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4.30.13 after 8pm

I've been having megga issues with my blog!I've gutta sign in and it doesn't go to the sign in page!I've used google chrome and IE and they both react the same!I repaired the connection,did an error check and was able to get it working in google chrome!Now will see if it shares with fb!Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit and no rec tomorrow night but I do have the YMCA!I'm hoping my foot lets me go!

4.30.13 b4 noon

I couldn't do hics today cause my foot was causing me great discomfort!I do have an appointment to see my podiatrist but I may have to call 2 see if I can get an earlier appointment!

3.28.13 after 6pm

The spring fling yesterday was a BLAST!The highlight of the day was seeing Jenifer,the former administrative assistant at hics!Jennifer was always a great support!Kianna is great too but,I miss walking in hics and seeing her smiling face and her super positive aditude!Today I've scooted 2 Wg's with Lisa,we stopped at D&D's had brunch,talked 4 a while :).Then came home and got all the trash togethet and dumped it in the dumpster!That is one of the easyer tasks I must be able to do!I just struggle with having to tie up the trash bags,hands and arms trying to work together again!Then I did all my laundry now I gutta cook dinna :)!

3.26.13 just after 9pm

Tomorrow I'm going to Florian hall in Dorchester Mass for the spring fling!Hics is putting on a dance,dj style this yr!I've made quite a list of songs I hope they have!Great food,great tunes,and really great people :)!

4.26.13 almost 5pm

I've been to dr.Star's office and he got my psa level right from a urine test!I want to say my psa count was 3.0!He said it was very good though and that's all that matters!I can say I've kicked prostate cancer's butt :)!I called and left a message on bayada's voice mail saying I wouldn't be here today but Micheala is here now cleaning :)!

4.25.13 around 6pm

I've had a successful scoot 2 Wg's,I even remembered 2 get a vitamin I've been taking 4 a few mts now,fish oil tablets!That is relevant only cause this is the 1st time I've run out and had to remember to get more :) !Then I got home and Lisa came a knocking on my door!We talked about attending church services regularly!She wants to try the Abington baptist church!Its local and they have 2 services on Sundays!I remembered to pick up the med I was out of 2!The shape and size of the pill changed,just what I need,another thing to confuse me :)!

4.24.13 after 8pm

Well KJ was here this morning,I went to the YMCA and had a great workout but didn't do hics tonight!It was bowling at Boston bowl and although I miss dinna at the dreadwood cafe,my foot was causing me too much discomfort to bowl on it!I think I've got an appt. to see my podiatrist!I scooted 2 the store just down technical pk dr,I need to scoot to Wg's to pick up a med but I just didn't feel like scooting the mile 2 Wg's!I'm not gonna do hics tomorrow cause they're all gonna go to the Imax theater and that is like going to a movie to me!I just can't sit in one place 4 a few hrs!I still gutta scoot to Wg's to pick up a med, that's what I'll plan on doing tomorrow :)!

4.23.13 just after 6pm

At hics today we had representatives from Mass general hospital and bmc explain a study they are conducting on tbi!Within hrs after receiving a tbi they start to administer  progesterone to see if this will reduce the amount of damage that can occur!I would jump right in on this but my injury happened too long ago :( !I think its great that they are doing things to help with tbi!This is a life sentence,if they can find ways to help anyone so they don't have to live like I do I'm all for it!
  I also went to get my botox shots today!It takes about 2 wks for it to take affect!

4.22.13 b4 noon

I didn't feel like rushing around to get myself ready to go to the YMCA,I needed to take my time and enjoy my coffee!I think I made the right decision cause tomorrow I've got hics and then I go to dr.K for my bowtox shots!They not only help with my muscle tone I believe they reduce my tremors too!

4.21.13 after 2pm

I've booked all my trips 4 the wk,I check them on line after I'm done.I found 1 discrepancy!I've got hics on Tuesday then I go to dr. K for bowtox injections.They had a return trip back to hics not home!I wish the web site was more user friendly so I didn't have to call in my trips on the land line!I've got to think of the positive!I can check them without calling!I've had the opportunity to chat with my not so little princess (Bri) as well :)!I'm looking at laundry and there doesn't seem to be much!I'm thinking maybe skip it this wk and save $ :)!

4.20.13 after noon

I've been speaking with a couple of the pretty ladies who live in my bld about going to church on Sundays!I said I belong to a great church but its in Cohasset!One said she didn't want to put the wear and tear on her car cause I said I'll pay all the gas necessary!I'm still working on one!That would be so great to start up church again :) !

