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2.29.16 around 9.45pm

I forgot (go figure) Michaela told me last week she couldn't make it on today! Now I gutta do laundry but I'm thinking maybe tomorrow night will be the soonest I can get to it! That's okay cause I've got plenty of clean stuff! A nurse was by today and checked all my vital signs and they were all good! Right after she left I took a ride to the store! I thought I needed to go and come back quickly to be here for my homemaker! When it got close to 4pm I remembered her telling me last week she wouldn't be here today! Tomorrow I'm going to Braintree rehab to get my pump filled with Baclofen! I'm just so amazed how Shannon does this! She finds the pin hole in the pump blindly! Last time she found it on the first try lets see how she does tomorrow! Hope I didn't jinx her :)!    

2.29.16 after 7.30am

I'm up way before I gutta be! I've got the nurse from CCA coming but not till 12.30-1 pm then Michaela, homemaker at around 4pm! I do gutta get to the store though maybe I'll get my act in dear and go before the nurse comes! :)

2.28.16 around 9am

I got up this morning trying to remember exactly how long I've been free. There were stages of my freedom though! 1St getting out of a coma! Then getting out of that awful extended care facility, the Greenery in N.Andover Ma. Then I got a little taste of my freedom getting in to Braintree rehab! Then a bigger taste when my mother took me in and acted as a caregiver for years till she passed :(! Then I had to live in the same place but different atmosphere! I don't want to say too much about the difference lets just say it was a step up from the hospital! The moment I became more coherent and could be understood somewhat and got connected to the internet I started to get control of my finances! Started with just my checking account then I applied for a dell prefered charge card and got my 1st post tbi computer! Then I was able to get on the wireless network in the house! I needed an adaptor though to get the signal! There used to be a computer store next to hics in    Quincy Ma…

2.27.16 after 4.30pm

I'm going over Lisa's place tonight! I'm letting her use my older Iphone! She can't afford much she lives on SSI and gets well under a grand per month! I said it costs me $25. a month to add an extra line with Verizon, so you could just pay me :)! I'm gonna go over and get the chic set up :)!

2.27.16 around 9.20am

It's Saturday the weekend is here :)! I just love the weekend days cause I usually don't have trips planned to go places! No trips no anxiety :)! I've just gutta think ahead toward tomorrow and be prepared for tomorrow's tasks! I gutta check the value on my laundry card to make sure there is enough value to do laundry tomorrow! I know I've got value in my "ride" account cause my balance shows up on the screen every time I pull up my dashboard on the site! I'll even start booking my trips today to get a jump on tomorrow's tasks ! It's said I'm supposed to be weak in that area (planning ahead) but as a nurse said to me I'm a higher functioning tbi survivor! Lets get rid of the label  though, I'm    a higher functioning man!

2.26.16 around 7pm

A nurse did come today! I'm getting confused by who's coming from where lately! The nurse today was the one from my last surgery to check vitals and to see if there were any problems post surgery. Monday a nurse is coming from my insurance provider! This survivor gets so confused with all the appointments I've had! I remember I spoke with my care manager and requested a nurse come and see me one to two times per month! That's Monday's visit! I also managed to squeeze in a ride to Wg's! Now to make a late dinna :)!

2.26.16 around 1.30pm

The first of my appointments has come! The inspection of my apartment has been done! The district manager was among the team too! That gave me the chance to get his RIGHT email address :)! Next up nurse at 12.30pm!

2.26.16 around 12.30

While waiting for my appointments to show, I had an issue with my keyboard, the characters I hit weren't displaying! This happened quite frequently before so I've got many spare keyboards! The problem is finding one that works properly! So far this one works fine :)! 

Found it

I found that memory :)! We had a group where we had to complete a statement like, I am Jamie Young and I am..! I thought the purpose of the exercise was to avoid anything about brain injury! I said I am a cancer survivor and a survivor of a broken neck. In reality though, I am a survivor of traumatic brain injury, cancer, and a broken neck! I could go on too! The many motor vehicle accidents I've had, sports injuries, parting too much injuries, dumb stupid mistake injuries too! I should have kicked the bucket before I hit thirty years old but I've made it to fifty seven this year! Jesus is really watching over me :)! 

