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4.21.15 around 6pm

I went down to check to see if I had any snail mail scanning the area looking for delivery slips left from UPS! I noticed nothing and I haven't got an email from UPS saying I'm getting a delivery tomorrow so it looks like it's safe to go to the YMCA tomorrow :)! I've got an appointment with dr.Star (my urologist) on Thursday! I guess it's around 10.45 so that makes doing hics kind of not cool! I'd have to go from home to 780 main st in S.Weymouth then at 11.45 go to hics and that makes no sense at all! I better start working on my trips now!


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7.10,18 close to 7pm

I've been to hics then right after the dentist! They finally started doing a deep cleaning! A person came in and said we're gonna start with the anasteadic!I said "why, I never had it before for a deep cleaning"!Then the doctor came in and just started scraping my teeth into my gums. I'm supposed  to have this done every year having periodontist disease! They also approved a partial whatever that is so they took impressions too! Now gutta make some dinna!  

7.29.18 after 11.30pm

My card got refused again today! They say now they've gutta snail mail me a new pin. Now I have to WAIT for the snail mail but they say it can still be used as a credit card. This sux cause I used up all my cash, I'm cashless!

7.23.18 around 6pm

I didn't do laundry today cause there just wasn't enough to warrant spending the $4 to do it! I did have one task to do,email HH to say I'm not doing hics tomorrow cause of an 11am dentist appt. That's part of leading a Responsible successful independent life!