4.19.13 almost 9 pm

I'm having problems with my online calendar again!This sux cause I've been able to easily handle phone calls with appointments,now I've got to ask them to call back and leave a voice mail!Then I create a file on notepad with the doctors name,time of the appt.,then mail the info to KJ.This not being able to write well really blows big time!I've just gutta look at the POSITIVE aspects of it all thou!I've got the resources and supports to get around my inability to write!

4.19.13 b4 noon

The city of Boston is under a lock down!The MBTA cancelled all services,bus,subway,commuter rail,and the ride!I've got no way to get to and from the YMCA today :( !Its all because they are getting close to capturing the terrorists responsible 4 the marathon bombs!

4.18.13 near 9pm

I'm thinking about booking a trip to Roxie's in Quincy for Saturday!Then I can get all the ingredients to make my famous crock pot chicken!Then I will invite all my young adults over for dinna!That was always a big hit when I used to feed it to them when I lived in N.Quincy :) !

4.17.13 after 8pm

I was able to have ice cream tonight without pain :)!I've got hics tomorrow,it seems to me I havn't been in a while but that's probally a tbi thing!I got the chance to chat with Bri tonight on fb :)!I explained to her that today I had a stress test!She knows her father is a fighter,I really don't think I have even close to heart disseace but if I did that would just have to be another thing I conquer!

4.17.13 after 5pm

My new notebook is very very light!I've yet to fully understand windows 8 yet but it turns on the same way :) !I've still gutta set up my  backround!I've got pics of my bike on flash drives :) !

4.17.13 almost 4 pm

I've had my stress test and I was very fascinated by the whole process!1st this male nurse explained the whole process to me then I get on this  machine that takes pictures of my heart,that was real hard for me cause I had to try and lie still!Then I get administered the medication!That was very strange cause the med did strange things to my body.Then I go back on the machine and try to stay still while it takes many pictures!The people I dealt with today were all very very nice to me and I had my scooter with me,it kinda gets in the way a lot of the time!One nurse knew exactly how to operate it!She said she had to get one 4 her husband one time they were away on vacation!I'm not gonna do hics tonight cause the test took everything out of me now plus when coming in my bldg fed x was here with a box that said DELL all over it so I asked who it was for.It as for me :)!Now I've got my new notebook to start setting up :)!I want to make this one the laptop I can take everywhere…

4.16.13 almost 6pm

I've been to hics then the dentist!I need to have some work done b4 I become a gummer,no teeth!He can save them but it will cost me 6 grand,6,000.oo!He suggested I call mass health say I'm disabled,ask about mass health dental!Then he says it wont cost me anything!I got home and the office here at ramblewood needed my account number with national grid!I'm tryng to go as paperless as I can so I didn't have an old bill around so I called,waited on hold 4 too long but got it,created a file,called the office with the number.I've got my stress test tomorrow and I was reading the instructions and it said to plan on it taking 3-3 1/2 hrs!I had already booked a ride but I booked it like a regular doctors visit!I only had me there 4 1hr!I called and changed that quickly!Now I'm beat!

4.15.13 after 5.30 pm

I think I've got all this mornings calls figured out!Its just the one from a cardiologist that has me confused!I've never had trouble with my heart!I guess Dr.B is just being safe!Today I've done all my laundry and while it was in the dryer I scooted to the store,multitasking again :)!

4.15.13 after noon

The phones keep ringing this morning!Granite medical called to remind me of my doctor appt. they mentioned an appt. with this doctor I haven't got a clue who he is so I called them back and I guess its all part of the stress test I'm having on Wednesday!Then my cell phone was ringing and I was able to answer it,that was Lux dental calling to remind me about tomorrows appt.

4.15.13 b4 noon

I over slept this morning so I couldn't get ready in time to get an 11.15 ride!I can't go on Wednesday too cause of a doctor appt.I've got to do better!I gutta do my laundry and go to the store today at least!

4.14.13 after 8pm

I've been able book all my rides,got my peapod order!I got some great stuff but just putting all the stuff away really pooped me out!Lisa was over and we orderd out 4 dinna and had dinna together :)!I like spending qt with that hot chick!Tomorrow I've got the YMCA for strenth training and I've gutta make sure I don't miss any trips 2 the YMCA cause pool season is vast approching and I've got to get this body buff :)!

