrist and made another appointment  to go get this nasty corn taken care of, called another doctor to send a scrip for a med! I think she said she was in contact with the life insurance people! I think there was something I had to sign  but that's real cloudy so I'm not sure about that! Hics is closed tomorrow cause of the snow. That's too bad cause tomorrow we were gonna do karaoke! I want to do "here I go again" by Whitesnake but we did find out my tablet does record video! We're doing karaoke in rec soon anyway so its not too much of a bummer! That will give me more time to study the lyrics :)!

2.10.15 around 2pm

I scooted to the office and signed what I needed to and gave a voided check so they can deduct my rent from my account! I mentioned about the deplorable snow removal job here! The response I got was they're trying! I told all they need to do is put more chemical down! I got stuck twice on the way over and its only across the road two buildings down! The good thing is I didn't get stuck at all on the way back :)! I guess I should book a ride to Wg's on Saturday cause I can't trust not getting stuck with this awful snow removal job! 

2.10.15 after 12.45pm

I called the doctor's office and let them know of my transportation issues and Donna who knows of my writing issues emailed me the new appointment!The good thing is I was here to receive a land line from the office here at ramblewood about my rent! It seems I've gutta go to the office and sign some papers and I'm gonna bring a blank check to make sure my rent gets deducted  from my account every month! Hopefully the sidewalks and pathways to the buildings are better than before! 

2.10.15 after 9am

My trips for today got all "fed" up! I got the land line with my pick up times then sometime after that they got canceled :(! The most important trip was to Braintree rehab to get my shots! I'm always very careful when navigating around the website  and it always asks "are you sure you want to cancel this trip"? I did have to cancel another trip though maybe I clicked on the wrong thing. Regardless I've got an email in to KJ so will see what happens! This survivor gets so confused so easily :(!

6.9.15 around 7.30pm

This weather is causing me so many problems!  I plan out my week a week ahead! I'm dependent on "the ride" to get me places. I've got to book my rides a day in advance of the trip! I go sometimes three destinations  in one day but today I had only two! The YMCA canceled this morning but I was going from there to my podiatrist! I didn't go to the YMCA so that meant I wasn't there to get my trip to the doctor :(! Tomorrow I've got a similar day! I go to hics and from there I go to Braintree rehab to get my shots! If hics gets canceled cause of the snow I'll have no way to get to Br!

2.9.15 around 1pm

The YMCA canceled all programs and the partnership program was too cause of this snow that doesn't seem to have an end in sight! That created problems for me cause I had an appointment with my podiatrist after the YMCA! I had to call and cancel that and my foot is really bothering me! The good thing is I was able to receive a call from another doctor about an appointment tomorrow that I didn't have in my pocket calendar! I'm getting shots of Botox tomorrow! That helps my muscle tone! I was able to call "the ride" to book a trip there but I had to go from hics to Braintree rehab and the web site won't let me change an address from a round trip booking! I had to call them so they could do it on their computer! I've just gutta keep checking my trips cause I really think sometimes they change all by themselves!

2.9.15 9.30-10am

I seem to be getting chest pains! I think its a chest cold, I remember about a year ago I had the same thing, called ems they suggested I go to the hospital to get checked out! Big mistake, its hospital policy when you come in complaining of chest pain to stay overnight and have a stress test the following day! That was a wasted day I can never get back! I'll just make sure I'm always wearing my lifeline until it passes! 

2.9.15 around 9am

We are having quite a snowstorm in the greater Boston Ma area! I've still got a bag of trash that needs to go in the dumpster! I'm gonna have to take it out using my walker cause of the already pitiful snow removal job around here! The YMCA canceled all programs today that meant I had to cancel everything I was gonna do cause the YMCA was the 1st leg of my journeys today!

2.8.15 after 7.50pm

I'm pissed off! I just tried to take my trash out to the dumpster and got stuck on the walkway to the building! I understand there has been lots of snow this winter but this is a matter of safety! I guess I should file a complaint with the office tomorrow! I've got a very busy day tomorrow! I'm going to the YMCA to swim laps the do my weights! From there I'm going to my podiatrist's office to hopefully get some relief from this nasty corn on my right little toe! So many pick up times to try and remember that's where my  phone comes in handy! I just put all the times in notes! I'll be able to know what time is for what trip!  

