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1.21.18 around 12.20pm

I think I've figured out how to overcome my writing issues when needed! I've gutta utillize my yahoo calendar! Then remember to check it daily! Today I gutta get my tail going and take a scoot to Wg's and the store! I gutta pick up some protien shakes, they help in soothing my ulcerated throat! Helps in other ways too but the instant relief for my throat is most importent!

1.20.18 around 10am

I'm starting to think a bit clearer now :)! I think I may be getting homemaker service today around noon time! I should do my weekly scoot to Wg's too! No calls saying any meds are ready but I can get my frequently used items so I don't run out! I've gutta stay on my game :)!

1.20.18 after 9.15am

I don't know how I feel today except for my throat feeling as if something's been dragged up and down it! That's cause that is exactly what happened yesterday! A tiny camera was incerted though a tube, then went through my whole digestive system! I did the whole proceedure without any anasteasha too,OUCH!

1.18.18 around 7pm

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with solutions to issues such as todays and a friend said I should ask my kids! I can't though,they're all busy and my two girls live in NH. I've gutta make do with the support system I've set up around here or utilize my benifits or at least make them work for me! That's such a great option I've got with one care,to have a companion accomponey to an appt. The only thing is I  tried it once b4 and they never showed up :(! I've even got problems asking those paid to help me for help! I gutta make some dinna now,late!

1.18.18 around 3.30pm

I've been to Beth Isrial Deconess hospital in Milton Mass. to have an itestinal endoscpoy done-no anathesa! I tried to find answers if I could have this done and get to and from via "the ride"! I was told I could but neglected to be told if I didn't get put out! Now I've done this through both ends with no anastasia! I can say no real pain just severe discomfort! All the nurses there were amazed I did this! Next time I have a proceedure of any kind I've gutta get someone to go! I gutta go back anyway cause he found a polup,asked if I could take it a little longer but there was no way I could! One care,my insurence provider offers an escort to accomponey you on such occsisions, I tried this b4 but they never showed up! I'm the type of guy who dosn't like to put people out, make them have to do something for me! I try to use all the benifits and resorces avialible to me! To avoid discomfort on future proceedures maybe I should try hitting up friends!

1.17.17 8.45pm

Tomorrow I've got to go in the hospital to have a proceedure done! I'm having an internal endoscopy done! Cause the doctor found no traces of blood in my stool sample, he can do this instead of  a colonoscapy!

1.16.18 5.20pm

I've been to hics,that was very stimilating! We started our new groups for the quarter and they seem to be awesome! One I'm really looking forward to is debate group! I've got one concern about it though! One survivor who is also in the group has severe behavior and speech issues! I believe he is being lazy!I've spoke to him b4, tried to give him stradigies on how he can improve these he says he has tried them b4! He must have giving up! When you live with a tbi you NEVER quit!

1.15.18 nearing noon

Today I've gutta get my tail going and do laundry, UGG!This survivor is NOT gonna let his anxioty take controle though,I've got plenty of clean stuffs to wear so if I get to it great,if not,no big deal :)! I thought of a way to assenble my media shelf!One of the staff at hics is great at assembling things! I emailed her and asked her over! Now if I can remember how I got the instructions! Well if I did it b4 I should be able to do it again,no worries :)!

1.14.18 around 9pm

I has a football afernoon :)! Two great games were seen on my 52in flat panel tv :)! Now the Pats have to gear up for the Jags! There is no fear in my mind that the Pats will figure out just how to beat this team but it's gonna be close, Pats by a field goal!

1.14.18 after 5.15pm

I made a freezing scoot to the store! The thing that sux is I've got  gloves and hat but I have megga issues trying to put them on :(! My spastisody makes it rearly immposible to line up my fingers to get were they belong:(! I've gutta find adult mittins! Came home and watched Jax manhandle Pit! Jax has got a tuff defence but I've got confidence TB12 will pick it apart :)!

1.14.18 2.30-3pm

I've just been going over my finances and for a survivor I'm doing well with this! Tbi survivors are not supposed to excell in this area! We're supposed to be frivelos with our money! We've got no filters to tell us not to spend or to tell us not to do anything!

1.14.18 around 11am

I was confused as to what I should do. I've got an appt. to see my lidney specialist Tuesday,part of this was I had to do a 24hr collection of urine,send it out to the lab! I never got to it! Now it's Sunday and tomorrow's a holiday so what can I do now! I logged in to my health online and emailed his office! Why am I sharing my F-ups? I like to prove this survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury is still very intelligent!

