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Chanel surfing

I channel surf on my tv and whenever I come to American chopper Ive got to stop!They built bikes for the make a wish foundation and many other charitable organizations,Ive got so much respect for this!

Living my dream

I was unhappy living in Scituate Living in someone Else's house by their
rules.I used to dream about getting my own place as I was enduring the pitfalls of not being the boss of my surroundings!Now I am and life is great!My next big big goal will be to get my licence back!I will to,its just taking longer than I anticipated!

Successfull scoot

I just had a very successfull scoot to walgreens and back :)!Very successfull for a couple reasons!No tips and I rememberd to get all my needs (that they had)!MY scooter performed admirably to!The battery leval stayed on fully charged the whole trip!I guess I fixed it,now I think I can plan a scoot to stop and shop in Holbrook :)!

feeling a tad better

After laying down,back in bed,I feel a little better,not well enough to go to the "y" thou!I called the "y" told Sheroyl and called "the ride" cancelled all my trips for today!Maybe Ill scoot to walgreens to fill the void!

last night

Last night suxed!I must have got sick (puked)3 x!I don't think I'm up for the "y" today but,I'm gonna try laying down for a few hrs!I couldn't get comfortable last night cause the left side of my hip was throbing badly!


today's tasks

Ive gutta do my laundry today seeing as my homemaker pulled a no show!Ive got to book my rides 4 the wk.Maybe Ill scoot to walgreens too,if for no other reason,just cause I can :)!

could't sleep

It seems my scooter issues were preventing me from getting a good night's sleep!I got up and applied my great commonsense to the issue and checked all the wires going to my charger 4 my scooter,unplugged and plugged back in some and it appears to be charging :)!B4 I take it out on the road Ive got to be sure the problem is fixed!Ive gutta do laundry latta today,so Ill use it to carry my laundry down to the laundry room,that should be an adequate test!Pretty good problem solving skills :)!


Ive had no luck tring to fix my scooter and nobody is around I can ask for help :(!The weather is supposed to be bad so I guess I won't be scooting anyway!I called Lisa this morning and asked for a ride to walgreens,she was nice enough to give me one.This just sux,I feel trapped without my scooter working!I checked my laundry card and it seems just by bearly,Ill have enough to do 1 load of wash tomorrow,I would have had to walk to the office if not!I kept my mind off of my troubles by booking all my therapy rides!

busy day

Ive been extremely busy today!Ive had therapy,my workout at the "y",my homemaker was supposed to come too but,its almost 6 pm!I think its safe to say she pulled a noshow!

10.27.11 pm

Well the KJ team did not win the bowling tournament,the JR team won :(!It was so so much fun thou :)!I was having trouble holding on and gripping the ball,I almost needed two hands to make sure I didn't drop it,then I just really focused on my holding and grip,was able then to bowl normally!Too much too late thou!After we where done bowling hics bought pizza for us whenever I was not eating a slice of pizza one of the great staff would ask me if I wanted another,I had my fill of pizza believe me :)!


Today we are having our bowling tounament @ hics.Ive got to remember to ask KJ if she can help me find like a notepad on my phone.Then I could type in my pick up times.


Sorry for my lackluster blogging Ive just been so so busy!Today for instance Ive had KJ make a home visit @ 8am.Then I had pt @ 10 am then I had the ""y" @ 1pm and then rec @ hics @ 4 pm!Now I'm spent,gonna call it quits for today soon!Tomorrow @ hics we are having our annual bowling tournament!Ive gutta rest up so I can at least see the pins :)!

Today's happenings

I had Ot this morning and I came in with a task,related to Ot,I needed to do!I got my new therapy appointments,I need them written in my pocket calendar!With the help of my therapists I,YES I,was able to write on the dates in my pocket calendar the time and kind of therapy I'm having!Its these little victories Ive got to reach way around my back,give myself a pat and say "great job"!I was using a pen I can get from one of the websites they gave me,gutta put that on the "to do" list!I got home for just about 30 mins then off to the "y"!On some machines my wrist wants to bend in an awkward way!Allie knows this so she got a like brace for me to use while I do my workout!Thanks Allie,your the best!I got home then scooted to walgreens,I wanted to get some pizza to cook up then this steak and cheese sub was there just looking so so good!I got a couple pizzas and that steak and cheese sub,Ill use my toaster oven and have a grinder tonight :) !