2.25.16 around 9.20pm

I had hics today :)! I havn't got a clue as to what went on! That memory is either hiding someplace in my injured brain or it's gone forever! Whatever happened I'm sure my brain got a good workout! I do remember KJ was gonna try to get a hold of the doctor who did the surgery and follow through on getting those documents filled out by the doctor then over to the YMCA so I can get back to my vigorous workouts :)!  Tomorrow I've got pt 3.30 to 4.30 and the management at Ramblewood is doing inspections of all the apartments  in my building btw 10am and 4pm!

2.24.16 around noon

I just got a land line from this chic who said she could save me $ on my electric bill! She said I currently pay x and she could offer me x! She asked for my account # then I had to explain how I pay NG then ask if that would be affected! She got NG on the line and was able to write down all the info needed! No way I could have done it without the help. I've noticed my electric bill was getting high too! I'm gonna get snail mail on all that went down and I can cancel at any time! Now Ive got neuro fatigue ! 

2.24.16 around 10.30 am

KJ was over for our weekly home visit! Not quite %100 on my meds I think cause Peapod showed up with my order as I was filling my meds for the week! This survivor tends to not be at full capacity when his concentration gets altered even the slightest bit! Tonight is karaoke night at hics for rec! I think I'm gonna do "beds are burning" by Midnight oil again!   

2.23.16 around 6.30pm

I've been to hics and Barb (pt) has been over! One thing I was trying to remember was; Do you know criminals have high self esteem? Studies show they do! That's what I've got implanted in my brain from hics! I've got high self esteem too but I'm no criminal! After all I've been through and to get where I am today, there's no way I couldn't :)! I truly believe I could do anything I put my mind to by working at it :)! I walked the hall without the walker and my stamina was better today :)! I'm still not satisfied though! I just always push myself to do better!
     One of the bestest things about being free is that I do what I want when I want! I just brewed a pot of DD's French vanilla coffee! Now I'm waiting for my Peapod order to arrive, supposed to be here 7-9 pm:)! 

2.22.16 around 6pm

Michaela was here and cleaned my whole apartment! Washed all my vinyl floors, vacuumed all rugs, wiped down all counters, cleaned all the fixtures in the bathroom along with the bathtub! She also made my bed! I got a notice from the post office saying I've got a package that has to be picked up so I asked her if she can do it for me! She did and it is that dietary supplement supposed to help the memory! I haven't heard from the doctor yet so I'm gonna try it! Its all natural so I think it's NOT a issue! I've gutta get to Wg's soon cause I'm out of paper towels and Coke zero! Thank goodness this survivor has plenty of coffee and creamer :)!

2.22.16 after 11am

Maybe I blog too much! I live alone and there's no one I can bounce my ideas off of! Plus with my memory it's likely I'll forget them! We all gutta find ways of living a happy successful life weather we have special needs or not! I like sharing what a survivor of tbi can do if he really puts his mind to it! I'd like to think this survivor has fully accepted that I am brain injured and I need to use all the tools available to me to even have a shot of being successful! 

2.22.16 around 10.15 am

I got up this morning and did my normal routine, start coffee, check my trips for the week, check my bank accounts, my email, all while listening to my playlist on ITunes :)! Ive gutta check my bank cause of fraudulent charges in the past! My trips cause of mysterious changes in the past, my email cause it's something I've gutta do cause I depend on email so much! :) The only thing I've got going on today is Michaela is coming at 4pm! I should go to Wg's though cause I'm out of paper towels! 

2.21.16 around 6.30pm

I worked on my trips last night and the web site just wouldn't cooperate one bit! I've learned throughout the years of living with tbi, if something just isn't working for me go back at another time and try it! That's what I had to do for my trips for the week! I did them today without an issue! I also completed my laundry! I had to go and put value on my card too! The machine was fighting me too! Then a young lady helped me make it work :)! So rides booked and laundry today! Now I've got neuro fatigue!   

2.21.16 around 8.15am

Living with tbi has got to be the most challenging thing anyone has got to endure! I woke up before 7am this morning forgetting it was Sunday! First thing I do every morning is start the coffee! I don't know if I just want to enjoy Sunday morning coffee or go back and get some more ZZ's! It's that kind of confusion we survivors must deal with everyday! 


I've taken a ride to Wg's and they had two meds ready! I got the stuff I go through quickly too like coffee creamer! Plus to make sure I'm carrying ample cash got $20 cash back :)! I think I'm gonna have to add value to my laundry card so  I made sure it was two $10 bills :)! My bike was averaging about 15 mph today! There is a dial on the handlebars to regulate speed! It's only about 3/4 of the way until it's maxed out I'll run it at this speed for a while then after I'm very secure with it I'll increase it more :)! 

