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7.29.15 after 12.30pm

I've been to my neurologist and I guess you can say it was a good visit! He did all the normal things this exam but the great thing about this visit was in doing the memory test where my concentration  is altered I was able to recall all the words without any hints at all! I've been hearing on tv and radio the new "sexy" is intelligence! Well this survivor is one sexy dude :)! I told about my new med and the effects, or lack of, he wants to give it more time and first try increasing the dosage before trying something else! I trust everyone in my team of doctors so if this is what he recommends I'm on board with it.

7.28.15 around 9pm

Tomorrow this survivor's busy life remains busy! I start the day with an 8.03am pick up to go to Braintree rehab for a neurologist appointment, KJ's gonna meet me there too! I can handle all my doctor visits myself but this is an important visit, the brain doctor! Those visits always wipe me out cause he puts me through those dreaded memory tests! I usually do pretty well tough until I've gutta remember five words or numbers while he alternates my concentration then asks me what they were.  I try to implement the strategies I've learned from years of rehabilitation but it's hard for my brain to switch from one thing to another! Then tomorrow night I'm meeting hics at Dave and Busters in Braintree for dinna :)!

7.28.15 around 4.15pm

I've been too busy to even blog lately! I forget doing what but I just couldn't find time to blog! Today at hics we had our cook out at Houtons pond in Milton Mass! A great time was had by all survivors! I can't say enough about staff, they made sure all the survivors needs were taken care of promptly! 

7.23.15 after 8.30pm

I got hit with a bad migraine last night! So bad I had to make myself throw up by sticking my finger down my throat. I took a med first and that didn't help so then I had to make myself get sick! So today I was junk! I couldn't do anything at all! I'm just getting my whit's about  me now but I'm still groggy that's gonna take a night of good sleep to come back from!

7.22.15 after 9.30pm

Tonight turned in to bingo night and there were prizes for the winners! I got bingo twice! I got two scratch tickets:)! I'm gonna have to call Lisa and have this blond babe come over and scratch them :)! Tomorrow I'm going to the Brockton Rocks baseball game :).

7.22.15 before noon

I'm getting real confused about were I've gutta be day to day! I've got another medical appointment on Friday and I'm getting anxious weather I did my rides right! Just another thing this tbi survivor must find a way to deal with! Today I've got an around 3pm pick up time to go to hics (rec) for game night. That's where we all play games at the office, and order out for dinna! Tomorrow I'm going to the Brockton Rock's baseball game :)!

7.21.15 after 9.30am

I dodged a bullet this morning! KJ made a home visit to help me get started with the preparation for a colonoscopy and I remembered when I called to get the address the guy said it's a two day prep! I need to get an over the counter supplement to do this right! We ended up cancelling tomorrows appointment and making it for next month! 


I tried to schedule all my trips for the week and found I didn't have the address for an important destination. I tried going on my and ran in to login issues so I mailed KJ to see if she knows the address! Hopefully she's in tomorrow but not to worry cause she is making a home visit before it's too late to schedule a trip for this appointment! I've also got get a cat scan of my kidney but I had the address for that! It's not an easy job running my life successfully but hopefully   I've got enough supports in place to get the help I need! I don't have to do laundry today cause Michaela does my bed sheets tomorrow and I'm too thrifty to pay to do laundry twice in one week! 

7.18.15 after 5.15pm

I've taken a nice ride to Wg's! My bike is great! I can get around town so much quicker than scooting! I guess I'm saying I'm at a point in my life that I'm really happy :)! I won't let anyone take me off this natural high!

7.18.15 around 11am

I can't tell you how good it feels not to have the IRS, or feel like, monitor all my financial transactions :)! I'm free from the IRS :)! That means I can finally put all my funds in my name without the fear of it being seized! I'm on social security disability which is much different from SSI! With SSDI I'm allowed to have as many assets as I can accumulate! My new life is turning out just the way I envisioned it to! There are some who I'm sure won't believe I've worked so hard to get to this point in my new life and some who will think I'm foolish with money but I've proved I'm way better with money than I was before my tbi! I guess I'll just have to do what I do best, prove them all wrong!  

