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11.24.17 around 8pm

I've completely forgot what went down today :(! My brain is like the Bermuda triangle. Information goes in then never to be found again! I think I do pretty well for a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury. Tomorrow I've got my peapod order coming btw 9-11 am then my homemaker is gonna be here at ?!I'll have to call and have them tell me again! Its just I have so many thoughts going through my brain it's overwhelming at times!


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10.19.17 around 9pm

I went to Braintree rehab and got my Botox injections today! Lots of shots, they don't hurt except when I get them between my fingers! Dr. K does that area to try to help my hand and finger tone! It will take a few months to feel the affect of todays work!

1.27.18 nearing 10pm

I just did all my trips for the week! It was touch and go for a while cause I wasn't able to connect to the internet! I just employed my great problem solving skills and figured out the problem then proceeded to correct it :)! All those years of getting hit with problem after problem at Settles then Giant really gave me this skill that even a brain injury can't take away from me :)! Tomorrow I hear rain! If it rains I'm gonna do laundry, if not I'll scoot  to Wg's but they're pretty sure it's gonna!