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I'm thinking about starting a hobby!I wanted to build a model of a harly davidson motorcycle but I couldn't find one anywhere!Now I'm thinking bout model cars,muscule cars!Vetts,gto's,stangs,440's,marc 1's,I can do this here!Ive gutta get to a hobby store,get everything I need,glue,paint,triming devises,single edge razor blades.I'm gonna wait till my check comes in thou,Ill check on line see what is out there :)!

Accomplishments today

I started today by making a pot of coffee!Then after having two large cups,scooted to walgreens.Booked all my rides for the week.I did all my laundry,its still so hard after they come out of the dryer!My left and right hands don't work together,kinda fight each other!I'm not gonna let that stop me,I get the best of them in the long run,take that tbi :)!Cooked dinna,I formaned up a couple turkey burgers :)!Cleaned up after dinna,had to wash the plates of my george forman grill!Now I ask you how many single men can do as much as I can?I'm a cancer survivor,I live with tramatic brain injury!Don't forget my family was told "if he wakes up,he won't  be much more than a vegible!"I don't mean to brage but,I'm proud of me :)!I'm 53 yrs young too!


Ive got the "y" today to workout with the Nautilus machines,I need to do my laundry but,Ive got plenty to wear.I'm thinking when I get back from the "y" to take a scoot to walgreens to get a few things I forgot on Saturday,I can always do laundry tonight or tomorrow after hics,its not going anywhere :) !I learnd a new term at Kenny's part,facebook flirting!I guess I'm guilty of being a facebook flirt:)!I guess I am cause I CAN! ;)

1.29.12 after 9

Ive had a very lazy Sunday!The only thing I got accomplished is to book my rides for the week!I took a turkey burger out of the freezer this morning and was too lazy to cook it!Ed gave me some left over cold cuts from yesterdays party so I had to eat them b4 they went bad!That works,no guilt for being so lazy :)!

what to do

I'm deciding what to do today!I'm already enjoying my french vanilla coffee!I have to do all my normal  Sunday tasks,book my rides,laundry,Ive got to find homes for my new replicas of ford pickups and it came with a 1957 ford T-bird!They have to be seen!I'm just basking in the glory that I got from Kenny :)!


Today I'm going food shopping @ stop and shop in Braintree then I'm going to Kenny's graduation part at Ed's house in Scituate!I'm one PROUD father!I think my girls will also be there :)!


Tomorrow I go food shopping and then I'm gonna go to my son Kenny's college graduation party in Scituate!This young adult has made his father proud for almost 26 yrs! :)

1.27.12 afternoon

Ive been to the eye doctor and I don't think I explained my issues well enough cause he said there was nothing can be done and I know there can cause once b4 I had glasses made to help my eyes work together!Ill see him again thou!Ive been to the ymca!I had trouble doing one rep on the rowing machine!My right hand grip couldn't hold the bar :(!Next time I'm gonna get the best of that machine,who does it think its f ing with!My homemaker actually showed up!I just had her clean and dust my entertainment center,I could see the dust on it!If she didn't show,I woulda had to do it!I'm no clean freak,I just really like a clean place :) !My replicas of old ford pickup trucks came with some 50's cars too!Now Ive got to find a good place to display them :)!


Today I'm going to see the eye doctor!I'm hopping she can prescribe some glasses that will help my eyes to work together,then maybe I can take the driving evaluation!


I'm still having issues with my blog,loosing posts!Ive gutta try a different way of posting on fb!Hics was great today!We had representatives from spaulding rehab come in and talk with us about the studies they are doing dealing with tbi,also looking for volunteer's!These are paid studies too :)!


So far today KJ has made a home visit that went very well,then I had to call maintenece (ramblewood),my toilet was clogged!Me being a do it yourselfer,tried plunging it!That didn't work but maintenence was here right away,I mean within minites!If it happens again they said just call right away!With the promtness they took care of this problem I'm gonna!Ive also made an  appt. to see dr.Juric,I was able to type all the info on my puter then email KJ,so I think that will make sure I don't forget :)!Tonight I'm going to hics (rec) we are having an in house movie night!We get a dvd then watch it on thier flat pannel hi-def tv!


