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2.10.15 around 2pm

I scooted to the office and signed what I needed to and gave a voided check so they can deduct my rent from my account! I mentioned about the deplorable snow removal job here! The response I got was they're trying! I told all they need to do is put more chemical down! I got stuck twice on the way over and its only across the road two buildings down! The good thing is I didn't get stuck at all on the way back :)! I guess I should book a ride to Wg's on Saturday cause I can't trust not getting stuck with this awful snow removal job! 


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stop and shop

I rememberd coffee filters this morning without even a list!Its things like that,I work on my memory just repeating to my self coffee filters over and over in my head :)!

fenway tour

Me and my scooter at the tour of fenway park :)
my wheels and I :)