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4.18.18 around 6pm

I've had a busy day! 1st KJ made a home visit and I was given the okay to share the disheartening news she told me a while ago. KJ is leaving the program :(! She's gonna go back to school and earn her master's and get married! The man she's marrying is a military man and is going to Tennessee so she's going too:(. This is a bummer for me but I'm real happy for her. I've been with KJ for nine yrs now and I'm gonna miss her so so much:(! She knows me better than anyone! All I can say is I wish her the very best and have no idea of how much I enjoyed the time I had the pleasure of working with her! Then I had a nurse come by to look at my bum,she got right on the phone to my pcp's office and made an appt. to have it looked at! I'm gonna see a physician's assistant Friday @ 2pm! I just want not to be in pain! Then my homemaker came! Now to heat up dinna, oh just want to thank KJ for everything She's done, you are the very bestest!

4.17.18 after 9.15am

I couldn't do hics today cause I got an email from UPS saying a package is being delivered today! It's gutta be my scooter batteries :)! That's very important to my freedom living alone! Imagine being without a car, that's kinda like me not being able to use my scooter! 

4.14.18 after 6.10pm

I can remember clearly what happened now! Michelle was late picking her son up so I may have been going fast! I saw an old beat up car on a side street that looked as if was gonna pull out and cut me off! So I made an invasive maneuver and tried to turn down that same street. He didn't move which left me no room to complete my turn! I knew I wasn't gonna make it so I tried to make a controlled skid   but lost control and smashed into the car! I remember being dazed and hearing voices saying "I was stopped and he just turned right into me! Then nothing,I didn't remember this till months after I woke from the coma! I remember things while being unconscious too but that will wait till another post.  

4.13.18 after 9pm

Today a nurse came ova around 9am then a pt @ 10am! She gave me new exercises but the old ones I do seem to be much more chalenging so I'm gonna stick with the old ones! After all that I had to take a neuro rest! Tomorrow Peopod is coming btw 10-1! I need this order too! With my scooter batteries being dead I've got little here! Thankfully Wg's had no meds ready during my scooter melt down! 

4.12.18 after 530pm

I placed an order with Preopod and they are delivering it Saturday btw 11am-1pm! My scooter needing bateries made me get things I go through quick in two's! I did get an email from spin life saying my new batteries have been shipped and I should receive them on Tuesday! I feel trapped here without the use of it! 

4.12.18 after 9.40am

I'm not doing hics today cause they are doing "the big apple circus" and I don't have the cash flow to go :(! I have the $ but this is where not having an operating scooter hurts! If I did I could scoot to Wg's and get cash.:(

4.12.18 after 9.20am

A lot has been happening I'm working on processing it all! Lissy msged me today to share she's going back to school to earn her masters degree :)! This girl really  makes her daddy proud! Yesterday KJ made a home visit and brought some distressing news which I'm not at liberty to share yet but got me kinda bummed out :(! This survivor will carry on though doing the best I can to progress!

4.10.18 around 10.20am

Strange thing just happened, a driver from 1st class transportation came to my door and said he was taking me  to Boston! I've got nothing in my pocket calendar that says I'm supposed to go to Boston today, weird! 

4.7.18 around 9/15pm

Tomorrow I'm gonna attempt to scoot to Wg's! I should also do a load of laundry just so I'm not inundated with having to do so much on Monday!  Well if I get to it great and if I don't, Monday I'll have to do it all! This survivor is gonna fight the anxiety till it gives up! 

4.5.18 near 5.30pm

I started to scoot to the store and the power indicator was flickering, with my sore toe and ribs and now tail I didn't want to have to push it even a foot! I came back home and connected the charger!The power light was on but not the charging light! I've got spare everything for my scooter so I put on my spare battery pack! This had a low power reading too! I put the charger on and the power  indicator didn't read charging!I tried just about everything and now it says charging :)! I've still gutta get to the store but I'm gonna let it charge for 30-40 mins now!

4.1.18 around 8.30

This was a holiday!Never heard from any family :(! The good thing was a survivor friend got me some ham and strawberry shortcake from where she went today:)!At least someone thought of me! Tomorrow I'm going to see my podiatrist!