4.14.13 b4 noon

It was 4/14/02,I was with MMD in my apartment in N.Quincy,Kenny was still fast asleep.I was meeting some friends at someplace in Halifax or Hanson.I was on my motorcycle having a great morning getting the early Sunday afternoon wind in my face!I remember we met quite a crowd of people there,coffee was flowing then the beer was flowing even better!I remember a friend,JW,wanted me to go riding with him and others but MMD wanted to stay so me always wanting her to be happy,I stayed and had more beer!It was getting late in the afternoon and MMD had to be home for her X to drop her son off!So I paid the tab,hoppeds on my bike and started my way to MMD's apartment.I was on rt 44 or 58 when this older big car seemed like it was gonna pull out in front of me so I tried to avoid this by tring to make a sharp right hand turn down a side street!I couldn't make the turn.I remember coming to for just a moment seeing this young man talking to police saying he just ran right in to me!Then no…

almost 4.14.13

This is the day 11 yrs ago my life changed forever!4/14/02 was the day I was in a motorcycle accident and got a broken hip and suffered a traumatic brain injury!I would lay in a coma 4 the next 3.5 months!

4.12.13 after 9pm

I was looking at my stats on my blog and I found it very interesting that as far as page views go the US is #1 with Russa in a close 2nd!I welcome all my Russin readers :) !Tomorrow Lisa and I have plans to go to Walgreens.Maybe we will stop at D&D's for brunch!I feel some hash browns coming :)!

4.12.13 6.30-7pm

Today hasn't been just a busy day but a hectic confusing day!I've had a few calls from granite medical changing the dates to the proceedures I'm gonna be having soon!I'm glad I have my on line calendar working so its user friendly to me,if I didn't,I'd have a very difficult time keeping track of it all!

4.12.13 about 12pm

I'm not gonna go to the YMCA today cause there just seems I've got way too much to do!I've gutta pay all my bills which will be tricky cause of the recent deduction for my old school loan!I was gonna place an order through peapod but I've got plenty of food so maybe I can cut a corner with that,I've gutta scoot to Wg's and pick up a med!The good thing is that I think KJ and I put a stop to the deduction temporarily,we just gutta fill out the form when it arrives!My homemaker is due to be here at 4pm!It is a full time job just taking care of myself!

4.11.13 about 6pm

I didn't do hics today cause this morning I didn't feel well but I'm much better now :)!I've had a successful scoot to Wg's today and I've been working on my online calendar It's working okay,I just can't seem to get it to consistently work!You can try it at  try to get a month view.I was finding I've gutta go back and forth btw day view to wk view then I got the month view working.Now I gutta think about dinna :) !

4.10.13 after 1pm

My Walmart order just arrived!Now I've got jeans without holes and a great baking pan set!I can cook a meatloaf,brownies,cookies,and cake :)!I've never made a pie but there is a pie plate too :)!

4.10.13 after 11am

I had to cancel my trips to and from the YMCA cause I've gutta try to absorb all the information I got in my home visit today!The most important thing is my ssdi check having money taken from it from an old school loan.This was taken care of many times b4,I got a form that's gutta be filled out,KJ is helping with that!So much information a long with all my upcoming medical appointments,I need a break!

4.9.13 after 9pm

KJ is gonna make a home visit tomorrow which is such a good thing cause I've got things from my pcp I can't make sense of!Appointments for things and instructions 4 those things!I guess I've seen my share of doctors lately.kinda overwhelming!

4.9.13 after 6pm

I just scooted to the store and back and my power gauge didn't budge :)!Gives me confidence I've fixed whatever was stopping my scooter from getting a full charge :).I just did the common sense things,check and clean all the connections,make sure its getting power from the ac outlet!I'm so happy Ive still got my keen common sense!:)

4.9.13 3.30-4.30pm

The pump refill gets more amazing every time she dose it!This time she didn't use the electronic devise to locate the place in the pump the med goes in,she was able to do it by how it felt,amazing!Then I asked the driver to drop me off at Wg's so I could pick up that med.Then my worst fear materialized!I got out of Wg's and my scooter ran out of juice,no power!I was about a mile from home!I started pushing my scooter home then Alisha,who used to live across the hall in my bld stopped to try to help!She tried to load it in her trunk but we couldn't get it apart!Two girls she knew came by and ended up pushing my scooter and I to my bld!I'd like to think I could have made it back all by myself but what an unbelievable nice gesture from all those girls :)!I'll let the scooter charge a little then try and scoot to the store to make sure the scooter is okay!

