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5.22.16 around 9.40am

I went to book my trips for the week but the web site seems to be down :)! I wasn't sure if I had done tomorrows trip to the YMCA so I had to call and stay on hold for foreva to find out I had done it! I'll wait to see if the site comes back up to do the rest of my trips! My shoulder is still causing me great pain! My toe, well that's a given, still very uncomfortable! This survivor still pushes foreword though! I'm not gonna do laundry I'm getting used to having my homemaker do it on Monday :). The Ben Gay is starting to take affect now so I'm getting a very little relief on my shoulder. 


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stop and shop

I rememberd coffee filters this morning without even a list!Its things like that,I work on my memory just repeating to my self coffee filters over and over in my head :)!

fenway tour

Me and my scooter at the tour of fenway park :)
my wheels and I :)