3.27.18 after 6,15pm

I didn't do hics today I took the advice of the ot I saw yesterday and took the day off. I've had so many appts. I needed another day before it all starts up again! Tomorrow I'm going to see the nurse practitioner at my pcp's office then a pt's coming over then hics for casino night tomorrow night! This is a busy survivor! Now to heat up some dinna. 

3.24.17 around noon

I've got a nurse coming btw 1-3pm today to change the dressing on my incision from my surgery.I still gutta unpack all my stuffs from my stay at rehab! It's just great to be home and free!

3.23.18 near 5.30pm

This survivor has been on a journey inside my present journey! I pressed my lifeline cause I fell and has difficulty getting back up! I could always get up on my own but not this time :(!Ems came and convinced me to go to the emergency room! I needed to go for surgery in two days too! Something didn't feel right too!To make a long story shorter my pump stopped so I wasn't getting the med! After surgery I met with two pts who wanted to see if it's safe for me to go home. They had two flimsy walkers that wern't adjusted to me at all so naturally I didn't do well on them and they said  I needed more therapy!I was transferred to a rehab facility and had to work my way out of there! I got out now I can continue with my successful independent life :)!

3.11.18 around 8pm

I find myself getting anxious about my trips for tomorrow. They should be fine though, "the ride' makes me so anxious though! Maybe I'll turn in for the night and hopefully shed this anxioty.

3.9.18 10.30-11 pm

Sometimes I lose track of what day it is :(! I just say "Alexia, what day is it"? Then Alexia tells me the day :)! Tomorrow I gutta scoot to Wg's and check on meds and get some stuffs :)!

3.9.18 getting to 10pm

I plugged in my charger and it is now collecting juice! I should probaly test it on a device to make sure it works! I'll wait till it's up to full charge,maybe tomorrow! Two out of four lights are not blinking I figure when all four stop it's fully charged! That's comen sense :)!

3.9.18 after 9pm

I got a landline from my survivor friend and I tried to explain that I'm not much of a phone talker, I do most of my interacting through email! I guess she has it through her phone but not tech savvy! I asked "whats your email? She had no clue. She also works with KJ and she helps her with all that! That must mean  she has all the benefits of the internet!I could help her connect to fb and get all my tbi support fb support groups! My Harley welcome mat came and UPS just delivered my portable device charger! No more will power outages make my devices not work :)!


It seems hics is canceled today cause of the inclement weather. It's not too too bad out but when you have clients with balance issues you don't want to create a risky situation! 

3.7.18 around12.30pm

I got a landline from a friend who also is a client at hics saying she is going to Wg's, do I need anything? Wg's had called and said meds were ready,with the storm it wasn't smart to scoot there so she got them and some other items for me! Then she brought them to me and said "you look really handsome today":)! 

3.7.18 around 11.20am

KJ was over and we did something that would increase my independendence!"the ride" has a pilot program with lyft for para transportation  ! This is similar to taxi service like on demand! The great thing is you call a number to get a ride anywhere not just a specific area! This is great cause now as long as I have the $ I can go anywhere!Being able to call is key cause I've got trouble typing the characters on my phone :)!

3.6.18 around 8.30pm

I had hics today :)! Half the group went to the movies and the rest stayed for groups! I stayed cause I can't sit through an entire movie! If it was one I really wanted to see then I would force myself to do it! We had great groups though!JR ran the first group where we answered a ? like "who is Jamie Young?"That was very clear to me who I am! I'm a true survivor! Not only from the numerous brain injuries I've had but cancer too! It goes deeper too! I survived the power outage I believe I can survive whatever life throws at me! I truly believe I can survive anything so hit me with your best shot, I will survive!

