Friday, September 30, 2011


My phone came :)!It comes with a usb connecter on the ac connecter!Maybe I can transfer all my contacts with my puter!That would make it easyer for me.Maybe I can even get them from verizon wireless on line!Im gonna be busy for a few hrs :)!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today Ive got hics!Ive gutta go and get my hair cut too!Right now I'm a throwback to the 70's!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9.28.11 afternoon

I had a very challenging workout today!I had to fight to get my 12 reps in on most of the machines!I guess I'm hurting more then I wanna admit but,I did it and that's more than most can say :)!I was waiting for my ride and Verizon called said they want to go over my account with me also your due to upgrade!I said I want the droid 3.They said we can do that all now!Friday fed-x is supposed to deliver my new smart phone :)!


KJ was ova and she is vastly becoming one of the best case managers Ive eva had!She searches out ways in which she can help me!I'm a real lucky guy :)!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9.27 evening

My appointment with dr. Juric went well!He said the swelling on my back is just a fluid build up,nothing to worry about!He said he could drain it but,Ill let it go away naturally!Oh,hics was great too :)!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Tomorrow Ive got an appointment with dr.Juric the surgen who cut me open and put in this pump!Ive got many things to disscuss with him! Ive also got hics :)!


So many things to do being a responsible person!I had to call south shore hospital to pre register for my appointment with Dr. Juric tomorrow,call therapy,tell them I wont be in.Pt said I need a doctors note to treat me so I figured it was the same for ot!I called the "y" to say I'm not coming today.I don't like not going to the "y" cause resistance training (Nautilus)helps reduce my tremors much more than this pump seems to!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

strange call

I got a strange call on my cell a few hrs ago!I answerd and they said "who's this"I said "who's this",then the crazy lady said "you better stop harrasing my dauhter on fb"Ive never harrassed anyone anywhere!Ive deleated all my numbers in my profile,geesh!

Todays events

I started my day with two large cups of Duncan donuts french vanilla coffee,I made it here,I always have at least 1 lb here so I can brew some :)!I booked all my rides I could,Ive gutta wait till the mbta recognizes the value I added to my account on Friday I think then I can book the rest of them.I did all my laundry!Washing and drying is the easy part but its still very hard for me to fold and put them on hangers and away!Now Ive got my ac on high cool and trying to relax :)!


Today Ive got to scoot to walgreens and get some icecream!I have an ulcerated ashopicgus,from yrs of acid reflux,that cools my throat down,puts out the fire!Its Sunday so that means laundry day too!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Thankfully my cell phone took a charge last night cause I had to call "the ride" numerous time!I always call when I'm finished shopping sometimes they tell me the van number.Today I saw the van,he stopped 2 doors away at TJ max and no showed me!I had to wait 1 hr for another van to show,I'm angry bout this!


Today I'm going food shopping at stop and shop in Braintree Mass!Then after shopping and putting all the stuff away Ill need to rest :)!

Friday, September 23, 2011

homemaker service

I was under the impression homemaker service was supposed to start today!My pocket calendar says someone would be here @3.30pm!Its almost 6pm now!Guess they aren't showing!

Dr's appt.

I saw the doctor who works with dr.Kobell and he wanted me to see dr.Juric,the surgeon who did it!Teresa helped me make an appointment,she actually did everything even wrote it in my pocket calendar!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Ive got an 8.16 pickup time to go to Braintree rehab to see the doctor and have pt,an 11.24 return then a 12.16 pickup to go to the y"!Lets see how "the ride" does!No margin for any errors here,Ill be sweating these trips out!


I cancelled my rides to and from hics.The pain has somewhat subsided but,I'm really fatigued,didn't sleep well last night!I do need to scoot to walgreens thou but that's all sitting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


For the first time Im getting pain from the place Im swelled up on my back!Im having issues with my balance too!I see the doctor on Friday!


I had ot this morning!I'm working on tiring to get my right and left hand to work together!Simple tasks but,its just so frustrating!I really concentrate but it just dosent happen :(!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too busy for "the ride"

I was gonna be really busy tomorrow but "the ride" has a pick up time for me to go to hics (rec) three minites before my return trip from the "y"!I'm gonna have to figure something out but,KJ is making a home visit @ 8am!Ill leave it for now,she will get a laugh over it :)!

9.20.11 early evening

Ive been very busy today :)!I had hics,AS looked at my swelling on my back and Teresa from dr.Koabell's office called,Im gonna see a doctor on Friday bout the swelling!The guy from home maker service came,I signed some paperwork!I can have a homemaker come once a week!Its starting on Friday 9/23!I may only have to do laundry in a pinch,life is GREAT!


Today Ive got hics :)!The swelling is still there,dr.Kobell should be in the office today.