2.20.16 after 1pm

I did have trips to Roxies in Quincy this morning but I didn't feel like dealing with Next, the firm that services the south shore of Mass. I want to get the chicken there but, I'm gonna use the chicken I have in my freezer! I'm gonna have to cut it in to smaller pieces though! I don't have many spices to throw in the cream of chicken soup too! I've got the main stuff that gives it my signature taste though :)! Wg's called and said a script was ready so I've gutta get my act in gear and take a ride to Wg's!

2.19.16 after 6pm

I've had a nurse come by and checked my vital signs and ask me how I felt. My vitals were fine and I just mentioned I was getting some pain in my chest but I think from my cold! My vitals were all good! She did say if my chest pain gets any worse I should press my lifeline! It's gonna have to get so much worse! I made the mistake  once before of calling and saying I've got chest pain and they made me stay overnight at the sonth shore hospital I won't make that mistake eva again!I'll just make sure I'm wearing my lifeline :)! I was gonna meet hics at the Cheesecake factory tomorrow but I got a landline saying it was canceled :(! Then I booked trips to Roxies market for tomorrow! I wanna get the bag of chicken I always used to get for my crock pot chicken! Then I'll make my crock pot chicken Sunday :)!

2.18.16 after 9.15pm

I was at hics today and my cell phone started ringing! It was the nurse and I had thought she didn't need to come anymore cause it's healed! I had nothing in my pocket calendar about this! She said she will try to come tomorrow! I have pt tomorrow btw 3.30-4.40!

1.18.16 around 5.30pm

I've been to hics today! We had regular groups today :). I had a group about getting a job, vocation group. That was a great group but it got me thinking, do I really want to work? I'm living comfortably on my ssdi check! I don't need a job but there are other things about working than getting paid! It gets me out, social interaction, gives me a sense of purpose, a little extra cash never hurts too :)! I  can't do a mindless job though, it must be something I use my brain for! I've been on job evaluations in the past one was working in a factory situation were I did the same thing over and over again not only did I hate it I didn't do well on the eval! Then I worked in the rtr bookstore loading books for sale on the web site! I did very,very, very well on that eval! So well many of my supports thought it was exaggerated eval! They wanted me to come back and do it but on the payroll! Transportation was the problem then though, I was living in Scituate the time :…

2.17.16 around 5pm

KJ made a home visit this morning and wouldn't you know the day I just crawled out of bed after 8am she shows even before 8.30am! Not a problem though, I just brushed my teeth and I'm ready! I didn't even shower till after noon! Today we started working on my taxes for the years I was told I was tax exempt! I never change in the way, if I can do it myself, why pay somebody to! We created an account with turbo tax! I've never done my taxes this way but with my computer literacy and KJ's guidance this survivor is not at all worried! This you gutta have a user name and pw too! Another thing this memory impaired this survivor must remember geesh!  KJ then loaded all the information to notes on my Iphone and I just created a file with the information on my desktop computer! I believe everything is gonna work out just fine :)! I took a ride to store too. Now I gutta make some dinna :)!                                  

2.16.16 after 9.15pm

Tomorrow KJ makes a home visit @ 8.30am. I know this chick though I saying she will be here around 9am :)! Rec tomorrow night is bowling. I'm not ready to put my foot through any kind of stress! I saw the podiatrist last week and it is still causing me a lot of discomfort :(! 

2.16.16 around 7pm

This survivor has got to check his pocket calendar two to three times daily! Barb, my pt, was over and I forgot completely she was! I had taken  ride to Wg's and got back minets before her arrival! It's written right in my pocket calendar!  Today I walked out in the hall first with my walker then after a rest walked out there without it! Barb said I did very well but I know I could have done better! I just seem to get so tired too quickly. Barb said I should walk the walk the hall 2to3 times daily! You know me though I'll do it three times daily! I'll do it 3x a day without my walker! It will help with my stamina!

2.16/16 around 9am

This survivor was gonna go to hics today but my alarm must have malfunctioned and I didn't get up in time to go through my normal morning routine! I need an hour when I'm leaving my home for the day! I gutta shower, go through a mental checklist of things I need to do before I go! Make sure I've got all I need with me for the day ahead! Take a look around my place to make sure it's safe to leave, candles extinguished, water faucets all off,ect! If I don't go through this I'll get all kinds of anxious throughout the day!  

