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2.3.15 before 9am

I've got a dentist appointment today, my pick up time to go there is 10.59 am,my return trip is at 1.28pm! I still NEED something at the store! My plan is to ask the driver to drop me off at the store on the return trip. The most opportune way would be to have him just stop at the store and let me walk up the stairs and get what I need then walk back to the van! Most of the drivers are new though and they don't know me or my capabilities! I understand with insurance regulations why they would be careful not to allow me to walk up the stairs myself just using the railings on the stairs to keep my balance! It's gonna be one heck of a cold scoot back! It could be worse though, I, if I wasn't going to the dentist, would have had to take a cold scoot there and back! I'm bringing an extra sweatshirt to wear under my leather coat, I just wish I could find my winter hat and gloves I had last year! I've looked everywhere but that's something this tbi survivor deals with constantly,not remembering where I put things :(! 


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