Monday, September 19, 2011

forever opptomisstic

This is not the redsox of the 80's and 90's,these are the sox of the meleniem!

right thing

I told my them about the swelling in my spine,they looked and felt it,an attending physician said go to south shore hospital!I thought that's not the right thing cause dr.Koabell told me any issues call him!I left a message on his voice mail!I'm not in any pain so its no real emergency!


Ive got just one place to go today!Braintree rehab,Ive got pt!I'm noticing some swelling at the base of my spine!I don't know if its got something to do with the pump.I'm thinking I should mention that to my pt!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

need to remember

Tuesday @4pm someone from homemaker sevices is coming over to have me sign some papers!


I got a red barron pizza this morning,cooked it up,it was okay!I think it could have been cheesier!My pizza cutter is the kind :)!

getting things done

I'm having a productive Sunday!Ive scooted to walgreens,paid comcast,paid verizone,booked all my rides,now to watch the pats :)!

9.18.11 afternoon

I think my rides are all booked for next week!I have so so many to book I was having issues with the web site telling me I have a conflicting trip on just about everyday!I handled thou,my rides are all booked!All with the putter too :)!I scooted to walgreens this morning and got some pizza so I can check out my new pizza cutter :)!


What to do,Im having my coffee now thinking of things to do!Ive gutta book my rides for the week!That shouldn't be too hard cause KJ put all my therapy visits in my pocket calandar :)!Ive been real good making sure Ive got plenty of value (money) in my account.I think a scoot to walgreens is in todays plans too!My laundry is all caught up but I'm sure I can find something I need to wash!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have no plans for tomorrow!Maybe a scoot to walgreens is in order,maybe laundry or maybe both :)!

Thinking bout dinna

I do have a microwave pizza for one but,last nights left over steak and cheese calzone sounds like the winner!:)


I asked this other pretty lady who lives in my building,to go to the movies,Ive got free passes!She said "sure but,Ill have to let you know when"!I really like this one,shes a real babe :)!


Shopping went pretty well.I did remember to get a pizza cutter but forgot to get pizza!It just gives me an excuse to scoot to Walgreen's!


Today I'm going food shopping at stop and shop in Braintree! Then who knows.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ive been working real hard between therapy and the "y" so I got a steak and cheeese calzone deliverd for dinna tonight!I have half left for lata or tomorrow :)!


KJ was ova,we did our normal stuff,we noticed a charge on my master money card for a service I Cancelled long ago!I called the number and they said they would credit my card for I forget how much but,KJ has an iphone!With that she is able to record all the nessesary information!Thats why I need to upgrade my phone to a droid 3!


KJ in making a home visit this morning then I'm going to the "y" for my Nautilus training :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

events of today

I had hics today,came home vacumed my living room!I had no clean boxer shorts so I did a load of laundry too!Now Im very tired callin it quits for today soon!


Hics was great today!I had a meeting with JW from Massachusetts rehabilitation commission home care assistance program and it went very well!The only thing is I told her its best to reach me at my cell phone!Im just having issues with my cell holding a charge!The new staff member who Ill call cmK cause I don't Know her last name initial,ran a group solo for the first time!She did an outstanding job!She is defiantly a keeper!My place gets like an oven when its muggy out,Ive got my ac on high cool!I did just vacuum my apartment thou!I like a very clean place plus KJ is coming over early tomorrow!


Ive got hics today!I think I'm meeting with someone from homemaker services!I thought I already did but then I remembered that was someone from mrc!Thats great that came back to me,its the little things Ive got to pat myself on the back for:)!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2nd part of todays journey

I just got in from casino night at hics!Probally down a few bucks but,well worth every penney!Busy day Im exhasted so I'm turning in early like now :)!


The first part of today's journey is over.Pt was great!I worked on my balance doing the exercises I do here at home after a short time doing a machine like the nustep at the "y.Then I was working with a Cain.I told her Ill do anything not to have to use the walker!She said I did very well with the Cain :)!Seems everytime I go to Braintree rehab I see dr. Koabell's very pretty assistant Therea.She always sits down and we talk for a while :)!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9.13.11 EVENING

Hics was great today!KJ wrote down all my therapy appointmants in my pocket calandar!I guess you can't book trips more than 2 wks in advance!Thats why I was having trouble tring to book all my therapy appointments!Now that they are in my pocket calandar,I can book all my rides the way Im used to :)!I got home from hics and scooted to walgreens to get what I forgot yesterday!Ive got therapy tomorrow at 9 am!KJ knowing this is making a home visit on Friday,but at 8 am!I'm an early riser anyway,I may not look my best at 8 am but,who does :)!I got some web sites from therapy that sell all kinds of things to help with my wriing issues,Ive just gutta check em out!


