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3.16.15fter. 8.30am

I didn't do the YMCA today cause I remember getting a land line from Ali on Friday saying the elevator would be down I think from 10am to 1pm! I can do stairs but  I would need to have help carrying my walker! I just like to be able to do everything all by myself! You know me I'd probably try on my own too and that's not safe. One thing for sure I know my capabilities and sometimes go a little beyond them but I'm always very safe! I was researching mobility scooters and posted one I found on my fb page! It's in stock and less expensive than the one I'm waiting for to become available,  the only thing is it's two wheels instead of three! This scooter can reach speeds up to 20mph though! This would also be a start to reaching my goal of riding a motorcycle again! Then  I've gutta think of storage! When I get this other scooter I can keep the scooter I have now in my bedroom and leave the new scooter next to my desk charging! The other scooter doesn't take up as much room as the one I have now or the one I want. I think the best option will be to get the three wheel scooter that can go up to 14mph I think it said, try it out,see how far and how quick I can get done what I need then if I need something that goes faster, think about purchasing the two wheeled  scooter! It really won't take up a lot of space it's only two wheels! To get this one though I would save $ from my ssdi to purchase it! It's under $2,000 so if I just am careful and don't do too many Wg's runs, I should be able to save up for it :)!


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