Hics was great today :) !We had some really great groups!In one group we discussed about setting up boundrys like with family,friends,gf and bfs!Things I tried while living in Scituate but,every time I used to attemp to set up boundrys I was told "you can't,you don't own the house,I do"!I don't miss hearing those words!I am now the boss of my suroundings :)!


Ive been to my pcp and saw the nurce practitioner and I was apling the bandage to the wrong toe!Ive gutta remember its my little toe on my right foot!I'm having trouble getting the corn bandages separated though,Lisa is gonna come over lata,Ill ask her for help.She wants to look something up on the internet.Ill make sure my charm is turned on cause this babe turns me on :)!

today's accomplishments

Today Ive booked all the rides I could after the "t'" recognizes the value I added I can finish booking the whole week.I did all my laundry!I still find it very hard to fold,put things on hangers,bacically just straitening the cloths out after the dryer has made them all twisted about!Ive also done a trash run today!I think as I'm getting all these things done,there were actually some who didn't think I could do everything like I do!I told you it would be easyer than pre tbi!All Ive got is myself now,I don't have a high school kid (my son)to take care of too :)!
Ive booked all my rides the web site would let me cause I had to increase my value in my account!I was able to do that online 4 the 1st time in a long while!Its strange how it can say "your total balance is $60. and your available balance is $.0!Monday the "T" should recognize the $100. I just added!Now Ive gutta do laundry but first I'm gonna injoy this cup of coffee I just made :) !

Things to do

Ive got some things I must do today and then some if I have time or feel like doing :)!Ive gutta book my rides for the week,do landry,make sheperds pie 4 dinna!Do a trash run then time permitting,start to scan my divorce agreement,clean my entertainment center,vacume the whole place :)!


Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off but,Ive got things Ive got to get doneLaundry is a Sunday chore,booking my rides is a Sunday chore!Cleaning house has become a Sunday chore too now that my homemaker never shows up but,I don't mind pushing a vacume around!I'm gonna get into washing my floors too!Ive really guta spend some time on my entertaiment center!Its all glass,I KNOW how to clean glass :)!

a jump on tomorrows tasks

I always book my rides for the week on Sunday but I have an appt. at my pcp's office on Monday!Ive got to book my rides at least one day ahead of the trip!I didn't want to take any chances with my Monday appts.Ive gutta add value to my acct. too but,Ill wait till Monday,they wouldn't recognize it till then anyway!I think why its been over a yr since Ive fallen,I find myself using my walker alot except for real short distances!


Ive been to stop and shop in Braintree today and that was good cause not only did I get some good stuff,I remembered I needed coffee filters :)!Its snowing outside so a scoot to walgreens is not a good idea!I hope it doesn't add up to much cause when I can't get out I feel trapped!

how I do it

Being a survivor of traumatic brain injury Ive got balance issues!Its been over a year since Ive had a fall :)!Ive learned Ive got to do things much slower,gutta really think about all my movements!Therapy taught me that cause I was a guy who had to do everything quickly!That's not to say I haven't almost fallen but,through therapy Ive learned how to catch myself and all kinds of strategies to prevent a fall :)


I was gonna go to the "y" today but,the corn on my right foot,toe,is still causing me discomfort!There is a tenets meeting today @ the office I can go to :)!


Hics was great today,we had way point adventures do some team building exercises with us!Thats great cause we work our brains hard to find the best way to do the task well and within the rules.KJ was able to fax a copy of my divorce agreement to my lawyer and now Ive got it!I'm gonna scan all the pages then save it to a flash drive!My weekend project!Probally gonna relive some stuff but,when I woke up from my coma I donno if I even rememberd I was married let alone divorced!