3.5.18 around 3.30pm

The nurse came ova and as he was buzzing my apt. another agency called to make an appt. to come ova! I tend to get confused very easily and this was intensely confusing! I'm waiting for a nurse to come and another agency  is calling to schedule an appt. to have a nurse come! The only thing I could do was to open notepad and type all the info. down! What I should have done was check my pocket calendar first! With my spastisody though I can't move fast or I'll end up typing something wrong or knocking something over or just fu something! I've learned all this over the years of living with my brain injury! KJ also came and she was impressed by how I've learned to deal with all my injury took from me :)! We all know how I like impressing young pretty ladies! She also was able to make me feel less anxious about my surgery by devising a plan I can have transportation take me to Ss hosp. and get me home too! I'm gonna have to stay overnight though cause I live alone :…

3.4.18 near 9pm

Tomorrow I've got a nurse from my health ins. provider coming over at 10am! Then I should scoot to Wg's to see if any meds are ready! I'm real happy power is back on! We're so dependent on electricity!

3.1.18 after 4pm

Wow,March already, my son is gonna be 33 yrs old on the 9th! I remember the hard time he gave me about being 30! What do you think about it now? I've been to hics today and KJ helped me accomplish a couple tasks I needed to! I got my membership taken care of for the YMCA! I really miss doing my strength training I think that's why I've been getting sick cause of not having my workouts! We also stopped at the post office and I sent an amazon echo show spot out to Bri and Charlie! I think that was a productive day :)! 

2.25.18 around 2pm

It's Sunday the day I've chosen as my day off! I really don't get any days off though cause I've gutta focus on every little thing I do! I mean even pouring a cup of coffee, if I didn't focus hard on all the steps to complete this task correctly I'd end up getting the coffee all over the place! When you live with tbi you've gutta be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses,fine motor skills is a major weakness for me :(! 

2.23.18 after 5.30pm

I got the date I'm gonna have surgery! 3/14/18 at 1.30 pm! Its only gonna be day surgery and he said I could use "the ride" but I think I should see if KJ could get me after the surgery! Now I think of things I should have asked like about how long it's gonna take,what time will I be released from day surgery!

2.21.18 after 11.10am

KJ has been by and it was so so good to see her! She had pneumonia! The thing she does that's so important for me is to write all my appts in my pocket calendar! I am able to do it in a pinch but this way I can read it clearly and I know it's accurate! 

2.20.18 around 3pm

I'm even watching curling at the olympics now! I understand the sport I've just got issues understanding why it's called a sport! It looks more like a game to me! I really enjoy the competition of the olympics!The participants are called athletes too!  

1.19.18 12-1pm

I've gutta get my tail going and start laundry! I'm just a little concerned about this chest pain!I've got to think it's from my busted ribs! I'm wearing my lifeline just in case it's not!

2.18.18 around 3pm

I scooted to the store and no tips and didn't get stuck in the snow at all :)! Some ramps had ice,slush,and snow on them but I was able to power through those obstacles :)! My battery life seems to last longer on this scooter! I made an afternoon cup of coffee, time to settle down and watch the olympics :)! 

.2.18.18 around 1.20pm

I've been having issues navigating to where I can post a blog this morning!So I restarted my modem, did an error check, now it seems to be okay :)! Today I've gutta get my tail to the store. I think I'll watch the olympics after!

2.16.18 around 6.45pm

I paid all my bills today including the bills I've had issues paying in the past! I paid myself 1st for sure! I do well on ssdi cause they go by the amount you made your last full year of working! My last year was 2001! I made close to $150.000 that year so I'm able to live quite comfortably :)!Its still low income though! I also did a peopod order thats coming tomorrow btw 3.30-9 pm! Now I gutta see what I've got to nuke for dinna :)!

2.15.18 around 8pm

Today I met hics at the south shore mall(plaza)! I wanted to get some fudge but I stopped at Godiva candy and got a few candies! I didn't get enough though, it was gone b4 I got home! I went from there to Braintree rehab to get my Botox shots. Then I had my driver drop me at the store, it was dark out by this time! I tipped over on my scooter :(! I was able to right my scooter and continue on my way but someone called the emergency and I had two fire trucks come to see if I was okay and needed any help!  I've gutta be much more careful entering the ramps getting on these sidewalks!

