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Ive got trips booked to stop and shop in Holbrook tomorrow.I like using this stop and shop because I  can scoot home from there.This week I've gutta look  for some veggies,boil in bag or canned maybe both!

6.29.12 5.30 pm

My homemaker couldn't make it today but,I got a call saying so and if I wanted she would come by on Monday!I'm not in need of anything right now so I said next Friday is fine.We got lots of good stuff coming up at hics!On 7/17 we have a cookout at Houghton's pond!Always a fun time except the one year I took my scooter!Too many roots and rocks.not too safe. On 9/8 we are having a concert/dance at Florian hall in Dorcester Mass!I really injoy this event because while it happens it feels like I don't have a tramatic brain injury!Its short lived but what a great couple hours :) !

6.29.12 3.20 pm

I didn't go to the YMCA today,too hot!I did make a successfull scoot to walgreens though!I tried my old mouse that didn't work cause it got wet!Now its working so I can scroll again :)!My homemaker,Miceala,should be over in about 30 minites!


Ive got the YMCA to go to today :)!I've got to get to the pool,maybe tomorrow after I go food shopping and put it all away.I got another flash drive on Tuesday.I had trouble figuring out how to get it to open.I took it to hics yesterday and even KJ had trouble figuring how but she did it!This one is 13 gbs

6.28.12 4.20 PM

Hics was great today!We watched a program that I just posted to FB!I think Ive seen it long before and also posted it to FB but my memory leaves me unsure!I could scroll back to check but I'm having mouse issues!I recomend this program very much,After watching you will never text and drive!Its asking too much from our brains!


I've got hics today!My foot seems to be causing me some discomfort again,nothing I can't handle though but still another pain I don't need!I seem to not like leaving the safty I feel being in my apartment,I do almost everyday though!

6.27.12 7.15

I've had a pretty good day except to find out my glasses don't work at all!They make my vision way too blurey!Ive got an appointment with the nuroptomologist soon!


KJ   has been over and she took me to pick up my glasses.I'm tring to work with them now but it just seems everything looks badly blurry. I don't think these will work!


I was having a great day until I was picked up by the wrong driver!He came right up to me and said "I'm a little bit down the street is that okay?I never thought of triple checking to make sure he was for me.Now I'm gonna make sure on every trip!


I'm getting a little concerd my cancer may be coming back!Its just that a side affect that hasn't bothered me for a long time did this morning!I'm going to the YMCA this morning.

6.22.12 7pm

Micaela was here and she did a great job cleaning!I scooted to walgreens but forgot the main reason for going!I forgot to get my med :( .I'm sure I'll be going again soon!Now time to make dinna.

6.20.12 4.13 pmtoday

I've been real busy today :)!KJ was here for our home visit and again she said I was doing very well living totally independent :)!Ive had a great workout at the YMCA!I came home and did an okay job on trimming my beard,it looks better than it did before I trimmed it!Now I gutta think about dinna

6.18.12 7.30pm

I've been to the YMCA today then I came home,started my computer and it wouldn't boot up!I was able to perform some diagnostics and got it to boot :)!I've done a trash run!I'm just happy I was able to figure out my computer problems :)!


Tomorrow I have trips booked to stop and shop in Holbrook.Its early so I can get to the pool!I already know of at least a couple BABES that are gonna be there :)!

6.15.12 7pm

Today I've had a great workout at the YMCA then Mikaela (my homemaker) was over!She is a real nice lady too and she does great work!Then I had a successful scoot to walgreens now I gutta make some dinna :)!


I woke up this morning not feeling well so I didn't go to hics!I'm feeling much better now!It seems as though the pain in my foot is back again though :(!Its only pain so Ill just think of other things.With no hics today Ive had a successful scoot to Walgreens,I had to cut some tennis balls to slide over the two legs of my walker!That was very hard to do!I got the sharpest knife I have then had to cut slits in them and fit them over the exposed legs!As challenging as it was,I did it :)!


Lissy is 22 yrs young today :)!Happy birthday Alyssa!KJ has made a home visit and she said I'm doing very well with everything I need to living totally independent!I knew that though cause I did it for years after my separation from Nice but its good to hear from someone who knows everything I have to deal with!Now I'm gonna go to the YMCA then hics to go bowling at Boston bowl!I will have dinna at the deadwood cafe there too!They have the best steak and cheese calzone,good coffee too!


Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8am!Then Ive got the YMCA for my hard workout!Then I'm trying something a little different with my rides.I've booked a return trip from my apartment to hics at 3.30.That should give me time to get home from the YMCA,change and get to hics around 4pm!I hope this works.

great afternoon

Lets see,today Ive scooted to Walgreen's,done a trash run,did laundry but,Jan and Shawnee came over just as I got to the most challenging part for me (folding and putting on hangers)and helped me finish :).I very much wish I could help both of them change the path of life they are on now!I know its not healthy!They are both great people that deserve so much better!

6.10.12 3.30 pm

I've been to walgreens and got some sun stuff,hopefully the right stuff!Then stopped at D&D's got an iced french vanila,its an iced coffee kinda day :)!Ive still gutta do laundry and make dinna.

6.9.12 7.30 pm

I've been to stop and shop in Braintree then I've been working on my computer!I was getting blue screens and freeze ups!I don't know if I've fixed it yet but so far so good :)!

5.8.12 6pm

Ive had a great workout at the YMCA today then I came home and barely had enough time to change and Mikaela (homemaker) showed up to do her thing!Now I gutta make dinna :)!


Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 8am then I go to the YMCA for my resistance training!Hopefully I feel as good as I do now cause pool season is now :)!


I've got hics today and we are going to the scooper bowl in Boston!I woke up with an upset stomach though,I'm desiding weather to go or not!


My pickup times today made no sense!I had to then make a choice,go to hics or the YMCA!I chose hics,planing and dinna tonight at smokey bones in Stoughton I think.KJ is making a home visit on Friday @8 am!Ive still got my little nagging aches and pains but,they are getting better!

Sad news

I found out through fb that a close friend of my daughter Alyssa has passed!Jamie Manning,she was always over my house b4 the separation then over my apartment after the divorce!I don't know how she passed yet Lissy said the Internet didn't say.RIP Jamie!


I cancelled my trips to the YMCA today cause my right side was still painful!I'm hoping its better by Wednesday!Its raining,makes it hard to scoot anywhere :(!

Chasing classic cars

I'm watching this show on velocity Chanel,chasing classic cars!I just find it so hard to believe all these cars I used to go out and party in are now classics!Cars from the 80's are classics!


I had trips to stop and shop in Braintree but,my side still is hurting and I didn't feel like pushing it!I booked trips to go there tomorrow,I've gutta go to Braintree cause I've got a check to cash at the citizens bank there,its a $50. check!


I cancelled my trips to the YMCA today cause my right side feels like I pulled something,kinda painful!Ill try to rest it and stretch it!