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12.2.14 after 6.30pm

I've been to hics today :)! We had one group but most of today was spent on putting up our Christmas décor :)! I'm trying to set up one of the other survivors with a computer! KJ was working with my old notebook but couldn't get it to connect to a wii fii signal! I've got my netbook to try next, both connected to my wireless network I don't understand why it wouldn't connect to others! The only thing with my netbook is I spilled a drink on it long ago and the keyboards not working! There are many usb ports though right now I've got another keyboard connected up! Taking into consideration these issues I'll let my netbook go for $25.. I firmly believe a computer helps survovors of traumatic brain injury so much and I want to help this survivor to progress! There is another tbi survivor who lives in my building  who is also interested in buying one of my old devises! When KJ brings me back my older laptop I'm gonna offer that to him but I don't know about this guy! He was a psychologist before his brain injury but you'd never know that by having a conversation with him, or even looking at him! Tomorrow I've got the YMCA to go to! I've got an arrival time at noon then a requested return time at 1.15! I'm hopping I get home in time to attempt a scoot to Wg's! Hopefully my new batteries come soon! This kind of stress is not needed!    


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