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2.28.16 around 9am

I got up this morning trying to remember exactly how long I've been free. There were stages of my freedom though! 1St getting out of a coma! Then getting out of that awful extended care facility, the Greenery in N.Andover Ma. Then I got a little taste of my freedom getting in to Braintree rehab! Then a bigger taste when my mother took me in and acted as a caregiver for years till she passed :(! Then I had to live in the same place but different atmosphere! I don't want to say too much about the difference lets just say it was a step up from the hospital! The moment I became more coherent and could be understood somewhat and got connected to the internet I started to get control of my finances! Started with just my checking account then I applied for a dell prefered charge card and got my 1st post tbi computer! Then I was able to get on the wireless network in the house! I needed an adaptor though to get the signal! There used to be a computer store next to hics in    Quincy Ma. I think I depleted the stock of adopters they had! Mainly though I caught a few viruses and that affected the performance of the computers! The great thing was the store next to hics was able to flush out the viruses, for a fee, but that was convenient for me not driving and going to hics 2-3 times a week! I lost my train of thought now, I forget where I was going with this :(! Lets just say now I'm completely independent with all aspects of my life :)! ALL my money, checking and savings, NO trust anymore, my living situation, no one to say "you can't"! I could go to get my learners permit to drive now but I'm just scared of taking tests cause of my ability to absorb information is affected from the tbi! I guess what I'm expressing is I'm happy now :)! There is only one piece missing, someone to share this life I've built from very hard work!  


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