KJ has been here and she took me to the court house to get a copy of my divorce decree,agreement!Thats an important document!I'm gonna scan and save it on my puter :)


Hics was great today!We just had groups but in one group we did an exercise where as if your right handed try writing your name with your left.Then your right,or maybe right left. When I write with my left,its almost more legible,just feels awkward to me!Maybe thats something Ive got to experiment with :)!JR asked,who were the 4 presidents from Mass.You think of the Adams first,John,Jq,JFK but,who's the forth?He said whoever can get it,Ill buy them lunch!I had no idea so I just started thinking its gutta be around the Adams time,who was around that time?Then I think I remember Calvin Cooleges name mentioned with the Adams,so I said his name.I was right :)!My Brain works in mysterious ways :)!


I ended up cancelling my trips to and from the "y" cause the incision from my surgery was bothering me too much!I guess I'm gonna have to make ANOTHER doctors appt.Ive gutta get dr.Juric's phone # and new address!

1.15.12 pm

I never got to doing laundry today but,there is a tomorrow!Ive only got the "y" to go to!The "y" is important 4 me to not miss cause therapy is over!I can squize landry in probally after I get home from the "y" :)!


Ive got some things Ive gotta get done today!Book my rides,laundry but,Ive got a pain in my left side!I don't know if its from my surgery or a muscle cramp!I still wanna take a cruise but,Im hearing of cruise liners getting in accidents!I'm a wsi (water safety instructor)and know all survival techniques but,I don't wanna have to use them!I now know anything can happen!I do believe everything is preordained thou,if its gonna happen it will no matter what I do so I'm gonna :)!Ive just got some things Ive gutta take care of b4 I go!Ive gutta make sure Bill is gonna store my motorcycle 4 me,get my tools from Scituate to Holbrook,Ill know more after I see a travel agent!

Homemaker service

I think its time to FIRE this homemaker service!They are supposed to be here at 3.30 pm every Friday!Its 4.30 now and nobody has come!I could have stopped at D+D's,I didn't cause my homemaker was coming and I didn't want to be late!


KJ was over and I couldn't do everything I wanted to do cause of puter and mind probs!I couldn't get my mail program to operate properly!It could have been yahoo probs thou too!I thought I had a copy of my divorce decree but,we couldn't find one.My lawyer needs a copy so I was gonna scan it then email it!Now Ive gutta go to the court house and get a copy!Next Wednesday KJ is gonna take me there!Ive got great supports :)!

1.12.12 afternoon

I had a great day @ hics today :)!I got home and had to call Braintree hospital cause my pt told me therapy was over :( but,I still have appts. scheduled,confusing!She I guess had no clue!Now she knows,maybe I should be on the payroll :)!Time to never miss going to the "y"!

1.10.12 pm

Ive had a great day,I'm awake,aware,FREE!I'm very happy too.Tomorrow Ive got therapy first then my bestest friend in the whole world is coming over to visit ME :)!Then I'm gonna go to hics,trivia night!I'm told I'm good with trivia and I am!I just really like the brain workout!I know the answer,find it in my brain,get it down to my vocal cords,then articulate the answer :)!


I had trips planned to and from the "y" today but the corn on my right foot was bothering me too much so I cancelled all my trips 4 today!Great news,Jan is coming over on Wednesday @ about 1pm!Its always great to spend qt with Jan :)!


I was gonna go to the "y" but the corn on my right foot was bothering me too much.I do need to scoot to walgreens to get coffee filters and Ive gutta check out!They say free delivery with no  minimum purchase,like peapod but,pp has a minimum of $60 then a delivery charge.Ill wait till after Tuesday cause thats when my check should be in!

things done today

I started my day with my two large cups of dd's coffee I make here!I went to walmart and only forgot coffee filters!Got the tennis balls thou :)!I booked my rides 4 the wk!I got all my laundry done!That takes so much out of me!My hands and arms still don't work together,kinda fight each other!Makes it chalenging and frustraiting when I get them out of the dryer and try to get them right but,its done :)!Made dinna,just a hot pocket,no energy for much else.Tomorrow I go to the "y",Ill release some frustration by getting stronger :)!

so far

So far today Ive been to walmart and got some tennis balls but,I couldn't find 2nds or practice balls so I had to get new balls!The store is so big its an overwhelming experience 4 me!There is a good food selection there 2 but again,overwhelming :(!Ive still got to book my rides and do laundry!