7.17.15 around 6.45pm

I've been busy today! 1ST KJ made a home visit! I've gutta say this lady knows just how to help me :)! There are people who should know I'm finished with the IRS! They wouldn't believe me if I just told them so KJ's gonna make a copy and snail mail it to them! I took a ride to the store and then went to a meeting at the office here!

7.16.16 around 8pm

I really have no clue as to what I did today! I know tomorrow KJ makes a home visit and a new staff member is joining her! It seems whenever there is a new staff they always take them on a home visit to Jamie's! I've gutta think that means I'm doing pretty well :)!

7.14.15 around 8pm

I had hics today and from there I was under the impression I was gonna have an ultrasound of my kidney! Well I leave hics going to 10? performance dr. in Weymouth and the driver has trouble finding the right building so we stopped a few away from the one I need. I get inside only to find out that was canceled, he wants a cat scan instead! Now I'm there at around 2pm and my pick up to go home is not until 3.26pm! I call "the ride" to let them know I'm at building two and I'm ready now! This most of the time makes no difference but it's worth a shot! I lucked out and my driver came about 2.30pm :)! 

7.12.15 around 6.30pm

I've been very productive today! First I did a good trim job on my beard! Then I scheduled all my trips for the week! Then I did all my laundry, made dinna! I'm a little tired now but I think this new med is making me very tired! I gutta get a good nights sleep tonight cause I want to make it to the YMCA tomorrow! I'm gonna turn in soon :)! 

7.11.15 around 6pm

I got my monthly peapod order delivered today! If I need to do another order I can cause I'm done with the IRS! I've made my final payment! That's $377. a month in my pocket :)! I've got Cory to thank for getting me that compromise! This month it went to paying off my I phone 6 plus!

7.9.15 around 2pm

Kate was over from Care one and it was a very good visit! I've gutta get it through my head dealing with them is much different then dealing with Mass health! She looked at some of the things I have and asked if I had care one help with the cost! My scooters, all my technology, even my ez eyes keyboard she said Care One could have helped paid for!

7.9 .15 around 9am

I didn't do hics today cause it seemed more important to be here to receive the call from care one. Now if I can just answer the phone before it goes to vm! After I get the call I'm thinking of taking a ride anywhere!

7.8.15 around 9.15pm

Kind of a stressful afternoon! I got home from my podiatrist and the elevator was out of order! I had to leave my scooter downstairs and walk up the stairs to get to my apartment! I just didn't like leaving my scooter unattended! It finally got fixed and I was able to retrieve my scooter! When the elevator goes out I'm really "Fed" up here on the 3rd floor! It must stay operational for tomorrow cause I've got hics and there is an important task I must do at hics tomorrow! I kind of forget what it is but I know I emailed KJ about it with all I need to complete the task, I think! I think it's got something to do with my benefits. That's what I've learned to deal with living with a traumatic brain injury, this uncertainty could drive a person crazy but I've got all my strategies and supports in place :)! 

7.7.15 around 8.30am

I can't do hics today cause I've got a late morning lab appointment! It just makes no sense to go in for less than an hour! I've gutta have my driver drop me off at Wg's on the return trip! My batteries are a little suspect and I don't want to run out of juice! Just another thing to get anxious over!

7.6.15 around 10am

My foot was causing me way too much discomfort this morning to be able to go to the YMCA so I had to cancel that for today     :(! I see my podiatrist on Wednesday that makes another day I can't go! I emailed Ali at the YMCA and made her aware of this! I work at leading a successful independent life and I believe in if your supposed to be at a certain place you've got to make them aware if plans change! I also emailed KJ to remind her I've got a lab appointment tomorrow and the times just made no sense to attend hics tomorrow! Email is such a useful and important tool for me! When I forget if I've made the people I need to about changes in plans I can always check my sent folder to reassure myself :)! 