4.8.13 around 9pm

I never made it to Wg's today!My power gauge was reading a low power capacity so I didn't want to chance running out of juice!I've gutta go to dr.K's office tomorrow to get the med in the pump refilled so I'm thinkin on the way home have the driver drop me off at Wg's :) !

after 4 pm

I've been to my pcp and he wants me to have ANOTHER colostomy!I had this done when I lived in Scituate,not fun!I've got to look at the positive aspects to having this done thou,my system will get a great clean out its just a pain to go through!I mentioned to him the pain I felt that one day in my chest and arm so he did an EKG today and I had to make an appointment to have a stress test!I had lab work done too and I asked if they would check my psa level!He said that was on the list.Thats good cause I don't see the oncologist anymore it needs to be checked periodically,says dr.Jamie:)!

4.8.13 b4 noon

Its opening day for the Boston redsox at Fenway park!This year is gonna be a good yr 4 the sox I can feel it :).Today I've got an appointment with my pcp.I've gutta remember to ask if he has that corn remover tool!That will save me a trip to the podiatrist!

4.7.13 after 7pm

I've booked all my rides for the wk,done all my laundry,scooted to the store and got a few things!While doing laundry,I spoke with a lady who also lives in this bld and also is living with tbi!She may be my age or slightly older.She had a car accident b4 high school graduation!I always feel bad about the survivors who get a tbi so young!It sux no matter what age you get this awful injury but at least I was able to raise a family,become exstreamly successful in my career,after divorce had the time of my life,all I'm saying is it could have been so much worse!

4.6.13 after 1 pm

I couldn't get myself organized in time to catch an 8.44 pick up to go to walmart in Quincy so I went to and was able to order 2 pairs of jeans and bake ware!I found this way very easy the only thing is I can't physically see and feel the things I purchase!

4.5.13 4-4.30 pm

I've been to the YMCA and had a great workout :)!I've got trips booked to and from Walmart in Quincy for tomorrow!I printed out a list of things I need.I also booked a trip to S&S in Holbrook in case Walmart doesn't have much for food stuffs :)!

4.5.13 10-10.30

KJ made a home visit this morning and we had an important issue to try to resolve.Every few yrs my old school loan comes up again.That was a federal insured loan that if I ever was unable to work,got disabled,it would be forgiven!I guess they have snail mailed me notices but probably went to Scituate!We also had to fill out paperwork for the YMCA,I had 2 reapply 4 the partnership program!I'm really frustrated with my inability to write :( !

4.3.13 after 8pm

Well "the ride" kinda screwed me from my evening plans tonight.My return trip from the YMCA had two drop offs b4 he could take me home so needless to say I couldn't go to hics tonight!They got me home mins b4 my pick up time but,I need at least 30 mins to change and freshen up just a little bit!Tomorrow Ive got hics!

4.3.13 b4 noon

KJ called and is having car troubles so she may not be able to make it over :( !I found out we're going to the imperial palass tonight!I'm going chinkin:)!
    You'd think that would cause me problems remembering things I need help with but I'm smart enough to know the things I've got issues with and memory is probally the biggest thing I've got issues with!I create a file on notepad with all the things I want to go over with her!That is using whatever tools I have at my dissposal and using them to my advantage.I've just gutta remember what I named the file!I tried to make that easy 4 me 2!I name then kj then whatever the date will be!Then I've just gutta remember what the date of the home visit is gonna be but you see those are things I've got lots of problems with!I've got my phone if I'm unsure of the date too though :)!

4.2.13 after 7.30 pm,

Tomorrow KJ is gonna make a home visit then I'm going to the YMCA to do my strength training!I've gutta make it 3 times a wk,pool weather is coming fast and I've gutta get this 54 yr young body back to buff :)!Then at night I'm going to hics.I forget whats going on but its the beginning of the month so common sense tells me planing and dinna someplace.Gonna have to get my behind to an atm somewhere.

4.1.13 7.45-8 pm

I kinda screwed up on my appointments today!I wasn't able to get much sleep last night so I couldn't go to the YMCA which means I had to cancel my doctors appointment too!My ride was scheduled to go from the YMCA to his office!The day wasn't a total loss though,Tree and I went down to Lisa's and Tree used her magic fingers and got Lisa's laptop to connect to the wireless network!The next thing is to see if it will consistently connect!