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4.27.15 after 5.15pm

This tbi survivor is doing the best he can to hold it together right now! Before I left for my appointment with my podiatrist I called UPS to find out what was up with the "fed up" delivery! This morning they said they have nothing by the numbers I gave! I'm boiling now! I went to see my podiatrist then it dawned on me I've gutta ask for the freight department! I get home after my appointment, call UPS ask for the freight  department, give all the necessary numbers, they  say their waiting for authorization from the shipper (the scooter catalogue) to use a truck equipped with a lift gate! This is so hard for this survivor to even  come close to understanding! UPS does this sort of stuff all the time, deliver heavy items! You mean to tell me there was nobody at that warehouse who couldn't foresee  these kind of issues! Now they are trying to get in touch with the scooter catalogue to see if,  I can only guess, to see if  they will pay for a truck  with a lift! This survivor is frustrated and very, very mad! 


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