Tomorrow Ive got OT at 10am then I'm going to the "y"!My pick up time from therapy is 11.11 and my p/u to go to the "y" is 12.04.Lets see how "the ride" does!

Rides booked

Ive got most of my rides all booked except 4 Thursday.We have our bowling tornament,Ive gutta book them to and from boston bowl!I'm just unsure of the times.Tuesday I can double check the time to be there and what time I should book to leave :)!

Today's plans

I'm getting a late start on today but,I don't have to be anywhere at any specific time :)!Ive gutta book my rides 4 the wk,do a very little laundry,maybe take my self out to an early dinna or late lunch at d&d's.Ive worked hard all wk with therapy and just living my life I deserve it!

busy day

Today Ive had pt,the "y' and I just got in from a tenets meeting here at ramblewood!I was gonna do some complaing about my electric door opener not working but,it worked for the scoot to the office!

Todays happenings

I had hics today!We just had groups but,all the groups kept my brain well stimulated :)!Tomorrow Ive got therapy,pt then Im gonna go to the "y",my pickup times seem alright,Ive got an hour between the time I get picked up from therapy to my trip to the "y".


KJ makes a home visit tomorrow @ 8am ugg,then I go to ot,therapy!I didn't book trips to and from the "y" cause it seems when I do the mbta gets overloaded,unrealistic pick up times!Then at night I'm going bowling with the rec at hics :)!


10.18.11 well afternoon

Hics was great today!I even had to come home and lie down I got so mentally exhausted!We had some great groups the one I had to do lots of thinking in was cmK's group,she really made us do some heavy thinking but,our brains need the exercise!

Today's events

Today Ive had therapy KJ showed up there too.She had asked me if I minded if she did cause she is thinking of becoming a pt!She would be a great pt too!Then I was supposed to do a study with sr.Juric on the effectiveness of the pump but, they moved,never got a hold of me to tell me now my return trip is 2 hrs away!I'm always a cooperative,nice,passenger on "the ride" for once it payed off!Another driver saw me waiting and called in to say he would take me home,Ive gutta buy this man a coffee next time I see him,that was a life saver!

Today Ive had therapy and KJ showed up there.She had asked me if I minded if she observed one of my therapy sessions cause she is thinking of making pt her career!If she does pursue that,KJ would make an outstanding therapist!I was on the auto ambulator today but,they had me holding on all the time.I wanted to freewheel,prove I can walk without any assistance!My pace needs work thou but I think I dd well!I was gonna do a study for and with dr…

busy day

I started today with KJ taking me to walgreens to transfer all my meds over from stop and shop!That will be so much easyer for me cause I don't need a ride to get there,I scoot there all the time :)!Then KJ dropped me off at therapy!I worked on hand eye coordination with a computer program!Basicly what we do all the time with our mouse,position it over something and click!That only means I was right when I said,the computer helps me progress!After therapy,I came home for about 30 mins then off to the "y"!I had a great workout but,I am just getting so bumed out bout my right hand grip!I keep working it hard but,I'm just not happy with how it performs!I came home and my homemaker came over!Busy busy day :)!


Im not going to hics today,I just couldn't get out of my own way,had an early pickup time too!Ill wait for the rain to stop then scoot to walgreens!I had a busy day yesterday.I had therapy then the "y"then hics (rec)!


Ive got no trips to go anywhere today!I do have to book my rides for the wk,maybe vacume,really don't need to do luandry,my homemaker did all I had on Friday.Maybe just some jeans I was wearing and whatever else I can find!I'm gonna take a scoot to d&d's!Then who knows,this is my day off!

Successfull scoot

I had a very successful scoot to walgreens!I was even able to get the hot pockets I like!I usually get lean pockets but,Im not that pickey!KJ did some research on my scooter.I can go about 8 mls on a fully charged battery!I think stop and shop in holbrook is less than a mile away :)!Ive been textingBri trying to get used to the droid,work in progress :)!


I cancelled my trips to and from stop and shop,I just didn't feel like waiting for rides!Ill scoot to walgreens Ill see about getting my medstransferred to there.Ive been able to figure out how I can place a call with my droid but,I had an 11.30 pick up time to go then an 1.30 return,too much waiting!

good show

I'm watching a great show on national geagraphic channell about the outlaws motorcycle club!They talk about how they feud with the hells angels and more,facinating! maybe you can find it there!