1.12.18 getting tword 8.30pm

I read the forward of my new book, it's written by Lee Woodriff, wife of tbi survivor Bob! No TBI's are the same! We all have simlar effects but we all have different ones too! Lee is a wonderful lady! She stayed right by Bob through it! I respect her a great deal for this cause most sposes amd gfs and bfs end up removing themselves from the devestation that a tbi causes!

1.12.18 around 6.30pm

I got the book I ordered from in the snail mail today,"chicken Soup for the sole,recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries"!I'm quickly biulding quite a library on TBI! I've gutta get my new bookcase all put together soon!

1.12.18 after 2.20pm

I've got a peopod order coming tomorrow btw 3.30 pm-9.30 pm! I just amended it cause while getting ready today I found I needed shampoo and spray deoderant! I really like having the ability to check my order to see if I did get an item then get an item if I forgot to :)! I've got till midnight to amend the order :)!

1.10.18 almost 11pm

KJ made a home visit today then I scooted to Wg's to fill a script and pick two other meds that were ready!I got some other stuffs there too!Tonight I went to hics for trivia night and I won :)! I did very well finding the information through all the damaged pathways then bringing it to my voice box then thinking about my verbalization and answer the question properly! One question I impress many staff and survivors by knowing the answer! What do you call a male bee? Comen sence told me a drone! I was right! Tomorrow I've got hics and I'm hopping the same thing that happened to me on Tuesday dosn't again!

1.9.18 after 8.45pm

I did a rash run,made dinna,filled my med box for the week, I'm out of a few meds,I've gutta make some time to do a Wg's scoot tomorrow! Lets see KJ is making a home visit  after 8.30 am and I've got a 2.30 pick up time to go to hics tomorrow night! It's trivia night! I like that, trivia really works my brain hard! See I know most of the answers it's just making all the connections in my brain to retreve the information! That is a challenge this survivor will never shy away from :)! Oh and I made my KJ list too!

1.9.18 around 4.50pm

I woke up today not doing well at all! Not really sick but just achy all over! My joints in my upper and lower body gave me sharp pain every time I move. The neuro pain I live with 24-7 I've leared how I can deal with by now but add all this new pain and its overwhelming!Cause of this I couldn't do hics today,the good thing after resting my joints today the pain seems to be subsiding!

1.8.18 after 7.50pm

I had a couple things I had to get done today. I had to go to the leasing office to sign my new lease. The lady told me the reason I wasn't getting charged what I was told was cause they had the wrong amount I pay for medicare! My rent is now gonna be $660 something I think! Wow, that means market rate for this place is way over a grand per month here! I finish that then scooted to the store! Then came back home and checked my bank accounts,made sure the funds where there so when they deduck it from my checking it's there! This survivor is constantly checking his accounts! That's cause right after I check and leave the page I forget what I read on the page :(! That's why I don't use automatic withdrawl too much, only my electric bill,life insurence and my web hosting! Tomorrow I've got hics and a Quincy police officer gonna give a presentation probaly about safty. That's important for us, there are many who prey apone the disabled!

1.8.18 around 4pm

My dauhter Alyssa just landed a great and very important job! She's gonna be a case manager at transitional housing! For individuals getting discharged from mental hospitals! To me this sound like a very important position! She has got to think of her client, if they are ready to go forward on their own and be certain they are not a threat to society!I'm so proud of my littlest girl :)!

1.7.18 after 10.15am

I slept real well last night :)! I gutta do some laundry today cause tomorrow I've gutta go over to the office to sign a new lease! I'm just glad I was able to diagnos the issue with my scooter :)! It's too too  cold out to scoot anywhere further than there!

1.6.17 around 7pm

I had just one task to complete today! Scoot over to the office, puchase a laundry card, then add $10 value on it. I got that done but had issues completing it! I tipped over getting on the sidewalk at the office right into a snowbank! Soft landing but it's cold out! That didn't stop me from completing this task though! I brushed myself off,righted my scooter and proceeded to the machine. Now my hands are all numb from getting myself up and had issues getting the money out of my wallet! I got a $5 bill then tried working the machine. I had issues getting the bill in the machine properly! This nice young lady asked if I need any help, I was just in a snowbank so I said "yes"! She even had issues getting the machine to except the bills but it's done! I've got so much laundry to do it's gonna cost me $8 this week! This being the case I'm gonna have to do laundry Sunday and Monday unless there are enough machines free to do it all Sunday! I have Monday as…

1.6.18 around 10am

I'm supposed to be getting homemaker service today around noon! I've got mega laundry to do but I prefere to do this myself cause I load the machines up trying to save $ on my laundry card! It will still cost me over $8 doing it my way this week! I'm thinking of asking Carmen to go to the laundry (add value machine) and get me a new card and put $10 value on it! I seem to have fixed my scooter issues and feel confident in taking a scoot to Wg's,will see how time goes today!