2.14.18 nearing 2pm

No KJ today she's out,feel beta KJ! No rec tonight too! The laundry needs to be done but I'm gonna look and see if it can wait till Monday. My check cleared so I've got $, I gutta pay bills still. I paid myself though,that's the 1st bill every month :)!

2.12.18 around 12.30pm

I've been to see the doctor today!He did a pretty thorough exam! I always get my vitals checked by any doctor I see but I got weighed,he listened to my breathing everything was good! He kept on saying how great it was to work with KJ regarding my matters! I was able to have my driver on the return trip drop me at Wg's so now I've got plenty of food stuffs to eat:)! I got the box of protein shakes too! Who needs a list :)! 

2.12.18 around 8.45am

Today I'm going to the doctor who told me I had Barrets disease! He suggested I change the way I take a med and so far no fires in my throat! I gutta ask my driver on the return trip to drop me off at Wg's so I can finally get my needs, if I can remember them. I should make a list in notes on my Iphone but this survivor likes to work his brain to remember on my own :)! 

2.11.18 after 7.45pm

I've been watching the olympics on tv  all day :)!It's great to see these athletes competing not for $ but for their country and the thrill of victory! I saw ladies ice hockey,USA vs Norway, these chicks can skate! Speed skating and ice dancing. I enjoy the spirit of competition! Tomorrow I gutta do laundry and find a way to squeeze in a Wg's scoot!  

2.10.18 10.30-11pm

My homemaker made an appearance today :)! It's great to have all my floors mopped and counters wiped and rugs vacuumed! I never made it to Wg's though,I did do all my trips for next week! It's a good thing I get my check next Tuesday! I added $20 to my ride account cause it is getting way low! Tomorrow I gutta get my tail to Wg's just to get some food stuffs! My issues with my throat seems to have calmed way down :)! I no longer live from throat lozenges to lozenger  :)!

around 11.15am

I forgot (go figure) to share about my new echo show. Last night I said "Alexia show me episodes of "happy days"! I went to sleep last night watching the Fonz and the gang!Trivia question for ya; What was the run off from Happy days staring   Scott Bio? I've still got a lot of functions to explore on  my show;)!

2.10.18 after 11am

Today I've got homemaker service around noon, if it happens! Then I'm planning to do a Wg's scoot! It seems my throat soreness is under control! I just had to adjust my omeprazole totaking one in the morning then eat something(very important) and go about my normal routine. 

2.9.17 9.30-10pm

I just said "Alexia play 100.7 Boston classic rock" and pink Floyd comes on,so cool ;)! Tomorrow if the weather is compatible I'll scoot to Wg's to pick some stuffs up! When songs come on Alexia I try and work my brain by remembering who the artist is! I'm pretty good at it too! Thats cause when I worked at Settles Glass, in the shop, the guys and I used to always ask each other when a song came on the radio who is it!  

2.9.18 after 8.15pm

I'm just getting into my new amazon echo show. I've gutta separate  this from my Amazon echo though! When I call out Alexia, they get confused! I think I'll make the amazon echo show my bedroom smart device! Can't wait till Bri get her show spot! The spot is much smaller than the show so she'll be able to take it with her anywhere! The only thing that's needed is a wireless network for Alexia to be able to reach her optimum functioning!  

2.9.18 close to 6pm

I took a scoot to the store but I was expecting a delivery from amazon to come! I didn't know if it was coming fedx, UPS, or USPS! This was around 4pm, which is the time the carrier usually drops my mail! I saw the mail truck on the scoot home, stopped and asked if he had any delivery for me! He said he didn't so get home,see a package under the mailboxes, addressed to me! This worked out well, I got my Amazon delivery and it wasn't downstairs long enough for one of the lowlifes around here to rip me off :)! 

2.9.18 around noon

I've been living on throat lozenges for about three days now, I take one after one to get relief from this Barrets disease! Btw my toe (corn) ribs(busted) my head (tbi)and now my throat I'm finding it very difficult to cope with the aging process! This survivor is gonna learn to cope with anything he must cause I am a survivor!

2.6.18 around 10.30am

I read emeprozoul wasn't good for the kidneys so my kidney doctor and I are trying to cut back on it. I was taking two capsules at night! Today I thought with my throat on fire take another capsule today! It's starting to extinguish the flames!