2.15.16 after 7.45pm

Machala (homemaker) was here and I hadn't started laundry yet! I really needed it done too so I asked Machala if she would start it but I didn't expect her to wait till it was done! I'll get it from the dryer just let me know what time it will be done. I'm not supposed to leave my apt. when she comes! Machala loaded my laundry in the machines and I scooted down and got it! Then I had the most difficult part of doing laundry, getting it right from the dryer! I just finished! My hangers are disappearing too! I had to fold a few shirts and I can't begin to tell you how frustrating that was! I've gutta get more cause this survivor won't put himself through that ever again! Now I gutta make a late dinna :)!

2.15.16 around noon

Lisa just called and asked if my cable tv was working properly. I turned on the tv and got a message on the screen to restart my tv! I did so I told Lisa to do the same! I found that I couldn't talk on the phone and operate my tv remote at the same time so I had to call her back! See I've got to concentrate on hitting the right keys on my remote and I can't talk on the phone and get my fingers and hand to do what I want to! These are just some of the things you MUST accept living with tbi! I accept these kind of things then find ways to get my desired result! Lisa did a restart on her tv and it works fine now! I'm here to help people :)!

2.14.16 after 9.30pm

Today I've taken a ride just to the store and got essentials and that's all! Way too cold to go any further! Tomorrow I hope it warms up a bit cause I still gutta go to Wg's to get a script filled! I don't need it too much warmer just above o degrees will work :)! I spent the afternoon listening to the tunes I've loaded on my Iphone! I still gutta load more from my cd collection!


I'm thinking laundry can wait till tomorrow! I've just got Micheala (my homemaker) coming at 4pm! I'm just gonna take it easy and enjoy my Sunday :)! Oh I just had a thought come out from hiding in my brain! I've still gutta  get to Wg's and get that script filled! Maybe I'll do that when my laundry is in the dryer ! :)

2.14.16 around 3pm

I've taken a ride to the store! It wasn't too awful bad, my fingers just started  to loose feeling as I got to home! I was able to get coffee creamer, the powder kind! I had some milk that hadn't gone bad yet! I like the flavored coffee creamer though, french vanilla! They only had the unflavored kind but that's okay cause I've got d&d's french vanilla coffee in fact I just brewed a pot of this :)!

2.14.16 after 10am

I have yet to go outside but it's supposed to be real cold, 10 mins,exposed skin could get frost bite! Still this survivor has got to get to at least the store! I'm using google chrome as a browser now and it seems to work just fine! This gets to everything faster and more efficiently! IE would have trouble getting to the correct link to my blog! Chrome also plays vids right from fb! I've been able to view my vid from karaoke on Thursday :)! Now this survivor has got to try and Chanel his anxiety about taking a cold ride to the store! 

2.13.16 around 8pm

I ended up paying all my bills this afternoon! I don't have many I've got to pay! Life insurance and my electric get automatically with drawn from my checking so the only bills I gutta do are Comcast, verizone, and mass health! I've still got just about $1,500 left! Rent, life insurance still to come! Still this survivor is doing very well with his funds! The first one I pay is me, I take everything over 2,000 and put it in savings! I usually transfer it back when it's at the end of my pay period though but it's nice being able to do that :)!

2.13.16 after 5.30pm

I got my vid to play on fb finally by using a different browser! I did it all trying to get it to play on IE! I used Google chrome to get it to play!I've seen it on my other devises but I use my dt for everything so it's a great thing I was able to figure out a way to get it to play :)! I'm living with a brain injury and it's said we don't have good problem solving skills, well this survivor has way above average problem solving skills :)! I didn't make it to Wg's today and I have yet to get in the shower! Today is out for doing a Wg's ride but tomorrow first thing this survivor has gutta git going and go to Wg's! I've gutta remember to get cleaning supplies too!

2.13.16 after 11.35am

I've been getting up later and later on days I don't have to go anywhere! I posted that vid I've been trying to from karaoke at hics on Thursday! I'm having trouble viewing vids from fb on my desktop though. I've been through all the stetting's, tried changing a few and still the same result! The good thing is I've got a few other gadgets I can :)! Today I've gutta take a cold ride to Wg's! That's a while from now though, I haven't even finished my 1st cup of coffee yet :)!