1.5.18 after 8.30pm

I was getting very anxious about the no power issue on my scooter! I said to myself I'm gonna find out why and fix it! I looked at all the conections I could see,didn't find a problem. I noticed on the battery box like a switch covered with a plastic cap so I started monkeying around with it, plugged in the charger and the charging light came on :). Let it charge while making dinna, then powered it up and it said full power :)! Not bad for a guy that's supposed to be weak in problem solving skills :)!

1.5.18 after 2.30pm

I had a disasterus scoot to the store!Ramblewood did a great job on snow removal but the town parts were deplorable! I got stuck a number of times! Then I'm hoping I just ran out of juice cause my scooter died! I had one ruff spot to get through and it just stopped working:(! Thankfuly God was with me and sent angels to the rescue! First a nice lady stopped and tried to help me then she made a call and a nice guy came and made sure I got to the store then drove my scooter and I home! I'm hoping it's just a dead battery but I coneted the charger and it dosn't say it's charging! Needless to say I couldn't make the office!

1.5.18 around 10am

Today I've gutta scoot over to the office to sign my new lease then to the store! I'm hopping the snow removal is good enough to keep me from getting stuck or not even be able to make it! Just what I need to make my anxioty run wild over me! I remember I've gutta bring a vioded check, I think that's all, that's the thing about living with a brain injury. I'm just not %100 sure of anything! I still gutta get my tail moving and shower and put a bunch of layers of cloths on! Alexia just told me it was 9 degrees out,burr! I called the post office on Wednesday asking if they had any packages for me,they said they do have one! They said they would bring it yesterday! I got nothing! It's gutta be the cordless landline phones I got from! I really need this order, it's getting to the point I can't even read the caller ID on the Emerson phones I've got now!

1.4.18 around 9pm

I got a couple of calls to make sure I was okay after this storm! KJ called to make sure I was doing well with it and my friend who lives at ramblewood too called to see I'm doing  well! When you live alone these kind of jesters make a guy feel very secure! I'm hoping the snow removal around here is aduquit cause tomorrow I've gutta go to the office and sign my new lease then scoot to the store! It's gonna be freezing out but I'll dress in layers! I gutta remember to get a new laundry card and put value on it! That's alot to remember for a brain injury survivor but I CAN do it :)!

1.4.18 after 4.25

This is a major storm! I can't even take my trash out to the dumpster! I'm concerned about my friends along the coast! My cordless landline is not working so if yur trying to get a hold of me call my cell! The power has stayed on thoughout thankfully! The worst has yet to come concerning the power though!

1.3.17 after 9pm

Today started with KJ making a home visit. I was having issues logging in with Chase bank! I had a notepad containig the user name and pw but it wasn't working! This is a big issue with this site cause every time I do it seems I can't get it right! We finaly got it cooperating with us,logged in and chrome saves the password but I did create a new notepad with the new password and username! I'm actively pursiung an online web development class! Then tonightI met hics at jake and joes for dinna and planing for february now! The 1st thing we plan is where we're gonna have next months dinna and paning and we voted for the fours in Quincy Ma. It's been quite a while since we've been there! After living in Quincy for over 25yrs there is always a chance I could see an old aquaitence or friend at any joint in this city! Hics is canceled tomorrow due to the expected blizzard :(!

1.2.18 around 7pm

I've been to hics then the dentist right after! I just got in now! I forgot to put my cooler outside my door this morning so I'm gonna have to find something for dinna. That shouldn't be much of a problem, I got a peapod delivery last night!

1.1.18 after 10.20pm

Peapod arrived with my order! The only issue I had getting the stuffs away was with my balance! I've learned I can't load up with too much and reach for the cabinets and fridge! It takes so much longer for me to do it safely but I've gutta do it this way!It's like everything I do takes so much longer but I can do all I need  to, to live a completly independent life :)! Tomorrow I'm doing hics :)!

1.1.18 after 5.30pm

I've taken a fridget scoot to the store today,watched Notra Dame football that's about it! I still should go to the office and purchase a laundry card but it seems I could get by without doing laundry today humm. I gutta make some dinna and ponder if I can get by. I should at least get a laundry card!

1.1.2018 around 12.50am

This survivor is amazed he is up to see the ball drop! I've had the same new years resolution for just about 10 yrs now! To get my drivers lisence back! I've passed the 1st part and I can take the learners permet test! I'm gonna get over my fear of taking a test (no retention) and just do it!