2.6.18 around 8.20am

I'm always thinking of how I can improve life,be happier! Amazone has a new device called the echo show. I'm thinking if I get two, one for Bri and another for me I could comunicate with my grandson and become part of his life :)! That just bums me out big time him actualy not knowing who his REAL grandfather is :(!

2.5.18 near 8.30pm

I just had a very anxious moment! I was checking my trips for tomorrow and it didn't show any! I remembered a similar thing happening b4 around the same time,so I check again after 5 mins and they were there! They didn't look right though then I remembered I'm going to a Milton hs girls varsity b-ball game after hics!SC a staff member is the coach!

2.5.18 around 1.30pm

I'm still trying to get over the Pats loss yesterday :(! I think I'm gonna skip laundry this week, I did it last week, I've got enough clean stuff to wear! I'm just gonna enjoy my coffee then trim my beard and shower up!I've got my latest order coming tomorrow so they say. I got a box of 100 single edge razor blades coming and a home screw and hander assortment! I've got a framed mirror to hang,this should have all I need to get this job done!

1.31.18 after 8.35pm

The superbowl pre game stuff is already happening! I like being focused on the Patriots :)!The NFL network has been analizing the Eagles and Pats all day :)!This is like the Steelers of the 70's and the Dolphins of the 80's! I'm soaking it all up cause you don't know if something like this will ever happen again!

1.31.18 after 2.15pm

I had a home visit from BJ at hics this morning! I had just got very anxious about a snail mail I recieved with an appt. to have another upper endoscopy done!I was thinking I needed it written in my pocket calendar! We opened my pc to that date to find KJ had already done it!

1.30.18 nearing midnight

I watched the state of the union address tonight! It sounded great I've just got issues that the "Donald" is not being truthful with us! There are times he has been caught being less than truthful with us before I hope this is not another!

1.30.18 after 8am

I was gonna go to Boston bowl today for our quarterly bowling tournament @ hics but I seem to have some residual effects from tipping over on my scooter yesterday! My ribs seem to cause me emence pain when I'm just sitting. I didn't think it would be wise to do twisting at bowling today so I canceled my trips today :(!


I took a scoot to Wg's, the store earlier and tipped over on my scooter! No damage to me or my scooter! I was entering a ramp to get on the sidewalk and must have misjudged the distance!

1.28.18 around 3.30 pm

I've been thinking about my recent conflicks I've had. First the abuse I had to take on fb! I tend to analize the origen,where it comes from. I don't get bothered from it cause I've lost all respect for that person! Then the other survivor, I never had much respect for him. See we, as survivors must NEVER give up on anything we want! I lost respect for this guy when I first tried to help him! I learned then he is a quiter. When things get hard and frustraiting he gives up, I don't respect that so his words are meaningless to me!

1.28.18 around 11am

It's not raining out yet although Alexia says "todays forecast,intermitton rain"! I could really use a Wg's scoot! I don't need any meds just some goodies! No tush, I'll see how the day developes :)!

1.27.18 nearing 10pm

I just did all my trips for the week! It was touch and go for a while cause I wasn't able to connect to the internet! I just employed my great problem solving skills and figured out the problem then proceeded to correct it :)! All those years of getting hit with problem after problem at Settles then Giant really gave me this skill that even a brain injury can't take away from me :)! Tomorrow I hear rain! If it rains I'm gonna do laundry, if not I'll scoot  to Wg's but they're pretty sure it's gonna!

1.27.18 around 9.10am

I've got some pains I'm dealing with,physial pain! My toe of corce, and my ribs! My toe I've learned how I can deal with but my ribs are much harder to deal with! It seems every time I shift my upper body I feel pain and then when I cough I feel intence pain! I know if I got it checked out there would be nothing they could do so I'm just gonna ride it out! Today I'm thinking I'm gonna take my Saturday scoot to Wg's! I'm still waiting for the most importent part of my Walmart order to arrive! The cordless landline phone! Untill I get it the only way to reach me by phone is my cell!