Tomorrow I have trips booked to and from walmart in Quincy!Ive gutta get some tennis balls,2nds or practice balls for my walker.The exposed legs on it get caught on everything!I cut open a tennis ball and slip it over each leg!Ive got an 11.06 pick up time to go there then a 1.54 rtn time!Maybe there is someplace to get some lunch there cause Ill be ready way b4 2!See what I mean bout WAITING 4 rides!I guess I should just smile and be thankfull I have the service :)!

home maker service

I'm a little pissed off with arcadia home maker service!No one showed up yesterday.I keep a very clean place,last wk she did do the one thing I need help with,washing my bed sheets!I think Ill speak with KJ about getting another co. to provide my service!


Ive got trips planned to and  from stop and shop in Braintree but I really don't feel like WAITING around 4 rides!Im thinking about scooting to walgreens instead!I do want,not need,some stuff walgreens dosn't have,I NEED a script refilled too!That settles it,needs out do wants!Ill cancell my rides to s&s and scoot to walgreens!I booked trips to and from walmart in Quincy for tomorrow too!I desparatly need tennis balls 4 my walker,without them makes it hard to move,the back legs get caught on everything!


I woke up at about 7am,didn't feel too well so I called Braintree hospital (therapy) and said I'm not feeling well.I can't make it today,I emailed Sheroyl @ the "y" saying the same!I'm still not 100% but,I am a little beta :)!

hics today

We had bingo day @hics!I had the bestest bingo card Ive ever had!I won 3 times!Scratch tickets were given out 4 prizes,I haven't scratched mine yet,I used to bring them home and have Kenny scratch them,he's the lucky one!Ill scratch them lata :)!Hics bought pizza 4 lunch too :)!


Its really hard hard to accept the fact that its the yr 2012!I remind myself every time I make a blog post!Ive decided Im gonna take a cruise :)!Im gonna go to a travel agent,tell them my needs and see whats available :)!KJ said she would go to the t a with me which is great cause gutta make sure I get all my needs met,I'm gonna have a blast :)!I was thinking about getting an apple desktop too but,after I pay for a cruise,I don't feel right bout dishing out 2 grand 4 a puter so Ill just get another dell :)!The house in Scituate is on the market so I need to get all my tools to Holbrook!I said to KJ Ive got to hire someone to transport my tools!She said,"you don't have anyone who can help you move them,what about your brother"?They are heavy but I used to move them around all by myself but,thats me!We,the staff at hics and the hics van are gonna go transport my tools:)!I said what would make easy er is a two wheel dolly or something similar.

so far

So far today KJ has made a home visit and she helped me download a tune on my phone :)!Now Ive got nickelback wherever I go :)!Ive had pt,did some streaching,walking with and WITHOUT my walker :)!I think I did very well :)!Ive really got to work on my stamina thou!Its alot of work tring to  walk like I should!The mental aspect alone,so much to focus on,not only keeping my balance but,standing up strait and having good posture.I do think I'm doing well thou :)!Next I go to hics (rec).Tonight we have planing and dinna @ chillies in Braintree :)!

tring to cope with my tbi

Its so hard to cope with having a tbi!Just doing simple things are challenging!Mainly my right side of my body!My right hand fingers especially!I concentrait on them moving a certain way or just holding on to something,it just dosn't happen!I'm doing all I can to deal with this but its so hard!


I had the "y" today but,I just couldn't get going today!I also cancelled going on Wednesday too cause of therapy.I do need to scoot to walgreens and pick up coffee creamer,I forgot that yesterday.


Its 2012!Time seems to be flying by now that I'm happy and free!Today I'm gonna take a scoot to walgreens,I just don't know if b4 or after the pats game!Maybe Ill go at halftime!Big game,we want home field 4 the playoffs!Ive been able to kinda get my online calendar programed!Ive just gutta go through my yahoo to axcess it!