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5.13.15 after 9.45am

Its amazing the amount of information this tbi survivor must be able to retain and access almost everyday to lead a successful independent life! Today I'm seeing the hand specialist at 2 pond park rd in Hingham Mass, swt 102! I start this blog and forget parts of the info I need to retain, pick up times, doctor's name, sweet number! Thankfully I've learned how to get the full benefits of having an I phone! I may not be able to copy all the information exactly as it is on my desktop but usually I can figure out what it means! Then I've always got access to the internet and "the ride's" web site! This tbi survivor has all his back ups in order to continue his journey of proving many people wrong and leading a very successful independent life :) !


Pablo (yo) said…
Great blog!!

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Pablo from Argentina

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