1.26.18 around 9pm

It's hard for me to imagine how fatiuged I get doing nothing at all! That's why I guess it's called neuro fatiged! I'm actually exhasted, gonna turn in soon! Tomorrow I gutta do my weekly scoot to Wg's.

1.26.18 around 3pm

I got part of my Walmart order this morning! Two cans of Sprayway glass cleaner! This is the best glass cleaner out there! It is an alcohole based cleaner so it works to clean and disinfect just about anything! Settles and giant would have them put their co. logo on it so I've been using it for years! The only differance is now I gutta pay for it! I'm still waiting for the rest of my order.

1.26.18 around 11am

This survivor is exstreamly frustraited! My cordless landline dosn't seem to be working! It dosn't seem to hold a charge which makes it nearly impossible to check the caller ID! When KJ was over we removed and reset the batteries in both handsets and still nada! If anyone is trying to reach me, gonna have to call my cell! It takes time to answer it,I've got caller id on it so if I recognize the name or number, I'll call back!

1.26.18 after 10.30am

My door buzzer was buzzing early this morning! I am expecting a Walmart delivery, well I guess I'll just see if a slip was left downstairs later! My ribs are exceedingly causing me pain! They've been irritating me since I tipped over on my scooter I forget when. No sence in getting it checked out cause if I did break something, they can't do anything except meds so I'm gonna tuff it out!

1.25.18 around 5.40pm

I've been to hics today :)! We started our new quarter groups on Tuesday so this was the 1st Thursday of new groups! One group was coping skills. I hope to get stradigies on how I can better deal with my anxioty! Now when I get real anxious I play my tunes loud in here! That seemes to work okay now but I wanna find a way to eliminate all together! Then I think current avents. Last group was my favorite peer tbi! We talked about ourselves and how we think of our progression! I got into a little altercation with anothor survivor about continuing to progress years after sustaining our tbi! This survivor was saying he's progressed as far as he's gonna! Someone else dissagreed then I strongly dissagreed! I stressed the fact that you can never give up! I guess I hit a nerve with this guy cause he said something like,"oh that's just like you"! I guess it got real heated cause a staff member called to make sure I was okay! I think he beleives he has progressed as far…

1.24.18 around 4pm

KJ and I had a great home visit this morning!I now feel like my feet are firmly planted in the ground! Living with a brain injury my life has become more than a full time job, that is the way I've gutta think of it if I've got any chance of being successful!

1.23.18 around 10pm

I went to my dentist today just for some x-rays! It appears they got appoval to do a couple proceedures! This sounds to me like KJ may have had been involved in getting this too! She works hard to see I get all my medical,dental needs taken care of! This survivor feels very luckey to have her support! I'm gonna have a deep cleaning and a crown done :)!

1.21.18 around 12.20pm

I think I've figured out how to overcome my writing issues when needed! I've gutta utillize my yahoo calendar! Then remember to check it daily! Today I gutta get my tail going and take a scoot to Wg's and the store! I gutta pick up some protien shakes, they help in soothing my ulcerated throat! Helps in other ways too but the instant relief for my throat is most importent!

1.20.18 around 10am

I'm starting to think a bit clearer now :)! I think I may be getting homemaker service today around noon time! I should do my weekly scoot to Wg's too! No calls saying any meds are ready but I can get my frequently used items so I don't run out! I've gutta stay on my game :)!

1.20.18 after 9.15am

I don't know how I feel today except for my throat feeling as if something's been dragged up and down it! That's cause that is exactly what happened yesterday! A tiny camera was incerted though a tube, then went through my whole digestive system! I did the whole proceedure without any anasteasha too,OUCH!

1.18.18 around 7pm

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with solutions to issues such as todays and a friend said I should ask my kids! I can't though,they're all busy and my two girls live in NH. I've gutta make do with the support system I've set up around here or utilize my benifits or at least make them work for me! That's such a great option I've got with one care,to have a companion accomponey to an appt. The only thing is I  tried it once b4 and they never showed up :(! I've even got problems asking those paid to help me for help! I gutta make some dinna now,late!