My issues with technology continue, I had trouble getting to my blog today! My keyboard seems to be malfunctioning too! I press a character and it doesn't register! Then I hear this morning the manager here attempted to evict a resident for no apparent reason! They even went to court over the issue! It's way too cold out to take a ride anywhere today! If its just as cold tomorrow I'll just have to wear layers and layers of cloths! I gutta get to Wg's tomorrow! Today I've just got pt @ 3.30-4 pm

2.11.15 around10.30pm

Tomorrow Barb (my pt) is coming over 3.30-4pm and that's all I've got planed for tomorrow. Maybe I'll take a ride to Wg's and get that scipt filled that it was too early to fill the last time I was there! My check came in Tuesday and cleared Wednesday so I've gutta pay all my bills too! I'll do my monthly peapod order too! I'm still working on posting the vid from today! It was so easy the last time I posted a vid from my tablet! Living with tbi I guess I just don't notice things with consistency!:(

around 8.30pm

Hics was great today! Hics got pizza for lunch then after lunch we did karaoke! I did "beds are burning" by midnight oil and LK did vid it for me! I've been trying to upload this to fb all afternoon with no luck :(! I've been trying to upload the vid right from my tablet but I choose all my options then it doesn't give me a "post to facebook" option! I've yet to hard wire my tablet to my desktop! I shouldn't have to though! I've tried to email it to myself, that's not  coming either! The only thing left is to connect my tablet to my desktop!

2.10.16 around 10pm

I had absolutely NO luck at casino night tonight @ hics :(! I was playing black jack and it wasn't till about the 10th hand that I finally won a hand! Tomorrow @ hics we are having a V-day party with pizza and karaoke :)! I think I'm ready to perform my version of "beds are burning" by Midnight oil :)!  

2.10.16 10-10.30

KJ made a home visit and I'm a little disappointed with myself, I didn't do my med box %100 right! We started to create an online account with social security and she had to go. Then I had to complete it myself! This survivor was able to complete it :)! I've just got issues being able to understand the questions and the information they ask for. My keyboard is malfunctioning too and that is of no help what so ever! In spite of all my issues this survivor completed this task without help :)!

2.10.16 around 8am

KJ is making a home visit this morning at a respectable 9am! Then I'm going to see my podiatrist, not a moment too soon, my right little toe is causing me a tremendous amount of PAIN! I'm going right from there to hics, we're doing casino night, may luck be with me :).

2.9.16 around 10pm

The nurse who was ova today was in awe that a survivor from TBI can live like I do! My place is always picked up and well CLEAN! I told who I used to live with in Scituate when he asked "what are you going to do when your on your own?" I simply responded, "it will be much easier than living in Quincy before my coma cause I'm not raising a teenager! I think he never had the confidence that I'm or can do this with ease! I'd like to have the income I did then but I'm doing well with ssdi! I knew I was gonna do well and that's not just my confidence speaking, I've got Jesus watching over me :)!

2.9.16 around 9.20pm

This survivor had a packed day! First I took a ride to the store then the nurse came ova and looked at my incision and said "it's all healed":) ! Then later in the day Barb, my pt, came ova and I did some exercises then walked in the hall with NO assistive revise! Then made some dinna! Tomorrow KJ is making a home visit at 9am then I'm going to the podiatrist then hics/rec for casino night! It's so important for this survivor to stay busy. Then I've got no time to think how sucky it is living with a traumatic brain injury! It may sux but I've just gutta realize it could be worse! Not many survivors can climb to where I have! I'm lving totally independently :)!

2.9.16 after 5.45pm

Barb, my pt, was here and you know what I wanted to do, walk in the hall without any assistive device! I did that but I only could do maybe twenty yards safely! My balance seemed way off today! Barb said that was a good thing, you know your body! I think that's the first time a pt gave me credit for knowing my limitations :)

2.9.16 around 2pm

The nurse was over and she said "it's all healed up now and you won't be needing my service!:) I'm a quick healer, I always have been :)! Now Barb, my pt, is coming over 3.30-4 pm. I've taken a ride to the store and it seems the snow removal here is still lacking! My scooter with the hard plastic tires never would have made it! My bike was a great investment :)!


 I got my asx up and going on time this morning :)! I've already had one cup of coffee! Today I've gutta get to the store, I haven't got a land line from the nurse yet so the only thing that is definite for today is Barb, my pt, is coming over 3.30-4pm.

