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4.14.16 around 10.15

I had a deep sleep last night! I feel so refreshed that ibuprofen 800 mgs really put me out ! I've already booked all my trips for the week, emailed Ali at the YMCA cause I can't go on Monday or Friday! Monday I'm seeing my podiatrist then Friday I've got a meeting with MRC ( Mass rehab commission) about getting work! I don't need to work cause of $, I live well on my ssdi check! I just need something I enjoy to occupy my time :)! It seems I'm gonna have to go through the whole process again with job evaluations. I've had two job evals before one working in a factory doing the same task over and over again! I didn't like that at all so naturally didn't do well on that! The other was doing computer work at MRC's book store putting books for sale on their web site. I enjoyed doing that type of work cause I had to use my brain :)! I did so well on that they wanted to hire me to work on the payroll but the bookstore was in a town "the ride" didn't service plus I was living in Scituate too so no affordable transportation! I do have hics on Tuesday, a regular day, so I need to get a haircut that would be the day to do that task cause on Thursday I'm taking "the ride" right in to  Boston for the Big Apple circus!:)   


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