3.8.15 after 3pm

I started laundry, in doing so I realized I needed to add value to my laundry card to wash and dry the load! I started a wash then scooted to the office to add value to my card! It's snowing heavy out and the sidewalks around here are not cleared at all! I had to use Longmeadow dr. That meant I had to go over two speed bumps! They gave me lots of trouble before but I learned if I go at them on an angle I can get over them! That took a few try's but I finally got over them! Then to the machine and that worked out very good! I had a $10 bill I wanted to use and it took it on the 1st try! That machine has given me problems in the past but not this time :) ! Laundry is now drying and will be done at 3.30 pm then comes the part I always struggle with, folding and putting it all away but this brain injury survivor CAN do it :)!

2.7.15 after 9pm

We're doing karaoke at hics  on Thursday! The songs I'm gonna do are Billy Idol "white wedding" and Whitesnake "here I go again"! That's why I've got them posted on fb, so I can study them and know when to sing a high note and when to scream out a lyric :)! This is actually working my memory:)! I think I'll try to video it with my tablet cause last time I did white wedding really well but the vid got erased while downloading to my computer :(!Maybe I can record with my tablet and post to fb from my tablet:)!  

3.7.15 after 4pm

I've been to Wg's with "the ride" and I did forget coffee creamer but I should have enough in reserve to last me :)! I rode with another pretty young lady that lives in the building also! She was saying how she doesn't have a computer and can't afford the internet! I told her there are plenty of wireless networks in the building and you could always use mine! Then I said I've got a laptop you could buy and a cheap tablet for sale! I told her to just come by and look at them. My return trip from Wg's was over 1/2 an hour late! Thankfully I've got my Iphone to help pass the time in situation's like this!

87.15 after 9.45am

It seems I've got printer issues again! Not being able to write out a simple list sux big time! I'll just have to depend on my injured memory!Scrips,coffee creamer, anbesole, protein shakes, see if this helps!

2.7.15 after 9am

Today I've got trips planned with "the ride" to and from Wg's right here in Holbrook! I don't like spending the $6 for this cause if the snow removal at this place was just adequate I could scoot there! I've gutta fill some scripts and get some over the counter toothache mad(anbesole) and other stuff too, I created a lst on notepad I've just gutta print it :)! 

2.6.15 after 7.45pm

Tomorrow I've got trips to and from Wg's! I had to book trips cause of the pitiful shape of the sidewalks around here! I'll look to see if it got better but with more snow coming I want to make sure Ive got everything  I  need! I do have two scripts  I need done too :). I'll check out the road on the way there to!

2.6.15 after 4.40pm

I've had a great workout at the YMCA today! Then "the ride" picked me up before my scheduled 2.19pm only to remain on that van for over two hours while he had too many pick ups and drop offs! I'm just getting home now! Knowing I would be getting home much too late to scoot to the office I called them while on "the ride" and told of the notice I received and stated my rent payment had always been deducted right from my account! The woman said she would look into this and call me back! No calls yet, this pisses me off! I think she asked did your agreement expire? If it did I was never notified of this and I believe its their responsibility to notify the tenet of the expiration!

2.6.15 around 8.30am

Today I've got the YMCA to do my resistance training and I've got to find some time to scoot to the office to address the notice I received yesterday! I'm dealing with the pain I'm getting from my corn on my right little toe now I'm getting pain in my mouth in my upper right quadrant! The dentist did say the last time I'm probably  gonna have to have another removed in that area! Pretty soon I'm gonna have to do whatever I can to save any teeth in the future!

2.5.15 around 9pm

Lisa came up tonight and we ordered out  for dinna :)! Tomorrow I'm going to the YMCA! It seems like forever since I've worked out! I've gutta continue leg pressing 350lb. I've gutta do this 2 or 3 more times then move up to 360lb :)!

2.5.15 after 7pm

I got a notice from the office saying I owe money! This happens every year when I recertify! I'm so used to my rent being taken right from my checking account. I don't like receiving these notices one bit! I'd just call tomorrow but nobody answers the phone! I'm gonna have to scoot over there tomorrow! Things like this bother me about this place, they really piss me off to say how I really feel! I had to do some work with my rides tonight! I had trips booked to Wg's for tomorrow but I got what I desperately needed at the store today! I do need to get a couple scripts filled so I booked trips for Wgs on Saturday! Snow removal still sux around here so although  I made it to the store today I think it was wise to book a ride there to get my scrips filled! More snow is on the way here! I've had enough of this crap! 