Ive just got one place to go to today,hics :)I am still a little tired thou!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I said I wanted (needed) to be busy,Ive had OT and Ive been to the "y" today!Im more than just a little tired,Im beat,in a great way though :)!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

great day

Ive had a great day watching about 9/11!My brain is like a dry sponge so all this info is exhilarating!

that was great

The show I watched on 9/11,ng Chanel,was fantastic!Now they have a show bout George Bush"s thoughts and feelings about the attack.Its on the national geographic channel.I think Ive found another fav :)!


My day starts early tomorrow!Ive got a 7.32 pick up time to go to ot!Return trip at 9.53 then a 1201 time to go to the "y"with a 2.16 return!I am typing these in hope it will help me to remember

Tring to get a date

I called Lisa,said "I have movie passes,wanna go"?Her car is broke down :(!

I'm a busy man

I'm really busy!Tomorrow Ive got therapy,after that I go to the "y"!Wednesday,therapy then hics,hics on Tuesday too!Therapy Friday,I wanted to be busy,Ive got my wish :)!

Great show

I'm watching a show bout 911 on the national geographic channel!Great show,makes me sad and angry at the same time!


Can you believe its been 10 yrs since the terrorist attack!I didn't feel like waiting for rides today so I cancelled my trips to and from stop and shop!I think Ill take another scoot to Walgreen's!Its just that waiting get on my nerves!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow I have a 9 am pick up time to go to stop and shop in Braintree!I kinda screwed up not booking one for today but,I'm going tomorrow!You've got to book rides one day in advance of your trip.Ive gutta find time to do laundry too!I'm a busy,busy guy :)!


I got my snail mail today and there is something from Braintree rehab with allot of pt dates and times!I booked a ride for one I have on Monday 9/12,I need to work on my writing cause its just too confusing for me to look two places to try and figure out what I'm supposed to do :(!

Friday, September 9, 2011


I guess I forgot to book trips to stop and shop.I need food and meds,so I booked trips on Sunday.Ill scoot to wallgreens tomorrow but,I NEED to go to stop and shop!


I posted a really neat vedio an fb bout my hometown Scituate!There was alot of great stuff in there!Silkie was on it,itches courner,blizzard of 78 footage,watch it :)!


Today I'm going back to the "y",I can see how the pump reacts to resistance training!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


KJ was ova,we did my meds,I was perfect on my pill box!We looked over my checking account,had to disspute one charge on there!Then we checked my upgrade status with verizone.I can get a droid 3 for bout $100. but,gonna wait till my next check comes in!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My busy new life continues tomorrow.Ive got an appointment with my oncologist!He will just do a blood test to check my psa leval!I know its fine cause cancer met its match with me!I defeated it and wont let it back :)!Then I go to hics (rec) planning at someplace but great people!Ill try and get a karaoke night!

Keeping up

I got home today and vacuumed my whole apartment!It really could have waited but,KJ is making a home visit tomorrow and as hard as it is to move the vacuum around,I just want KJ to realize I'm a clean man :)!I haven't had homemaker service in weeks!Now I'm tired!The thing is I like and respect KJ,I want her to do the same :)!

Monday, September 5, 2011

lost power

My power was out for about 3 hrs this afternoon!All I had was my cell phone,and when that lost its charge,nothing!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

laundry is done

My laundry is done!I even washed my bed sheets!I can't tell you what a challenge it was(with my limited mobility) to make the bed sheets and all!


I'm doing laundry and both dryers are done but still have loads in them!I emptyed one but,Im not good at folding so I just piled them up on the machine,hope I didn't do a bad thing!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

9.3.11 pm

Today Ive been food shopping,added value to my laundry card and now Im beat!Tomorrow is laundry day and maybe a scoot to walgreens :)!

9.3.11 late afternoon

Food shopping went okay but if I could only remember to check my list,then I wouldn't have to take a scoot to walgreens almost every time after shopping!I guess it keeps me busy though!I fogot cheese and purex laundry sheets,geesh!


I'm up to go to stop and shop in Braintree!Last week I oversleept,this week the alarm clock helped make sure it didn't happen again!See I make many misstakes!The important thing is I learn from them all!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I think I may have put the wrong date on the previous post,oh well!Ive done absolutely nothing today!


I slept too late to get myself organized in time for my trip to the "y" :(!I guess I'm gonna have to start using an alarm clock.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sorry for my lack of blogging but Ive been real busy!I think therapy is over so maybe I can get back to my regular bloggong!Today we (hics) went on the duck tours in Boston!We used to go every year but with the state cutting us down so much we havent gone in a few years!I start back at the "y" tomorrow,Im glad my layoff is over :)!