1.18.18 around 3.30pm

I've been to Beth Isrial Deconess hospital in Milton Mass. to have an itestinal endoscpoy done-no anathesa! I tried to find answers if I could have this done and get to and from via "the ride"! I was told I could but neglected to be told if I didn't get put out! Now I've done this through both ends with no anastasia! I can say no real pain just severe discomfort! All the nurses there were amazed I did this! Next time I have a proceedure of any kind I've gutta get someone to go! I gutta go back anyway cause he found a polup,asked if I could take it a little longer but there was no way I could! One care,my insurence provider offers an escort to accomponey you on such occsisions, I tried this b4 but they never showed up! I'm the type of guy who dosn't like to put people out, make them have to do something for me! I try to use all the benifits and resorces avialible to me! To avoid discomfort on future proceedures maybe I should try hitting up friends!

1.17.17 8.45pm

Tomorrow I've got to go in the hospital to have a proceedure done! I'm having an internal endoscopy done! Cause the doctor found no traces of blood in my stool sample, he can do this instead of  a colonoscapy!

1.16.18 5.20pm

I've been to hics,that was very stimilating! We started our new groups for the quarter and they seem to be awesome! One I'm really looking forward to is debate group! I've got one concern about it though! One survivor who is also in the group has severe behavior and speech issues! I believe he is being lazy!I've spoke to him b4, tried to give him stradigies on how he can improve these he says he has tried them b4! He must have giving up! When you live with a tbi you NEVER quit!

1.15.18 nearing noon

Today I've gutta get my tail going and do laundry, UGG!This survivor is NOT gonna let his anxioty take controle though,I've got plenty of clean stuffs to wear so if I get to it great,if not,no big deal :)! I thought of a way to assenble my media shelf!One of the staff at hics is great at assembling things! I emailed her and asked her over! Now if I can remember how I got the instructions! Well if I did it b4 I should be able to do it again,no worries :)!

1.14.18 around 9pm

I has a football afernoon :)! Two great games were seen on my 52in flat panel tv :)! Now the Pats have to gear up for the Jags! There is no fear in my mind that the Pats will figure out just how to beat this team but it's gonna be close, Pats by a field goal!

1.14.18 after 5.15pm

I made a freezing scoot to the store! The thing that sux is I've got  gloves and hat but I have megga issues trying to put them on :(! My spastisody makes it rearly immposible to line up my fingers to get were they belong:(! I've gutta find adult mittins! Came home and watched Jax manhandle Pit! Jax has got a tuff defence but I've got confidence TB12 will pick it apart :)!

1.14.18 2.30-3pm

I've just been going over my finances and for a survivor I'm doing well with this! Tbi survivors are not supposed to excell in this area! We're supposed to be frivelos with our money! We've got no filters to tell us not to spend or to tell us not to do anything!

1.14.18 around 11am

I was confused as to what I should do. I've got an appt. to see my lidney specialist Tuesday,part of this was I had to do a 24hr collection of urine,send it out to the lab! I never got to it! Now it's Sunday and tomorrow's a holiday so what can I do now! I logged in to my health online and emailed his office! Why am I sharing my F-ups? I like to prove this survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury is still very intelligent!

1.12.18 getting tword 8.30pm

I read the forward of my new book, it's written by Lee Woodriff, wife of tbi survivor Bob! No TBI's are the same! We all have simlar effects but we all have different ones too! Lee is a wonderful lady! She stayed right by Bob through it! I respect her a great deal for this cause most sposes amd gfs and bfs end up removing themselves from the devestation that a tbi causes!

1.12.18 around 6.30pm

I got the book I ordered from in the snail mail today,"chicken Soup for the sole,recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries"!I'm quickly biulding quite a library on TBI! I've gutta get my new bookcase all put together soon!

1.12.18 after 2.20pm

I've got a peopod order coming tomorrow btw 3.30 pm-9.30 pm! I just amended it cause while getting ready today I found I needed shampoo and spray deoderant! I really like having the ability to check my order to see if I did get an item then get an item if I forgot to :)! I've got till midnight to amend the order :)!