2.8.16 8-9pm

I was gonna do hics tomorrow but I called the agency who provides the nursing service to ask when their coming and they said I'm on the schedule for tomorrow! That's kind of important cause I don't want this to get infected and have to go through that whole process again! No way do I want to feel imprisoned again! I've got my freedom back and I'm NOT gonna give it up for anything I've got control of :)! I'm supposed to get a land line saying they are gonna come and an approximant time! No calls yet but I think if my memory serves me correctly last time they called in the morning! I GUTTA get to Wg's tomorrow so I'm hopping they come early in the morning! It's gonna be very cold out but that doesn't worry me none its just when it's snowing out it's really not safe to ride anywhere but if I need something I've gutta be able to get out and get it! It's a freedom thing :)!  

2.8.16 around 4pm

I got out of bed exceedingly late this morning! It seems we are in the mist of a major snowstorm! A nurse was supposed to stop by today but I finally got a phone # to call and I called to check to see if they were still coming, they said I'm on the schedule for tomorrow! I called Bayada home health care and left a vm saying don't send Michaela today cause of the storm! It looks as if I'm not gonna be able to do hics tomorrow if they are even open cause of the storm, if Quincy schools are closed hics is too! I've gutta take a ride to the store too, I guess I'm gonna wait and try to do that tomorrow! This snow sux!

2.7.16 around 1.45

A neighbor just came up and knocked to ask if I had any pain meds. I made the mistake of giving some to him once before but never again! He's got a brain injury too and I kind of feel bad for him but NO MORE! He was saying "you had prostate cancer and just had surgery for kidney stones? I said I had a broken neck and many concussions too! I guess I'm a true survivor :)!  

2.7.16 after noon

My blog is supposed to automatically share with fb but I think it looks better if I copy and paste the blog post to fb! Then I've gutta leep checking to make sure the post didn't get here automatically! I don't need clutter on my fb page :)!

2.7.16 near 12pm

Happy Sunday!! I slept in this morning. I don't have any pressing asks I've gutta get done so why not :)! I've checked my trips for the week and they didn't mysteriously change. I'm planning on doing hics on Tuesday but I've gutta leave at 1.30 pm cause Barb, my pt, is coming over @ 3.30-4 pm and if I did book it for the normal 2pm they should get me home in time but this is "the ride", I can't trust they will! Then Wednesday I've got an appointment with my podiatrist and not a moment too soon! My right little toe is absolutely hilling me! From there I go directly to hics for casino night! Then Thursday is hics for a Valentines day party with karaoke :)! I'm trying to get to know midnight oil's "beds are burning" well cause that's the song I wanna do :)! I think hics is getting pizza too :)! 

2.6.16 after 11pm

I'm up kind of late (for me) tonight cause I made dinna after fighting with "the ride's" web site! I've checked my trips over and over and they seem fine now! I sware though they change without me doing anything! I'm gonna turn in now though, gn ppls :) 

2.6.16 10pm

I checked on my trips for the week and I hadn't done Thursday's trips! I've been fighting with that web site now for an hour! I swear I click arrival time and I move on to the next step and it flips back to pick up time, very frustrating!

2.6.16 after 8.40pm

I got started on tomorrows tasks I think I booked all my trips for next week! I'll have to check though cause I don't remember doing Thursday's trips. I can go without doing laundry tomorrow, I've got plenty of clean cloths :)! I should take a ride to Wg's and get that script filled I couldn't the other day! Tomorrow then I'm gonna start by trimming my beard then take a ride to Wg's and after that, check on my trips :)!

2.6.16 around 5pm

Peapod arrived with my order just as I was taking my trash out to the dumpster! I'm lucky I caught them! I forgot to get produce stuff :(! I got lots of good stuff though! Probably not good health wise but tasty :)! I put it all away and had difficulty fitting things in the freezer again but it's done! 

2.6.16 around 1pm

I got an email from someone who wanted to do a blog study on me and my blog! I love doing studies of any kind mainly paid studies which this is not :(! I had to complete a survey then submit the survey, no personal information was required though! If anything it could open my blog to more readers which will increase brain injury awareness!

