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1.8.18 after 7.50pm

I had a couple things I had to get done today. I had to go to the leasing office to sign my new lease. The lady told me the reason I wasn't getting charged what I was told was cause they had the wrong amount I pay for medicare! My rent is now gonna be $660 something I think! Wow, that means market rate for this place is way over a grand per month here! I finish that then scooted to the store! Then came back home and checked my bank accounts,made sure the funds where there so when they deduck it from my checking it's there! This survivor is constantly checking his accounts! That's cause right after I check and leave the page I forget what I read on the page :(! That's why I don't use automatic withdrawl too much, only my electric bill,life insurence and my web hosting! Tomorrow I've got hics and a Quincy police officer gonna give a presentation probaly about safty. That's important for us, there are many who prey apone the disabled!


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10.19.17 around 9pm

I went to Braintree rehab and got my Botox injections today! Lots of shots, they don't hurt except when I get them between my fingers! Dr. K does that area to try to help my hand and finger tone! It will take a few months to feel the affect of todays work!