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9.30.17 near 9pm

Today I got my trips for next week all scheduled, made some dinna, did a trash run. That is so much easier now that I've got a working scooter! Parts of this task is still chalenging for me though like tying off the handle tye bag. My hands don't work together well so tying a knot gives me a hard time but I'm always successful:)! Tomorrow I'm gonna have to do laundry cause Monday I've got an appt. to see a nurse at my pcp's office! I gutta try to not get so anxious about things that's why I plan on doing laundry tomorrow! I gutta squeeze in a Wg's scoot too!  

9.30.17 after noon

I guess I'm more banged up than I thought! I got up today with pain in my ribs worse than yesterday! I get sharp pains when I cough! I've gutta beat this pain though! I just gutta think I've been through much worse than this! I can overcome! Wg's called and said a script was ready but the weather doesn't seem conducive for a scoot to Wg's today! I've got an appt. to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office Monday, thanks to KJ! Monday is my laundry day though, I think I'm gonna have to do it tomorrow! That means I gutta do laundry and find a way to scoot to Wg's! I'll do it, I can do any and everything I need to :)! I've got my new scooter so I can do a Wg's scoot and this scooter seems real strong! Today I should book all my trips for next week!  

9.29.17 after 1.15pm

My new scooter arrived this morning and did very well on it's maiden voyage! I only scooted to the store but I went up the hill on technical park dr and had full power when I got home :)! It seemed to move better too, absorbing the bumps and potholes better than my last! I believe all the parts are interchangeable too! Now I gutta stow away my old scooter in a closet out of the way! I thought I paid for a technician to come with it but only the driver came and he knew squat about this and couldn't help me with the batteries on my bike :(! I'll try again myself to make the right connections but not till much lata!  

9.28.17 after 9.30am

I fell Wednesday morning. I didn't get hurt too bad just a lot of rug burn and aggravated my busted ribs a bit! I went to hics last night too! I should have rested up but went to the store near hics using my walker and got real fatigued just walking about 50yds! KJ was making a home visit yesterday too and I could hear the door buzzer going off but couldn't get up to let her in! The typical "I've fallen and can't get up ". Me being me wasn't wearing my lifeline but after a lot of struggling was able to get myself up! I was butt naked after getting out of the shower too so I quickly put on pants just in time cause KJ called the police or 911 to make a wellness call! I was gonna do hics today and then go to my muscle tone doctor but I just couldn't deal with the pain of my clothes rubbing against my rug burn :(! This is where my scooter would be a big help! The good thing is I got home last night to a voice mail saying my new scooter will be arriving on…

9.25.17 around 9pm

My scooter having broke down really makes it harder to complete all the tasks I need to :(! I did a trash run today using my walker! That exhausted me big time! I had to think of my walking, balance, making sure the trash didn't spill! Then I had to get laundry done! I used to put the laundry in my scooter to get it down to the laundry room. Today I had to put my bulkie hamper on my walker then very gingerly get it to the laundry room not dropping it all! Well this survivor was successful on all counts :)! Now I gutta make something to eat! 

9.24.17 after 11pm

I finally got my Bose wireless speaker to play my tunes on Itunes:)! I had to get an app, bose app! Then pair it with my Iphone! This is the best wireless speaker I've got! I've got a speaker with a subwoofer in it and not even close to the sound quality  I'm getting out of the Bose :)!

9.24.17 around 3pm

I remembered the one task I needed to get done today, call "the ride" and book Thursday's trips! I go to hics then Braintree rehab for my shots of Botox! I tried doing it online but "the ride's" web site wouldn't cooperate with me!

9.23.17 around 7.30pm

I've been able to accomplish all the tasks I needed to today plus some! I've been able to scoot to the store. My new scooter can't come quick enough though! I can't keep pushing this one but the times it works is a big help to me! I've pushed it 1/2 way to the store then all the way home b4 but I need reliable transportation! Thats why I broke down and purchased a new scooter! The exact same as the one I've got now so the parts are interchangeable :)! Now time to make a late dinna :)!

9.23.17 near 5pm

I've been to Wg's via "the ride"! I think this scooter has had it! I made it to the store earlier but I had to do a lot of pushing to get it on the van! The return trip driver said he should have refused to pick me up! I can understand it must look dangerous a disabled man getting off his scooter and pushing the thing. Thing is I know my limits and stay within them! 

9.23.17 around 12.20pm

I've just taken a scoot to the store limping my scooter along but made it! Now I've got "the ride" coming to take me to Wg's cause I'm anxious bout my scooter!I've always been able to get it to go but when it stops my anxioty hits new levels!I think I'll try scooting home from Wg's anyway though!

9.22.17 8pm

My keyboard was "fing up" on me, used to happen  more frequently in Scituate this is the 1st time at my castle :)! I saved a lot of them seeing if idle time would rejuvenate them! I found one that works after trying a few! Tomorrow I've got a trip booked to Wg's but I'll see how my scooter performs then maybe I'll scoot home! I bought  a new scooter yesterday and got the white glove delivery! I took my scooter to hics yesterday  and it kept on stopping! KJ researched it and found my best deal! After I got done with the order it still cost me ova a grand! Mainly cause I got white glove delivery! That means someone from Pride mobility delivers it, puts it together, makes sure I can operate it then takes all the trash away! I learned this is the way to go after my bike got delivered! Maybe I can get the technician to connect the bateries  on my bike too :)!  

9.17.17 around 8pm

My scooter seems to have bitten the dust :(! I had to carry the trash out using my walker! It was only tiring but successful! Tomorrow I've got an appt. with my pcp. After that I've got no clue as to what I'm doing cause my pocket calendar is blank cause KJ was out the day of our home visit, feel beta KJ. I sent emails to try to find out guess I'm gonna have to landline the office tomorrow too. I gutta landline the MBTA too! I've only got enough left in my ride account for one round trip. I paid all my bills but forgot to add value to my ride account! I researched new scooters too! I've still gutta take the cover off the transaxle to see if visibly I can see anything wrong cause one like this costs about a grand now!  

9.16.17 around 11.40am

I've been kinda lax on blogging lately that's cause I've been busy :)! I wish I could find a place local that has karaoke! I like feeling like a rock star! I love all the comments I receive when I share them with fb. Today I should scoot to Wg's but I'm concerned bout my scooter! Last time it didn't perform well at all, I had to push it a way then a neighbor stopped,got a car, drove my scooter and I home! I could do a peapod order too! I didn't do one last month so I'm due ! Also I could work on getting my bike operational! I've just gutta finish the battery instal! Today I think I'm gonna work on my forms of transportation!    

9.4.17 after noon

Misplaced  aggression,it makes you put walls up to prevent that from ever happening again. I was chatting with a fb friend that got in money diffs cause of bad choices . He wasn't clear in exactly how bad it was but he started attacking the way I lead my life before my tbi and now. Maybe it's jealousy or envy. I'm living with tbi and control my   funds very well on a fixed income. I'm leaning toward envy.