2.6.16 after 10am

I've taken a ride to the store and I don't think the snow removal here is better than years previous I know my bike with the better tires can do the snow and ice much better than my scooter! That was the best investment ever :)! I  get home and flip on the tv and "the longest yard" movie is on! Great flic but this is the newer one with Adam Sandler! I think the previous one with Bert Reynolds as the star is so much better! I've got Peapod delivering my food order later btw 5-6pm I think. I hope I got some goodies for tomorrows game :)! 

2.5.16 getting near 8pm

Tomorrow I need to get my act together early and take a ride to the store! I'm gonna find out if the snow removal is better than the last two years have been! My bike should do much better than my scooter though cause it's heavier and it's got better tires :)! 

2.5 .15 after 5.10pm

Barb, pt, was here and she knew exactly what I wanted to do, walk out in the hall with no assistance! I did that and a few exercises. While doing the exercises she was impressed that I remember all of them :)! Oh first she asked when the nurse was coming again, I said I donno and they haven't been in a few days, I think my dressing is supposed to be changed daily! Barb looked at it then asked if I had anything to cover the incision.  I had to think, if I did I'd put it in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, she looked and thankfully I had some left from my previous surgeries! Barb changed my dressing, called the nursing place,  gave  me their land line #! The nurse is coming  on Monday. I also asked for the number to the agency so when they no show I've someplace I can call to say wtf! She also said I did very well walking with no assistance and with the exercises! But you know I always believe I can do better and I said that to Barb! She said "give yourself some cr…

2.5.16 around 3.10pm

I placed my peapod order, it's been two months since the last order and I was able to keep it under $120! I've been loading my cart for two weeks now and I think I got all that I needed! In trying to eat better I got some frozen vegetables! The boil in a bag kind :)! Now I'm waiting for my pt to come :)! 

2.5.16 around 11.30am

It's so important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy. Losing your cool makes you tired. Getting angry a lot messes with your health.”
― Joyce Meyer
That was a great quote I received in my inbox this morning! That's one of the ways I'm trying to live! Don't sweat the small stuff but you've gutta take it to the next level and only sweat the stuff that could be life changing like when you get snail mail from the IRS! Then you've gutta channel that through all your senses and think of a plan not to get angry and think of strategies to solve whatever it is! You can't do it if your angry!

2.5.16 after 10.20am

This survivor has always tried to treat everyone as I would want to be treated, kind, respectful, help in any way I can! I am a blogger, I share my blog with fb, hopping to provide inspiration to other survivors but mainly to help me, memory, understanding what has happened. I've built up a network of many people who read my blog, maybe not daily but, check in at times! I guess what I'm trying to say is lead your life well and treat others the way you want to be treated then out of nowhere when you have issues your dealing with all the people you've known tend to do what they can to help you! That's what this survivor has learned from sharing my latest IRS issues! I was able to get a great nights sleep last night thanks to the help through fb from CTE!

2.4.16 after 9.15pm

Tomorrow I've got pt  :)! Barb (my pt) is coming over btw 3.30-4pm! I like working on me! I've just gutta do more when I'm just at home with no place to go! They say snow for the next few days! I hope I can still get out and take a ride places! I've got enough provisions for now but Saturday I'm gonna need to take a ride to Wg's to check for meds and get provisions! I may have to see how my bike handles in the snow!

2.4.16 around 5pm

Hics was great today and a little depressing. We had the representative from SSDI come in and speak with us! I learned I do have to pay tax on ssdi ! Then I get home and check fb and I got more comments on my post about me having to pay taxes on my ssdi, one from a former staff member @ hics who now is a lawyer who deals with social security a lot and she sent me a worksheet to figure everything out! KJ and I are gonna have to dive into this quickly though. If need be I can always hire Cory, my tax lawyer, again! This survivor is not gonna worry or get super anxious about this crap again, life is way too short!

2.4.16 b4 8am

I've gutta get going cause we, at hics, are having a speaker from ssdi speaking today and there are questions I need answers too! It's hard living with a tbi to get motivated in the morning though :(!

2.3.16 around 9pm

I had a great time at the "99" tonight :)! Tomorrow @ hics we are having a speaker from social security disability income coming to speak to us about ssdi! Not a moment too soon for me! I've got things I need clarification on and I need it fast!   

2.3.16 about 11am

KJ was here and the 1st thing she does is check my snail mail! There was a mail from the IRS in there. I'm sick of getting bullied by the IRS! They want to penalize me for not filing a return for years I was on SSDI and was tax exempt! KJ has sent certified letters saying I was time and time again! I think this is HARRASMENT! I've called the phone # in the letter and gave KJ's # too! This is not right I paid a lawyer to work out an agreement with them, they accepted (after modification) it, now they are trying to get more!