2.5.15 after 10.30 am

I was gonna meet hics at the halfway cafĂ© in Holbrook but after taking a scoot to the store and slipping and sliding quite a bit I made the decision not to! The great thing about the halfway is it's right next to my apartment complex but today with the snow and the issues I've got with the snow removal around here, it wasn't a safe thing to do:( ! I will say one thing about my findings on the snow removal at Ranblewood, the sidewalks were down to pavement but when I was leaving the property on technical park drive the ramp to get on the sidewalk was  nowhere to be found! With the snow continuing to come down at a rapid pace, I could only envision the issues that would give me on the way back! This place has done well on the snow removal process but the town is lacking! I'm ready for spring!

2.4.15 around 9pm

"The ride" continues to frustrate me big time! Not only was my ride to the Cathay Pacific late picking me up and getting there, I had a return pick up time of 6.45 pm but they didn't show till after 8pm! Don't get me wrong I appreciate the service,  I just think it could   be run much better!

2.4.15 after 1pm

I'm very angry with "the ride"! It was getting to be 11.50am and I had an 1108am pick up time to be at the YMCA at noon! I called and canceled my trips to and from at about 11.50am! On the web site they have me down as a "no show"! I called them cause I didn't like that and was told if I cancel a trip less then one hour before your scheduled pick up time it is considered a no show! I think that is way wrong! Now we will see how they do with the rest of my trips for today! I've got a 3.15pm pick up time to go to the Cathay pacific in Quincy then a 6.45 return! 

2.3.15 around 3.20pm

I've been to the dentist! I had a cleaning  and an exam! The doctor did say I'm gonna have to have another tooth pulled :(! The doctor did some of the cleaning and deep cleaned  a few but I do NEED to get a deep cleaning done! He scheduled an appointment to get a filling too! There is a convenience store right next to Lux dental so  I was able to get my needs there! That's a real positive thing too cause snow removal after our latest storm is still lacking! I called the office to tell them it was but I can never seem to get through to a live person! I did leave  a message though! But still it's rough scooting out there :(!

2.3.15 before 9am

I've got a dentist appointment today, my pick up time to go there is 10.59 am,my return trip is at 1.28pm! I still NEED something at the store! My plan is to ask the driver to drop me off at the store on the return trip. The most opportune way would be to have him just stop at the store and let me walk up the stairs and get what I need then walk back to the van! Most of the drivers are new though and they don't know me or my capabilities! I understand with insurance regulations why they would be careful not to allow me to walk up the stairs myself just using the railings on the stairs to keep my balance! It's gonna be one heck of a cold scoot back! It could be worse though, I, if I wasn't going to the dentist, would have had to take a cold scoot there and back! I'm bringing an extra sweatshirt to wear under my leather coat, I just wish I could find my winter hat and gloves I had last year! I've looked everywhere but that's something this tbi survivor deals …

2.2.15 after1.45pm

I need something at the store but I can't scoot around in a snowstorm! My homemaker just canceled for today I was gonna see if she could go for me! Now I'm left with a dilemma! Do I see if one of the people who said if I was ever in a situation like this they would go for me, or should I wait till tomorrow and ask my ride driver to drop me off there. They don't realize I just need to be let off near the stairway to the front door and I do the rest np. I just need some kind of banister to keep my balance! That would be the best thing if the driver would just trust me that I can do as  I say I can!Tomorrow I'm not doing hics cause I've got a dentist appointment! I need this too! The pain in my lower right hand quadrant has for the most part gone! Now I'm getting pain in my upper right quadrant!   I think my teeth are getting bad from the periodontics disease I've got! 

2.2.15 around 8am

Ali,from the YMCA just called to say the YMCA is closing today cause of the snowstorm! I just looked outside and its really coming down! This looks heaver than at any time during the blizzard we had just the other day! 

2.1.15 before 10am

I've got trips to Wg's and back today! It sux I can't just scoot there but the snow removal in this place really doesn't take in to account that I need to have the sidewalks clear of ice and snow! One good way of making sure of this would be to put more chemical down on sidewalks and ramps to get on them! I don't need any food today, I just got a peapod order just some things I couldn't find at S&S! Like the French vanilla coffee creamer I like that works so well! It's a powder not a liquid that dissolves well and make my coffee the color I want! I'll check to see if any meds are ready cause who knows when I can get back there with another nor'easter coming tomorrow! I've been accused of spending my limited funds foolishly! Anyone who has taken the time to get to know this tbi survivor knows I don't spend a dime foolishly! Sure I've been known to help out friends in the past but those friends did things for me that kept me emotionall…