7.5.15 around 7pm

Today I did all my laundry, scheduled all my trips for the week, that was different this week! I've got a lab appointment Tuesday and a podiatrist appointment Wednesday! They told me to drink lots of water for this test! I don't drink much water at all. I did buy some distilled water just for this though! LQ came over late this afternoon, I had her scratch the tickets I had but nothing :(! I don't see nearly enough of this babe since she moved to another building! :( 

7.5.15 around noon fifteen

Little bit of a slow start this morning but it's Sunday and I really don't have to do anything fast! I've scheduled all my trips for the week, checked my bank accounts which are both low at this point! I don't get paid till a week from Tuesday too! I'll be okay though! Today I've gutta trim my beard, do laundry, get a hold of LQ and bring my netbook over her place and help her connect to the internet! 

7.4.15 around 6pm

I had a great ride to the store :)! I still can't wait to get home to take my right sneaker off to get the pressure of my little toe :(! Now I gutta make some dinna, I'm thinking about making a batch of mac and cheese, if I've got all I need to make it!

7.4.15 after 11.30am

I was checking my finances this morning like I do every morning! I noticed my checking account was getting to be only around $100.!My savings low too only around $180.! So I just transferred $80. to my checking! My check doesn't come until a week from Tuesday, I want to be sure I've got enough for things that get automatically deducted from there !

7.3.15 after 4.10pm

I let my anxiety get the better of me today! I was all ready to go to the YMCA then I started to get anxious about just about everything! My trips, my money, my mental well being! I'm telling you this sux big time! I'm hopping to have dinna with Lisa tonight so maybe stop feeling so anxious! Thinking of this makes anxious about my cash flow :(!

7.3.15 after 9.45am

I still find I'm getting real anxious over the slightest little thing :(! I've got the YMCA today and I'm getting anxious about going there! I guess it's cause I'm dependent on "the ride" to get me there and back!  I've got a noon time pick up going there and a 2.30 return back home! I've checked my bank accounts and although I need to get paid, but not till a week from Tuesday, I'm okay! That being said I'm getting anxious about money! I think LQ and I are gonna order out for dinna tonight at her place and I'll bring my netbook to work on getting this babe an email address and anything else she may want online! I know we've done all this before but she seems to have issues with her memory as well! I think she even created a fb account! With my netbook I can show her how to create a file in notepad with all the information she needs to remember! That's what I do and it seems to be working :)!

7.2.15 after 4.30pm

I've been to hics and today we did like a game where as all the survivors got equal value in poker chips! Colors ranging in value from $1 to $20 and the staff would bring out covered baskets and the survivors would bid on the baskets! That was pretty cool, I was the high bidder on 2 baskets and walked away with three scratch tickets! I have yet to scratch them, I used to bring things like this home and let Kenny scratch them Now I'm thinking of having Lisa scratch them! I just don't get much enjoyment out of scratching them! Then if there is a winner I split the winnings with the scratchy! 

7.1.15 around 8.30pm

Deep fried fish night at the Clam box! I had delicious scallops! Great food and great people! I had a great night :)! Tomorrow I've got hics, I think there is a presentation on domestic violence! 

7.1.15 aroud 1pm

This anxiety sux big time! I'm getting extremely anxious about my trips today especially my late return from the Clambox! I'm trying to see if listening to my stereo will help!

7.1.15 after 11.30 am

While managing my rides I noticed I had a pick up tomorrow at home at 10am and not an arrival time at 10am to hics! I could have fixed this myself online but I find their site way too confusing! I called them to fix the issue and even the customer service rep had trouble getting the site to cooperate with her! I never had issues with the 1st transportation companies web site! I really think they SHOULD make it much more user friendly!

7.1.15 after 10.35am

KJ was over and we had a great home visit but, we always do :)! I think I put one extra med in one day in my med box but I would have noticed that the day I took them. Still I want to be perfect on my meds! Next time I'll just be extra careful loading that med! I was getting real anxious about my pick up times! I had a 1.29 return from the YMCA then a 2.56 trip to the Clambox! My past experience with this outfit told me these times were way too close so I had to cancel the YMCA today :(! Now I'm just going to the Clambox but my return from there is not till nearly 7pm! Just another thing to get anxious about!