Todays events

I started with pt @ 10 am!They stretched out my calf and hamstring muscles the I did like a nustep for bout 10 mins then balance exercises!After therapy went home for about 15 mins then off to the "y"!Had a good workout but,everyone notices,Im not right!Then this afternoon my homemaker was over!I had her do laundry,and all my bed llinens!Thats all she did too!She didn't do my trash or any vacuuming!Ive gutta do a trash run tonight!


Ive got an 11.18 return trip from therapy then an 11.48 pickup time to go to the "y"!I'm gonna try it :)!My right arm seems to be very tremulas tonight :(!No no,my left,my other right :)!


The conference was good except I didn't see nearly as many people I know as I did previous years!Then I went to dr.Koebells to adjust the amount of med I'm getting from the pump.We just made a slight ajustment!Great chance to see the pretty Teresa thou :)!Ive got to work with my droid.JR made it easy for me to call "the ride" which was good cause I'm using them so much!Ive gutta call Lissy and make all the adjustments I need to,volume,were I speak into it!


We went to the Texus roadhouse in Brockton Mass.I had the bestest bacon cheeseburger eva :)!I tried to get a kerioakie night but to no avail :(!My fans are gonna have to wait,sorry!JR got all my contacts loaded from my old phone to my droid,now Ive just gutta learn how to axcess them and make a call!Tomorrow is our conferance!Im gonna see many people Ive worked with in the past!I'm hoping to see Kiz and Cara,I think Liz has been to every one so far but,I should see many therapists from crc,braintree rehab,and many others being involved in the tbi field for just about 10 yrs now :)!


Ive tried everything to try to get my call phone to accept a charge but,to no avail:(!Ive got my new droid but have yet to understand it or learn how to operate it!I need all my contacts too,oh man :(!


I overslept this morning,too late to get my pickup to go to hics :(.My old phone doesn't seem to be accepting a charge!Looks like I may be forced to try to figure out my droid alone!I'm not going to hics so Ill scoot to walgreens and do my laundry!Ive gutta call dr.Koabell too,and four eyes!

conference on thursday

On Thursday we (hics)are having our I think 8th annual conferance!I wish I had my cards made up,great chance to network! I also wish my young adults would take an interest in this!Great opertunity to learn what happend to thier father and what,how this program helps me to progress but,I understand they are really busy,Ive got my oldest and youngest in school and doing very well!

Todays happinings

I went to the "y" today,Im not happy with my perfomance thou!On a few of the machines I couldn't do all 12 reps :(.I guess the important thing is I really tried hard!I thought I had taken a ham steak out for dinna was a swordfish steak.I formaned it up but,over georged a tad but still great!
Tomorrow Ive got hics!Im hoping between KJ and myself we can make heads and tails of my new phone,droid three :)!


Today Ive got the "y" for my strength training.Ive got to call dr.Koabell too!We gutta adjust the amount of med in this pump!I just don't feel right!


Slept late this morning,must have needed it!Ive got no trips planned with "the ride" to go anywhere today!I'm thinking of maybe scooting to duncan dounuts,Ive gutta ask if it would be okay if I used the drive thru with my scooter.That would just be so much easier and safer for me!I tend to have a hard time carring items,especially hot coffee!Laundry is on the agenda today,booking my rides for the wk,then booking what I can of therapy rides,I gutta call four eyes too!KJ picked up my glasses for me but they were't tinted!


Ive got many issues being tbi but,one lately has been really needing to think about what day it is.I can always come up with the correct day but,it shouldn't take so much :(!

Thinking ahead

I started booking all my rides for therapy then I thought,what if I use all the value in my account?Then I wouldn't be able to book my rides for the wk tomorrow!Ill book my rides for the wk tomorrow then work on my therapy rides :)!

homemaker service

I had homemaker service yesterday for the 1st time!I was hopping a young blond would come but,I guess that was unrealistic :(!I was light on her cause it was the 1st time,I said I will do laundry you just clean.I guess you get what you pay for,I wasn't impressed at all!When she got done I even had to sweep my kichen floor but,I'm just not the type who calls complaining!Next time Ill have her change my bed!


Ive been to stop and shop but,forgot my list!I think I was able to remember all my needs thou!Most importantly a med I was out of,simvastation!They said I get crestor now!Ive seen that advertised on tv.No need to google that,I think its a good med.Hopefully it helps to lower my cholesterol!