2.3.16 8-9am

Today KJ is making a home visit 8.30-9 am then I've gutta try to take a ride to Wg's before tonight's trip to the 99 in Quincy for dinna and planning for rec events for the month of, can you believe, MARCH! Time just keeps flying! My trip to the 99 isn't till around 3.30pm so I should make that with ease! 

2.2.16 around 6pm

Barb (pt) was here and she asked what I want to do! I said "walk out in the hall without the walker"! I did that and I believe I did very well, so did she :)! The only thing that makes me mad at myself is my stamina is poor :(! She also said if I do this alone I should bring the walker just in case, I do this anyway! Then I did a few leg exercises and we were done! My goal is to be approved to walk without any assistive devise at MY discretion! We all know ourselves better than anyone else so I've got to prove that I know when I've gutta bring/use the walker. I'm just thinking if I'm using my scooter or bike getting approved to get up from them and walk without any form of assistive devise ! I'm doing it now but I want to be approved to do it. I've gutta prove to barb how smart I am to know when I need to or not :)!

2.2.16 3pm

I ordered that brain enhancing supplement or thought I did then I started fbing with Darcy Keith about it! She sent me the right link and said she gets an email confirmation when anyone orders this from her site and didn't receive that I had placed an order! She even offered to walk me through the ordering process but you know me, I've gutta be able to do it all independently! I needed to take a ride to the store and needed to do it before it got   dark outside! I had to stop the process and come back to it when I get back . Now I forget where I left of! I did do 1 smart thing though, I posted the link to fb! I'll now get back to it! Maybe not right away, I just took a ride to the store and that kind of pooped me out! I've got Barb, my pt coming at 3.30-4 pm today!


I was gonna do hics this morning but I got up and felt exceedingly beat! I'm hoping after I have my two cups of coffee my head clears! I checked my email this morning and there was a mail from Cebria saying they got my order! I got this information from what I consider to be a very reliable source so I'm optimistic about this :)!I just checked my accounts and there was a withdrawl for cebria :)!

2.1.16 after 11pm

I've been listening to blog talk radio! There was a show on with two advocates for brain injury, Darcy and Craig. Darcy, who I've got a lot of respect for, shared she uses a dietary supplement called EHT and says it really helps brain function! I did a search on EHT and links popped up! Darcy has had a tbi longer than I but I trust what she says! I'm looking where I can get some of this!   

2.1.16 after 6.15pm

I had forgotten this was the week I have Michaela wash my bed sheets. I'm way too thrifty to pay $4 twice in one week to do laundry so I had her do it all! I needed value put on my laundry card before she could even start the wash so I gave her a $10 bill and asked if she could go to the office and put that on it :)! My place is real clean now and I've got fresh sheets to jump in to tonight :)! Now I gutta make some supper :)! 

2.1.16 bout 1/2 past noon 40

The only thing I've got going on today is Michaela (my homemaker) is coming @ 4pm! I'm trying  to think if I have anything that I could utilize this great benefit I receive! That's hard for any survivor to do! Focus on virtually anything! That's one of the hardest things I must do, my mind is always wondering from thought 2 thought never stopping at one to think of things I need to do for things I've got going on! I'm telling you this I find very difficult! Imagine, you know what's gonna happen, know you've got things to do to prepare for it but can't stop your mind from wandering enough to focus on things at hand! Living with tbi is the cruelest thing to endure!   

2.1.16 11am

Wow, February already, time just keeps flying by! We've all got to take a moment to realize just how precious life really is! I got up much earlier than now and went back to my queen size memory foam bed and snoozed till now! Got up bout 30 minuets later, started my coffee maker and thought about how blessed I am to be free to do that. Then I pour myself my 1st cup and think, this tastes great :) !Then I reflect back on how much work it took for this survivor to get as far as I've been able to :)! I'm living with traumatic brain injury, totally independently! I thank Jesus for the great guidance along my journey but most survivors can't live totally independently! Weather it be cause of $ issues or issues with memory or the cognitive issues associated with tbi. I guess what I'm saying is don't take the things this life has to offer you for granted! I did and I had to work very hard to get this far! I'm happy now and I'm NOT gonna let myself loose my new…